I am the Monarch


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Roan, ran away 20 years ago from his rural village in the aim of becoming a Great General. However, all he got 20 years later was just a handful of money and the lowly position of squad commander of the First Legion’s.

In the end, he became a cold corpse in the battlefield… but somehow, he came back in the past.

“Alright. This time, I won’t become a Great General but a Monarch.”

His previous life’s aim was becoming a Great General, but, he only became a spearman squad commander.

This time, his life’s aim is becoming the Monarch.

“Then I guess I’d become at least a General, right?”

Roan, who remembers 20 years of his future, now starts his unstoppable march.

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나는 군주다
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Ocyra rated it
January 6, 2017
Status: c101
This is one of my favorite stories that I check daily for updates. It's an inside view in to military and the way politics has a play with it. The structure of the military is well explained as well as all the innovations that happen in the story. It has a really good story and a smart lead character that seems to always think 20 moves ahead.
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January 6, 2017
Status: c101
Accidentally stumbled across my previous review and want to know what the hell I was thinking. I love this novel! Especially after seeing what was out there..... But I digress. This novel is great! The MC is likeable and a fairly interesting guy. The plot is also pretty damn interesting as well and flows smoothly from one battle to the next.

If I do have one complaint, it would be that the other characters don't get as much personality as I'd like. Aside from a very selective few (more like... more>> 2), they all pretty much serve as fodder to show how amazing the MC is. And I don't think this story needs that. We can already see he's great. <<less
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Calanar rated it
December 7, 2016
Status: c153
Favourite novel. I love "MC building up things"- type of novels, so this is perfect for me. I mean... he is building an army now and will propably build a Kingdom later on. Oh and he is pretty strong himself. Read it^^

The translation is reeeally slow though, unfortunately... wish the translator would release one chapter a day.
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Adastria Lillith
elhessan rated it
November 3, 2016
Status: c70
The idea is not original, but the story is good. I like MCs who use their brain instead relying on their OP-ness. MC uses the knowledge from his future while the timeline change, he use his brain to adapt to the situation, brilliant. The romance, well let's say it's gonna be put on hold, I think, but the hope for ship to sail is very favorable and so far no sign of harem.
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TypicalTakesa rated it
July 24, 2018
Status: c220
There's quite a lot of baggage being dumped on this story and a couple of people complaining that "it has no plot" or "the sound effects are disturbing and annoying", (which leads to even more people sh*tting on the novel because of mob psychology,) but hey, I like it.

You can pretty much tell the plot from the title. MC goes back to the past and rewrites all his wrongs and regrets, while making new ones he never expected. He makes an effort to make more connections and gain more... more>> military might to become a monarch and rule over as much as he can.

Some think that the MC just keeps on getting things his way to the point where the story's stale, and that his companions, (Brian, Pierce, Austin, etc.,) are his bitches that do his biddings like loyal dogs. But obviously he's not perfect and has people close to him die, and one of his ex supporters ended up betraying him because he didn't like the way he was being treated...*cough* Clayouevilbastard

And there's a lot of sound effects, I admit, but it doesn't get on my nerves like the majority of people. It makes me imagine the actual swooshes of arrows, clanging of swords, etc.

I enjoy the MC's calm, likeable, and sharp personality, but some wish for him to be cold and work on his own... (making me ponder about their reasoning because,) honestly, is there anyone who can truly rule without the support of others?

The reverse-in-time concept is used a lot, but the story itself isn't close to being cliche, giving me a refreshed feeling. I find entertainment in reading about how the MC progresses and his thought processes, not thinking the story's getting bland at all.

Not bad, not bad at all. 4/5 mates. <<less
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dats rated it
April 30, 2018
Status: c211
The best novel i've ever read. It's so good it'll make you want more of it.

The story basically the same old coming back to teenager with all experience intact. Roan, the MC starts all over again from a veteran soldiers to a single soldiers that couldn't wield spear without calluses spread from his hand. The starts wasn't that interesting though it will become a foundation of the story. Like every other MC, roan got a thick plot armor (of course, if he doesn't have that then he's not MC lol).... more>> But the interesting part was the story the author develop from a soldier to a noble with political interest to serve the people not the king. The complex of the story was revealed to us one by one. It's like you got a fine multiple course of meal from the best chef with the one you love. A fine candle like dinner.

Please by all means read it and enjoy~ <<less
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pomoli rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: c186
I recommend that one.


    • Great main character, actually using his head when he has a second chance. He's a good guy at heart, and becomes really admirable in later parts of the story.
    • All characters are developed.
    • There is world building, as many things unfold as the story passes.

    • The romance is not bad, but I'm not a fan of love at first sight, as it takes the fun in the relation. Especially here as the main female MC is interesting.
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Xen rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c203
For my taste, it is not totally what I imagined of a herarchy adapted novel, but I quiet like this central guy. His ideology is one of the reason I didn't drop the novel, he is not mad, he is friendly, and he is amiable, but the thing is that at the same time it is what you don't wanna see at all, the scenes unfold very smoothly or atleast, that is what I think of it, all buddy is friend and so, it is not I... more>> don't like but it creepies methat all men he met is a super genius and uncondicionally loyal, even enemies look like puppies that barks but don't bite, I want to watch war followed by a real peace, I want to see real action followed by a true sense of belonging, no a peace born from surrealistic, because just that makes all the sense of story really predictable and meanless, or that is what I thought, I admit I was wrong with this point, the reason I felt this is because at first sight it is all sort of things that is all turned around the central character, of all this smooth sailing makes you only see the action of what he is doing, and is sort of obvious what follows next, and I didn't like that, but in reality it is a tale that will eventually introducct you in the scenario that I firsty was expecting when I enter contact with this kindd of novel. The good guys (a relative term) , I thought they are all happy mud heads, but actually they contrast from the bad guys that will appear slowly, and the schemes, and the various strategies will appear, I mean the interesting ones, not brute force, although they not be genious from our point of view I have memories of similar records with real histories which were rather effective, the competition will beigin and all the elements that I previously said was boring, will also slowly makes the foundation path of central character, not to the point of absurd, but neither expect to be very realistic though, it remained so so until the drama unfold satrting from chap 160- up, I don't remember well, but form this point is when the real novel begins, and all the previous chapters are like side like stories that unleash stories that slowly group up to the born of the nation <<less
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LeeEzekiel rated it
June 26, 2018
Status: c221
Probably the best "second chance" novel I've read. Can be a bit melodramatic at times, and Roan is a bit too perfect of a messiah, but those are easily forgiven when compared to the rest of the story. I don't mind that he's only really skilled in battle, knowing how to rely on his subordinates and delegate tasks is exactly what a leader should do anyway.

Biggest flaw? Translation is a bit shoddy with grammatical errors in almost every chapter, badly needs editing.
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KirbyReviews44 rated it
June 20, 2018
Status: c220
There are novels that try pad chapters with the least amount of effort, and then there is this novel.

I am not going to spoil any of the plot because I think its interesting and its doesn't take many chapters to get engrossed in the story.

The author goes ALL-OUT on the plot, it is heavily plot driven story and the plot is very very interesting. The plot progresses very quickly and by around chap 150 you kind of know where stuff is going.

Minor nitpicks are that you'll have to get used... more>> the author writing a ton of character thoughts in single quotes. So you constantly have to squint at the quotation mark to see if its a single quote (character thought) or double quote (character speech). <<less
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PringleStorian rated it
September 18, 2017
Status: --
Listen here and know this simple fact

i only ever give 4 stars to 2 novel that is Mushoku Tensei and Tsuki ga Michibuku and this will be the third one

This is the definiton of "reversed time" Manhwa Done right the characters makes a lot of sense and humane (something that is rare for novel) the Battle seems a little lacking for me but meh have read worse. The MC does the thing every sane person will do if he/she reversed time (that is use everything to strengthen your position) so... more>> yeah overall 4/5 the Translation COULD be better but for me it's good enough <<less
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LeakLeaf rated it
August 3, 2017
Status: c164
Simply one of the best novels that actually draw me in the story and make me feel the emotions of the characters of the stories.

The MC is like a perfect character not like OP or anything, I mean he is actually ambitious about becoming a Monarch and that's a first for me all the MCs in the novel that I read are happy go lucky guys or revenge type that doesn't care about anything after the revenge the story ends with them having a harem and succeeding in saving the... more>> world and they go back in their normal life but this is different because he will become a Monarch his story will not end there it will and can continue and that's what I'm looking for stories just like those or better. <<less
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donzel00 rated it
July 23, 2017
Status: c112
The novel is great. The author did not forget that the MC matured for 20 years before going back in time. One thing I disliked in the plot is using of events that happened in the mc's previous life. I understand that the timeline did not become constant because of the actions of the MC but it still felt iffy to me.

How the author used to integrate the events that happened in the mc's life:

... more>>

The author integrated the complete events that happened in the mc's previous life. For example, during the fight in the plains event, the tiniest detail such as an orc soldier tripping is followed in the current timeline. This is the first novel that I read that completely copy pasted the event. The only change in the events were during the times the MC make a move.

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