I Alone Level-Up


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10 years ago, after “the Gate” that connected the real world with the monster world opened, some of the ordinary, everyday people received the power to hunt monsters within the Gate. They are known as “Hunters”. However, not all Hunters are powerful. My name is Sung Jin-Woo, an E-rank Hunter. I’m someone who has to risk his life in the lowliest of dungeons, the “World’s Weakest”. Having no skills whatsoever to display, I barely earned the required money by fighting in low-leveled dungeons… at least until I found a hidden dungeon with the hardest difficulty within the D-rank dungeons! In the end, as I was accepting death, I suddenly received a strange power, a quest log that only I could see, a secret to leveling up that only I know about! If I trained in accordance with my quests and hunted monsters, my level would rise. Changing from the weakest Hunter to the strongest S-rank Hunter!

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Solo Leveling
나 혼자만 레벨업
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New QuinnFreed rated it
February 16, 2019
Status: c128
This is the best leveling novel I've encountered.... the main character is relatable despite his powers, and the pace is just right. Is difficult to predict what will happen next. His strategies aren't bad either, and the 'protagonists luck' is balanced out by bad luck and realistic mistakes. Nor does the protagonist have an excessive following of girls... exciting and addicting!
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New Renaxan rated it
February 11, 2019
Status: Completed
This novel is gem among generic leveling novel. The pace is enjoyable and the system explained well, unlike other 'system' im some novel.

However I admit there's a lot thing that left unexplained like so wtf is that key dungeon, the ending is rushed and not even explained how he's saving the world.

... more>>

he is literally become forgettable hero and resetting the world, said he's fighting in dimensional gap for 27 years to prevent those magical being invaded earth and nobody know what he does.

The after story ending kinda like explain how he's going with his life after saving earth (and he's still fkin op while no other human having mana anymore). Tbh, the after story I feel kinda unnecessary


I just rate this 5* because despite the flaws I said, the ride is enjoyable. Mostly because pacing, how humane the MC act and how well explained the system work. RIP to chessnut tl tho : ( <<less
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Raneday rated it
January 11, 2019
Status: --
Yay, finally this novel is being translated now!!!

Well I'm basing this review from what I've read on the Manhwa, but I could assure that this novel was really worth your time to read.

The action and plot development of it was just amazing and you'll be easily hooked up upon reading it.
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triggerk rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: Completed
I Alone Level-up, or Solo Leveling, had as much potential as its protagonist, Sung Jin-Woo, but fails to live up to its possibilities toward the climax. This review contains minor, obvious spoilers, e.g. He gets really strong, and is restricted to the novel version.

First off, the plot. Gates open, monsters attack, and certain humans awaken to combat threats. Simple enough to give readers for this type of story what they want; a cool guy doing cool stuff. Then the author tries to do more than he was capable of. In... more>> fact, I believe he had no idea where he was going halfway through due to the strange conclusion. Everything people enjoyed in the first hundred chapters is discarded to explain the gates and Jin-Woo's leveling system.

Those mysteries suck.

Moving on, this is a classic weak-to-strong power fantasy in the form of stats and skills, and for the most part, I dislike this progression. In Dragon Ball Z, once scouters introduced power levels in the form of numbers, Akira Toriyama pigeonholed himself. Planets were already doomed with power levels in the thousands. By Dragon Ball Super, who knows how high those numbers were. Suffice to say, he retconned the idea and stopped mentioning them because numbers soared to ridiculous heights while strength stagnated and leveled off. Stats are blunt and limiting as progression.

There's a reason story elements often refuse to mix with game ones. For example, characters that, story-wise, are the biggest, baddest mofos. Yet when they join your party, they're two levels lower than your courageous but naive teenage protagonist. Why? Balance. Again, gameplay doesn't mix well alongside story. Likewise, it makes little sense in this novel.

Points in strength makes Jin-Woo stronger. It's understandable, though it seems unearned. Like playing a sneaky archer in Skyrim but putting perk points into Destruction, the fact that he can choose which stat to increase despite his fighting style feels awkward. Running 10 kilometers shouldn't raise the protagonist's intelligence, either, and I assure you it doesn't.

Authors can never write characters smarter than themselves. If they've fooled you enough to believe so, they've drafted far into the future. This author clearly didn't. Though he ups his intellect to the extremes, Jin-Woo never smartens up. Intelligence merely means increased mana. Evidently, the author chooses game elements over standard definitions, which is fine. Then he throws the system out the window! That's not fine. Due to a certain plot point, Jin-Woo's power rises so high that stats become meaningless and you don't even get to enjoy seeing him level anymore. After a certain threshold, what's the point? It's like going from level 98 to 99 while still beating on rabbits. Worse, he's not killing the rabbits personally, he's AFK botting. There's no difference, and the author can't make up his mind.

Let's now touch upon the problem with the protagonist, his stats, and title of the novel. Jin-Woo is the one character leveling up. No one else can, and as a one-man army, he faces enemies alone. That's splendid until this sacrifices development of side characters. Our protagonist doesn't need anyone and the story doesn't need them. You'll find characters you love vanish because they have no role. S-rankers are irrelevant as Jin-Woo levels. The author bandages this massive bleed by introducing further categories for S-rankers, keeping readers amazed at the protagonist's progress, but then he runs circles round them, too, in no time at all. It's like Super Saiyan becoming a joke because two, three, four, instinct, fusion, and so on is introduced. That had years to build, at least, while this novel is compact in chapters. I neither have time to appreciate how far he comes nor enjoy the supporting cast. He's playing modern day World of Warcraft, which reeks of unearned progress due to the sheer speed he climbs (alone, no less). The author should've slowed experience gain to Lineage levels or vanilla WoW, forcing him to party up and provide more time per rank.

There's a saying about enjoying the journey, not the destination, and I'll spoil you now and say the journey is skipped to a terrible destination.

If this were a game, the community would mock Jin-Woo as a boosted stat monkey, relying solely on gear and levels to dumpster newbies. This revolves back to my dislike of his progression system. He's not smarter or more skilled than his opponents. He overpowers through sheer numbers in more ways than one. He wins because his dagger mastery raises his DPS. And the fact that his ability to level is his only defining trait makes him incredibly one-dimensional. If other characters were able to, you'd realize how stale of a character our protagonist is. There's no good way to describe his personality because he's nice and hollow for the self-insert. He grows a few inches, sculpts a nice jawline, and picks up hot nurses never mentioned again. You could say he cares about his friend and mom and sister, but that's 99% of people. Once again, he's an empty shell of a character, and this leads me to the next issue.

Jin-Woo is the director, producer, actor, make-up artist, and so on scrolling down at a movie's conclusion. Some may like this, but I find it a shame to take all the credit. Hopefully few wanted substantial, lasting relationships in the novel, whether it be friendship or romance. No one is worth his time, and whatever connection he has with someone is weak and a passing paragraph. Even if he cares a lot about a character, should we, the reader, care? He can't let another star shine in the spotlight, and as such, the supporting cast have personalities and relevance made of cardboard because author-kun lets Jin-Woo steal the show. He is the protagonist, yes, but he holds too many cards for me to be concerned about his wellbeing, and those cards are as flat as he is. He is not a rounded character whatsoever.

This novel attempted to be more than it was. If it stuck to its basic premise, it's a serviceable tale. You could turn off your brain and enjoy the blood and guts and terror of 0 IQ mobs. The moment it goes beyond that, the plot and characters become alien. The introduction looks nothing like the conclusion. Take pumpkin pie and chicken noodle soup. I enjoy both, but what I don't like is dunking pie into soup. This story becomes Frankenstein's monster when it should've picked a side.

Judging the novel in its entirety, I Alone Level-Up is subpar. It has an interesting start, but the latter half drags it so far down that I can't recommend it. Most praise comes from the comic, which is currently in the story's prime, but if it follows the novel, prepare for disappointment down the line. If the beginning carves out a strong three or weak four, the end flops toward a one or two star at best, like a splashing Magikarp that never quite evolves into Gyrados. <<less
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omegadir rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c270

Interesting premise ruined by poor execution. It's starts with interesting premise but when main character become strongest hunter in the world quickly go downhill from there. My main gripe with this novel what it have plot point which don't go anywhere. Remember nurse which he get phone number? You never hear from her. What about Juhee healer from first party which we see? Who's what? Later main character create guild for himself, what he do with it? Absolutely nothing. But the main sin which author commit by completely botching finale:


After becoming complete shadow monarch main hero use artifact to go back 10 years in time with his power and battle other monarchs in dimensions gaps (or whatever they call it) for 29 years (but only few years on earth) completely erasing future there gate appear on earth. And the main kick in teeth its all take place in just few chapters. Even Big Bad unceremoniously killed off-screen and we only presented with this fact. After what we get another couple dozen of chapters about how main character return to earth return to earth, di-age himself, and go with his ordinary live culminating with him becoming detective and using his power as shadow monarch to resolve murders and punish criminals. Just EPIC!| X_X'|

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walutpetir rated it
January 16, 2019
Status: c91
Amazing, this story like the other novel of same genre but something different that I saw from the story, it is the system that make MC's leveling up is unique system

And I also love about sociality in the novel is not very dark like the others novel, like the MC's way for being strongest is not only from a misery

Thanks for Author and Translator

I hope this novel's release will always continue and update until the end of story
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Yoriska rated it
February 6, 2019
Status: c99.1
its such pain in the ass that this novel get dropped by translator... such a good novel, if you still wanna to read it, you can read it but the novel get dropped.

if someone like novel with 'game elements', I will reccomend it

but, at last I wanna give you a warning!

this novel already dropped by translator!
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giratina143 rated it
February 2, 2019
Status: c104
The Story is nothing extraordinary, but its good. Korean novels generally have almost no fillers in them.

Anyway, 25th chestnut got hit my C&D by the author, and he stopped translating. The manga (or whatever you call the korean ones) scans also got hit with C&D, so EVEN they stopped translating.

But all is not lost, the manga was quickly picked up by another group, so it'll slowly roll out in the future.

AND the brothers and sisters over at reddit joined hands, to translate the chapters ! Chaps upto 99.1 by... more>> chestnut are there. As of now upto 104 has been translated ! And looks like more and more people are joining in to translate. So the speed and quality will also increase ! Cheers!! <<less
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GetThruThis rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: c76
A boring read, no character development, MC does some really stupid stuff occasionally, which is why I dropped it. Examples: doesn't want people to know about his skills and growth, gains stealth skill, still signs up through the normal method of doing dungeons when he could just sneak in. Stops the demon castle quest at 10, 001/10, 000 souls, when the one time he learned he could go over a cap for a quest he was rewarded with a hidden completion that gave an insane reward.
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EdisonPaulx10 rated it
January 15, 2019
Status: c92 part1
This novel made me read the nose bleed inducing machine translation, I endured it and thought it was worth it. This is how good this novel really is.

I suggest reading both the novel and the manhwa. Truly a masterpiece.

I just wished the novel had more chapters but it's already completed.

Anyways the storyline is much better compared to the cliché reincarnation stories out there and would satisfy your cravings for action and adventure.

Stop reading anymore reviews and just go ahead and enjoy both the novel and the manhwa.
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DimaShishandra rated it
January 23, 2019
Status: c94
In general story is good but MC... While reading it I feel that character development in Japanese isekai are 3-4 times more believable. His behavior and minds are disgusting and pretty often he does contradictional illogical things.

Also amount of coincidence and silly people surrounding MC makes story even more fantasy like than worlds with sword and magic.
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kkgoh rated it
January 21, 2019
Status: c65
Typical Korean dungeon-clearing genre. An OK read. Mainly because it's so absurdly concise it feels like you're reading a summary. I HIGHLY recommend reading the manhwa instead, which is almost a work-of-CG-art. As of Jan 2019 the manhwa has caught up to chapter 60+.

It's a very simple plot device... a loser-but-super-earnest young man chances upon a "system" that allows him to level up in an RPG-like manner. There's a mysterious backstory of why the MC was awarded this power, hidden powers behind the dungeons/monsters, and typical conflict of class-warfare... more>> (E-rankers can't go in A dungeons). Very shounen, with little character growth for the MC besides powering up.

BUT, any good shounen relies (almost) entirely on fantastical/heart-pumping action/ecchi scenes. And that's where the manhwa delivers 6 out of 5 stars (not a typo). Not the ecchi, thankfully.

The author really lucked out in his collaboration with web artist Gee So-Lyung, the equivalent of how "Goblin Slayer" became a manga phenomenon despite adapting from a mundane novel. Think Frank Miller's "Sin City", "Batman Year One" graphic novels.

Enough said.

Here's a link to the Reddit manga meme that led me to pickup this novel again.
https://i. redd. it/2uk5t2yz3wa21. png <<less
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DMDeathS rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c92 part1
Took me a while to find this novel! I was reading the comic before this, and recently it started updating less frequently (I couldn’t find the novel because it goes by a different name). Randomly scrolling through the new updates I came across it, and I’m so glad I did! One of the best I’ve ever read, up there with Overlord in my opinion.
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wapulos rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: Completed
I came to this novel after reading its manhwa adaptation. I love the manhwa... but reading it until the end of the novel, there were a few points wherein I was disappointed. Still, the manhwa is cool.

What to like:

  1. the MC - now I know that there are some who don’t like the MC, but I like how his character was developed. Since I didn’t start to read the beginning through this novel but through the manhwa, I definitely loved how the MC’s courage was developed. The account of what happened before he acquired his special levelling powers; I felt goosebumps while reading that part, honestly. I was able to embrace and sympathise with his fears at the beginning to the point wherein I celebrated when he faced his fears and overcame. Also, I appreciate that his personality changed the moment he grew stronger. Somehow, because of the betrayal he experienced at the beginning, his naivety was gone. Some might say that he is ruthless, but for me, I say that it was all because of what he went through. I also appreciated stories with MCs who are ruthless but with reasons. He became who he is because of what he went through.
  2. the other characters - there aren’t many novels that could make me like the side characters. The other characters had their own backgrounds and stories as well, even the one who betrayed the MC in the beginning. Also, their POVs weren’t as exaggerated as Sovereign of The Three Realms, wherein the other characters praise the MC too much for my liking. It was too shallow. This novel, on the other hand, was written well., I look forward to reading the other characters POV in this novel.
  3. the plot - it’s consistent. True to its title, the plot remained consistent. Its seriousness, setting, characters, etc; all are consistent to the plot. When I first read the title, I thought it would be like the other novels with ‘levelling plotline’ wherein it would be light and fun to read. But to my surprise, this novel has a serious and dark plot after all - which is a plus as it made the novel belong to a few unique ones. The way it was written made me feel its atmosphere. So I guess it also boils down to the author’s style of writing..?
now to reasons to dislike:

... more>>
  1. the romance - the development was too rushed for me. But I have to admit that I like this romance better as it is no harem. Still, I would’ve preferred that there would be no romance at all rather than reading a rushed one. On the other hand, I like the female lead’s character.
  2. the ending - it was dragged on longer than I would have liked. The author could’ve ended it with an open-ended conclusion. To my disappointment, he dragged it on for 20-40 chapters. I regretted reading it all the way. I continued reading it because I didn’t want to miss some action.. indeed, I didn’t... because there was no action at all!!! It was just filled with drama!!! Don’t get me wrong. I like drama.. just not the dragged ones.
  3. Lastly, the plot - kinda contradicting for me to put the plot in the ‘dislike’ section after putting it in the ‘like’ one. The reason is personal preference. Until the end, the MC was alone in the action. No teamwork. No one else could fight alongside the hero because the enemy is just too strong them. No further development of friendships. The MC gained friends, but in the end, they can only depend on him to fight the enemies alone. No character development of the MC through friends.. True, the plot is consistent to its title... but it is too lonely for my taste. So yeah, I guess this is a personal preference.
overall, the novel is good. I recommend you reading this.. but I recommend reading the manhwa more :D

even after finishing the novel, I still look forward to reading the manhwa as it is really good. Highly recommend!! <<less
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Isaic rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: c11

I don't ask for much of the authors of the novels I read, just give me: a decent plot, an MC that isn't a complete idiot, and follow the rules you set up for that universe (i.e. be consistent). I even avoid picking novels with tags that don't meet my interests. Seems simple, right?

So, the first eight chapters are actually interesting enough and seem to set up a decent, if unoriginal, plot and an MC who is weak but relatively clever. After that it goes downhill fast, and I mean... more>> like the launch of the rocketship Challenger fast.

Technically a spoiler, but only for the first 11 chapters so I recommend reading it.


(Keep in mind that the MC was portrayed to be clever in the first eight chapters.)

The MC wakes up, in a hospital, after pretty much dying in a super powerful dungeon. Right away he notices that there is a "message unopened" screen in his vision. He doesn't know how to open it, weird but whatever, so says a bunch of random stuff and, with some help, opens the message and sees that he is now a 'Player' and has a daily mission, with a warning of penalty for failure. The mission is to do 100 pushups, situps, squats, and run 10km, with a counter " (0/100) " next to them.

So what does he do? Assumes it is a hallucination and lies down to go to sleep. But wait! Soon after he thinks, "What if it isn't a hallucination? Might as well test it." So how does he test it? Does 100 half-assed pushups against the bed, meaning he stood up, put his hands on the bed, and pushed against it. Wtf? He then checks his message box, not even his mission box, and nothing is there so goes to sleep. He didn't even do 1 proper exercise and assumes it is all not real!

BUT WAIT! Maybe he just hasn't ever played, or seen, a video game before??? Please be the case!

No. He gets his penalty quest, which is to suvive for a bit, and completes it. The system asks if he wants to accept the reward for completing it, guess what he says? f**k it, I'm going to sleep, and ignores it. Come on Author!

He wakes up, gets the same daily missions, completes it (he got a, "Completed 1 pushup.", notification after doing every pushup so yeah...), gets his reward (and opens it...), his status screen opens, then says, "He recalled the online RPGs he had played in the past..."

So yeah..., definitely doesn't meet the requirement of, "an MC that isn't a complete idiot" or the basic rule of "be consistent", so I am out.

Rant over.


P.S. This is the first and only novel I have given a 1 star rating to, and I honestly expected I never would have the chance to do so since I pick novels specific to my taste. <<less
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Reviewer777 rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c60


Summary :

In a modern world-like setting, there have people who got 'Awakening', after becoming a Awakened, they become stronger and thus most register to become a hunter or a part-time hunter. Hunters can earns a lot easily in dungeons. MC is the weakest E-ranker 'hunter' (aka adventurer in isekai), he became an hunter because of his mother's bill and his sister's scholarship. Like any other times, he joins a random dungeon clean up party after getting a call from the Association. Because of greed, his group got nearly wiped out,... more>> as the weakest and the only one remaining in the dungeon he got a gift from "system" thanks to his courage and became an "player" like those in games : can get drop item, get quests, inventory, title,..


The premise is good and we can notice that author writing style (or the translator?) is improving through the novel. For example :



Mr. Song nodded at Jinwoo.

Without looking away from the Statue of God, Jinwoo slowly rose and raised his body gradually higher and higher. Suddenly, the Statue of God's gaze fell upon him.


If he hesitated even for a split second on getting back to the ground, Jinwoo would've lost a lot more than few strands of hair on his head.

Back on the ground, Jinwoo panted heavily.


As you can notice I think, it seems as if it missing a sentence before the "if he hesitate". We should have him getting down first, then having it told us what will happens next. It happens more than once, fortunately author seems to have corrected it a few dozens chapters later.

What I dislike the most in this novel is how bad guys, from the weakest to the strongest, keep popping out one after another to make MC stronger and stronger. He got even quests to kill people with killing intent towards him. Worst of all, those bad guys are really dumb and arrogant. No, more like everyone in the world are dumb beside MC? And, by chance,

one of the handful S-ranker is one of the bad guys' little bro. 'Luckily' the plot make him waiting until MC become enough strong to kill him before coming for him..


Also, since he became an player, he is became quite reckless. For example :



He got a key to open a dungeon, his reaction is 'I could just check it out and leave.' Man, just a few days ago you got blocked in a dungeon and with everyone nearly wiped out.. And this time he went alone.. Of course, upon entered the dungeon he notice he can't exit.. 'Fortunately', he found that he can level up and then clear for the first time a dungeon alone..


Finally, after 60+ more chapters, we still didn't got any news from his mother because he is too immersed into his power leveling.. And, he got many times hints about how everyone are just like a puppet created for God's enjoyment but he turned blind eye to it as if he prefers to stay as a dog and fulfill all requests from God.



He met elves-like being in a dungeon, he can somehow communicate with them because he is a 'player' and notice they are forced to repeat some sentences like NPC, they told to MC they received a message from 'system' told them to kill humans and how MC notice he isn't considered as 'human' by the system anymore but a player. 'No choice', he decide to kill them because mostly he wants to make them undead, he didn't mentioned that this is because he needs to clean the dungeon or this is to save the remaining weak 'human' hunters. Yeah he got a necromancer-like class a few chapters ago..


Overall, this a typical common korean novel. MC is a loner, the world building don't stand out and characters development are lacking. Weak to strong, to world's savior (?). Read it if you are bored. <<less
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WindyWind rated it
January 18, 2019
Status: c92 part1
Great novel, 100% recommend if ur looking for a system novel with solo oriented MC.

Also be sure to read the manhwa (called solo leveling)

Its literally the same, sometimes even word to word, but the drawing is rly good. Specially the beginning felt a lot more impactful.
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Data rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c60
Reading the manhua as well and I highly recommend. C50 manhua is C60 in the novel.

It's a slow character growth, but a lot of it is quite reasonable. Reminds me of the gamer manhua which I also recommend for those interested in game element novels.
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January 18, 2019
Status: c92.1
I don't have the right to rate it proper since I started the novel at the point where the web comic left off, but here a some details.

Like the web comic, there are several parts which do not logically make sense. If you can ignore them it's not a big deal. However, for me it's easier to notice since the novel doesn't have the great art the comic had.

In addition the web comic seem to make a few improvements for character consistency. Web comic chapter 54 that lines up with... more>> the novel's chapter 64, there are a few lines in the web comic that make the character more badass and follows the character development made. For example, our main character blushes at some point later on in the story which really doesn't match the pain and suffering he has been through. Though, most of it is just minor details.

There is nothing too surprising or interesting about the overall story and plot. You read this novel for the badass main character and the system anyways.

Overall, much better compared to "The Returner" and "Seoul Station Necromancer" in terms of modern day and abilities.

P.S. Author seems to touch upon the social structure of the current society and how it's all locked down, but there isn't too much released yet as of chapter 92.1. Could seem interesting to learn about if the author goes more in-depth with it. <<less
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darthpsykoz rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c92 part1
As the title/summary indicates, the MC has "gamer" powers while in a "Dungeon gates appear in the real world" setting. I binged through all the chapters released so far and it has been a fun read. At 270 chapters, it seems like a short novel so I will be happy if the TL can complete it. Overall 4/5, a nice fun read and good translations especially if you like the gamer+dungeon genre but nothing special/new to give it a 5.

I am surprised the novel is only on google docs because... more>> it deserves to be published in Wuxiaworld or Gravity-tales etc. &Amp; the TL could make some money. <<less
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sleed rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c92 part1
Thanks for translating this novel.


This novel feels fresh; It's light headed and the thing wich looks ultra cool it's the fact that the plot and characters probably will be working towards understanding the nature of the dungeons

... more>> [Like the real plot is just starting, but some events are going to happen, definitely in a very interesting manner. But that's a spoiler]

[right now that issue it's not really in the mc's mind but really soon will happen. - I love this fact]

The events that happen on the start to the MC are not really about a 'plot device' wich simply aims to get from revenge to opness to finalise in compulsive character fights and mindless upgrading wich will be forgotten and taken for granted (this kind of plot sense is actively worked on, wich is cool)

{So far in my experience, that's what this novel is not really about}

What's interesting in this Novel it's like meaningful events are happening behind the scenes Wich are tied to the nature of the world.

I mean this is not simply a novel about how can we get the MC to fight more.

There's fighting but it's a part of the thing.

The main thing is the humans discovering about really why dungeons exist. Instead of taking then for granted.

Now this is the begging of the novel. And I Love short novels.

Honestly there's still potential that's the novel will turn into just compulsive fighting, but so far it's very cool development.

I like how the MC interacts with some girls the for now the human enemy's have had trash mob intellect but I like how the theme and plot are interweaving.

I mean probably this novel is going to be getting significantly better for sure.

Taking about anything else is like feels like running a movie.

The novel it's entertaining and I like the way characters think about virtue.. ; This novel is not about fighting bad humans.. This Novel it's more about Human's fighting monsters. That's the vibe I get from it.

Each chapter gives me something different to look for in the next chapter. It's not simply.. When will MC gets more op. There's a significant element of that but for be the best thing is what's the mystery behind the dungeons.

And the novel really really looks like a decent honest story. Maybe the story so far looks cartoony but I really like what it's strong points are.

Man would be cool if this chapters were in a place we could comment on. Without registration. But still appreciate. Mtlnn it's awful.

Very good translation and I enjoy the notes, even try to learn Korean from them. Haha. <<less
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Freezy rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: v1c1
Currently caught up on the manhwa, it's bloody awesome so far so I have high hopes for the novel. Great thanks to the translator, and to my luck for the current chapter discussion to show at top of homepage or otherwise I'd have missed this.
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