Incompatible Interspecies Wives


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Polygamy is abolished.

We don’t have to force ourselves to live together anymore…

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섞일 수 없는 이종족 아내들
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Syntax_Error rated it
August 2, 2023
Status: Completed
+++ Great drama, not the kind of annoying drama but the kind of drama that would make you emotionally invested.

++ Decent Character. MC is mature, the rest are solid ok.

++ Good build up. The novel will sprinkle moments that makes relationships tangible and realistic.

... more>> + One of the good harems out there if you're into one

+ Not another isekai

- Very slow buildup. Imo, the whole 100 chapters is the prologue.

- Harem, it's not for everybody.

One of those rare novels that use harem not for wish fulfilment but for plot device. It uses harem to create tension, drama and conflict that keeps the story flowing naturally.

You end up tagging along because you wanna see how the MC push through emotional difficulties and make hard mature decisions. And you can't help cheering for him. You'd wish the harem doesn't exist but...


It was implied in prologue that the harem might broke out.

Personally, this is a huge green flag. A good harem is a dead harem. What I meant by that is MC ditch the harem and ends up choosing only one waifu but we'll see...

Edited: Prologue chapter chronologically took place at ch. 155.


Pacing is very slow but it's worth it. Pass Ch. 100, reading it feels like you're walking on thin ice. You know what could happen, and you know that if it does, things will escalate to the point of no return, so you're constantly on your toes every chapter.

Some light spoilers about the characters and their background below.


Berg - nicknamed bell. He's from a slum. He met Sien and hit it off. After breaking up with sien, he joined the mercenary through Adam and became capable fighter and a leader.

Sien - the Saint, MC's past ex. They met in the slum since childhood, gotten intimate after some time, then made promise of their future to each other - the classic vanila troupe.

She got choosen by the God of Purity to be a saint. As a saint, being in a relationship is taboo. She reluctantly broke up with Bell after she was given a vision by the God that MC would die if she didn't became a saint.

She still has big feelings on MC and is regretting that she might have draw the line too much when she push him away. She plans to run away after the war and be with MC.

Ner - wolf girl who got bulied by her family and became the collateral for an arranged marriage to Bell's mercenary in exhange for them killing the monsters that could have analiate Ner's family.

Arwin - elf girl who volunteered to be the collateral for an arranged marriage to Bell's mercenary same reason as Ner's. This is so she could escape her village abuse and explore the world. She's acquainted with Ner.

Both Ner and Arwin shared a camaraderie sense at the start because they both didn't like the arranged marriage.

Although Bell accepted Ner's arranged marriage for the reputation of his mercenary group, he also want to make the relationship genuine even if it will take time so they both agree to start of as friends and act as husband and wife when in public. He also hope that this new relationship would help him move on with his ex who left him.

It was also like that with Arwin's arranged marriage after MC asked Ner if she was all right with having one more wife since in their culture, harem is taboo. Ner accepted it because she plans to break away from the arrange marriage anway. Beside, Arwin is her friend and she thought she'll have someone who she can disclose to.

Grandually, both of them started falling in love with Bell but this also torn them apart from each other as they thought the other as their love rival.


Heavy clustered duck of spoiler below if you're interested. It's also my way of recap in case I left it too long and already forgot some parts of the novel.


Ner was told by her father to gather information and weakness against MC mercenary group so he could get leverage to help her out of the arrange marriage. Initially, Ner did so and wrote them in her diary but later on discontinued it when she got close to MC. She almost forgot about her diary so she forgot to throw it. Arwin secretly found out about the diary but she haven't told MC about it.

Arwin was promised freedom from the elf tribe once MC, her arranged husband, died. So she initially planned to poison him after a year or two. She quickly changed her mind after MC saved her from her tribe's periodic torture tradition but she still brought the poison 'just in case the situation demands it.' This was later on secretly found by Ner. She still dont know if it's really posion or not but she's suspicious.

Lately, Ner has recognized her feelings so she started acting assertive while saying it's acting so that their relationship becomes believable to the public. Since she believes she will be together with MC for her entire lifetime as a married couple, she felt no rush to confess right away, preferring to take things slowly with MC.

Arwin displayed some act of affection in public, but she done it out of consideration of Bell's public reputation. Ner got jealous especially after noticing how close MC and Arwin became so a bloody cold war ensues.

The both of them thinks that the other still hates bell and the arrange marriage, unaware that the other is developing feelings.

Meanwhile, because the Church couldn't trace where MC went after Bell and Sien broke off, they assumed he's dead. So they lied and made her believe that MC is peacefully living as a farmer. They're afraid that the saint might lose it.

Years later, Church found MC and tries to have a dialog probably to make him stay away from the saint but failed. They tried other means to make them not meet but as of ch. 110, MC accepted a mission where he might meet the saint. He is also foreshadowed to be the next chosen hero of the God of Solitude just like how Sien got chosen by the God of innocence.

Ch. 120 Update

Arwin is also starting to notice that she's been developing feelings on MC. She's afraid that she'll feel broken once he dies of old age, leaving her with this feeling for the rest of her 1, 000 years of her life. She 'accidently' shared her fear to MC and ask him to let her go before it happens but MC disagree, telling her he wants her to enjoy the moments they could share now until she'll get tired of it so parting ways won't leave a bitter taste. Also because she has become his source of strength.

Also Bell met up with Sien. He discovered that she still has feelings for him. He decided to draw the line, that him and her are a thing in the past now that he is already married. He properly bids farewell hoping that he could finally move on (but that doesn't seem to be the case).

Ch. 130 Update

After noticing that Bell still has some feelings left for her, Sien didn't give up pursuing him. Bell also learned that Sien had always plan to abandon being a saint to be with him once the war is over.

Also, Arwin is becoming more certain with her feelings now.

Due to some schemes for the succession fight of a human polygamy family, the hero party was almost eliminated. Worried, the king revealed that he is thinking of banning polygamy to avoid the same incident from hapening again.

The King casually asked for many opinion including Bell's. He disagree with the ban because that would go against his promise to take care both of his wives but it planted a seed of doubt in him. As far as he knows, his wives want to break the arrange marriage. For Ner, it was to meet her destined partner while for Arwin, it was because of the incompatibility of long lived and short lived species and for freedom. He's starting to reflect that maybe he's just hurting them because of his greed to move on.

Ch. 140 Update

Sien gotten even more depress but after learning that Bell's relationship with his wives are just acting, she gained a surge of confidence and hope. She straight up approach Bell and told him to hug her while she was crying (a.k.a she wants things to return back to how it use to be). She done it in front the public and Bell's wives were also there.

He was this close on hugging her but his wives precense helped him clear his thoughts. This time, he bids farwell to Sien, leaving her crying but more determined.

Rumors about the saint apparently having someone she likes (which is taboo as the saint of purity) spreads. The king invites Bell in the capital for many political reasons, but mostly to help show the public that him and the saint is a thing of the pass now by showing that he now has wives during a ball.

Also, Arwin has now acknowlege her feeling for Bell. It's implied that she's secretly looking for ways to somehow share her longevity.

Also manipulative wives montage. At this point, I just wants Bell to be with Sien who genuinely care for him more than his wives right now.

Ch. 150 Updates

The talks about the abolishment of polygamy continues as it was reveled that most of the nobles agree with it.

Bell said he's against it when he was asked by the king for his opinion. The king was also curious of his wives opinion so he invited them but suggested Bell to evesdrop.

Both of the wives agreed for its abolishment. Still unaware that the other had already developed feelings, each of them thinks that they could finally monopoly Bell while helping the other break free. A big miunderstanding on their part.

In the other hand, Bell is having his own misunderstanding, thinking that they are agreeing with it because both of them want to break free.

He now knows that one day, he will have to choose who to let go, and who to be with. But that's beside the pain of knowing that despite his effort and affection, the gap between them was still there and it was not as small as he had imagine.

Also, the war against the demon is coming to an end but Adam, Bell's brother in arms, keeps raising his red flag. Perhaps another manifestation that Bell is truly the hero of solitude.

(The logic behind each hero candidate of a God is that they are opposite characteristic of the God. For example, Felix is coward but is hero of God of courage. The display of courage is the strongest when a coward does it compare to a fearless. Failing to do so would lessen his power granted by him.

In Sien case, she promised her whole self, including her chasity and being to Bell, but is hero of God of chasity who must display purity despite all these.

In Bell case, he's surrounded by a lots of friends and comrades as vice president of a mercenary, and even has wives and a childhood sweetheart but as choosen hero of solitude, he will feel the most painful separation and solitude because of it.

Ch. 160

Adam died


Ner found out that the suspisious bottle inside Arwin's bag is a special elf poison.

The abolishment of polygamy were immediately implemented. Ner and Arwin finally talked about who would leave and stay. Only then did they discovered that each of them doesn't want to leave because they had actually fallen in love when they thought otherwise.

Arwin showed Bell Ner's diary containing her espionage notes, and Ner showed him Arwin's poison. Bell felt so betrayed that he started treating both of them coldly.

Meanwhile, Sien waits at the capital knowing that Bell and his mercenary would come there for the King's reward.

Ch. 170 Update

The king turned Bell into a noble as a reward. Having no more reason to continue his relationship to Arwin and Ner for their noble background, he divorced them. Both of them are in agony due to the separation, even more so with Bell because of the betrayal he felt.

Meanwhile, Sien retired being a saint. As Bell went back to the mercenary's base village, he let Sien tagged along mostly because he takes comfort having a trustworthy person to lean on. She's getting a good second chance for Bell.

Ch. 180 Update

Plenty to unpack here, and plenty more foreshadowing both good and bad.

First, Bell and Sien married and now they've been a couple for 1 year already.

Sien lose her power as a saint every since she retired. Now she is pregnant but shows signs of sickness. Not good especially since a pandamic seems to be starting.

Ner had finally recovered... relatively speaking. Arwin went and explore just like she always wanted but didn't find joy in that after realizing that Bell was the reason why exploring was fun then. She went back to her elf village and requested the elder to make the painful sacrifice tradition more frequent in exchange of knowledge on how to share longivity.

Both of them had been checking up with Bell. For Ner, it was through network information and for Arwin it was through her bird that she can share her sense with.

Ch. 180+

No more spoilers, novel is too good that detailed spoilers will ruin it at this point. Just know that it's a harem ending.


You'll enjoy it if you're into tension, drama and romance and you can tolerate harem in some degree. Like many readers, you might start hating few characters but not because they are badly written.

As a drama novel, it's a 9.7 out of 10. It's a great drama novel that has emotional depths and handled with care up to the ending.


This novel suffers from characters not being honest. Very few drama could have not happen if they just honestly open up but most are reasonable.

In sien case, it was not telling bell that she plans to run away from the church and be with him after the war. She could have at least whisper to him to wait for her or she could have personally slip a letter or something. I just fail to see why she didn't do it. She's now regretting how she didn't consider Bell's feelings.

In Ner and Arwin case, contrary to what others think, their reasoning actually makes sense to me. They didn't feel rush to confess their feelings because they were complacent that they'll be together with Bell for a lifetime. It's a flaw reason but it makes them feel more human-like.

It also makes sense that each of them don't know that the other is already inlove to Bell because a.) Each thought the other is just acting affectionate to Bell for his consideration; and b.) They became less open to one another after they started picturing the other a love rival. From that point, they just act friendly in the surface while secretly wanting the other to break off.


Give it a try but I suggest getting pass ch 100 first before judging it. It's one of those novels with slow pacing but good build up. I recommend binge reading it for better experience but be careful, it will play on your emotion and you'd still end up enjoying like the M you are. <<less
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Monomololo rated it
October 25, 2023
Status: --
I wish I could rate this higher, the quality of writing and translation deserves it, but I can't for a few reasons.

Foremost of those is that the author uses a few tricks that I despise in their writing, which are consistent throughout their works and through many korean works in general.

First, they start by introducing a future scene wherein something dramatic happens, then they introduce a core conflict which goes unresolved, and finally they use these aspects as a lure and draw you through the story where they are drawn... more>> out incessantly.

The issue with this format is that webnovels fundamentally are designed to go on as long as possible, and are released on a serialized basis. This means that the author is financially incentivized to keep the suspense up as long as possible, to retain readers.

This, as you may expect, means that most webnovels are either never finished, as the author burns out and drops the story, or when they are finished it's not because they've reached a satisfying conclusion, but because the author has stopped making as much money on it because the readers dropped the story after realizing it was going nowhere.

I would advise against reading this novel as it stands (or at least going into it with tempered expectations), as the story is still ongoing, so even if the translator catches up to the korean version it likely won't resolve the main plot threads.

So, maybe read it once it's translated in it's entirety. Otherwise the lack of progress on those core plotlines will be too annoying.

Update As of Around Ch 100: This turned out about how I expected, misunderstandings and lack of communication drive the plot, and the female leads have basically become the MCs. The initial core driver of the plot is still being left unaddressed, and is only drip fed to keep you reading in hopes of it being resolved eventually. It takes it down to a 2/5 for me. <<less
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Eyasluna rated it
June 14, 2023
Status: c10
No isekai, no OP, just Fantasy world classic. The story follows our protagonist Berg, a kid from the slums. He lives a generic slum life and this changes when he meets a wealthy (but not aristocractic) girl who got herself lost in the slums. They have a really touching love story as they grow up together, despite their drastically diffrent lives. When it seems like their lives are going to be happy forever...

... more>>

Sien awakens as a Saintess of a Goddess and is conscripted to fight the Demon King..


Seperated for what seems like forever, our MC is at a lost for a reason to keep living peacefully.

So far the story's opening hook is still not over. But! The story so far is a really compelling read on what losings ones sense of direction in life can lead to. I'm really looking forward to tye future Chapters. Highly recommended. <<less
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johnpoop2529 rated it
March 19, 2024
Status: c135
All the heroines have such terrible selfish personalities, meanwhile the MC is like the perfect ideal lover being put through torture. I recommend you avoid reading the novel to save yourselves the pain of reading all the s*upid decisions and thinking the characters have.
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Lorus01 rated it
July 4, 2023
Status: c18
I started this thinking of reading a korean harem novel. But, guess what, even thought it's only been 18 chapters, I'm desperating wishing the protagonist would breaks up or forever seperate with the already introduced heroines. Is the novel bad? No. Are the characters badly written? No. All the characters have their clear motives and reasons for acting like that and the way they are acting is right or understandable. It's just that this novel is like the totally opposite gender bender of heart-wrenching, gut-twisting chinese shojou manhuas with sadistic... more>> and cruel male lead and pure white lotus female lead. Even if you know that they are right for all their actions, that doesn't mean it is okay for them to hurt the protagonist. I really underestimated the drama tag. Now I just can't wait for the ending where MC reject these heroines and finally find his own happy ending. <<less
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Yalex rated it
August 13, 2023
Status: --
The first time I saw the name of this novel it was an instant turnoff. I don't like harems. Like at all.

I decided to give it a try as I have nothing else left to read and I have to say, though the story is almost entirely based on harems, the story makes sense.

The book does a very good job in getting you emotionally attached. Solid story, only pity is that there are only 35 chapters available.
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Couchman rated it
October 17, 2023
Status: c71
Incompatible Interspecies Wives is a novel that will build you up to break you down to build you up again. Our MC comes from a very tragic background and through hardship has become an emotionally mature adult (albeit a little dense). In comparison our female leads are working through their own emotional circumstances, and through the MC's assistance are beginning to learn to appreciate life and learn to love. This novel has a very carrot and stick approach where some moments are sweet as sugar only to build up to... more>> the opposite and vice versa.

I highly recommend giving this a shot if you are a fan of romance novels. Shout out to the translation team at ReadingPia for putting out such an excellent novel. Thank you! <<less
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Eskinos rated it
November 19, 2023
Status: c75
It feels like the first proper harem novel I have ever read. The feelings of all the characters are well substantiated and fleshed-out. A masterpiece in this regard.

Regarding the review of Alex Woods, looking back at what I've read, it is true that the female leads seem very passive. I didn't notice it however, when reading the first time. In others words, I believe that it shouldn't bother most readers.
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rrobz rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: c180
I would give this 6 stars if I could. Realistic characters, drama, romance, betrayal, this novel really has it all. And while I am not a fan of harems, this presents a realistic portrayal of how one could have come about in that world (which is quite well-drawn), and how the inevitable jealousy can destroy it.

To the reviewer who called the MC a simp, you must be reading a different novel. I hate beta simp MCs - this character is not one.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Backfootdrive rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: c40
This is gold, pure gold.

The relationships are complexe, nothing feels forced or unreasonable, the world building is also spectacular.
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pomoli rated it
July 17, 2023
Status: c28
So far author's best work by a wide margin, as he takes time to develop not only the main character, but also the girl (s) MC is marrying (and how they progressively fall in love with him). It's quite nice.
Recommended if you like harem, misunderstandings, dense MC but not weak or s*upid, even if you didn't like his earlier works.
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HolaFona rated it
July 2, 2023
Status: c17
incredible. The characters have well fleshed-out backstories and feelings. The relationships are diverse and feel very real. The tragic undertones are strong throughout the story. So far, I am very fond of MC, none of his actions seemed s*upid to me the way many other MCs do these days. All in all, this harem romance novel is a step above the competition, a must read if I say so myself.
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Naaacht rated it
August 24, 2023
Status: --
Just caught up on the released chapters and im loving it.

Characters are amazing too, Harem members have an actual personnality and Harem size seems limited as of now wich is also a plus. Misunderstanding is cleared pretty early so dont let the tag discourage you.

Definitly give it a try I highly recommend this one.
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katsuradesilver rated it
July 8, 2023
Status: prologue
The MC is likable, the book makes you root for him, want him to be happy. Too bad this is one of those regret novels where the MC treats him badly and regrets it later.

So now you have to bear watching him suffer because of those selfish women. I know they have circumstances and misunderstanding is the vibe of the novel but at this point of the novel, any random village girl will be better than them.

But aside this is really a good read

Btw, his merc brother is wholesome af
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Nigura rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: --
To be honest, I've read this story to the end on another website, I think it's good, but in chapter 100 and above, the composition of the story focuses more on the war and post-war. There are several chapters about relationship conflicts between characters, but they are not as interesting as chapters 1-100
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AtranZ_Ryou rated it
December 9, 2023
Status: c52
While the first few chapter hooked me in... the later chapter feels.. so slow. AND HOLY THE HEROINES IS SO ANNOYING IDK IF I CAN STAND IT ANYMORE

... more>>

Shien is fine, although I don't understand why she let go of him (maybe because church will do something to him)

Ner.... is sooooo mmm. Okay first thing, freedom. She feels suffocated in MC house, thats why he took you out and introduced you to other. Her love for her family is kinda crazy tho. and then the prejudice against human (polygamy specifically) you literally told him to marry Arwin hell god damn hypnotist. (BUT THATS PROBABLY BECAUSE SHE'S A WOLF AND I AS A MERE HUMAN CAN'T UNDERSTAND HER)

Arwin... hasn't read, she seems like the prideful type.. is it another denier then?


Although I said all that, I just pity the MC too much... he's so miserable man where is shien??? is she truly gone??? <<less
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SearchingforGoodStuff rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: Completed
I do not mind misunderstandings in romance stories; however, what I have less tolerance for are contrived misunderstandings--reasonable misunderstandings are okay. That is why it is hard to image that this is also the author that wrote "Why Are You Becoming a Villain Again?", a novel that I could not finish because of the number of contrived misunderstandings. "Incompatible Interspecies Wives" also has misunderstandings, which leads to conflicts between the characters, but the misunderstandings are reasonable as they are derived from whom the character is and how they understand situations. It seems that author is learning from his past novels. This novel has three heroines: Shien, Ner, and Arwin. There are misunderstandings with each character, but they are reasonable and understandable.

... more>>


With Shien, lies the misunderstanding that makes the least sense. Why did Shien part with Berg in the way she did? Why did she say that she wanted to become a Saint for better life that it offer, rather than admitting she was scared of prophecy shown to her that if she does not become a Saint that Berg would die, and that she was scared of what the Hea Church could do to Berg. Overall, I can still understand her to some extent, considering that she is very young at the time and emotionally under a lot of pressure with limited time to respond to the emotions.


For example, Ner, Wolfman, a kind that can only love a single person, is told by her grandmother, a famous fortune-teller, that she will deeply fall in love with someone who is noble and who will protect her when she is a child. Ner misunderstands this prophecy to mean the person must be noble, so she initially does not want to get close to Berg, a human mercenary. This not to mention the fact that humans and mercenaries do not have good reputations, so it is understandable that she is afraid of Berg and does not want to get involved with him (this also applies for Arwin).


Similarly, Arwin, an elf, tries to avoid contact with Berg because she earns for freedom after years of torture by the World Tree (this done in a ritual where she shares lifespan with the World Tree), and because Berg is short-lived, and she is long-lived, so attachment would become a burden.

Eventually, both (Ner and Arwin) fall in love with Berg, but pretend to not be in love with Berg because of their pride and their conviction that the other person is not interested, so there is no reason to try to explain their emotions, believing that the other person will eventually be gone anyway (Ner because of finding her destined partner, and Arwin because of her desire for freedom).


There are other misunderstandings, but I won't do into them for the sake of letting the story remain unspoiled, and also because those misunderstandings are essentially the same. They are choices by the character, which would not make sense if done by a completely rational actor, but make sense because who the character is and what their insecurities are.

I have read to the end and can say that the author has definitely mapped all the details in advance, since the ending is satisfying and realistic. Overall, the characters are well written, there are many great emotional scenes, the plot is well-structured, and world building is decent. Give this novel a chance. <<less
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Raidou99 rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c140
I like this novel quite a bit. The story is good, the characters are a breath of fresh air and the world building is great but...

... more>>

i like it so much that I couldn't wait for the slow as a snail translation to catch up and read the mtl... And imo it takes a bit of a depressing tone.



MC reunites with the childhood lover around c120 and even after the misunderstanding is fixed, their reunion turns into something that's depressing and ngl it left a lump in my throat. But the situation in this novel is quite realistic even though it's a fantasy lol. The arguments between 2 wives and their way of trying to one up each other is.... Well... Not a comedy at all.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Evil1220 rated it
September 10, 2023
Status: c52
So the author does an amazing job at painting the characters story and misunderstandings. I'm not typically one for harems, but I read some of the comments and decided to give it a try. I've gotten more into the raws and what I can tell you is that mid way through, you will be sick of all of the heroines (not that they're bad character wise and/or story wise.... you just won't like them) and you'll consistently wish for a BL with Adam, as honestly he's the only one that... more>> could make Berg happy at that point 😅. In any case, it's a good read and I recommend giving it a shot. <<less
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siriciryel rated it
September 7, 2023
Status: c51
These characters are excellent. “Misunderstanding” is both perfectly accurate and almost perfectly not the meaning usually intended by the tag. The story’s action and adventure aspects are almost completely unimportant, and the tension of the story has very little to do with combat.

instead, this is a brilliantly made ball of dramatic irony, and communication from a place of trust could make it all be workable and there’s so many good internal reasons that they just can’t have those conversations, not in the times they should be having them.

I love me... more>> some harems and I love characters honest about wanting what they want; it’s impressive to me that we have a harem-reluctant MC trying to do his best stuck in one and ready to go for an opportunity to break it apart.

looking forward to TL catching up to raws. <<less
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