I Became The Stepmother Of An Irrevocable Dark Family


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I became the stepmother of Rebecca, the 5-year-old wicked girl who planned to commit all kinds of debauchery because of her limited time due to an illness.

Soon, I’m going to get severely hurt because of Rebecca.

In my second life, I can’t believe I’m going to be crippled and unable to live properly for the rest of my life.

As expected, the Duke’s appearance exceeded my expectations.

“Get lost.”

I just went to your side, is there a need to swear?

“My mom? As if! Such a rotten being. Get out of my house!”

Splashing water at me, why does my daughter have a mother-in-law style that is typically seen in a morning drama?

“Don’t cross the line. I don’t like you.”

Even the Duke, who brought me over himself, loathes me.


Nasty and cheap humans.

I’m out of here!

I made up my mind and started to do what I wanted.

After taking a little revenge on a kid who does not even apologize, let alone feel remorseful, all that’s left is to run away….

“Mom, you can’t live without me, can you? I’ll grant you a special place next to me!”

…No. I don’t want to be next to you.

Even that girl’s father and the Duke, the man who hated me to death, was acting strangely.

“I hate you so much. So I’m going to put you next to me.”

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갱생불가 흑막가의 새엄마가 되었다
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wolf6969 rated it
February 6, 2021
Status: c17
Possible spoilers underneath, idk:

This novel feels realistic. Often in "child raising novels" the kid attaches themselves to the adult right away but that is often not how a troubled child would behave. Here the daughter hates the FL at the start and tries to get rid of her any way possible. It is only after working for it that FL earns the child's affection. The daughter also responds, talks and acts how a child irl would act, unlike other novels where 7 years are still baby talking.

The father, who I... more>> assume is the ML, also acts like a person would. He simultaneously loves and neglects his daughter, as is shown that instead of working on her problems he just showers her in gifts. It is quite obvious that his daughter needs someone to be there for her, but instead of living up to his mistakes he blames others and tries to defuse the situation by covering the problem with money. I hope he gets better in the future cause I'm not a fan of him right now.

Our FL is a rational person, she doesn't want to get involved with this dysfunctional family, but she got attached to the daughter so she has no choice but to stay with her. <<less
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Onibi rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: c54
First up kudos to the translators, your doing a good job, next TLDR;

potential ML's are frustrating, with one being less mature than a toddler and the other being non existent, the story is emotionally void somehow

Read it without thinking too deeply, and only for Rebecca/Rere being cute

Rere is the shining light of this, but she's weirdly hollow feeling as well. It's like someone wrote down the characteristics of a child and someone else made a homunculus based only on that. I think she's cute, but she doesn't feel like a... more>> 5 year old child, especially not a mistreated one, her trust is pretty easily won and she doesnt retreat into herself at any point. Every child is different, but Rebecca feels wrong

Honestly the two potential ML's are infuriating to the point I just want Leona to divorce the duke and leave with Rebecca. Screw them both, yeah Luca too

The Duke is overall tr*sh, he puts Leona in a literal warehouse for no discernable reason, is angry at her for the slightest thing and blames her like a child. Rere at least is a child

Okay so the Duke is apparently this powerful figure in the Kingdom, who handles all the dirty work, but somehow he couldn't possibly learn the Leona was abused in some way or that the nanny was mistreating his child?


So at a tension breaking point, the Duke literally forces Leona to leave and she does. Its meant to be emotional, but honestly it feels incredibly clinical to me, her emotions are kinda... there but not really

The whole thing feels empty and derivative, with a bizarre point of Luca (a potential ML) literally morally blackmailing her into returning to the Duchy with some weird coercion followed by a cold drop to make her panic


Also the romance is like not there at all, the Duke is tr*sh, and Leona has spoken to Luca maybe twice if that. Until all of a sudden Luca is saying her likes her out of literal nowhere? Why? Where? When? What?

I'd have accepted it more if he said he fell for her at first sight, that is more believable to me

Honestly this novel is going to have to pull some absolutely incredibly reasoning out of its ass to make me like either the ML or even Luca at the point <<less
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Loosergirl rated it
November 3, 2020
Status: c3
I've only read three chapters so far but I'm really enjoying this one. It's a childcare type plot with a breath of fresh air as the child has a unique personality. The little five-year-old is a tsundere and I can't wait for her to get "captured" (in a non-sexual way). I'm unsure if the tsundere tag should be used though as it's the child and not the love interest who is tsundere.

There hasn't been much focus on the male lead yet. He seems to be the villainous type, or at... more>> least according to rumors about him. Hopefully he'll develop more as more chapters are translated.

The MC follows the "wanting to run away"-trope. She also seems to have a tendency to play the victim.

Anyway, I'm a sucker for Korean romance so I enjoy having some staple romance clichées too. I hope more chapters are translated. <<less
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July 20, 2021
Status: c34
story is really cute of u like to read bratty misunderstood child being raised by stepmother things.

If you're here for the stepmother and the Bio dad to become co-parents and be happy with the child I suggest you look away.

The dad is the worse and will make you want to pull your own hair out. So far his moods change at the drop of the hat and he blames the FL for legit everything even through its his own fault that his daughter hates him.

... more>>

He legit had a moment where he blamed the FL for his daughter being abused by her nanny despite how the nanny was abusing the daughter long before the FL came into the picture.


Anyway through the ML is absolute tr*sh the interactions between the FL and the daughter can be very cute. <<less
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alba2darkangel rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: c8
I highly admire the FL. She's one of my favorites so far. She's a badass in her own way and I totally respect her for it.

I feel sorry for the child, I hope things change for her soon, but the way things I aren't, it'll be much sooner and I look forward to it.

The dad... he's just there and seems to deeply care about his daughter. Hopefully we'll get to know him better soon.
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koco2018 rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c36
I somehow got sucked into this story, it was so interesting I passed 2 hours without noticing.

Well, I'm only on ch.20 rn, up to ch.35 has been released... I only paused to leave a review because I got so heartbroken.. I'm getting right back to the story once I finish leaving a threat brief comment:

... more>> Duke.

You bastard.

How dare you make Rere say "Hehe. Mom, you don't have to worry. Daddy never came for me, so you don't need to lock the door."

Pathetic jerk who has no heart.

P.s. I know how it looks: "you don't need to lock the door". There is no abuse from the duke. The Duke & Rere had a fight and both were on the verge of tears upset-> Rere escaped to her room upset -> that bastard didn't even come to check up on her.


You bastard.

I could pity you, but I don't want to. <<less
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May 28, 2022
Status: c75
I love the interactions between the FL and her daughter. The father though? Am mentally shoving him into a meatgrinder. The mystery man is also starting to bug me, since the mystery doesn't seem to go anywhere even after 70 chapters. Is it worth a read? I really like the realistic relationship the mother has with her daughter. Other than that? Not really. The story is quite non-existent in my mind, and it's mostly just about the relationship between the two important characters in the plot, Leona and Rere. Is... more>> it fun though? Yes. But I still want to murder the father in 50 different ways. <<less
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Tillda rated it
September 24, 2022
Status: c88
The only thing that keeps me with this story is the mystery part: Duke's doppleganger and kid's sickness.

  • ML is acting seriously bad in his role as a father and a husband
  • FL annoys me with her attitude 'I know how to raise a child better'. Ekhm, no you're not. She's giving Rere a great room to act spoiled, use bad language, despise her own father etc.
  • Rere (kid), I don't understand people who are calling her cute. She a pice of spoiled brat. And I really dislike when in those stories kids are turned into some geniouses without a reason. There is no way a 3yrs old would've act/speak/understand on that level
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Mcnegar rated it
May 15, 2022
Status: --
This is why we shouldn't rate with three chapters in the, story was going so well when Leona wanted to take revenge I'm glad she realized Rebecca is a child and she's been groomed that was and her environment is not the best however after she decided to stay the story just because extremely boring the ML is so frustrating and he's like a child the only thing he has going for him is being the monster duke he has no brain he brought Leona to make his child better... more>> teach her manners blah blah he then get upset that the daughter likes her and idk wtf was happening they made it so obvious and tried to push Luca in the story (maybe the SC ml) the writing became so painful 😖 I had to drop the first few chapters were great <<less
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Smaforte12 rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: c1
I simply fell in love with this novel!! The humor on this thang y'all!

simply a master piece~
it pulled real loud laughters right out of me! Just genuinely funny. The author really knows how to knock it out of the park.
the mysteries and thrills! Gut turning scenes! Hatred and compassion! It's just a roller coaster ride of emotions! I loved it all!
But... there is one thing that caught my attention, and it is that there's practically no romance on this novel... like... y'all... there's... more>> none at all. It's just nonexistent. All this a beef jerky because the meats here are pretty dried up!! A walk through the Sahara desert y'all.

I guess it'll fall into the adult section since it cusses some words here and there. It also got some gruesome parts through it, such as, "stitch up his lips closed, grind up their bodies and feed it to the animals, slice up throats and twist necks." All of that! but no romance.



like! Who the f*ck is Lucca y'all???!! Oh my gawd!!! This dudes description throughout the novel really makes one desire for the next chapter to have some sort of revelation.
like the closet from Chronicles of Narnia, let me through that door to see them secrets!!!


And when the duke kicked her out!! I was like, 'no f*cking way!!!' I could tell right there and then that THAT vanilla face motha sucka was a bit mental. I also wished that the scene where she ran through the forest, once kicked out, lasted a bit longer. Not that she hadn't suffered enough throughout the novel, but! a bit more suffering would've definitely been a plus for the audience. Like Leonardo Di'Caprio in, 'The Revenant'. Struggle against nature and shit?ll!!! 👍✊🤌✌️🤙 come on, you know that would've added more flavor to this novel. She was barely out and Luca already came to fetch her and emotionally shake her up her ground, like she was some sort of fruit shake. And... Who the f*ck is Luca!! This authors really messing up with my psychological sane mind... Anyways~ The way that the FL began to indulge the child along with her ret*rded dad, really made me cringe... the kid ain't got no reigns on her. She's like a wild loose horse in the middle of civilization, kicking and biting everyone in sight. Is this how the author portraits how children should be raised, or, how they are currently seen in his/her eyes? You ain't got to whoop them like a UFC fighter, trying to knock some sense into them, but they don't even say, 'no' to the kid?. Like it's some forbidden word through the novel? Yo, this kid calls her supposed mother a rabbit!!! Even comes to a point of calling her a 'dog'! A f*cking dog! When she eats meat! And! Worst part of all here, they're all f*cking okay with that! What the f*ck y'all. They really raising up the villainess to be a selfish prick. To the core!

she said her blood related father, who adores her, should get his ass kicked... she said that... to his f*cking face y'all!! Yooo! That sh*t mad disrespectful! If I ever said that to my dad, home slice would've knocked my front tooth right out with a jab... I guess I did get some sense knocked in me as a child... but nonetheless!

it made me regroup my thoughts and think that I might've made something so bad, it drove my parents to raise their hands against me. Really makes you ponder on your actions, you know?

I can practically dodge a boxer, at how much practice at dodging, I got from flying objects from my parents. So you definitely pick up some skills while being psychically educated.

And Then again, I never been so rich that I could make a room out of chocolate on the call, like the dumb duke did 😂 so I guess it could be normal to be that arrogant with so much moolah to spend on useless shit.


I guess I'll never look upon a 'Luca" the same. I'll always think that they are hiding something... <<less
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Sayu_Cho rated it
October 31, 2021
Status: c28
The dad is an absolute PS, he was like ... more>>

"Oh, I hope you get along with my daughter" and as soon as the FL had a strong bond with the kid he was like: "Uhuh I'm gonna have another wife and throw you in the tr*sh..."

Dude they should just kill him at this point and let the two of them be happy. I get so tired of the BS the "ML" does and says, I just keep going to see if he will realize that he is dumb and because I love the mother-daughter relationship. <<less
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Demonqueen26 rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c28
This is really good. I'm unbelievably curious about the Duke, MFC, and Luca. Rere is a sweetheart whose been suffering in silence for a long time and needs the MFC. I look forward to more. And, yes, I recommend this to others. It really is good. I love the fact that it has some realism in it..
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BurntOut_Binger rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: c42
I'm in love with the daughter, little Rere. She's an adorable, tiny tsundere, and I love her relationship with MC. I also love MC's persistence and bravery to do the right thing and raise the daughter despite misgivings, whereas I know I would just leave. The story makes me excited to see the daughter's growth and her relationship development with MC.

I took away one star because the mystery of the story, surrounding a character, is executed in a way that is not enigmatic and simply confusing and convoluted.

The following are... more>> major spoilers.


The center of the mystery is the character Luca, who apparently uses magic to manipulate the memories everyone in the manor so he can live there without question. But there is no excuse, no backstory, no hidden identity surrounding this character. He looks exactly like the ML with different color eyes, but is not suspected to be a relative. He dresses like a knight but doesn't perform a knight's duties. In the beginning he only appears when the Duke is gone, suggesting dual personality, but then he shows up at the same time as the Duke. And the MC just does a poor job of trying to figure it out, not even directly asking the Duke about this person's existence.


I also don't like how characters' emotions would transition unnaturally.


One day the daughter hates MC, the next day she decides she suddenly likes MC, in a tsundere way. One minute MC says she absolutely won't leave, and the next she's left because... honestly I can't pinpoint a substantial reason why, only that the Duke told her to leave in a sad rather than angry way. One minute the Duke stubbornly hates her and doesn't believe anything she says, no matter the evidence she piles, then she disappears he suddenly misses her and thinks she's right.


But if you're willing to suspend belief for the mystery and sudden character changes, it's a good read and interesting story overall. <<less
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norestsimp rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: c44
first of all, who is Luca? Its been 44 chapters and we still dont have a clue on his identity. Although the book tackles childhood trauma and parenting more than romance, I cant wait to see the development of Leona's romance with either Duke Ian who has a crush on her (tho he is shitty and I cant see their chemisty) or Luca who already confessed to the FL (but is mysterious af).

overall, a refreshing read. The push and pull between young abused Rere and her new stepmom is enough... more>> to keep you hooked. <<less
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Tty rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: --
Before starting this novel I read the reviews and there was a lot of “Who is Luca!?” And now K understand their pain. Anyway this book is great it seems like the the Dad is the ML Idk yet but if he is I will be dropping this but on a happy note The mother daughter relationship is is so unearthly adorable just for that this is already one of my favourite books so 5 stars from me.
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YeongEunJi rated it
August 30, 2021
Status: c35
It was a good read! Rere and FL interaction were so adorable! As to what others have been saying this is a a novel that just sucks you in. It's quite realistic and I love how it's not all unicorns and rainbows. The relationships and the characters were bad that the journey towards straightening these stuff are just very satisfying! I can't believe that I even caught up with the latest chap huhu. So if your wondering if you want to read this, give it a go!
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Aerya rated it
July 19, 2021
Status: --
This is good. The female lead is awesome and interaction between FL and her daughter is cute
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