How to Be a Dark Hero’s Daughter


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The MC transmigrated into a novel and became an extra from the novel. The novel is a mu*der thriller and the main character is a serial killer. He kills criminals with black magic making him a dark hero (think of him as Dexter or batman with dark magic).

She (MC) doesn’t have any death flags since she’s a background extra but she was a homeless girl of all things in such a dangerous novel.

Somehow our MC saves the male lead and to thank her, he adopts her.

“Become my daughter.”

The richest, most powerful, and handsome duke commands her to be his child.

The MC is freaked out since she knows he’s a cold blooded killer. Can she survive such a maniac?

Yet he dotes on her and constantly says ‘my daughter is the cutest’! He wants to get master artists to draw her and gather poets to describe her adorableness.

The duke also has a son. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; he also dotes on her.

In this way, a beggar became a little princess. She also got used to people getting killed.

However there was still one problem.

Our MC has turned sixteen and is wondering as a lady, will she have an arranged marriage?

The whole house atmosphere quickly turns awkward.

She realizes, perhaps they want her to stay here forever?

Can she escape such a strange house? Everyone is so attached to her!

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다크 히어로의 딸이 되는 법
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4 Reviews

Aug 24, 2020
Status: v1c42
The dark plot that the original story has is very good, I love how the duke is and the brother with Leticia is very cute compared to the dark world where they live.

Although it only has two chapters in English on wattpad, they are already 42 in Spanish
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Jun 05, 2020
Status: --
Someone translated this story on Wattpad even though it was only 2 chap but I'm thankful already. Hope that translator will not give up. And lastly not being bust by the original author ?
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Aug 31, 2023
Status: c78 part1
Based on the description, this story sounds like quite a few other popular reincarnation/isekai stories with “evil” dukes. Based on the plot you would be right! However, this novel has the unique lens of also being a mystery/crime solving story where the FL ends up solving “cases” she gets exposed to either with her special talent or her deduction and strategy skills from her past life. This brings a really refreshing angle to the story and breaths new life into what is becoming an oversaturated trope.

Also unique is that the... more>> FL has no idea what is suppose to happen in the future. She didn’t finish the book and she was originally a mob character that dies quickly. This means that she really isn’t going after some overarching goal of preventing war or saving someone. She is simply happy to live with her loving adopted family. The relationship she has with her father, aunt, and brother is incredibly sweet and charming. It’s clear how much her presence healed the adults in her life. I do want more Jade development though.

Due to the fact FL spent almost her entire past life isolated in the hospital with no friends or family just solving puzzles, her behavior feels natural and not too old or cheesy for a young girl. She has the maturity of living longer but lacks the life experiences that would make her becoming a child again feel creepy.

The FL does unfortunately have the horrible luck of evil men being obsessed with her (which is great since her family is firmly morally dark grey but concerning because she is still a child and they are not the evilest men by far). As of chapter 85, there really is no romance although there is one character that logically could be in the future a love interest, FL has shown no interest and they have no real relationship outside of being acquaintances. I’m hoping for subversion of the trope and crossing my fingers her friend from the slums reappears.

Really recommend giving this novel a chance especially if you like mysteries and fluffy found families! <<less
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Well. I might give it 4 stars only because (in my opinion!) one storyline was a bit shaky towards the end. But still, remembering the overall impression of the entire novel, my rating will still be closer to 5.

There may be spoilers here.

Strong sides:

... more>> + Overall, a very interesting story, with a strong bias towards the detective genre.

+ The MC is not a fool, and also, which is very important, looking at the trend of "impenetrable in feelings" FL. She began not at the end, but somewhere in the middle to understand her feelings for ML (considering that in the first part they are children, I think it's a short period), and also allowed for the possibility of his feelings for her.

+ Very cool family vibes. There is no such thing that the family hates the possible boyfriend of FL (who is ML) to the very end and somehow harshly interferes with him, as happens in stories with families obsessed with the heroine. They rather pretend "Ah okay are you dating? We'll pretend to not know about it, but anyway don't act too obvious so we might to notice it."

+ Main villain. Well written character. Villains are worthy of the title of the main villain of the story. Finding out his motives and past, you might even feel sympathy for him, maybe you'll even cheer for him, heheh. Good (bad) boy.

+ In the end you will understand that this is not the world of the book after all. Yes, such a twist isn't new, but it is also quite plausible and in its own way interestingly invented.

Weak sides:

- Hmm, firstly, as I mentioned earlier, some points are compressed, as if the author quickly scribbled them down in order to quickly finish the chapters? Idk. And sometimes FL has Mary Sue moments. Well, they are necessary for the plot, of course, but not everyone may like it.

- Sometimes there are loops, characteristic of detective stories. When something happens that leads to the need to solve problem (1), there is immediately a resolution (3), and only then the author returns to explanation (2). Yes, this is actually a good move, but if you don't see such moves for 20 chapters, and then suddenly their number increases sharply... It can confuse your mind. BUT if you are used (because I am not) to such detective tricks, then you will be fine. <<less
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