I Am the Nanny of the Villain


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She became the nanny of Claude, the blackened male protagonist who would destroy the world. If this continues, she will be killed by the cursed power possessed by the blackened male protagonist. So, she decided to pour out her love for the blackened male protagonist to prevent the blackening.

She also raised the child’s self-esteem, and made the Duke act like a proper father, as fatherly love was essential for the male protagonist’s self-esteem.

She thought the child was gradually recovering his bright face, and the Duke was now learning how to gradually give love to the child.

But she doesn’t know if it’s because she worked too hard….?

“It has always been a problem. You have hundreds of reasons to abandon me, but I don’t have a single one.”

“Nanny will always be by my side, right? That’s why you can’t go. Never, never.”

Two men started obsessing over me.

Associated Names
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I'm the Villainous Male Lead's Terminally Ill Aunt
I am the Terminally Ill Nanny of the Dark Male Lead.
흑막 남주의 시한부 유모입니다
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26 Reviews

New sharl
Feb 13, 2024
Status: c190
I fully agree with user problematicqueer's review, and I'll add to it.

The characters are shallow and contradictory. It's one of those where, if you read this without using your brain, then it's an enjoyable read. When you start to give it serious thought, there were questionable holes everywhere...

The MC was a flat character. 90% of the time her entire personality was "being a doting caretaker".... but maybe that was intentional? Maybe it's because she's _such_ a doting character who failed to 'raise' her disciples properly that they all turned out... more>> messed up. I mean, she's so doting that... one disciple basically committed mu*der and terrorism, and whilst she killed the disciple's collaborators, she let the disciple himself got away almost unscathed. she just left his fate hanging, by the ending.

The other 10% of the MC, the more interesting aspect where she's the head of the magician tower... was wasted. There were contradictions in this aspect as well. She's supposed to be the strongest magician to ever exist, and yet she failed to notice that her personal disciple was dabbling in dark magic...? She's capable of supposedly impossible feats, including pulling out dark mana out of a person, but failed to notice any trace of her closest disciple learning dark magic...?

The ML was also a forgettable contradiction. He had no other trait other than being handsome and influential, so basically like every other ML in this genre. At the start he presented an interesting case of being scared to approach Claude due to not wanting to hurt the young boy, which gave him a foundation of a character... then the MC solved that and obliterated any possibility in him becoming an interesting character.

The more I think about the ML, the more bizarre it became. He spent 6 years avoiding Claude out of fear that he would hurt the young boy with his power. Then he met the MC, learnt of the 'price' she had to sustain to control his power, fell in love with her and decided to pull her in anyway, consequences be damned.... consistent characterization, what's that?

Originally I was going to rate this 2 stars, but I took off 1 star for translation quality. The start was OK, but as the chapters continued the number of incomprehensible sentences started increasing. It's like... halfway through the text was simply put through MTL and given only the bare minimum clean up...

UPDATE:...I finished this out of spite. That war near the end of the novel was just... the ML let the entire country got dragged into a war for... what, exactly? The number of casualties in the timespan of a year can't be small, and yet he's supposed to be someone who protects the empire... by sacrificing civilians, is it? The ML was stated as someone who basically could control the country, meaning he intentionally let the war go on, on purpose...

Also, am I the only finding the young boy to be creepy? He's only ever shown being clingy or being manipulative... <<less
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New xiyhan
Feb 01, 2024
Status: --
Dropping this as it's not worth it. FL is basically a dumb female. She wants to fix the ending of the ML and the son but she knows her disciples are crazy mfs and will be a hindrance to her goal. What she do? She wants to save them (after all the crazies they did). Like wtf????????

Bro, if imma compare it irl, it's like knowing a person who you can see is a red flag (let's say, they are cruel to animals that often times leads to death, they are... more>> very aggressive to everyone) but hey, they are nice to you so you try to turn a blind eye. 5 yrs later, when you decided to go out of the country to visit a relative to help them with kids for 6 months, you find out on international news that the person you pretended you didn't see those red flags, bombed multiple schools but they hated the fact you went away because of kids.

You decide whether the FL is worth sympathizing for or not.

Ps: this has a manhwa adaptation too. I'll probably steer away on that too (maybe) <<less
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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c10
wow. I actually really love this concept, especially our MC, Sarah, whos the new nanny!! Shes amazingly cool and makes me want to admire her wisdom, beauty, and wits myself as a reader. Especially how the novel takes a new route of where it isn’t total transmigration/reincarnation, but the MC actually switches souls day and night between her life in Korea and in the fantasy world. I love how the author builds around the personality of the MC and the story. Side characters are also very entertaining, esp the young... more>> master who our MC is to look over is so stinkin cute and the Duke is *ahem* the male lead, has quite the twisted double personality. I think the Duke and MC compliment each other very well, where in this situation the MC is the one holding power over the Duke. Only 10 chapters in and I’m already hooked!! Awesome translation btw. <<less
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Nov 28, 2021
Status: c53
I've only just started reading, but it's a relief to finally have an MC who is actually very powerful and has the attitude you would expect of an actual villain, minus being evil of course. She's the strongest magician in the world and doesn't take anyones shit, which is refreshing.

Edit: This is the cutest sh*t I've ever read.
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Nov 09, 2021
Status: --
Honestly great concept, but I feel like the character is somewhat unlikable. All powerful characters are rather nice, and it’s refreshing to see an actual strong female protagonist who isn’t attracting birds and bees and relies on men to empower them. However the set up and her personality just feel like “meh” to me, it’s supposed to be mysterious and cool. But she just comes off as bit dull and lifeless.
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Oct 24, 2021
Status: c4
Wow, I really love this since I saw the cover and Thank you for your hard work I really appreciate that amd The story was really good. Love how Sarah adores him so much🥺
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Nov 09, 2021
Status: c18
Ahhh I love the direction this novel is going! I love the MC, ML and Claude!

(I havent rated yet since it’s still early but I’ll come back later)
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Nov 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly, this novel is quite underrated. The plot is interesting, with FL having 2 souls, living in both worlds. However, I agree that the middle part of the novel is a little tedious, long and unnecessary drama. I almost gave up halfway, almost. I actually stopped reading for a while and later came back.

The upside of this one is its novelty unlike famous transmigrated troupe in rofan novels. The plot is quite thick, given all the mix between what happened in the 'novel' and what happened in the 'future'. The... more>> translation is not perfect, there're errors here and there, but it's still smooth most of the time. And the translator sometimes add notes to make the reading more understandable, so that's a thumb-up for me.

Now to the downside. I think the author failed to unleash the characters' full potentials. Take Sarah, the MC, in instant. She is the most powerful mage in the world, but she fails to notice the traces of black magic from one of her closest disciples, and thus fails to prevent him from running rampant. I guess it can be explained by saying that Sarah is so focus on studying the curse that she doesn't care about anything else. Oh well. Claude, the child here, is also kinda annoying to me. I know he's a child, and his behaviors are befitted that of a child, but still. Maybe it's just my hatred of children speaking LOL.

All in all, this one is a good read when you don't use your brain. I read this when I was in a lockdown due to the epidemic so it helped me pass time. <<less
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Dec 20, 2021
Status: c36
Too cute.

The explanation about her powers was kind of confusing, but there are notes that explain it at the bottom. I loveee the cute moments so far. Only thing is FL seems kind of extra and one-track minded.

Would recommend :)
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 21, 2023
Status: c75
I dont like it. And it wasn't cuz the plot suck or characters are plain. This is actually good just that I realized reading this I don't like kids. Dmn claude is cute, okay. But all he did is cry. I don't remember him laughing. FL and the kid both clingy and I actually dont like it. And every paragraph FL would say how cute claude is. And author or the translator dont use any other adjectives like: adorable, lovely or anything besides cute.

And every moment of ML and FL... more>> together there's the kid listening to the adults talking. And dont start me with the 3 disciples 🙄 ghad another 3 children added. And after those 3 appeared they dropped them just like that? And FL dmn, she knew they are coming, she knew they cling on her but she didn't do anything. Just wait for them to cause problem for her to be harmed.

For the first time I actually dont like the story. No offense to the new readers or who likes this, im also surprise that I dont like it despite a good story. <<less
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Dec 17, 2022
Status: c150
Great concept--having 2 soul in different world. Powerful MC. Cute interaction with the baby and also the father... Everything is fine.... But unfortunately have to drop thiss..

I guess I am not that patient haha. Imo, it's kinda drag after 100 chapter. I keep skipping chapters after chapter.

It is a good read Btw. I guess it just not my cup.
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Apr 06, 2022
Status: c82
3.5 stars for me!

MC, Claude, and ML have a very cute relationship but she’s very harsh to her disciples and seems unable to communicate any of her reasoning AT ALL and I hate that
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Dec 15, 2022
Status: c190
3, 4 stars. (don't wanna give it a 4)
I love stories like this one but I couldn't feel much from it. The big problem is the timing issue. They immediately bond with each other in one and a half days. Some major incident happened after that and I felt like it was rushed... The author should've given the characters some time to know each other. The whole situation would feel more sincere.
Everything happened so fast. Well, I tried to overlook that but this time her half-âssed students... more>> were added to the story. I find their cryings and forced comedy bothersome. The story's conclusion connects to them, however,

Didn't like that one of her students was turned into a bad guy. Didn't find it tasteful, also how can't such a powerful master judge the people closest to her. That's a bit weird.

There is one more major issue: The translation was PERFECT before the -nim revolution. The translator changed some of the titles with -nim at the end.... Why did they do that? Many were bothered by it as I can see from the comments. The -nim suffix could be easily turned into shorter titles like "miss" like before but now it feels like the translation was halfly done. Anyway. Got used to seeing it after a while but it was still an issue.
Thanks for your hard work though, I really appreciate it.

Overall, I really really wanted to enjoy this fully but found it quite dry.
Worth reading tho. It's still fun. <<less
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Oct 31, 2023
Status: c36
Really promising premise, with a very unique set-up for the MC. Instead of a typical transmigration set-up, the MC is a magician so powerful she split herself into two souls in two worlds at birth and seemingly even has the ability to rewrite reality, which she finds a horrifying amount of power.

It feels very bizarre, then, when this god-like magician's ultimate accomplishment boils down to being a virtuous wife and mother. It feels like the author totally squandered the coolest part of the story (MC's origins and mysterious power) and... more>> made the center of her life a couple of boring, two-dimensional male characters. What happened to the MC's life in Korea? Didn't she have any family or friends there? Is it so easy to cut off a whole life just for two men the MC doesn't even personally know? Why does the MC care so much about Claude and Ethan anyway? Couldn't she have just killed them to prevent the end of the world?

You can see what I mean when I say the author takes it for granted that the female lead should blindly sacrifice herself for the son & husband. It's not like Claude and Ethan were the only ones to suffer in the book she wrote, so why is she only obsessed with them? Dieline, her best friend, was turned crazy, but Sarah just let her run off to god-knows-where without checking to see if she's still alive, happy, or healthy - so if she doesn't even care about Dieline that much, why the obsession with Dieline's son and husband?

None of that would matter so much if the writing around her relationship with Claude & Ethan was good. But it's not. The MC is blindly devoted to them without reason, to the point that even the characters in the novel are confused by her nonsensical behavior. The only reason given for why she's so obsessed with Claude is that he's cute. In fact, the only sentiment Sarah ever expresses about Claude is that he's cute. We don't get to see her fulfilling the actual duties of a nanny or tutor for him, she's just constantly comforting him by calling him cute. It's so repetitive and tiring. (I've also never met a 6yo boy who was pleased by being called cute, but whatever.) Claude could be replaced by a puppy and the plot would be no different. I really dislike it when authors treat children like glorified stuffed animals instead of three-dimensional human beings. Anyone who has interacted with children in real life knows how absurd & hollow this kind of writing is. As for Ethan, there's not much to say. The author piles on flattery about how beautiful and respected and powerful and tragic he is, but the character just fails to come to life. He has no meaningful relationships in his life. He's depicted in confusingly self-contradictory ways: as both exorbitantly cruel and extremely soft-hearted to his subordinates; domineering to others but a pushover for the MC he has just met; overflowing in social graces, but unable to say even the most superficial niceties to his own son because he's ~just so clueless~; cold-hearted and distrustful but easily, gullibly won over by just a "bright smile" from the MC; a workaholic at the Imperial Palace but disinterested in imperial politics & unambitious. Put simply, he's just a pretty vase who acts however suits the author's tastes in a given scene.

So the writing is all over the place, the plot is nonsense, and the relationships are thinner than water. This would make for a pretty typical rofan novel. But oh my god, the MC's three disciples are so annoying. They're exactly the kind of cringey, super OP, obsessed-with-the-MC side characters you'd expect a lonely 12 year old to cram into their fanfiction. I noticed this with Ethan's aide Jade, but the author seems to think that grown adults constantly throwing tantrums and ignoring the wishes of others is endlessly adorable and funny. I could've persisted with this novel, but I cannot stand these characters. Dropped. 2/5. <<less
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Jan 09, 2023
Status: c190
I love this novel, Sarah is such a strong FL and I love her and of course our very cute Claude annnd our very handsome Duke Ethan. BUT the story felt rush, characters personalities aren't that broad and I think it would be cool to see more about the life of other characters (example: Oliven,

I wouldn't mind knowing his POV, yeah it was revealed that he discovered black magic from tower and such but given how deep their bond as master as deciple I wanted to understand him because clearly he wasn't such a minor villain to get such a small explanation side

) and not just romance development of the FL and ML and also it would have been good to know more about the FL's family and the ML's which was barely explained. So yeah that's why for me it felt rushed but I like the story and I hope there will be more on side stories ♥♥
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Lumine simp
Lumine simp
Jan 27, 2024
Status: Completed
At first it's good and exciting, but after ch 30 it starts boring. There are so many plotholes in the story. Same formula is used over and over again. And IMO, the FL is kinda Mary Sue. Too many characters are too obsessed over her. It's not bad but it's not good either. So many unanswered questions until the end.
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Jan 19, 2024
Status: --
I'm reading the manhwa and I love the art style. I also love the BAMF FL. But... there are so many wasted opportunities. As another commenter said, her accomplishments in the manhwa/novel are basically just 'being a wife and mother'. We don't see her do her own research or focus on any personal hobby or goal. Every time she showcases her power, it's for ML and ML's kid.

It's especially grating when the kid is so damn annoying and unlikable from the get-go.

ML isn't super bad but I'm not in love... more>> with him. I do love that he's a blond. Every novel and manhwa I've been reading recently put that one red-eyed black-haired ML, so right now I'm honestly happy to read pretty much ANY other design lol

Basically, my verdict for this: exciting start with many possibilities, but it's actually a strictly family novel with not much else. If you love fluff and Korean romance novel tropes and, very importantly, annoying children who make you hate them on sight, this story is for you! <<less
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Feb 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This gave me a very powerful female lead who falls in love and actually accepts and does something about it!! I love her the ML and the child too

she has the reasonable amount of insecurity and confidence when it comes to feelings. She doesn't go "ML probably doesnt like me and is just being nice out of pity" but she goes "i think he also likes me or he wont also care about me this way, or maybe not uggh I dont know"
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Dec 23, 2022
Status: Completed
4 stars, gave 5 to up the ratings. Honestly it was pretty cute and the plot was actually pretty good. Just that the execution was kind of lacking, due to that its easy to get bored of it after a while and I pause quite a few times while reading this. Despite that, its pretty good.

but as I said, the execution is pretty much lacking and the format kinda made it hard for me to take it seriously. Still pretty nice.
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Nvm me
Nvm me
Nov 11, 2022
Status: c176
To all that who are planning to read this and to those who saw this pls read this asap. It has very unique plot it doesn't make me feel boring and the interaction are so wholesome and cute. If you want op FL this is right for u. It became really close to my heart noww😚♥️
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Nov 04, 2022
Status: c170
It’s crazy that this novel only has a 3.9 on here! The translation is among the better ones I’ve come across, and the story is unique, funny, and interesting. The FL is a badass, but has a warm and lively personality that is a joy to read. ML is a fairly typical possessive cold duke of the north type, but personally? I like that trope. The childcare aspect is also super cute and heartwarming. I also love how they approached the whole isekai situation— it’s a very unique premise in... more>> a very saturated genre, so it’s a real breath of fresh air. I ALSO love all the magic! What’s not to love about big magic? <<less
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Rose are roses
Rose are ros
Nov 03, 2022
Status: c170
First time to see an FL who's badass from the beginning. Plus her situation is unique, she went to both worlds continuously. This masterpiece hasn't yet gotten enough attention imo.
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