I am the Monarch


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Roan, ran away 20 years ago from his rural village in the aim of becoming a Great General. However, all he got 20 years later was just a handful of money and the lowly position of squad commander of the First Legion’s.

In the end, he became a cold corpse in the battlefield… but somehow, he came back in the past.

“Alright. This time, I won’t become a Great General but a Monarch.”

His previous life’s aim was becoming a Great General, but, he only became a spearman squad commander.

This time, his life’s aim is becoming the Monarch.

“Then I guess I’d become at least a General, right?”

Roan, who remembers 20 years of his future, now starts his unstoppable march.

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나는 군주다
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Simple As It
Simple As It rated it
July 17, 2016
Status: c14
As you know, the translation KobatoChanDaiSuki most of the time picked story about someone came back to the past after their regret.

This story was same, the experienced spearman regretted his life choice and died in battlefield, then his memory return to the past.
I might say this story was particularly had the same formula like the similar story. He use his future experience to choose the best path for his life, like obtaining treasure, saving person from getting killed etc etc etc.

Although the story using the same formula, it's quite... more>> well-written, and the translation did well in their job. The story also quite enjoyable, but to give full review it seems still too early, so 3.5 for now rounded up to 4 stars. <<less
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beddedOtaku rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c209
This is honestly just a d*ck-sucking sausage fest. Khm, alright, let me elaborate on that.

It's an entertaining and fairly enjoyable read as long as you don't think too deeply about it. However, the moment you start to scrutinize the characters, the story and the way it all unfolds, it inevitably falls apart. It is clear that the author hadn't thought far enough about where he wants to take the story. But, as I don't want to write a too long of a review for this, let me just list the... more>> things that you'll probably find displeasing if you're looking for a decent army/kingdom-building story.

  1. Atrocious vocab. Honestly, this is terrible even for a web-novel. I'm not expecting much here, but good god. Biting his lower lip, 'aahs' and 'oohs' and 'whooos', incomprehensible descriptions, endless.... endless.... endless freaking sound effects (is it really that hard to say 'They clashed against each other as a deep roar bellowed' instead of 'BOOOOM!!!'. Is it hard to say 'They heard the gallops of the horses' instead of DUDUDUDUD or whatever? I suppose it is, because if it can be "explained" by a sound effect, you can bet it won't be explained any other way.
  2. Gary Stu MC. That's right. It's not just an 'OP' main character, it's a textbook Gary Stu sh*t. MC knows things that he simply shouldn't, couldn't and wouldn't have known as an ordinary spearmen within a single legion of soldiers. The most hilarious aspect is perhaps author trying to excuse that by saying 'he read a report'. Ye, sure buddy. He read a report. Beyond that, MC can do anything, and everything revolves around him. He has no friends, just a loyal pack of dogs hellbent on sucking his d*ck till the sky falls over. They all have remarkably identical personalities, speak the same way and say the same things. Imagine you're playing a strategy game where your barracks and academy are spitting out soldiers and scholars left and right, and you don't really give a sh*t who they are so just put them where you need them. That's the I am Monarch.
  3. Incomprehensible large-scale battles. I will be the first one to assent that it's beyond difficult to properly write a large-scale battle. However, in the end, it all depends on the perspective from which one is writing such a battle. As Roan (MC) is the frontliner, we should expect to see battles from his perspective, right? Nope. The author jumps around from one perspective onto another, thinking he can explain it all properly, but by the end of it, you know neither the ends nor the beginnings of anything. If you try to actively imagine and properly convey the battle you're reading about, you'll find that it's impossible. Hails of arrows happen>they raise the shields> further hails are never mentioned again. Large-scale battles as described in this novel last for about 5 minutes if we go off of the way they're written. You can never grasp the overall situation, or connect to the battle on a personal level because the author keeps switching perspectives like a schizophrenic. 'Battle strategies' are named but never explained past the most basic description. It also baffles me how nobody - and I mean nobody - before that Ian guy thought 'Hey, wouldn't it be crazy if we pretended we're still in a main camp and led the enemy by the nose and then ambush them from the sides?' - this isn't some 'high-tech-nonsense' strategy. It's something my grandma could think of.
  4. Romance. Just... ah.
  5. Rise to power. It's abrupt. It's not properly structured. MC always takes huge leaps in authority, and it's just nonsensical. I understand that author didn't want to 'stagnate' his process, but there is no way in a f**king millennium that a baron can suddenly jump to being a count, even if the eighteen generations of kings rose from their graves and accepted it. Author clearly doesn't understand the feudal system, or even monarchic system (I think the social structure is a mix of two, but author doesn't really explain anything). This isn't absolute monarch where the King has all the power. He holds a small army. ALL the military power of the entire Kingdom is in the Nobles' hands. They would NEVER allow a person of common birth to ascend to a position of a Count. They hold the power and the wealth. The King only has land. Author clearly doesn't understand this system. However, if he did, he wouldn't be able to repeatedly suck MC's d*ck, so I guess it's for the better.
  6. Everyone except MC is incompetent inbred dog. Roan wants to build his own 'utopia' Kingdom. Fine. It's the stupidest thing ever, but fine, it's fiction, it's a different world, so whatever. But, in order to excuse his rise, every one of his opponents is a mad, scheming, conniving bastard. This is simply impossible. Yes, nobles were never the nicest of people, but they were also never idiots. Your Kingdom is just coming off the war, with the threat of another brewing soon. What do you do as a Count of that Kingdom? I know! Declare war on another Count and let's plunge the country into another war for no reason! Brilliant! It is widely known that our opponent knows practically everything that happens in the Kingdom and he's known for scheming all the time. What do you do? Trust the information without any doubt and just f**king do it! Brilliant! With the level of incompetence displayed by every noble in this novel (besides the ones who are there to suck MC's d*ck, obviously), it is astonishing that this Kingdom didn't break apart long, long ago.
  7. Everything regarding the building of a Kingdom. This is NEVER properly explained. MC's power basically spawns from out of nowhere. He suddenly has various departments and his county is the ONLY one in the entire Kingdom that's running like a well-oiled machine. Why? f**k me if I know. It's 'cause they've got magic lamps of vanity on his castle! Oh, oh, and it's because he feeds the poor! Good god. Even when he's a baron with a small plot of land to call his own, nothing is explained. You can imagine when he obtains massive county. How does it all work? Oh, it's Clay. And his other subordinates. They're just doing god's work. Sure, whatever. Keep sucking his d*ck.
There are plenty wrong things besides those 7 points, but those are kind of tied to the type of a novel it's pretending to be. It's NOT a competently-written kingdom-building novel. Even if 'The World Online' is absolutely exhausting in the level of detail it goes to to explain every single thing, at least it's a relatively decent kingdom-building novel when looked from that perspective. I am the Monarch is just a story of Gary Stu becoming a Jesus and doing god's work, while everyone else just rolls over and smells his farts with happy faces. <<less
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Shinare rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: --
As plot goes, it is one of the better story plots out there among the many NU novels. The progression in plot line is unique among the prevalent reincarnation/fantasy novels. However, the writing can be irritating at times with the amount of 'low exclamation', 'lower lip biting' and...


Imagine if Michael Bay actually make a movie out of this novel, he would probably get orgasm from the amount of explosions he could do.

... more>> Touching moments? Boom.

Surprise attack? Boom.

Ingenious tactics? Boom.

Sudden realization? Boom.


But all in all, if you managed to ignore the writing and the mildly colorless side characters, it is an interesting and good read. <<less
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woahchocolatemilk rated it
June 11, 2017
Status: c54
Mediocre. I like the concept of time travel backwards with an actual butterfly effect so that the MC isn't an OP idiot who just has memories of what happens later. However there are many things I also dislike. Edit: The translation is also subpar, you can understand it and get the gist of most of it but grammar, spelling and understanding sometimes falls.

One being the fact how forced the coincidences are. He meets future famous people constantly, 1 after another, which just starts to feel forced. It hasn't even been... more>> that many chapters and yet he has already met two of the famous "God-tier new generation" in their growing phase. Another fault was how later

one of MC's troops die. This isn't that surprising since it is war and usually authors use this as a plot device to further the MC's personality, to make the MC more mature. Two problems with that in this novel, first of all the guy who dies is one basically introduced to the readers just 1 chapter prior (ish) and not even in that much detail. And yet when he dies, despite being someone who was clearly not close to the MC, he gets emotionally depressed and starts crying and sht. And yet, even after that, his personality hasn't changed at all so why the f*** did the author include that. It served no purpose and entertained nobody.


Finally, this is something probably only I dislike but I dislike the MC's personality and his aspirations. I don't think becoming a monarch who makes life good for everyone in his country is that inspiring or realistic in that world. I wish the author would like show him that his country means f***all in the grand scenario, maybe explore the Orcs' lives and educate the MC a bit by showing how everyone in the world is living like that and even worse. <<less
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lordofthebooty rated it
May 27, 2017
Status: c133

This is such a great novel. He reincarnates after dying and promises to become better. Instead of a common foot soldier, he promises to become a great monarch.

He reincarnates and at the very first war, he already is making progress, raising merits for the kingdom. He gets the notice of the three princes who are fighting for the crown and accepts the first prince Simon, who he remembered from his past life was the best out of the three.

With every battle, he uses his knowledge of the past to defeat enemies and turns his success into merits, allowing him to accept rewards from the king.

Right now, he went from commoner to noble. He is Baron Roan Tale, leader of the Amnarath Troop (means withering flower blooming again, aka never dying). Of course, he is not like other nobles at all. Yes, he has his land and the population of his land is pretty small, but he treats everyone the same, regardless of status or wealth.

Usually when nobles visit somewhere, they'll be seen first, since their status. If you go to Roan's city, you have to leave your name in a guest book in the reception room and wait your turn haha which is very nice, he truly stays himself, regardless of his own status. He is leading about 10k troops now, his original OP strong unit is called Amnarath while the unit of rebellious soldiers fro other cities that he absorbs into his unit are just Tale troop.

There are some great supporting members like 100 man commander Pierce (he went away to train in spear arts with a master) 100 man commander range Harrison (Basically Legolas) and 100 man commander Austin. He also has his own information agency, allowing him to stay on top of every scheme going on in the shadows.

Right now, he has a Druid friend who can see into the future every now and then, allowing him to know who and where the problem where occur.



As far as legendary artifacts go, he has a ring that boosts stats, this transforming mana spear and the tears of Kelis, the dragon, allowing him to see for a few km and everything appears in slow motion when he activates the ability of the tears, but it only lasts for a few seconds.

The slaying of monsters is great as well. He is doing his best to progress better. Even when it comes to lovers, he is trying to stay away from his past lover but they are slowly connecting. She is a princess, known as the shadow princess, no one really talks to her, but they'll end up together again the way it is going. Even the king loves this guy lol of course the other factions for the other princes hate him haha

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ockyboo rated it
May 3, 2017
Status: c55
This will be my first review (if not my last) but this series seriously deserves it. It starts off rather simply with a straightforward protagonist who wants to accomplish much after a life of struggle and un-eventfulness; a life rife with problems because his rash nature (a regular trait of MCs) actually took him where it should usually lead, nowhere. Now, with a more thoughtful outlook, he goes to try his luck on a different path.

For a spoiler on some of the amazing character development:

... more>>

A great part of this novel is that it becomes obvious that he's still the same individual from before just with a little more experience. He's still headstrong and kind, but its much more subverted (that it may take you 20 chapters to realize it). Its amazing because while you know what a lot of other characters think, as well as the surface level thoughts of our MC, The author still achieves making a mysterious main character! Its like watching the mysterious mastermind who brings the unsuspecting heroes together, only we're watching it from their side of the story instead.


To sum up my favorite part of this novel, its that despite being calculative with future knowledge, his reasons aren't selfish (or if they seem to be, wait a bit before judging prematurely). There is a ton of moral ambiguity strewn throughout as this world the author developed is complex, although I warn you that this is very slowly revealed. There are nearly no 2D bad guys and a lot of background people get development. Its actually hard to figure out who will have a strong role in the future. It has a couple slice-of-life moments in between intense, realistic battles, and the strategies involved aren't senseless nor are they very simple. The author probably likes historic battles as the main character isn't a genius on his own but is the hardworking type who did his research. The main character is never all powerful and a lot of people are better than him in different aspects. But I promise, this makes his battles all the more thrilling.

I have two warnings/highlights - depending on the person reading this (very slight spoilers) :


while the MC isn't the best and admits this, his strategies also never seem to go wrong and the people he meets adore him quite easily, which sorta makes this realistic, historic story to become more "slice-of-life of the OP". If you're waiting for the MC to lose spectacularly, it hasn't happened from where I'm at. This doesn't mean it won't ever happen, and it actually adds suspense because from where the MC has gotten, his fall now would be really painful. But I claim this is partially because the novel is much more gentle than others in that all characters are given the benefit of the doubt, and a bad personality or perspective can change for the better. There is a heightened sense of worth to everything so I can forgive the author for giving the MC a little bit of plot armor.


For me, I love this series. The author does a stupendous job of balancing fluffy interactions, serious strategic battles, and mysterious motivations from all sides (even the MC). I think nearly everyone can appreciate this gem, boy or girl, action fan, strategy fan, or slice-of-life goers. <<less
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bloppo33 rated it
October 22, 2016
Status: c60
One of the very rare novels of this genre where the main character and the side characters have motivations and behaviours that are somewhat consistent and make sense. It feels like the author actually took the time to figure out the storyline before they started writing for a change.

The story itself and the translation aren't perfect, but in the end this is a rather enjoyable read.
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Alex L
Alex L rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: c41
The begining is not bad but his interactions with influental people are too much for me. He is like a prophet who knows everything and everybody do things according to his plan. Also it seems like the universe itself helps him. Strong plot armour... I can tolerate it. But the unrealistic war part makes story dull.
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Callista Soo
Callista Soo rated it
August 21, 2016
Status: c31
The MC is humble, yet confident about his skills. Sincere and brilliant, in his character and physical abilities. He doesn't take everything for granted andose focus of the main picture. After all, only someone with great ambitions can achieve great things. I have high hopes for this novel and kudos to the author and the translator team for this amazing story!! Hope the translation picks up 😉😉😉😉
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ZhaWarudo rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c30
Just another 2nd chance novel with a twist, unlike in that overrated Reincarnator and such novels, there are other characters besides the MC which he gathers like pokemon. So same old, oh that item is there, then I have to, then, and then... I expected such a story and would've given it 3/5 but the translation which started as a 2nd rate translation (still readable), turned into a 3rd rate translation from probably some asian dude who doesn't comprehend the syntax of western langagues, thus it reads like written by... more>> an ogre : "hur dur me want stuff, you give stuff". <<less
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jndnl rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c30
MC is great cause everybody else is incompetent. The entire shtick of the first few chapters is all about "these people are trying to get my merits" when he himself is taking merits for his friend's spearmanship skills that he learned from the guy and the tactics of a military genius in the future.

i had to suspend realistic belief for 30 chapters while reading this. He died having a middling rank of lieutenant 20 years into the future but somehow when he returns he's baffling everybody else and outshines every... more>> other guy on his rank and above, when in reality its just that everybody else doesn't do anything. The author wants to make the MC look great but falls flat since its only relative to sh*t looking background characters. I mean they go to war without knowing the geography giving the MC the chance to point out an obvious ambush point like a hill (really???). Or waist high grass successfully covering an army of orcs (what?? You'd have a hard time covering up movements of an army within a forest yet you expect me to believe that waist high grass is enough). You'd have to be dumb to not spot a large army setting up / resting. Do these people not have any scouts? <<less
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daf rated it
October 2, 2016
Status: c50
Awesome use of the past. Very realistic. Hoping for successful romance, but I understand it isn't the focus right now. Good action scenes. MC is logical and moral. Highly recommended.
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Aternus rated it
September 29, 2016
Status: --
I'm definitely biased when it comes to second chance novels, I love them. So I'll only say the one negative its that the MC seems to be too talented with predictions that aren't related to his previous life's knowledge. Like his interactions with high ranked people and stuff. It would make sense if he was talented in his previous life at that, but he wasn't. I dunno where he gets it from, but similar to transcending the nine heavens if you can accept the sudden character becomes a genius shift... more>> its a fantastic read. <<less
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ElecNinja rated it
August 19, 2016
Status: c7
Definitely an extreme bias on my part, but finally a novel where the MC uses a spear instead of a sword.

The staff style weapons were always my favorite and it always bothered me that swords were the more prevalent weapon in this kind of fiction, so seeing a spear user as the MC is a great thing for me.

And beyond that, the story is pretty nice. The MC takes matters into his own hands but doesn't discard the people who have slighted him.
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icecream rated it
August 14, 2016
Status: c28
Amazing! Op MC that knows the future, but don't let that fool you. The setting makes this more interesting compared to other reincarnation type novels. The MC is bold, but still cool-headed, understanding and aware, yet ruthless and clever. No dense, stupid, naive MC in this reincarnation story! It's really great
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September 7, 2018
Status: --
I started reading this story as it has decent amount of chapters and has kingdom building tag. But the story is amateurish and flawed.I understand he is a soldier in his previous life, but how can a soldier who wants to rise in position suddenly wants to become a monarch?

I am more than happy if he becomes strongest general/commander in continent. But monarch? In the first place why would a soldier who is common spearman dream to become monarch not mention his only motivation to become monarch is 'A real... more>> monarch loves his citizens' 'A real monarch treats his soldiers well' ' A real monarch doesn't differentiate between commoners and nobles' Why doesn't he do all these things in his territory by becoming a noble (which he does) After getting support of prince he's still thinking of betraying him cause 'he's not an ideal monarch in his eyes'. If so then why the f**k did you follow him?After all the things first prince gives him, its okay as long as he doesn't become a king?So he only used first prince to become a noble and develop his territory and then commits treason when he has sufficient strength?I don't know if story proceeds like this but Is he really loyal after planning his schemes to become king?Why the f**k does he bitch about other people betraying kingdom when he himself knows he has to betray to become a king? He's a total hypocrite. And worst of all he doesn't know jacksh*t about ruling or managing. But he successfully evades plots cause "SPY AGENCY" This must be the most overpowered thing in story the goddamn spy agency in this story is omnipotent. It correctly provides plot armour to MC to make up for his glaring defects as a ruler and strategist. And frankly translation is horrible.

MC bites his lower lip frequently in early chapters. Then strange heat is flowing in their bodies, f**king rooms and freaking atmosphere (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Now they are all showing bitter smiles and faint smiles literally everywhere. <<less
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Higira rated it
September 2, 2018
Status: c138
This story was good in the beginning but once you hit around 100's it gets incredibly boring. You kinda get the scheme of things going. Also the fact the MC is a hypocrite, and a moron. As well, his soldiers are super loyal, unreasonably loyal because he did small acts of kindness. Then the enemies are utterly incompetent, even the so called "genius" ones. Oh, did I tell you that he can predict the future because hes lived through it? If there is a butterfly effect that he doesnt know,... more>> his miraculous spy agency will find out all the information and he can win 100%.

So let me break this up in small chunks to better digest the following:

  1. The scheme
At first it was entertaining because the MC had nothing. He had to slowly build his connections with potential allies and earn merits. However, once he becomes a noble everything takes a back seat. It becomes a redicious amount of he went X, Beat X, Awarded for X, and on to the next Y etc.. He just becomes bleh.

2. MC is a hypocrite

He's a hypocrite. He kills certain people because he knows they will "betray" the kingdom. Yet, he wants to be a king. How is going to achieve this without stepping on the current monarch? It makes no sense. He says a good leader is someone who defends his soldiers from even name calling other than himself. Cool. However, at first he was never like that. When he had no power, he never went and defended his allies. Now that he has some power as a minor noble, its all IM A GAWD NOW, DONT INSULT MY MEEEEEEEN. Not to mention, he says if his villagers are happy and safe hes happy, yet he forgets 100's of men literally die defending his crap shoot base. If it was any other army literally... in any case, ill leave that for the 3rd section.

3. Super loyal Soldiers/geniuses

As he recruits his soldiers basically become dolls. They believe everything he says, utterly loyal. They will die for them no problem. Literally everytime he goes into war, sh*t tons of men die. We are talking in the 1000's. Yet, all his men view him as a god. He will lead us to victory. The only time he actually "cried" for his men was when he was weaker, and his first 100 man army one guy died. The rest? he hasn't even built a bloody grave yard for them Nor make any methods of repaying the loss soldier's family. So much for respect he gives back. This gets worse and worse as he only gives half a sh*t about his main "geniuses". His other friends that he met first that live are NO WHERE to be seen again. Which in my opinion, is disappointing.

4. Super stupid enemies

Every enemy that has come out are stupid. Hell, Lets not even talk about his enemies, all his allies are stupid. This does not include the people that are in his army. This is literally allies. They are all god damn bloody stupid.
His enemies make stupid plans like, oh lets kill him in a hunting game. Oh, lets bad mouth this guy. Oh OH OH.
I cant really explain this properly, but once you read it all the enemies are the same, The schemes are dumb as balls, only a moron would fall for them. Not to mention he has a cheat card and no im not talking about his revert back in time memory.

5. plot armor fixes (Spy agency)

I honestly believe that this is the most novel breaking thing I have ever seen. So, he already has an OP skill called his previous memories. However, author decided that its not enough for him. He gotta get stronger and to emphasize "intelligence". Their intelligence agency is so damn strong it makes MI6 look like child play. Some how his "agency" can track and monitor information faster than text messaging. If somehow the plot needs a fixer upper like a butterfly effect thats out of his memories. Guess what? Spy agency comes in and saves the day. Tells him all the information he needs to know. He makes a plan that ALWAYS WORKS TOWARDS THE INFORMATION. No false information because they are too "smart" for that.

To sum this up, this is a generic comic about an OP MC that has the gods of the world working for him in every possible way. Any challenge? Nope, he has a 100% plan that always works. His personality? It fluctuates to what he want. <<less
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8Psycho rated it
March 24, 2018
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this novel.

On one hand fantasy world is pretty well made, battles are great whatever it is duels or large scale battlefields, overall plotline is mostly interesting. (Despite being quite perforated)

On other hand, novel is free from gradations. You can clearly separate allies from enemies; vile evildoers and saint paragons of moral integrity (respectively, enemies and allies. Coincidence, no doubt), geniuses and average people, There is no in-between.

Childish idealism is completely rampant in this novel, humans give away their loyalty and life as easy as... more>> main character spewing out soft aura of the ruler, more and more with each nonsensical power up.

Also, ending (about last 50 chapters) is full of sh*t.

3.5 stars overall. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
August 5, 2017
Status: c164
I like this novel. It might not have a lot of 'hype' inside, but there's a slow simmering burn of expectancy.

It's a kingdom-building novel. That's probably the most apt description I can give. The title says it all. Lots of setting up foundations for a kingdom and battles.

However, Roan hasn't become a monarch yet. Starting from a commoner soldier, he's going all the way up. He hasn't failed much yet and everything's going well, but I feel that something's eventually going to go really wrong at a crucial point.

The MC... more>> 'steals' and 'corrects' others' fates and does his own thing. He isn't passive. Unlike most generals/monarchs in novels, this dude's a good guy. He's morally righteous and wants to be a monarch for the people. He's ruthless on battlefields though. Doesn't leave potential threats. He's pretty smart for a dude that didn't do much in his past life. Good at fighting too. Strong, but not completely OP.

The battles in the novel are interesting. The fights are too. I find the way Roan interacts with mana to be interesting. It's not focused on a lot (the story's mostly kingdom building or war/battles), but in the future there will definitely be some important arcs focusing on mana.


(slightly tsundere) Potential water spirit king candidate following the dude. Not annoyingly though. Oh, and the reason for his time-travel was mentioned vaguely. I hope MC finds out all the details.


Small complaints I have: the characters accept MC way too easily. He's seemingly conquering them without much trouble. They like him way too much for not too many reasons sometimes. However, this issue disappears eventually and happens strongly only at the start. Heck, I might be too sensitive and overreacting. Also, I might not sure how well characters are characterized... I think readers don't learn much about them besides a few character traits that represent them. That's understandable since there are sooooo many characters in the story though. Lots of land and allies. Don't worry, the characters are enough to make emotional readers cry, so they're decently characterized enough. I just feel like the MC gets way too much spotlight, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The side characters are adorable though.

Last thing: romance is really shaky in this novel. It's not focused on now, but in the future there will be development probably.


The seemingly main girl is nice and all, but the reason for Roan and her to fall in love is kinda meh. It's fate???? What the... At least they don't immediately decide that they're in love and swoon together, but still. Their romance is interesting though.

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January 9, 2017
Status: c100
This novel reminds me a bit of the anime/manga of Kingdom. Not quite the same but there are some similarities that make it close. This novel honestly is really well done, and besides one reveiwer who said the strategies don't work, I am not sure if your visualizing the battles well enough. While the strats a basic they do seem to work out in the story.
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