I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy


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I possessed a third-rate villain who died in every route of my favorite game.

But I want to live.

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I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy
용사 아카데미의 삼류 악역이 되었다
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hawlol rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c38
The action/litrpg part is interesting, unfortunately, is the smallest part of the novel.

This is a harem first and everything else after. A bad harem, btw.

It reads like those bland otome villain novels where the male lead never noticed the villainess, but right after the MC transmigrated he suddenly found her interesting and decided to give chase, even though she did/said nothing.

The MC was a good for nothing, but suddenly every girl finds him interesting for the smallest of reasons (or none at all) and starts chasing him while having internal... more>> monologues about how the MC is so handsome, amazing and not the useless prick from before.

'Wow, he commanded some kids with a minimal level of competence that would be possible with minimal common sense? Guess after 150 years looking, I finally found my hero and will spend my life making him fall in love with me!'

'Even though he was abusive, now he's silent, stoic and say thanks when I help him. Guess I love him now!'

Most chapters are about the girls. The plot is almost non existant, the fights and powers, boring and cliche.

Don't think like me when I thought I could enjoy the story while skipping the harem parts: It's all harem parts. <<less
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bvdaf rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c41
As of now, I'm at chapter 41.

The harem here is an utter tr*sh. And before you question, I'm a harem enjoyer, yet I hate this one here.

It all started when a certain elf woman appeared and MC suddenly turns into an indecisive d*ckhead. It feels soo f*cking forced and it's unbearable to read through their interactions.

Let me introduce you the background so you understand why I feel angry about it. (I'll tag the background introduction as spoiler, however it's explained in first few chapters so, you can read it safely.)... more>>


The main character has a fiancée - Irene.


If you wanna read more continue reading spoiler below. (This one spoils big time though.)


So he ends up in a situation where he is between Irene and Elf B*tch (Siana or Siene? Whatever let's call her elf b*tch.) She knows well that he is engaged, but completely disrespects that and makes advances on him. Very obvious ones. Irene does the same but she is bit shy (She is his fiancée so it's alright.) The biggest problem I have with this is the Main Character. What is he doing in that situation? Nothing. That indecisive c*nt does absolutely nothing. In front of his own fiancée, he lets another b*tch get touchy with him. FFS.


What's worse is that he is constantly complaining about how it's uncomfortable around the damn hoe, but doesn't even try to reject her. FFS. Just tell the hoe to f*ck off and that's it. Seriously I hate this bullsh*t. If it bothers him so much, then just say no to the hoe.

This was the most frustrating thing about this so far, which made me write this review. I simply hate whenever the main character is forced to do anything (as in poorly written way, where the situation could have been resolved easily.)

But no, author doesn't know how to write a good harem (or bearable at least). Author also doesn't know how to write a good story that revolves around the main character. Instead, we have the main character dragged into some dumbass interactions, that wouldn't happen if he said "no" or gave straightforward logical argument.

At first I thought sceptically about the hawlol's review, however he was right. The good - the LitRPG elements rarely appear, but badly written interactions and events appear very often.

Overall rating: 1/5 - give me back my time wasted on this garbage, <<less
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DimaShishandra rated it
September 18, 2023
Status: c133
Classic Korean MC - has full control over his balls and emotions, 20 out of 10 in psychology and leadership, everyone thinks he is amazing, can train forever and easily overcome pain and suffering, handsome, silent. Supermen. Bet he was the youngest president on earth. Add really shitty harem on top of it. Honestly nothing new and I already accepted that this is a normal Korean type MC.

My biggest gripe is with game mechanics. Specifically with main game hero. MC talks how good this game is but even IGN won't... more>> give it more than 2/10. Who would want to play a game where your character is already 10+ times powerful than ANY potential companion. In every RPG I've ever played you always starts as lv1 looser. F thiefs and dogs are stronger than you. Here Hero is immediately OP. And author constantly points on the fact that he had created such garbage setting. In similar Japanese stories hardest enemies are usually bosses from the main game - which makes sense.

Story itself... honestly standard Korean one. It's ok. MC always have something to do or gather but it barely changes anything.

Honestly I'm surprised how such novels get such high score. <<less
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Drunken Translation
Drunken Translation rated it
October 6, 2022
Status: c35
A slow paced character focused story, that include harem elements, an initially dense MC who is afraid of his death flags, and good worldbuilding.

I also liked the {Dignity Of A Twisted Aristocrat} which served has a constraint to his character and it reminded me of Deculein and Harold from Death Flag - these two being one of my fav protagonists from 'transmigrated as a villain trope'.

An interesting MC, good plot progression, interesting characters, a nice world setting, harem-romance and Noctor Hormund.

... more>>

also, Amy is the best girl (I hope she becomes part of the harem), closely followed by Irene

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Kermit Pretender
Kermit Pretender rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: c42
I made a mistake, this novel is 3 stars.

Personally, I still consider it as a solid story with some decent plot, but the characters are just so bland and one dimensional that were detrimental to my experience.

The good:

  • The MC has to actually train and put some effort to become stronger, and not the isekai nonsense of becoming OP after the 1st chapter.
  • In most novels of this kind, the MC just comes and takes the role of the Hero, which defeats the porpuse of the story in the first place. Here, he recognizes he is a small fry so he trains and changes his behavior to avoid being killed by one of the Main Characters, while limiting his interactions with the Hero unless necessary to not change the original story too much.
  • Although I will complain later, the MC is subject to this trait [Twisted Nobility's Dignity], essentially making him act like an ass from time to time. I like it becauses it forces the MC to act in a certain way and not become a generic nice guy right out the bat.
The bad:

  • The female characters have no personality, with most just overreacting and misinterpreting MC's actions. And when they interact with the him, most become submissive and barely say a word to him.
  • The female characters fall in love with the MC way too easily. Take for example Irene (MC's fiance), she is this supposed "Cold beauty" that was once in love with Theo (MC) but due to circunstances even her came to hate him. But once she finds him studying and training for 5 days she inmediatelly falls in love with him again.
  • The characters barely interact with each other and have no substance; most conversations are the equivalent of: "How's the weather?"
  • The MC's vocabulary is limited to 2-3 words. I know he has to be mindful due to his negative trait to not end up insulting them, but after a while it becomes obnoxious.
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erowarrior rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: c53
Up to chapter 30 or so this novel was good. Not a master piece by any mean but an enjoyable read.

But after that it suddenly turned into utter tr*sh. I try to not spoil it as much as I can but it goes like this:

... more>>

Something happens and people start suspecting MC, even MC agreed that he was suspicious and even he would find himself suspicious while going on a rant about how he is an adult and can forgive the other kids (they are like 16-17) of whats going on but then goes and have a mental break down next chapter like a Karen in fast food.

After that he make this misunderstanding something huge and basically create a mountain from a small molehill and start to act like a 2yo throwing a fit and the other kids react like this is the end of world. They start crying and throw themselves on his feet.


Now lets talk about harem part of this dumpster fire. First two girl were believable. One of them been his fiance and other one was this beauty that start to show interest in him but it wasn't love.

But then over night things changed and now everyone are in love with him. Every character suddenly lost their entire personality and start falling for MC like crazy. Random girl show up from nowhere and instantly fall in love with MC. If you thought me this was the plot of a hentai about someone with power of mind control I would believe you but this tr*sh take itself seriously.

Overall a 2 out of 5 just because first 30 chapters were good. Love the orcs but that's it. The rest of story is completely tr*sh. Skip this one. <<less
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Incyus rated it
October 5, 2022
Status: c154

As of chapter 154:


Decent read. Heavy on harem elements. Don't read if you dislike harem and romance, seriously. Most of the MC's time is spent interacting with girls.

The plot and worldbuilding are surprisingly interesting in some ways, mixing medieval fantasy with a meritocratic Hero Academy (where nobles aren't as powerful as commonly represented in other stories).

The power system is generic but serviceable, with status windows and a shop cheat system. For now, MC remains inferior to "truly talented" people like the ex-protagonist from the game. He is strong, but it seems he will remain a "win through cunning and strategies" type of MC since his raw power is low. Or not.

It has plenty of flaws, but chances are, if you like harem novels, you will at least enjoy this.

As an afterthought, MC didn't make moves on any girl until now. It seems like it'll be a slow burn (and a true harem, although "Theo" has some sort of crush on one, physically or whatnot).

To me, it is entertaining enough to pass the time.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nuage rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c83
Despite its many faults, this novel is decently written and engaging. If you don't mind harems and contrived plot, you'll have a lot of fun with this one.

I usually don't read brainless (as in, 'you don't have to think too much about it') novels, but this one has been pleasant enough. The different PoVs and action-filled scenes keep you engaged. The MC can be smart when it counts (ie, when the plot demands it). It could have easily been a 4/5 or 4.5/5.

Unfortunately, the lack of consistency in regard to... more>> the MC's ability to anticipate problems is... annoying. It is clear that this novel is plot-driven, rather than character-driven, and the artificial feeling it produces is reducing the novel's enjoyability. The harem is there purely out of wish-fulfilment (you can tell by the author's focus on NPC jealousy, which adds nothing to the novel in itself). There is no added value by having those 5+girls in love with the MC.

What a waste. <<less
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December 27, 2023
Status: c111
I got to ch111. Not recommend. I am new to this commenting stuff and everything but I have read a wide variety of novels. Plotwise is cringe. Development side is stereotypical clueless guy in romance who can’t read the room because he probably was an otaku his whole live and apparently he is a deadend scenario in every route. In the novel is introduced a coin based shop from where he can purchase new abilities, traits, items etc. Worst described and implemented system ever. First negative:We can’t see what is... more>> in shop in the first place so the author can do whatever he wants adding new stuff, idk. Second negative: (if there is a shop there is a currency exchange in the form of money gold/silver/copper) ok, I understand but copper I didn’t encounter showing. Some stuff in shop is priced at thousands of gold. Silver is meh we encounter it but is useless. We don’t see how he can get new income just from dungeons and achievements (hidden most of the time) and the rewards are pretty much minimal like 2 gold for some hidden pice. Anyway bad system altogether.

And concerning his love life basically he attracts girls mostly red flags just one of them is normal in my opinion and that is his fiancé lovely girl I would probably make a fan-club for her. But I dislike the clueless type that attracts women and then ask himself why they act like that. (My opinion)

Maybe the story would get better but I don’t see how. I remember reading a manga about some of the elements in this novel. Much better story (my death flags show no signs of ending) <<less
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ChickenSoup rated it
July 5, 2023
Status: c47
Simply put, it's badly written. It comes off as a novel that just inserts cliches without any effort writing it. I have no idea how it can get rated this high.

First off, I don't mind cliches but it needs to be written well. I don't really like something like this where the development really feels rushed and unorganic. This is especially glaring regarding the harem, there's no semblance of romance or character building at all. Every female character is a stereotype and instantly falls for the MC. None of the... more>> male characters are even remotely interesting, they're all just stereotypes. There's no depth to any character at all.

One thing that is especially annoying is the amount of "explaining" the author does rather than showing, especially regarding character's thoughts. This causes a lot of events to feel like they come out of nowhere and unorganic. Sometimes they don't even explain and things change without any real explanation, making it really confusing. It feels like the author really wants to insert as many cliches as possible without any real writing to deliver it. <<less
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ngurah rated it
May 21, 2023
Status: c154
Wow what a ride!

Im surprise in the emotional roller coaster this novel gave me, im not saying it's a tear jerking novel im just surprise on the emotion this novel pull out off me. But, due forgive me if I dont remember the names of the character for its been a while, and ill get back to why that is at the end of the review.

Okay this is a story about how the MC try to survive his school life by trying to become strong, avoid death flag (since he... more>> is a third rate villain who got killed), and avoid the game bad ending (which is basically everyone dies the end), but the thing is his body is weak, and he needed to get strong gradually, he does have a cheat skill that allow him to be strong in a short amount of time, but it has limit and a huge side effect, and by that I mean vomiting blood and all. If you have read other MC with "no regards of their body" you should probably able to guess the reaction around the MC when he used this hehehe.

But, the most appealing thing about this novel is MC relationship with the other character. MC always try to be normal and nice with them, occasionally asking favor, but this sort of action is so different from the person the people remember of the MC before transmigration which lead to many developments. Not only that, the bond he built with the people around him, even the characters who just has a minor role in the original game changed their fate because of the MC. In fact, this has one of the best bromance moment I ever read, the trust and loyalty MC has with his bros (which I tell you know is

an orc!

) is really touching and encouraging! But the drama between MC and the heroines are also very engaging!

And MC is super smart, since he is pretty much a nerd/geek of the game before he transmigrated he knows the in and out of the world, so he used all these to his advantage which funny enough lead to development of the story he didn't expect.

Oh! And another fun thing is the MC has this... passive I guess, that force him to act like the original body. Kinda like Harold from My death flag show no sign of ending or the MC from The Villain want to live, basically they are force to act or fulfill a certain need the original body wants, I guess another way of saying it is the original personality overwrite certain part of aspect and needs.

Anyway this is was certainly a fun read, however, this novel was in uncertain hiatus for 1 - 2 years and that is why I havent come back to check it in a while. HOWEVER just recently I found the author is back and start writing again! That is why I decided to write a review.

Oh if you want some spoiler regarding the heroines:


-Okay, so the MC has fiancé (a knight like fiance), in the OG story they're relationship is bad in the og story despite her actually still has a crush on the MC it got overshadowed by the MC bad and tr*shy attitude, of course ever since the transmigration and the MC change personality she pretty much turned completely head over heel for the MC

-Another heroine is actually like a long distant family of the MC, at first she has bad intention planning to take over the family head by removing the MC (in the OG game it said she killed the MC) and it seems pretty easy for her since she is the popular kid and the MC is incompetent, but her dream quickly shattered after MC transmigration. Extra: There was one arc where she and the "top student" group wrongly accused the MC of something but the MC proved them wrong and basically humiliate them, which made her overburden with guilt and emotionally wreck to the point where she bit all her nails and lock herself. I find it a bit satisfying seeing her fall from this "everyone likes me and im popular" persona to this emotionally wreck person who is scared of the MC. But later she become like a loyal subordinate (by her own choice might I add)

-Third heroine is probably the one im guessing who will have the biggest emotional wreck once her arc is finish, she is basically the strongest heroine (currently) and the rival of the Original game protagonist, she is also the first person who we see openly despise the MC, but after transmigration she is the one probably the most confused and affected by the MC change of attitude (she also part of the top student group who wrongly accused the MC). Though unlike the other she suspect the MC to made a deal with demon hence the change of attitude, so currently she is trying very hard to find out if thats true (even forcing the MC to strip). However, I feel like all these are just denial and frustration. her attitude seem very desperate, so I have a feeling her final development will be the most emotionally shocking

Theres also the stalker elf, assassin maid, and the.. uh... pe*vert big breast girl which you see on the cover.

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Novel Casanova
Novel Casanova rated it
April 20, 2023
Status: c85
Here is my review for "I Became A Third-Rate Villain In The Hero Academy" after having read a substantial portion of the novel and giving it a fair chance. The rating would be a solid 8 out of 10. The TLDR that i've copied from my list would be right underneath this paragraph. The current state of the novel is a indefinite hiatus since 2 months ago (feb 2023) because the author injured his arm.

TLDR: Decent overarching plot, Smart MC but quite dense, good characterization but too many characters. Solid... more>> 8 out of 10. This has the typical Korean game magic academy setting and there are certain things it executes well. For example the start is decently written, very to-the-point. Characters do have emotion and depth. The problem arises that, there is a system and a store-like setting but it is not utilized well. Some characters have personality but a lot of them dont get any depth or character growth but instead a new character gets introduced. One girl who has been with him since the start, he literally just started saying 'please' to her but otherwise had zero interaction and suddenly she's like the MC has completely reformed. Her character also has gotten barely any screen time despite it being chapter 80s and new characters and harem members still being introduced.

Now for the in-depth review.

  • Yes the MC is decently smart. He makes good use of his knowledge from the game. But the system itself is fairly clunky and the stat values which seemed to have a lot of significance at the start suddenly start to lose relevance. Also skills start to take prominence but skill also doesn't explain everything but instead the author switches to 'experience' being the most valuable which is fair but if experience is not reflected in the 'system' as a combat strength then whats the point of a numerical value attached to it at all? His 'dignity' trait is often used as a crutch. Its mentioned that traits can evolve if you go against them, but till now it hasn't.
  • However the other factors such as items and traits are still decently done so its not all a negative.
  • The MC Is also very dense, not having grasped at all despite numerous signs that the girls like him. Very typical.
  • The overarching plot exists but is quite slow and frankly very generic, there really is not much to comment here.
  • The characters are well written and have depth. But not every character gets their fair time in the sun. As mentioned in the TLDR. The girl that has been with him since the very beginning barely gets any development at all other than the fact that she's a maid and the MC suddenly starts saying 'please' to her and her entire view of the MC just shifts. Its never established that he changed his other mannerisms towards her. But new girls keep getting introduced as if to fill a checklist of personality traits in the potential harem.
  • The day-to-day is very entertaining. The MC partakes in various activities which are well written and these 'events' are a clear highlight of the novel. Like training, fishing, going on a date between two people who are somehow not romantically interested in each other. The issue arises that simply not everyone can be present for these events.
  • The 'hero' who was significant earlier also starts getting left behind as more characters get introduced. Its not like they're badly written either, they simply don't get enough time.
So anyways, it's a pretty good read. For the other novel i'd recommend is the usual korean video game series like 'flash genius' 'demon limited hunter' 'survive as extra in academy' or the one this reminds me of the most, 'demon prince academy' <<less
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Snooty rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: c60
2.7/5 Rounded up to 3.

The MC is hardworking, not OP, and makes friends with different races. It's generic, but it starts off pretty strong. However, there are too many cons to ignore.

The premise of the story doesn't make sense from the beginning. MC has stats below the average human, but somehow he's admitted to the 'Hero Program' where only the most elite 200 warriors of his age are allowed in. He's also supposed to be a villain (his old body was classist and racist), apparently he was the only evil... more>> person on campus and everybody else is super chill.

Around chapter 50 is when everything goes off the rails. An incident happens, MC is accused, and then everything is resolved. MC has been doing this nice guy act for the past 50 chapters, but he suddenly decides to use this chance to manipulate other students for a favor later on. While everyone is simping, and tripping over themselves trying to apologize to him. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: c1
Yep I made it through one chap. Only thing I know is that our pathetic author made it that our MC is influenced by s*upid traits. Getting pain when not acting out his evil aristocratic title. Like come on, I am sick and tired of seeing this BS.

Almost every other KN has some sort of host body consuming the original SI's personality. Forcing them into a mold. How can you enjoy a story when all their future interactions are not genuine. A forced ego change due to plot, just to... more>> make the MC appear like a kind hearted ALPHA male, while being misunderstood by the NPCs aside from the side characters.

Honestly this might be better than my rating. However, this trope is just that horrible. And add on the school arc and we get a typical KN fic. One that is worse than others so....

2/5 <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The_Follower rated it
June 2, 2023
Status: c57
Was enjoying it enough for the first ~30 chapters to give it a 5/5, but several recent developments just feel so shallow and forced I had to lower by a star.
Spoilery rant up to ch 57:
... more>>

The character got replaced by a transmigrator, so he acts differently from before. He was suspected for an incident, not even directly blamed but basically just taken aside and asked if he did it. He then proceeds to throw a hissy fit about it and act like they did something unforgiveable by suspecting him, going as far as requiring a sincere apology with heads bowed from them and he contemplated never forgiving them if they weren’t sincere enough. The worst part is one of the people who suspected him literally got on her knees to apologize to him, acting like they did something wrong while the MC chides them for being children for suspecting him. Like jesus christ is everyone involved here utterly braindead. He was LITERALLY the most suspect person there and thinking he did it was entirely normal. Again I feel like I have to reiterate, they didn’t even accuse him publicly, they just took him to a room out of the way and asked if he did it. The most recent chapter also has several ladies think he’s been possessed by a demon, which is entirely reasonable because his growth is beyond genius level now while he used to be utter tr*sh, and it’s clearly just an excuse from the author for them to want him naked since demon possession leaves a mark somewhere on their body. All this while he’s just someone they used to hate/look down on for being an utter as*hole until like a month ago and now they’re all so in love with him they’re willing to try to help him even if society shuns them for saving someone who made a pact with a demon. The only reasonable explanation is they’re so incredibly shallow (to be fair they are 15 year old girls) they fell in love with him for his looks, since he’s supposed to be incredibly handsome.


I broadly like this so far (otherwise I wouldn’t have given it a good rating) but it feels like the author has good ideas but has no idea how to flesh things out. This goes for characters, worldbuilding, romance and fights (the MC will basically say “the tanker should tank” and everyone falls on their knees over how much of a genius he is). The translation is very good though. <<less
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Deadmilkmen rated it
January 7, 2024
Status: c107
It's like this author set out to write the most annoying harem novel he could think up. The MC is a super Chad hard working genius superhero. Until a woman touches him and then he's a dense shy virg*n Japanese protagonist.

The women are just damn annoying. The MC could easily resolve his issues with all the women giving him problems by simply using his words, but he becomes a complete idiot just in certain instances where the author wants to write some annoying crap. He easily handles women when he... more>> needs to get some rare item or he has to do something important, but the author keeps writing these idiotic scenarios where he just turns into a f*cking moron. <<less
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katsuradesilver rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: c146
Quite good harem novels. The girls are likeable but as you will expected, there seem little progress in romance

The time flow is smooth which make it quite like a Sol but still full of events.

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Orsell rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: c14
Poor weak me couldn't handle this past 14 chapter. Usually I read much more before making some kind of review (whether it's public or just inside my mind, even if novel is really bad). And I was so disappointed that I even decided to write my 1st review on NU.

But this... There're at least 2 characters that knew "MC" since childhood. And by 14 chapter it's known that at least 1 of them even had serious grudge on "MC". You can even say it wasn't just grudge but hate because... more>> of broken love. And you must never underestimate such type of grudges. But they changed their opinions about MC to polar opposite in like what, 1 month? I didn't even bother to correct myself in terms of timeline, which I usually do, because this is just hilarious. It would be okay if we're talking about one single character because she could be portrayed that way but it's already 2 at 14 chapter.

I can't give it more than 1 star even if plot is good or MC is good or anything else is good because everything is interconnected and how can you appreciate the novel with such lazily written characters and their interaction?

More than this, there're even more serious negative points than just what's written above, but I don't even want to waste my time because of author's such incompetence. Anyway, you can find them on other reviews.

I'm done, thank you very much. <<less
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Kazuichi rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c100
Ngl having broken my arm was a blessing in disguise, been reading a bunch of novels while in the hospital anyhow its review time!!

Alright this novel is not as bad as I thought. Like a lot of the reviews state it has many flaws that is very obviously shown in the first 25 chapters but nonetheless I still found a value in reading this novel despite its very apparent flaws and that's mostly because of the character interactions shown throughout the story.

like don't get me wrong its a very blank... more>> story without much creativity to show, its so bland that I would already figured out most actions the characters were going to take during a certain events just half way through the first chapter. But is being bland bad? Personally I don't think so, Just because something is plain doesn’t mean it doesn't hold any importance, chicken ramen is pretty plain to most people but that doesn't mean its bad by any means and the same goes for this story its your stereotypical academy story with a few interesting elements that are not expand at by any means.

The plot isn't crazy and neither is the world because its as simple as it gets the characters themselves though are what I find interesting in the story as they are full of life (yea yea I know theirs going to be the constant talking about how amazing the MC is, at this point just thug it out cuz its in every novel) and are very fun to watch interact with the MC even though he’s es a doughnut. Another thing that gives this story extra points for sure has to be the fact that the MC himself is not overpowered, like he doesn't get the cheat skills straight away he has to work for them which as by chapter 100 he still isn't at that point, this however by no means that he doesn't get ass pull moments (most def does & and he is overpowered in the sense of knowing a lot about certain events) but those moments occur because of his knowledge not really just getting too lucky.

Alright final verdict, If you don't care about reading a bland normal academy/transmigration with a fun characters and a MC without a crazy overpowered cheat skill off the bat then give this a chance. Rating is a 2.5 <<less
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Heisbiwbdosbjaksb rated it
May 18, 2023
Status: c50
I read till the latest chapter. Its just became one of my favourite novel even though characters love interests may seem absurd to some but it doesn't mean that they have to avoid MC all the time so I don't think the characters development is not good other than that this novel is filled with a hard working protagonist climbing all the way to avoid his bad ending is the part I like the most where in some other novels we can see the MC is op from the start... more>> from slamming villain's to harem in a short while this is much better <<less
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