His Majesty And Ministers


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A story about an emperor shou with righteous three views being pushed down by a group of gongs.

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Date Group Release
02/29/24 The BL Muse c45
02/27/24 The BL Muse c44
02/25/24 The BL Muse c43
02/23/24 The BL Muse c42
02/21/24 The BL Muse c41
02/19/24 The BL Muse c40
02/17/24 The BL Muse c39
02/15/24 The BL Muse c38
02/13/24 The BL Muse c37
02/11/24 The BL Muse c36
02/09/24 The BL Muse c35
02/07/24 The BL Muse c34
01/30/24 The BL Muse c33
01/28/24 The BL Muse c32
01/26/24 The BL Muse c31
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ylial rated it
May 11, 2022
Status: c55
Actual rating 3.5

Harem but doesn't have smut scenes. This is a little mediocre especially for those who really want and read a similar story of transmigrating into an emperor. But I don't find any annoying character so it's good. The characters are 3D

Dunno if will drop
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darkelf01 rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't know I need this novel until after I read 'I Rely On Beauty To Stabilize The Country', this novel is the perfect dessert after reading that one. It's the "très bien" combo you'd need after reading that non-harem BL harem novel.

It's fascinating to see how the harem worked around MC, they're like his most trusted, secret inner circle officials but at the same time it's funny how they fought for MC's attention using their own particular charms and abilities. Though I'm still not sure if they genuinely like... more>> him or not.

This novel's hella interesting too, if you read beyond the simple phrasing and the seemingly casual interactions. The schemes aren't that stellar if you're a usual visitor of this trope, but the way the author presented them are like puzzles but given in small pieces. I like my puzzles.

Still no smut though, lol. <<less
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