How Dare You Attack My Support!


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Qiao Yanzhou is a video gaming streamer.

Gu Zixing is a professional gamer.

Qiao Yanzhou is a big fan of Gu Zixing.

Gu Zixing is Qiao Yanzhou’s idol.

Qiao Yanzhou is a quiet fan.

Gu Zixing is a cool and charming man.

Qiao Yanzhou is a couch potato.

Gu Zixing is a world champion.

A ranked game brought the two together, and the chemistry between them takes an unexpected turn…..

Not long after:

Gu Zixing: Xiao-Qiao, am I still your idol?

Qiao Yanzhou: Yeah.

Gu Zixing: Can I kiss you then?

Qiao Yanzhou: Sorry, who did you say you were?

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Night22 rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: --
I'll be honest. This is not my cup of tea.

Throughout the whole book I felt I've eaten a fly. So I directly stopped reading.

I didn't like the fact that the ML was in an unrequited love because falling in love with a man that alrwady has a unrequited love AKA a white moonlight, is a recipe for disaster. The starting line of dog blooded novel plot.

And is this esports? This book totally destroyed my perception of esports. In my perception esports industry is a place where strength speaks for itself,... more>> where skills make and break a champion, and the winner is teh king.

But what did I just read?

It seemed to me that the manager Ren guy was employing the notorious hidden rules on YL, and the fact the MC was recruited to the team was so that he would distract the ML so that he would act as a stopgap for ML'S unrequited love for YL. That left a horrible taste in my mouth.

Where's the promised skills vs skills?

It would've been better if this was another one of those third grade entertainment novels.

Shit! Wasted a few hours of my life for nothing!!! <<less
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paputsza rated it
April 8, 2018
Status: --
It's a yaoi story based around LOL. Just so happens this is one of two games I play seriously (the other is tetris, and impossible to make a story around that isn't astoundingly weird) so this story is exactly my bag of tea. That said the terminology is good for me, but the translator could probably link video clips or something, maybe, if I had to give advice, since lol is easier to understand visually compared to the other competitive games.

Either way, I'm looking forward to more chappies.
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April 8, 2021
Status: c10
first time doing a review of this kind: i'll be updating this review (and add stars) as I read!

[till ch 10]

the main characters' personalities are showcased quite naturally and don't seem at all forced. there is logical reasoning (and human error) in their everyday actions. they feel very real.

so much so, that I'm really worried i'll somewhat dislike or be wary of the ML because ... more>>

it seems he has either a crush or was in a relationship with one of his team members and still holds affection for him.


this doesn't put me off of reading the story but it does make me sad because, to be perfectly honest, when I read light novels, I hope to get away from the usual 'shifting love interests' or even 'love triangles' that're extremely popular in western novels. I read CN light novels with the hope of seeing silent tropes like 'soulmates'. anything less just... doesn't cut it.

so, I hope that the situation changes (and changes quickly). i'll continue reading. <<less
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PiCrazy31415 rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: Completed
Quite enjoyed this story. Reminded me a lot of You're Beautiful When You Smile (all my LoL knowledge is from that story), though the MC for that was more OP than the one here. QYZ isn't not strong, but he's not OP. He has the experience of playing LoL half seriously for several years (though streaming from middle school? seems a little iffy), so he has his basics down, but not entirely up to the pro level. QYZ is a bit of an anomaly. From his portrayal at the beginning,... more>> he sounds like a bearded slob from his smoking and sleeping and drinking habits. But then we later find out he's barely 18 and I was just like ??, really doesn't fit the image. He's both weak and strong against GZX, and while he's kind of emotionally dense he doesn't try to deny his feelings and instead works to talk them out. Though I have to say alcohol definitely plays a big role in this story with letting QYZ act beyond his mental barriers. GZX is definitely not the perfect guy, and sometimes from their descriptions at least physically I'm wondering if GZX shouldn't be the bottom. Isn't he shorter than QYZ? But in terms of mentality and the "gas field" he's definitely the top. And in terms of brains and EQ.

There's not too much plot drama here, no big antagonists. Emotional drama though... I was a bit turned off by the GZX x YL drama at the beginning. Idk, it just makes me uncomfortable to think of the ML having an unrequited love at the beginning. Seems like cheating to me. Plus YL's decision is disgusting, good riddance. I'm always really annoyed when that type of stuff comes up, especially when the person is discarding their "love" for someone else. The biggest obstacle is probably QYZ's parents, which is made out to be a pretty big problem. I suppose I can understand that, and in these BL stories their families are often set up as end game bosses. Sigh. I really liked the MC and ML's best friends though, and their teammates as well. Recommend. <<less
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nadywing rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: --
I´m a noob in this kind of games (just to understand I´m the type who confuse WoW with LoL) but it is actually understandable enough for me to keep the gaming pace, so not that challenging to understand, to say give it a try.

We are just in chapter four but in the protagonist interations you can already read sweetness, caring, dotting and protectiveness from Pro-Master, now we need the answer of what coincidence made Master loose this only day that our MC didn´t watch the streaming and of course they... more>> going togheter in the challenging mode... and why did he added our MC out of all the others that got rejected... my guess is that Master actually knows our streamer... whatever the case this is gold... xD <<less
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SeiraJLoyard rated it
November 6, 2022
Status: c94
dropped at chapter 94/128.

Ok with the backstory of ML's history with Yao Lei and the situation it presented, but felt like I would've preferred it more in an entertainment LN and not an e-sport LN as it implied that in the world of e-sports it's not about being good or your skills - also a little confused as to why Yao Lei was part of the quid pro quo -- like what benefit did he even receive?

being able to transfer into this team to be close to his Idol? But that would make it really wrong of him to then start a relationship with ML. If it was because he could be a Mid-Laner, he wouldn't be able to be mid-laner right away so he has to sleep with someone for years to be promised that once someone retires from the team he'll play mid?!


A little annoyed that the relationship between MC and ML only progresses after MC gets drunk and says what he thinks or does what he thinks and then forgets the next day, so in reality only ML actually knows/remembers. With that being said, the relationship between the two from getting to know each other to sleeping together was so rushed. Yes a lot of these BL relationship are very quick (especially in QT) but it's still somewhat acceptable when MC and M: both know their s*xual orientation, for the MC who always thought he was straight to realize his s*xual orientation, figure out his attraction to ML, come to terms with being the shou and then sleeping with the ML, there just wasn't any real transition or progression of this mind set. Granted I read this with Google Translate so subtleties were probably lost but still. Drunk actions where MC doesn't even remember what he said/did doesn't actually mean MC had truly come to terms with it.

I'm more than halfway through the novel and honestly a little confused as to what the story is about. If it's e-sports then it doesn't really hit the mark. If it's the romance, please see above for my thoughts on that. MC supposedly isn't that good when recruited to begin with and was told that he needs to start off training, but somehow ends up substituting as support during a very important finals game? He doesn't even main Support, he's mid. This story also make it seem that anyone can play support and that it's an easier role to play, but the characters for support are different and what you have to pay attention to is different as well. I will say Support is easier to be average in, but to be really good at it at the professional level I can't imagine anyone can very easily adjust play style coordination etc.
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miaomin rated it
November 19, 2023
Status: c96
Originally was just gonna drop this quietly but reading some reviews here, I feel the need to clarify;

  • MC and ML didn't really develop very fast. No, they didn't go all the way right after getting together like in other QTs. Well, they leapt fast, wiped guns, but not all the way. I liked that MC still had hesitance being the bottom cause he once thought he's straight. And yes, he did some mental journey wether he gay or not. He is.

    Too deep in the closet he didn't even know it himself.

  • No, MC didn't just randomly get recruited professionally despite having just barely been considered 'skilled'. It's that ML somehow, fate or random, had good 'synergy' with MC despite MC actually playing mid as his main. It was mentioned ML is picky af as an ADC towards his sup.
As for why I'm dropping it, since I chose to read for the romance I was actually quite fine with the esports lacking to a certain extent. (But it really is like, a perfunctory accessory) So what actually peeved me was the romance part which actually whats the novel is all about.

MC's last straight relationship break up was like two months ago. While ML was only just how many days ago?! Maybe week/s before they actually got together but def not a month cause MC kept count how long he been lying to his mom about his break up.


MC slept through EG losing a game cause ML wasn't into it cause YL broke up with him just before the game. They got acquainted not very long after and got closer until that one night MC was drunken and received a call from his mom wherein MC finally admitted that he has in fact broken up with ex-gf 'more than two months ago'. Then they got together not long after.

MC mentioned in the early chapters, around the same time as EG's lost, that the break up was also two months ago.


Unless the timeline wasn't

well communicated and several months has actually passed. Anyway that's my biggest peeve.

Aside from that, there's also the very similar love story with YL. Both were fans of ML > went to the team mainly cause of ML > got very close with ML after getting in > which eventually lead to a romantic relationship. Like,





And wth is with the backstory of YL?? Their team configuration was initially already doing really well and also well-established until this hidden rule bs came about and messed them all up. And no one bat an eyelash about it! YL got his just deserts but what of that prick? Ugh. Moreover, this is esports!!! And it was the players that was messed up not some random vegetable that's easy to replace!!!!

Lighting a candle for CN who initially had a beautiful memory of spreading gay awareness to MC, turned restless playboy just to induce jealousy for both MC and ML

Also what kind of parent actually becomes paranoid of their son actually being gay cause a kid they befriended was gay and sick with aids to the point of hiring a disguised psychiatrist. Said son didn't even show an ounce of gayness before and wasn't even aware of homosexuality.

On the bright side, I was initially unhappy that MC's esports carry seemed veryy reliant on ML, but thank god he still held his ground and improved himself both inside and outside the game.

I did enjoy MC and ML's interactions, ignoring those complaints I had. But then got bored and go bye-bye.
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erialolita rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c68
This is my 2nd time trying to MTL it, got to chapter 68 this time and was just to meh to continue, last time I'm pretty sure I got further but its been a while and I've slept since then. I might pick it back up when the translation is out as I know I missed some stuff, not the easiest to understand MTL but not the most difficult. Honestly if I rated it right now would probably be a 1.5-2 but since I MTL'd it and haven't finished it... more>> I gave 1 more star.

The characters are good, not my favorite but likable. I guess my main problem is with how the author handled the plot Don't read the spoiler unless you want to read a rant 😁


I liked the set up of a streamer meeting his idol and getting to know the real him and eventually falling in love but that's about it.

  • I didn't like how the white moonlight part was presented, I would have been okay with it if the guy still wasn't in the team or wasn't being forced by such a scum, I know it was kind of his choice but still seemed unnecessary. Could have had him and ML originally party of the same team, broke up with ML because he wanted to go further, join a different team and then come back later in the story to cause a little bit of issue between the MC and ML.. Or could have had the white moonlight break up with the ML because he LIKED the manager or was jealous of ML's talent anything else
  • The way the MC falls for and basically confesses to the ML is the same as the white moonlight... like really they couldn't have their own special romance? I would have love to see the ML being passive because he literally just had his heart broken and the MC would pursue him and show him he really liked him, like announcing it to the team, chasing him out in the open, etc, everything the ML's ex didn't do.
  • I didn't like that the MC wasn't gay to begin with or at least didn't know he was gay, it just felt like he was going along with everything, it was like the author told him how to be and he was like okay instead of showing us his personality. And this is coming from someone who likes stories were one is straight and does everything for love but this was just ugh.
  • He is the typical shy shou, which again is usually okay with me but didn't work here. I think this story would have been better with a more proactive shou who shows his love and seriousness to ML who just had his heart broken... again, I mean seriously the ML and his white moonlight broke up like a day before the MC and ML meet.
  • the esports in this novel is kind of a mess, some chapters spend WAY too much on it and other chapters not enough. Though I'm getting a bit tired of LoL esport novels, anyone know of any other esport novels about a different game?
  • The MC is a coward, it literally takes him like 3 months and a lot of alcohol to tell his mom that he broke up with his ex girlfriend and from what I've read of spoilers there will be more drama with the mom about him being gay, such an overused danmei trope and with everything else being so meh in this novel I just couldn't. Why cant there be parents who love their kids for who they are? Is a Chinese thing? I don't know but its so tiring. The conflicts for the story could have come from so many other places with out pulling the mom card.
Its just so frustrating because I love the IDEA of the story but I do not like the execution of it. It may be some peoples cup of tea but it was just too boring for me to continue. Remember these are all my opinions and if you don't agree that's fine, everyone has their own tastes. Also, don't let my review steer you away if it sounds interesting to you. I have put aside some novels because of other peoples reviews and when I finally read the novel, I absolutely loved it.

Translation is good but really slow, but you may want to wait, I've noticed gaming novels have a lot of slang that can be a pain to MTL. I mean MTL isn't unreadable but you might miss some important things. <<less
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Cantaloupe rated it
January 14, 2019
Status: c1
I'm LoL player so, it was really good to me. The only thing I don't like, was it so so so long before to give update! Translator-sama please update soon??

Ps. I'm only gold 1 in this game I'm not pro player!
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procrastination_day rated it
November 29, 2018
Status: c15
A little bit tough if you're not familiar with League of Legends, especially the first few chapters, but the story seems ok so far.

MC comes off as genuine, neither being overly good, overly bad, overly virtuous, overly selfish, -II- arogant, -II- shy, -II- brave, -II- smart or overly s*upid. Well rounded and very human.

Not sure if the same can be said for the ML, but he does seem to have a bad day where he doesn't do so well.

Seems like the chain of events are fairly well thought out... more>> and not just cobbled together for convenient shipping and well used tropes, but it is a little too early to tell for sure. <<less
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periperi rated it
December 18, 2020
Status: Completed
5 stars

First to get out of the way, author details the matches quite well (I think because I don't really understand haha), which is great for people who understands it. But there aren't actually a lot of matches, the focus are on the characters and the plot, ultimately.

Okay, so other than the technical details that I don't get, I really enjoyed this story. MC and ML were adorable together and their interactions were just gold. It's a nice slow burn and I liked how straightforward they both were. No unnecessary... more>> drama between them but a few external forces. It's just a sweet romance.

I was very worried about the family side, especially how at the start of the story

MC's mum keeps going on about MC's gf. But that part was surprisingly not very harsh. Of course there's some yelling and crying but the acceptance went by smoother than I expected. MC's dad was pretty chill. I enjoyed the process of their relationship slowly taking the next step like telling MC's best friend and his GF, telling ML's mum etc.


As for antagonist drama...

added some pushing factor and cute jealousy but I admit I actually felt real bad for Yao Le. Felt like he was forced by that scum manager. Wanted to see that scum manager get into trouble more. But I don't think that happened, sadly.


Overall, this is a pretty chill gaming book with more focus on the romance in my opinion. MC isn't overly OP, no big focus on training and team dynamics. But it's an adorable read and I liked both MC and ML. <<less
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Bourbon rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: c10
For anyone that loves LOL or is curious about LOL or those who likes King's avatar plot but with shounen ai, here ya go!

The lighthearted first chapters got me in, though if I were not a LOL player.. I would have a bit of difficulty imagining the attacks since its quite hard to translate them into words but translator dod a great job. ^^ *spoiler*

I didnt like that ML has a crush already. It truly does feel like cheating and MC being reduced to a stopgap, leaves a bad taste but... more>> I hope they develop well seeing they have such chemistry in game. Though more of Siler asserting dominance and Qiao being his loyal obedient puppy, I wish hed show more of his skills afterall hes a streamer at challenger level. (Yes.. Expectations.. Cuz theres such a huge gap in skills as you go up ranks.)

I truly want to read more ^^defiitely recommend :) <<less
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