I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Martial Arts Family


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Here, inside this martial arts novel, there is a true teacher who teaches the arrogant male lead and awakens him through death.

Handsome, good-natured, righteous, strong, and…

Anyway, there was one big flaw in the male lead’s damn fine teacher. It was his foolish only daughter who was filled with greed. A tenacious villainess extra, who always comes back to haunt the male lead in every way, but cannot be abandoned because she is his teacher’s daughter.

Throughout reading the novel, I cursed at that daughter. Saying that if it was me, I wouldn’t live like that.
‘But that didn’t mean that I wanted to be her!’

What was worse, Father has already died, and my reputation is the worst.

Inevitably, I ran away, but… I died. However, when I opened my eyes, Father was alive!?
‘If so, in this life, I will definitely save Father!’

“To think they’re aiming at my granddaughter!? I’ll kill them all!”

Why do I see Grandfather, who doesn’t even appear many times throughout the novel, so often like this?

“Marriage? No. Yeonie said that she would live by my side for the rest of her life.”
Even Father, somehow became weird.

“Why do you keep avoiding me? Is this also my mistake?”
Isn’t the main character suddenly becoming obsessed with me?

“Originally, I was destined to die. Until you came here.”
I saved the time-limited bastard, but isn’t it that no good deed goes unpunished?

“At least when I’m in front of you… I don’t think I’m tr*sh.”
The villain who blew off my neck is suddenly trying to repent.

Is it really okay if it’s like this?

Associated Names
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I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Murim Clan
I Became the Despised Granddaughter of the Powerful Murim Family
The Baengri Clan's Unwanted Granddaughter (manhwa)
The Baengri Clan's Unwanted Granddaughter (Novel)
무림세가 천대받는 손녀딸이 되었다
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1 Review

Feb 04, 2023
Status: Completed
I finished reading this novel. And yeah if you expect some romance here then bad news for you coz there's NONE. There's only few moments between the FL and ML and none of it are romance. The romance y'all waiting will not happen in the main story but in the side story. This is really about martial arts. The FL personality is too nice but not annoying. She still knows how to fight back. The only thing I don't get is she forgive the guy who killed her easily and move on like there's nothing happen. She literally took care the guy who killed her. Lmfao.


The guy killed her because he hates heavenly demon sect and for revenge lying about his life. Heavenly Demon Sect is the villain clan of the story. The guy discovered about FL real origin coz her mother is a princess of that clan and she is the granddaugher of their leader.


Her father is quite annoying. His father isn't evil but sometimes his parenting svcks. He don't know how to protect his own daughter and always running away from his responsibility. He is the most favoured son in their household and the strongest too but he let the greedy brother and grandmother to rule the household. That's why it affects the FL status too. The only thing he can do about the FL is find cure or treat her but aside that he is useless as a father.


The evil grandmother and FL evil aunt will die at the end. The reason why the FL is sick is because of her aunt. The aunt gave her a poison that can lose her center energy for martial arts.


FL regression:


The heavenly demon sect leader has a power who can regressed many times. From what I understand in the novel FL inherited that power too.


This is really about martial arts so don't expect fluff moments too between father and daughter. Her father is like a stone with no sweetness inside his body. This is a novel that don't have a father who is a daughter fool.
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