How Can My Wife Be So Adorable?


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Chen Xing, the youngest assassin in the history of Assassin Star Dimension, travels to the Spirit Continent with a Super System.

At the beginning, he picks up an abandoned girl named Zero, whose ethereal beauty transcends the ages, captivating hearts for countless millennia.

He gets an additional activation of the hidden romance function of the system. Perfect combination, getting stronger through dating. This system loves to create romantic moments!

And so:

Chen Xing, the assassin god who has never been in love… starts his daily life of doting on his wife.

Passerby: Strange, how can this assassin god be so sweet?

As he pampers her, he ascends to the top of the world in his affection. With a swift blade, he cuts through the rankings of battle power!

The former Chen Xing: Women only slow down my sword-drawing speed, love is impossible.

The current Chen Xing: After training for countless years, my wife’s kiss is still better than anything else…

I really don’t want it to be like this… It’s all because she’s too adorable!

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valzione rated it
May 23, 2023
Status: c19
As of writing this, I'm at c19.

The plot itself isn't unique it's basically just transmigrator with system, but at the same time it is written quite smoothly and is quite nice to read, the translator has done very good job, the English flows quite well and doesn't give you those "MTL" headaches after reading.

So far 19 chapters is too short to give great conclusions about the story that is 1300 chapters long, but my initial impressions are:

CONSISTENT, there haven't been any major plot holes that enforce the plot ("kill son,... more>> dad comes, kill dad, grandpa comes routine", or jarring cliches such as "you have to do this task or you die/get crippled t. System :---Dd"), the characters have depth (including the initial minor villain, while he doesn't share the leads' depth, he isn't a flat paper).

Lighthearted; the interactions are both sweet and comedic, the plot doesn't seem to focus only on face slapping (library of heavens path, or many of those dog blood CN 'romance' stories), but when it comes to it, the characters WILL take care of business.

Romance?; Very little that can be said here with so few chapters, but so far the progress feels cute and sweet. The ML is NOT black belly control freak obsessive yandere prince or similar arrogant "you have no choice but to be mine" tr*sh, however he is clearly dominant, while the FL is cute, albeit a bit insecure and a bit stubborn, but she does have her own will and isn't a doormat.

I do have a big worry.

while there is no harem tag, and no harem is indicated in the synopsis it is established that the spirit users are basically life partners for the masters, but zeros awakening allows ML to bind more than 1... Harems kill 99% of romance as either they are not believable at all (perfect harmony, or tons of girls that are just a collection of sorts), or the romance turns into harem politics which is just scheming and backstabbing (while some may enjoy that, it is not romance.)

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Enferlain rated it
February 3, 2024
Status: c207
Didn't expect it but yet another CN W novel. I'm not going to write a lengthy text or a review, but just that this places at the very top when it comes to cute, funny, and wholesome one on one storytelling. The closest novel I can think of that I enjoyed similarly was "summoned to another world but it's already at peace" or some shit, without the harem part. You get all the focus on the main characters who grow to love each other from zero, and that makes for... more>> me some of the funnest storytelling, in part due to how ducking good and how much of a character the translation gives to each interaction. Literally good as f*ck. <<less
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AdmiralUnknown rated it
August 27, 2023
Status: c115
Good read and time killer. Story about a stone cold assassin who got bored with life suddenly finding his partner.

But the website suddenly became inaccessible after chapter 118 came out. Even with VPN. When you go to the chapter's website, it will show a 403 error, and a message that says "You dont have permission to view this document".
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