I Became the Leader of the Monster Circus Troupe


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The protagonist, a famous YouTuber known for playing the game trilogy “Tril Trilo Trilogy,” finds himself possessing the final boss of the game world.

Before the release of the new instalment in the series, he receives an offer from the game’s developer to play a prequel, “Part 0,” which explores events that occurred before the first instalment. Since he is a fan of “Tril Trilo Trilogy,” he eagerly accepts the offer.

However, through some twist of fate, he wake ups in the world of “Tril Trilo” in the dreadful body of the final boss of the trilogy, a character named Frank Wonderstein.

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괴물서커스단의 단장이 되었다
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New hafizi rated it
February 20, 2024
Status: c104
If you into the niche of idol management novel this is right up your ally although instead of idols it is circus themed with acrobats, trope, magician, and the wonderstein circus known for monsters. Just imagine, the greatest showman movie with idol management system, dark mysteries and a whole lot of Lore. MC background and how he transmigration into this world is honestly pretty intriguing and other mysteries the author left unanswered makes me pondering for theories. Definitely a hidden gem that makes you wanting more and more. The translation... more>> for the chapter so far is very satisfactory in my opinion and some of the cons is that author sometime change perspective to abruptly but not to the point it is unreadable just minor confusion. Conclusion : 9/10 worth the read. <<less
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Sareza rated it
September 23, 2023
Status: c26
There's currently 26 chapters in and the translations are pretty good so far...

In the following discussion, we delve into the narrative of a story that may appear cliché at first glance. Our protagonist finds himself unexpectedly transported into a video game world, a premise familiar to many. However, there's a twist – he's been thrust into this virtual realm two and a half years prior to the events that unfold in the story. Even more intriguing is the role he now occupies: that of the ultimate adversary, the last boss... more>> in a trilogy of games.

The narrative of this story has shown promise thus far, and it's bolstered by an abundance of artwork. The icing on the cake is the inclusion of illustrations for all the main characters. As the story unfolds, it seems to prioritize character interactions over action sequences. This shift in focus is pivotal as our protagonist, the MC, strives relentlessly to win over his circus crew. This endeavor is necessitated by the dark legacy of his former self, a veritable psychopath whose reign of terror has left his crew members deeply scarred and fearful.

The narrative doesn't shy away from exploring the intricate backstories of these characters. It takes us on a journey through the moments when his former self first crossed paths with each of them, an encounter that simultaneously ignited hope and despair. Moreover, the MC's loss of most of his powers has rendered him an ordinary individual, albeit one with the capacity to perform peculiar feats, adding an extra layer of complexity to the story's outset.

In terms of pacing, the narrative maintains a brisk tempo, neither too slow nor excessively hasty. What truly shines are the character interactions, which are skillfully crafted to engage readers. All in all, this story demonstrates considerable promise and has garnered a notable following on Novelpia, making it well worth considering for your reading list.

PS. I should also mention that this story deserves the 'Misunderstanding' tag, and that's due to one of the MC's unique abilities, which also doubles as a curse. This ability keeps him in a perpetual state of calm and composure, but it comes at a cost – he's perpetually adorned with an unsettling, eerie smile. This unintentional expression frequently leads to a multitude of misunderstandings among those he encounters. <<less
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Dg2 rated it
October 10, 2023
Status: c34
I honestly like the story, how we have a SI with legitimate hurdles to cross and developing side characters who aren't cut outs. For now I'll have to wait for more chaps to be translated before going more in depth. Just know its a unique spin on the isekai genre and a very rare korean fic that isn't about necromancers, s*upid towers or the generic plot where everyone devolves in bubbling idiots. So far its doing a great job sticking out amongst the tr*sh that plagues the KN fandom.
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Bucj rated it
October 21, 2023
Status: c42
MC was transmigrated into the big bad of a game series and is being forced to play nice with other people to avoid a premature death. So far so good.

The catch here is that he transmigrated into the big bad after the latter had established his reign of terror, which means that most of the people he is supposed to play nice with are already traumatized af by his actions, which involve, among other things: turning their hometown into a reenactment of 80's body horror films, psychological manipulation, bursting knights... more>> like baloons, etc.

The second catch is that the MC is already a broken and jaded person by the time of his transmigration with exactly zero capability or willingness to cultivate relationships without guidance from the game system. So a social loner being forced to interact with trauma victims; fun! <<less
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