The Troublemaker Daughter of the Grand Duke Wants To Live Alone


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I possessed the cliché villainess.

It was Mary Conler, a villainess who was eventually exiled out of the country for harassing the female lead.

Being abducted at birth, once she returned from the orphanage

She was called the troublemaker of the Grand Duke Conler’s Family.

Being thrown away by her father and brothers who held no affection for her.

I made a resolution.

Let’s live as quietly as a dead mouse, then run away to a foreign country with some living funds.

But it’s weird.

My dad, who I thought didn’t love Mary, suddenly became a fool for his daughter

My brothers clung to me,

One of my goofy cousins was growling at my fiance.

My fiance, the prince, was angry at the idea of breaking off the engagement,

And the original heroine asked me to run away with her.

I guess I became a nuisance in a slightly different way?

Why the hell were they being so nice to me?

My dream is to be single!

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대공가 민폐 영애는 혼자 살고 싶습니다
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10 Reviews

Nov 23, 2021
Status: c5
It's interesting. As of Ch5 it looks like it's going to be something of a Bakarina type story, but the MC isn't going to be the butt of an ongoing gag. The MC is kind of cute and a little relatable unfortunately the writing style is a little off. That may improve with more chapters and greater familiarity with how the author expresses themselves.

A provisional 4 stars.
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: c59
"I will remove any distractions while you are in your way to your desired goals"

So you and your brothers can walk straight toward your goals.


... more>> this has got to be the best line from a father from a reborn/reincarnated/transmigration child villainess I've ever read.

sometimes the pampering and doting dad just because his child is so cute but in the original story he ignored her and stuff is so annoying. What I love about the dad is that he treats his children almost equally, of course a little pampering to MC because she's young and she disappeared for a while

the heaviness of that line is important because the conler family is known as the "marionette of the royal family" so the royal family can just order him as they want and he does not want that to happen to his children and so he works hard. Its so touching and so sweet <<less
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Nov 17, 2022
Status: c88
Be cautious, I'll be writing some spoilers while giving a review so if people don't like spoilers then do not read my review. I wrote this review because I was frustrated that people misjudged the novel by just reading a few chapters.

I'll be honest, the novel goes dark (and a little creepy) even though it says it's a comedy and more of a slice-of-life type of Novel.

The female leads family is the typically emotionless family they do have valid reasons but at the same time, it's not like they do... more>> not try to work on it, and not ignore the small detail that the family was blessed by the demons (I think it was related more to the god of death) so it's a blessing as well as has a curse attract to it, the emotions get eaten up/gone whoever is the next in line or closes to inherit, in one of the earlier chapters ML speaks about it unknowingly by Saying something like the power is less and the last to siblings (Theo and Mary) are less scary.

The female lead has lived a multiple life, in further chapters and even the current chapter has been shown, she is very mature than many peeps of her age, and even though the FL's father has noticed that she's mature and his kids even though they are mature too, he did find it coming across not so right with the level of maturity FL has.

In the introduction of the first few chapters they show like the FL's family is not so nice, they are tr*shy, (no it is not,) it's false memory installed by the main villain or the male culprit (he's the kidnapper and he's the dark stalker, the god of death) he was/is in the obsessive so-Called Love with the female lead, and he's been following her for all her life and this is her last life.

The female lead in the mid of the chapters was referred to as a cat she did have a cat-like personality and did look like a cat, more specifically her eyes. She is naturally a troublemaker similar to a cat (since a cat is referred to be a troublemaker by nature).

Most of the time during the mythical love stories or poem in any cultural articles/books only the female lead realize that it was not normal. While others found it tragic and romantic but later on in the chapters, she realizes it was always referred to her. (No sane person will find it normal if a person trying to force affection on an unwilling person)

Beware because the female lead will be framed many times it might come across as boring but it is very interesting too you'll have to be patient and read all the chapters because it has too many plot twists and more Hidden Treasures.

Most of the problems and trauma caused to FL are by Main Villain because he wants to lead the FL towards him. By making her believe she doesn't have anyone to love, related to, etc. So that she leaves everything and is willing to go to him in hell/underworld. <<less
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Nov 03, 2022
Status: c83
Novel not recommended to read.

MC is a brainless small girl who acts like she’s smart despite constantly causing trouble for herself and severely lacking common sense.

The beginning of the novel sums up everything wrong with this novel.

MC had a hellish start in her first life (par for course tragic backstory), but then there’s immediately after crossing: she acts super OOC (she complains a lot internally, makes friends with OG FL, and does tons of strange things), she fights with the other orphan children and watches as one of the children... more>> literally starves to death (despite being way older, supposedly smarter, and having full knowledge of where to get food and being fed enough), and she says she’s trying to stay alive while wildly doing things opposite to her words. Not only that, but her IQ becomes negative and she tries to rob the child beating child abusing director of the orphanage and is immediately caught. Only by plot armor does she survive after being beaten and fainting (because her Op scumbag negligent dad finally appeared). There’s so much wrong at this start and it continues to go more and more downhill.

The MC isn’t cute, relatable, or realistic - but rather a ridiculously tragic child that ends up being pampered by her family, as she clings to the idea that she’ll be magically mistreated. She basically never gets out of the mindset of the story she once read and is hopelessly lost.

Most of the writing is mediocre and the majority of events just happen out of nowhere.

-900Quintillion/10 tr*sh.

P.S. There are indeed sweet family moments... moments that are immediately ruined by the MC for the most part. <<less
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Jul 22, 2022
Status: c23
The FL is so cute! I just hope that her brothers could have more bond w/ their sister *

but theey are far away since they're in school :, (

MOOREEE CHAPPIEES PLEAASEE *^* ily translator-sama mwah mwah
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Book Lover Slytherine
Book Lover S
Oct 22, 2022
Status: c95
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH! Especially as a black haired and black-eyed person I love reading novels where MC has black hair and eyes. I started reading this novel after seeing the book cover! It's so pretty! I instantly fell in love with the cover! It's one of the cutest novels I've ever read. This is the first novel review I gave where I'll not spoil anything! Go read it! It's so cute! I love MC and her family.

... more>>

The one I hated was the emperor and his good for nothing first born son. They'll make your blood boil! Ow include the og FL there. Like she's so naive, it's annoying!

I adored mc's father and cousin Rex most! They're such a sweetheart! Mc's father was one of the coolest fathers I've ever seen. Why did you kill his wife and made him, MC and her brothers hungry for Helena's love, author? Why you killed her?

Anyway, I'll end it here. Otherwise, if I start ranting once, I'll spoil everything. QAQ


My Thoughts:

6/5! Let's see where it goes. Till now I'm loving it! Kudos to the translator sama for doing an amazing job! I'll shamelessly ask for more updates! Xoxo! Hope I'll be able to read the whole translated version soon. 100% recommend! <<less
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Nov 09, 2022
Status: c86
This is absolutely fantastic, but I do agree with the other reviewer on the fact that tr*sh is tr*sh. I love the MC, so we'll agree to disagree on the protagonist herself.

The family is definitely irredeemable, though it gets close, the POV shifts explain that they are just not worth of the title 'family'. Just because someone grows to love you, mainly because of guilt in this case you find out.... does NOT erase the misdeeds or route they would repeat if the protagonist decides to not change anything major.... more>> People tend to say it's a different life, forgetting the fast track towards a miserable end if they don't fight to win these idjits over. The key point, if they were decent people or actually 'family' there's zero need for the protagonist to do this. It should be automatic of a parent to give a cr**!

Lmao, the mother and the kid Rex are my favorite characters besides the MC because of this. They were the only sincere people from the beginning, in both timelines.

The father & daughter moments make you laugh/smile and then go sour when you recall the fact it could change on the dime for these fakes. The plot device is not an excuse, way they were raised themselves or lack of Raising is not an excuse either for these fake family members.

I dislike redeeming tr*sh stories, but adore strong MC and think this is really well written. There are really likable people and there are awful ones like the annoying brothers btw. I really dislike them, because they are actually worse than the scum father was at beginning. He has slightly more redeeming qualities or moments than them, superficially speaking.

ADORABLE MC & maids, plus Rex the surrogate brother and the OG FL are actually the one's carrying this whole thing well in spite of everything.

Excellent Translating. Thanks for this and posting so fast the updates. <<less
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Oct 30, 2022
Status: c81
Well written & explained story not any grammar mistakes yet. Also it updates really fast and well which I absolutely love it.

MC is a normal person & her actions are like something I would do if I got transmigrated into this type of thing. I especially like her father, oldest older brother & her cousin reactions towards her it is wholesome.

I at first thought of it as a cliche story which is quite common, but it is actually great story so you should try it
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: c23
So.... It's fine. It's not badly translated or anything, which is a plus. The story itself is irksome. She is constantly comparing her situation to the OG MC. I mean... Every single chapter she's complaining about 'Marys' situation and trying to refuse things to not be seen in the same light. However she is mentally preparing to be treated the same no matter what And she doesn't have trauma regarding it from her past life or anything so it come across as tedious.

Obviously this far in I don't know what... more>> actually happened with the OG Mary, but so far the dad is more ambivalent than anything. He also is a hypocrite because he literally says "vowed not to let go of his children even if they weren't born with black hair and eyes" while literally not caring less about the girl he abandoned. He fully admitted that he had no true desire to rescue her so much as his pride hurt at someone having kidnapped a child with his name. But he loved his wife so much, you're telling me he has no inclination at all to save that child???

It's just frustrating at times. And as another reviewer mentioned the MC is a bit of a dunce. She managed to forage food with one other kid, but could manage for the one that died? And that whole plot of her stealing from the director was so absolutely random. There was no lead up to it just 'hey let's steal money and give it to the other kids, I'm sure the director won't notice or anything ' like.... They could have at least had a moment where the director abused her and mentioned not spending money on orphans like them or something to at least try and justify it. <<less
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Jan 02, 2023
Status: --
The plot is promising but the writing is quite disappointing. The flow, the character everything get dragged along the writing. Idk if it will get better in the future chapter as I still on the early one, but I do feel disappointed with this.
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