I, Abandoned and Time-limited, Married A Monster


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I was abandoned in the house, and with only a few days left to live.

I had no regrets in my life.

So I tried to accept death on the day I got married to a monster.

However, my cute first love who became a duke and is said to be a monster was looking at me enthusiastically.

“A divorce? If you want to do it, you should kill me first. Then you can ask for a divorce.”

Besides, the cold-blooded mother-in-law is weird.

She says I am a fairy.


I came to die, and somehow my husband and in-laws won’t let me go.

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버려진 시한부는 괴물과 결혼했다
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New Nekopapaws rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a fluffy novel. The pace is constant from the beginning till the end... no thrilling action or such.. kinda dull and boring but it was enjoyable to read for pass the time
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