I Became a Genius Commander at the Academy


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A military enthusiast with dreams of serving, shaped by his father’s influence and a bookshelf full of war theories, finds himself unexpectedly reborn into a fantasy world he’d recently read about.

Now an orphan, he faces impending destitution in a land governed by strict caste systems. But with the Reich Empire Academy Entrance Exam as his potential salvation, he’s armed not with magic, but with a vast knowledge of military tactics from his past life. As the date of his expulsion from the orphanage looms, he’s determined to leverage his unique skills to change his fate.

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아카데미 천재지휘관이 되었다
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New scrub09 rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c121
This is a mid story that had the potential to be great. The writing style is good and feels immersive, that's probably the only decent thing about this novel.

The biggest flaw of this novel is depth, every character is shallow, none and I mean NONE of the characters have deeper motivations than the plot decided so it will happen. The main character what motivates him? He was interested in military before being isekaied, after 121 chapters there is not a single mention of any other motivation or any internal conflict... more>> as he climbs the military ladder.

Magic is a thing that exists but after 121 chapters apart from being used by "mages" (soldiers that instead of using arrows use fire arrows) as slightly stronger arrows and as a lighter. It is never once mentioned or described deeply. Why? No idea.


The MC gets married and the marriage is described in 3 lines before being time skipped by 1.5 months, I don't understand why.

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September 25, 2023
Status: c8
I was on board until this chapter ruined the entire premise by ignoring the effect magic should be able to have on warfare. He'd just noted that in modern warfare clumping up is a bad thing, but wouldn't a fireball be as effective as a mortar shell in dealing with grouped-up enemies? There are so many ways magic can be used strategically that it's honestly disheartening that 4-5 times in the same chapters it's only added as an afterthought; "They fired arrows! Oh, and spells too! Because it's fantasy!"

It's not... more>> impossible for this to be a setting where magic is heavily limited in what it can do, or as in some cases wizards spend most of their time keeping each other in check, but that needs to be established instead of just ignoring it altogether. It just seems like a waste to even have magic when all references to it could be replaced by archers or musketeers and not affect the battle description whatsoever...

... Anyway, since the premise of the story collapsed already - because the author obviously can't imagine fantasy military tactics yet decided to make a fantasy military tactics novel - what's left is the usual "underdog rising up with some bullsh*t ability the author doesn't understand" cliche, complete with face-slapping random nobles and impressing everyone else by not being completely useless. Also, making the entire world incompetent to set the stage for the protagonist to show off. <<less
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Dragons33 rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: v1c33
The story makes a decent time killer if you're not looking for much indepth political intrigue or any real fleshed out anything. I do like the involvement/ mention of military training and tactics, but overall the story lacks depth. We don't know the size of the world, the positioning of kingdoms, reasons to fight are clear for the protagonist, yet somewhat vague for the grand scheme of things, and most settings or characters seem hollow to me. The novel is, again, a decent time killer at least. It's fast paced,... more>> most typical drama scenes for an academy titled book are absent; I like the theme of a orphan turned war hero and I suspect that despite it's hollow start the story will fill out and take shape in the later chapters.

P.S. I agree that the mention of magic might as well be nonexistent due to lack of clarification on its limitations and uses in the story. I suspect though, that magic may become more relevant if the female officer who uses magic, whose name was specifically stated, becomes a key character to the plot. I can only hope, because I love magic. <<less
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