The Daily Love Life Of The Immoral God And His Invisible Wife


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On the Rune Continent, there is a god who doesn’t want to be a god.

He spends every day slacking off and never does anything productive.

He is known as the Immoral God!

Making fun of his people is his greatest joy.

When the god is sleeping, it is the most beautiful time in the world.

Until one day, he falls in love with a non-existent girl.

The love of a god is destined to be bloody and intense.

Since then, this world has been destined to be restless…

The god said: “The sun is too bright, it’s hurting my wife’s eyes.”

So, the world lost its sun.

People asked:

“Where is your wife?”

“Why can’t we see her?”

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The Love Daily Of Unscrumptious God And Non-Existent Wife
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Helterskelter rated it
May 12, 2023
Status: c23
This story is equal parts ridiculous and heartbreaking.

It reminds me of Cultivating to Become a Great Celestial in its tone.

The backstory is that there are beings called gods that can cross dimensions and the ML is an unwilling student at a school for young gods to become administrators of the different dimensions that exist.

The FL is a young woman in one of those worlds who was cursed to never be seen by any living person.

The translation is also very good. I'd highly recommend keeping an eye on this one.
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aks300 rated it
July 10, 2023
Status: c70
The translation is good, the fluff is fluffy, the fMC is cute.. It should have been a 10/10 sweet read to pass the time and overdose on some sugar, if not for one simple, yet unfortunately not small, issue. The author dropped too much "annoying brat" solution when creating the MC. I swear, he must be one of the most annoying ones I've read, single-handedly taking this wn from an mindless but enjoyable 5* to a tolerable 3* at best. And that's with me being generous.

So beware. If you... more>> can't stand insufferable brats, better avoid reading this. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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