I Became the Fiancé of a Dragon in Romance Fantasy


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In the novel, I became the dragon’s fiancé. whose marriage is soon to be broken.

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I Became the Fiancé of a Dragon in Romance Fantasy
로판 속 용의 약혼자가 되었다
로판 속 용의 약혼자가 되었다R
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New Idek787868 rated it
February 19, 2024
Status: Completed
It would be a lie to say that it started strong. I mean after the first 10 or 20 chapters there was a lull where... the story wasn't so bad but it did make me wish for a time skip or something. It starts to pick up after chapter 50 or something and from there, the story's great. Like its genuinely good. I do think that the author intended the story to have more chapters, as the a major aspect of the story was phased through rather conveniently but at... more>> the end of the day, we all came here for the romance and the romance is great. I must warn you that there are some rather explicit moments. Like.... really explicit. The R18 tag was used to its full potential. <<less
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Cactiii rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: c18
So far I'm loving the series, its one of the few stories where a character reforming feels somewhat satisfying.

Before I go a bit more indepth in a spoiler I just want to say I disagree with Giernold's rating, while they are right that not much exciting has happened yet I think the reason it feels slow to them is due to them being current with the translation. I started the series only an hour or so ago and I'm already current and at least for me it feels like its... more>> progressing a little fast if anything.


One of the things I like about this story is the reform, it feels a lot better than most reforms in novels but I do wish the author went a bit more into reluctance of staying how he is. Just a few lines of him thinking about giving up and then suppressing it by remembering the story in his previous life and how she never yielded. At least currently while it is satisfying I feel like its a bit lacking on realistic character actions since a human would naturally want to rest and give up when working this hard, so by adding a point of weakness I think it would show how strong his will is to resist.

Another thing that the story seems to be going for so far and I really hope it stays this way is that this is not a harem novel. I'm not saying this because I have something against harems (Well, I do) but because most harem novels end up being more wish fulfillment than romance and with how this story is going so far I really want this to be a romance between the two.


Last thing is I just want to say that the translation has been really good so far and just want to show a bit of support for the translator. I'm loving the series and hope you continue translating! <<less
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spectr rated it
February 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Truly one of the best! Considering lifespan:


If you are like me hating difference in lifespan like in mushoku tensei, do not worry at all, this is safe for heart

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Vidolin rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c59
Had to give up on this one.

... more>>

They are in love with each other, MC confesses while the FL is drunk, and then later, when she asks him if that was real, he pretends it was just a dream, because he can't confess to her yet, since he is afraid of hurting her (this immediately hurts her immensely, and MC reaction is along the lines of "If only I could tell her how I really feel...")


A decent chunk os this story is dedicated to the leads throwing pity parties in their heads, and coming up with convoluted ways to get over their trauma. <<less
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Monomololo rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: c28
Decent, but a bit boring.

Dozens of chapters in and so far I haven't seen a single bit of actual attraction from the MC to the love interest.

There's all these big dramatic shows of dedication, but not so much as a "I think the scales are pretty actually", or "despite everyone thinking she's ugly, she's actually pretty".

I can't tell if he's just sticking with her because he knows she'll be pretty in the future because of the book or if he actually is interested in her as she is now. Maybe... more>> this'll change soon, but a few dozen chapters in and stuff that seems like it'd be pretty important for a romance novel, especially one with a male MC, are somewhat overlooked.

Overall, this reads like it was written for women, and the dragon girl is the real MC, while the supposed male MC is the stereotypical perfect prince love interest. <<less
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Vulcan Hajin
Vulcan Hajin rated it
February 11, 2023
Status: c98
Great novel, if put in "novelupdates" standards.

Some parts seems like nonsense behavior? Yeah, like 99, 9% novels. Past those it's very nice

Very centered on the MC and FMC, almost 0 place for other characters. This is what I would call a Romance and Slice of Life novel!

r-18 isn't here for nothing, if you're too young don't read this. Those r-18 parts have a very sensual feeling in my POV, makes it better than plain stuff. (Male MC reader here)

Would recommend it for every romance-male MC-lover.
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pomoli rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: c25
So far it's ok, the romance/redemption part is nice and heart warming, and I definitely recommend that for people into it, but :

    • It's kinda simple character wise, sadly.
    • MC isn't a simpleton, but he isn't really clever either, I wish he was more intelligent.
    • The translation is not horrible, but it really needs an editor.
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Codale rated it
July 9, 2023
Status: c26
I tried to read it and got to chapter 26 but the MC is quite boring, Imagine a yes man with no personality. Admittedly he is doing this for a good reason but when I read his and the fML dialogues I always imagine him having a blank face.

I have read one novel slightly similar to this and it's name is regressor and the blind saint, MC is also a yes man but the author did better at letting us look at his current thought.

Basically story and premise... more>> is good but MC is boring. <<less
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Giernold rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c16
The content is pretty good but the story is very, very slow. Each chapter doesn't have much content. I love the premise, and it's being translated quickly so I have high expectations, it's just that it's not that exciting yet.
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Auros rated it
August 26, 2023
Status: --
Cute story.

Some GoT vibes with their medieval society and other things in later chapters.

And yeah, the princess tickles me off, she isn't needed at all but because she is a princess both ML and FL have to let her stick her nose on their affairs.

Because she tries to be...

... more>>

"The villainess" she read about in some child story to bring the leads together, but she gives the vibes of being more like a rival to ML than to FL like in those stories.


Luckily she went out the window pretty fast (and I hope it stays like that) after doing 2 annoying things:

-touch FL's horns in the first meeting when ML needs 42 chapters to do so.

-Wanted to dance with FL but ended dancing with ML cuz FL couldn't do the male part of the dance.


Also, Skyrim brain ON: Adilun = Alduin <<less
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blahblah123 rated it
August 12, 2023
Status: c67
It's okay. Certainly not bad, I'd even say it's a decent romance WN. However, the male MC doesn't really feel like the actual MC since there's so many pov shifts to the FL. Also the ML feels super bland, and he's written to be almost robotic at times. Sometimes he feels like less of a character and more of a plot device to raise the FL's confidence.

Despite the 'male protagonist' tag this was definitely written for women. Also, neither here nor there, but sometimes the bland af MC whines... more>> about how h**ny he is nonstop as if m*sturbation hasn't been invented yet. <<less
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TrueAn012 rated it
January 21, 2023
Status: c100
Hats off to translator to pick up this series. The story is really good and it will become bettere with chapters.

There will be no annoying characters sticking for long time, even the princess character will be in background

. Really a 4/5 star novel. The story is good, for this kind of novel. Can't say masterpiece because of its webnovelish style.
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Termina rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: c17
It’s hard to judge it at this point, but I am enjoying it a lot so far. I’m hoping the initial misunderstanding is dealt with quickly because I don’t think I’ll stick around if it drags on for too much longer.
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