I Rely on Beauty to Stabilize the Country


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Gu Yuanbai transmigrated into a BL novel as a weak, sickly emperor who barely had any sense of presence in the plot. The novel was a story of the struggle to gain the political power and love between the future regent and the first beauty in the capital, and he was supposed to serve just as a backdrop board.

Gu-wildly ambitious-Yuanbai: Don’t make me laugh.

He was the emperor—why would he let go of his power instead of expanding the national borders and leaving his name in the annals of history?


Xue Yuan, the son of the current supreme general and the future regent, hiding a burning ambition, accompanied his father into the palace for the first time. That day, he looked up, hidden among the crowd of courtiers, and caught a glimpse of the young emperor’s face.

Naturally rebellious, he sneered, thinking contemptuously that the little emperor looked prettier than the palace ladies. With this too-beautiful appearance and weak body, how was he planning to rule the country?

By making people take pity on his frailty?


After offending Gu Yuanbai, Xue Yuan was brought to kneel before him.

Gu Yuanbai let out a muffled cough, the snow falling in thick flakes gathering on his shoulders. Xue Yuan’s expression was dark.

“I’m in a bad mood.” Gu Yuanbai glanced at the future regent with a soft smile, his voice husky. “Don’t make me unhappy, do you understand?”

Xue Yuan was like a mad dog.

However, Gu Yuanbai was not afraid of anything except for life not being exciting enough. Taming a mad dog into a loyal official in his sickly condition was just a different way of challenging himself.

But he was too careless—it seems that the dog became too tame.

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21 Reviews

New darkelf01
Nov 24, 2021
Status: -
I wish this is a harem novel 😂

Every man who is attracted to the MC has the potential to be the ML since they either had strong backgrounds, abilities or smitten at first sight of the MC.

It sure is Gary Stu as hell but I actually enjoyed how many of them fell victim under the MC's dragon robe lol. It was so satisfying to read the way MC picked flowers talents left and right to become his harem officials :D

And usually I don't like delicate MC but I liked... more>> this one since he was actually so witty and cunning beneath that sickly body. He considered every angle and calculated everything to his benefit while not forgetting to be a genuinely good emperor who cared for the commoner and his trusted officials. I think it's adorable that he was doted and fussed over by his officials but he could only accept them helplessly. They spared no effort to please him with the quality of their works and in turn, he also cared about their job satisfaction. If not for his weak body, he would've been as famous as Back to Ming Dynasty to do Charity's MC.

I had a difficult time to accept the endgame pairing since so many of the men in this novel are ML-material sooo well, I still wished this is a harem novel. <<less
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New Severe
Nov 06, 2021
Status: Completed
Mary Sueish as hell. A very relaxing reading. You will not have to worry about anything - just because you know they will win everytime with almost no harm done.

Still, a lot of plot is going on, so being so "Mary" is ok to me.

Romance takes a huge part of plot. It is both hilarious and sturdy.

Totally recommended. Mtl is neat.
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Oct 04, 2020
Status: c121
Good novel! It's NOT really light-hearted nor shallow as its title, but is true as its title. It mainly focuses on MC's stabilization and improvement of country but has a little angst due to MC's disease. The story starts with MC already living (transmigrated) for three years as an emperor. For the past 3yrs, he was busy with getting back his power fr lu Sheng and built elite team/his own army. He is also straight and has rejected ML a million times. I wish he has a strong conviction in... more>> rejecting ML

For ML, he's psychotic and shameless. I ship many male chara's for MC instead XD since the real ML pisses me off at first. If the emperor is not the MC, the ML might really get killed on the spot due to his unruliness. Eventually, I came to like the ML a little due to his persistent efforts in wooing the MC

Downside for me is the push and pull between MC and ML. It is still honestly annoying due to repetitive scenes. Also, I hope that the author writes more of the MC's past since I find it unbelievable that MC adapts well as ruler. <<less
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Sep 28, 2020
Status: c115
I've been reading the raws and the character growth of the ML and the world building of this ancient Chinese dynasty is fantastic. There are a lot of actual historical references (with citations too!!) and the author also refers to academic articles to determine just how the MC (the emperor) reigns over his country with various reforms and strategic plans.
12 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 07, 2021
Status: Completed
Don't be fooled by the title! It is true to some extent, but this novel is not limited to it. The setting and plot are dynamic and well arranged. Without the extras, I would be very reluctant to finish this novel. Still, I wish there was more.

I rarely invest in transmigration+ancient china novel because most of the novels that I read with this tag always make me tired from the unnecessary dragging and drama. This novel satisfied my appetite just right with the moderate plot and scheme.

MC is a rational,... more>> logical straight man who transmigrated into ancient china as the emperor. He is true to his character.

He initially is a student of political science major, and his modern family is from the political background,

so it is a rational design for him to be able to govern the ancient court.

MC did well in his deed, but he certainly is not OP. He is not the typical know-it-all transmigrator from modern time. He spent his time learning from scratch, improving what he already know. Well, of course he has the it factor that help him achieve what he want. He is a beauty, that's one point.

ML is wild, sometimes irrational, overbearing, but extremely loyal to MC, and the perfect lover out there for MC. I like how ML is not designed as a perfect gentleman who master all types of art, etc. But simply a wild general who disliked the emperor at the beginning and then fell in love with him step by step.

The love story between MC and ML is great in a sense that there is no angsty drama due to miscommunication or third people intruding their relationship. Both of them respect and trust each other. Coupled with some spiciness in their relationship, they easily enter the list of my favourite couple. <<less
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Jan 31, 2021
Status: c15
I only read the first 15 chapters but this has become one of my all time favorite Chinese BL novels. The transmigration plot is like the other stories but the MC is one of the best written and shrewdest so far. Bonus for being the most beautiful in the story.

The MC has a weak body and the plot doesn't hide this. He has to balance how physically weak he is and use his knowledge to gain advantage.

The translation is outstanding and I like that there are explanations on esoteric subjects.

I... more>> eagerly wait for next chapters. Highly recommended. <<less
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Batman was the greatest cat
Batman was t
Sep 27, 2020
Status: c1
So far it seems interesting.

The main character transmigrates into a sickly emperor without any real power, takes said power back and plans on ruling himself. Only to find himself becoming ill. (●´⌓`●) He was seemingly an active person in his previous life, because his transmigration happens when he's sky diving, curious how a previously healthy and energetic person will respond to suddenly having the things they can do limited this much.

At this point we've met the male lead, but don't know much about him yet.

All in all, a transmigration BL... more>> story with an interesting premise and thus far good story. Translation is thus far also of good quality.

(Not rating it until there's more chapter.) <<less
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Apr 29, 2021
Status: c23
This novel has easily become one of my favorites and I anxiously wait for the tls to resume 😭

I absolutely love historical and political stories so it took me by surprise when I saw how much research went into this one, the plot is rlly interesting and it does not leave you guessing, there's plotting and intrigue but it's not excessive nor overly dramatic and it's well balanced w the humor, MC transmigrated 3 years before the whole thing starts so he goes along explaining the plans he's made to... more>> deal with his problems/enemies.

Honest to god MC has my heart, hes shrewd, astute and very clever; he's also not the usual know-it-all transmigrator, there's no OOC, plot pushers or a system and he knows just the basics about the novel he was shoved into (a bit like Twitter osmosis where you see people online going nuts over a new C-drama and without meaning to you start learning some of the plot LMAO), so he's basically going almost blind and trying to become a great emperor by his own effort while also dealing with a chronic illness.

ML however is a bit of a b*stard lol, I didn't like him at first but he kinda grew on me, I wouldn't go as far as to call him yandere cuz he basically does a lot of things just to see how far he can get without being seriously punished 😂😂, he reminds me a bit of Moran but less dumb and more wild.

Aside from that the side characters are great and I love their personalities, hopefully our lovely author fleshed them out a bit more in future chaps🙏

I also have to thank the wonderful tl team taking care of this project, there's a LOT of laws, ministries n titles (you get the hang of them somewhat easily) as well as some rlly interesting facts that make the whole thing super enjoyable (like ancient Chinese soccer! 😂) So I'm sure this isn't easy.

Needless to say, highly recommended❤️ <<less
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Jul 26, 2021
Status: Completed
Wat can I say, smoke got in my eyes at the ending, sigh... It's been a while since Ive come across a good read. The story isn't perfect, there's still loopholes here and

... more>>

like how GYB transmigrate into the book without rhymes or reasons. His background at the real world and how the hell is he so suitable to be an Emperor. It's like he was born for it. And no specific endings of other characters like the original shou etc etc.


But wat I like is the MC's character and the flow of the story. The romance is slow burn, believable and really sweet. Some parts of the story is also quite realistic, the palace drama quite interesting without being over the top.I also feel for the ML, he's just so devoted and has wat it takes to move Mount Tai (a.k.a the Emperor). Their love story really brought tears to my eyes, it's just beautiful and touching. The most devotion I felt beside Heavenly Official's Blessing.

All in all this is def a recommended read.I MTL ed the rest of the story and it's kinda difficult, I only get like 80% of the conversations.I bet the meanings will mk the story even better! <<less
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c23
I am in love with this novel and the translation is very good heads up translater san.

Waiting for the next chapters hehhe

Trying to MTL this is a headache ughhh

Story wise its very engaging, I wonder how the protagonists love story will unfold as they currently hata each other. Ughhh the wait
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 18, 2020
Status: Completed
A novel is so sweet and delicious that I completely lose the sugar taste 😭.

It is nice to see their relationship developing at a steady, slow pace with the country's development, the people's standard of living, and their love for their caring labors; I got infected from that 😂.

... more>>

it applied an old saying from our country, which is: "A dog loves nothing but only who's suffocates him." I fully felt the reality of the saying.

Since ML did not give in until MC used the difficult ways to punish him, it was interesting to watch their interactions at the beginning of their relationship, plus she did not lose the chain in the end.


The secondary characters were not mentioned much at the end of the text. The writer presented them at the beginning with a good introduction with characters built on a solid foundation. As the chapters ended, they disappeared; they may appear a little to reveal ML's jealousy and MC's accomplishments. I think it is the only aspect that I did not like here; the writer could have increased the number of chapters and stretched the plot by using them.

I highly recommend you to read it. <<less
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Oct 02, 2021
Status: c31
I LOOOOOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Don't let this cliche-ish (or cringey) title fools you!

Ok first of all, despite the transmigration tag & the fact that MC is transmigrated into a book, when reading this, I almost forgot that MC is transmigrated. Like, he is very good at his role of being an emperor. MC is not OP, of course, because he is sick & fragile yet he is also ruthless and knows how to use his subordinates well. This wise emperor is treating his good aides really well & the... more>> disobedient one will get punished!

MC is also unknowingly setting up a harem due to his beauty~

One thing I'm really concerned is: ML. This guy is a shameless mad dog who dare to tease the emperor! Hmph! Of course for some reason ML isn't killed (SOMEHOW) due to his attitude (I think the emperor doesn't really want to punish him to death because he knows how useful ML will be in the future. Since, of course, he was written as the future prince regent in the book.)

I also like how there were minimal comedic undertone. Sometimes it's so annoying to see MC is kinda trying to match OG shou & gong from the novel, like WHAT ARE U TRYING TO DO?! As I said before, he fulfills his role as the emperor very well, he acts & manages the country just like the emperor. Sadly the translation is not done yet so I guess we gotta go MTL route~ <<less
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Sep 01, 2021
Status: c35
  1. It's a good novel! Worth reading!
  2. MC is a modern guy with modern mindset who transmigrated into a body of a young pretty emperor in a novel. He is a hard worker even though he is sickly.
  3. Because of his pretty appearance, he has a lot of fanboys. But it's not a harem. The ML is only one.
  4. The plot, it is very well written! I really love how MC working very hard to build his country, he is really smart and ruthless, that's so cool.
  5. Their relationship start from enemies to lover. ML is not a fanboy, he is not like the other fanboys who are enchanted by MC's looks. He is more like, fall in love with MC's strong heart.
  6. The manhua art is so pretty!
  7. If you love novels with pretty, weak outside but strong inside shou, mad and unruly but devoted gong, then I believe this novel must be your cup of tea.
  8. Sorry for my bad English. I'm not a native speaker.
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Aug 31, 2021
Status: c19
One thing you have to know before reading is: the MC is a 'heartthrob', meaning there are gonna be a lot of characters that are going to fall in love with him, for either absolutely no reason or simply for his appearance. It's been mentioned in the summary of the raws as a landmine (something major that may displease you in the novel), so don't expect the people around MC to be 'normal'. There are currently no tags (that I know of) for this type of character, so it might... more>> turn people off. It's a bit of a shame that bad reviews are going to appear because of this. (The MC doesn't turn s*upid because of this so you have that, I guess). I'm not gonna leave a rating (as I said, the raw summary did warn me about the MC), but ignoring the 'heartthrob' stuff, the story has a decent plot, and seems interesting. The first 19 chapters are a bit bland for my taste and I don't really like heartthrobs, so I dropped it. Heartthrobs' aren't really my thing.

Rough Translation: (mtl with editing)

①CP XueYuan, 'mad dog' gong, 'heartthrob' shou, beware of land mines.
②A lot of details and reasons will be revealed later in the novel, so don't be too restless at the start of the novel.
③ Gong is naturally cold and has no ethics, disrespects imperial power, and is crazy and obsessed with shou in the later parts of novel. He pursues the shou in the early parts, and they pamper each other in the later parts.
④ I wish you a happy reading experience, weibo has extras and small shorts @晋江望三山 <<less
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May 10, 2021
Status: Completed
very good novel

I love the MC (shous) !

at the beginning there was too much scene where he was trying to put the MLs together...
but fortunately he ended up abandoning the idea of the novel.

... more>> and it was he who got into a relationship with the ML (gong) .

it took a long time, especially the fact of confessing the feelings.

luckily ML was very persistent and persevering.
ML is super hot and super sweet.
MC is an emperor, so ML doesn't always dare.
especially since MC's body is very fragile...
but everything is working out.
this is not a spoiler as it is explained in the first chapter...

this is not a harem novel
shame :)
because there are a lot of MLs !!!

thanks to the author.
thanks to the translator. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 08, 2021
Status: Completed
This was so good! The MC is not the typical MC in historical danmeis. MC is actually more manly and powerful but still tolerant of ML. The ML is actually what I expected to be when I saw the tags which is yandere. I think he is? But not over the top.

I keep avoiding this novel at first I thought that it is historical and somewhat hard to MTL since the translation is not yet complete. But, the MTL is understandable!

I definitely enjoyed this and RECOMMEND for everyone to read... more>> this! ❤️ <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jan 21, 2021
Status: c36
So far, I like how the novel is balancing between seriousness and humor.

Spoilers Maybe (01/20/2021) :

... more>>

Like the events are ridiculous once in a while but I like how the transmigrator took on his role as an emperor quite seriously. The second he transmigrated into an emperor, he pretty much went: "Aight, I guess this is what we are doing now". Unlike a lot of transmigration stories where they will begin to act OOC or not like the role they are meant to play, our character adapted extremely quickly into his role as an emperor. At times, I forgot he was even a transmigrator because he barely mentions it and only focuses on the health of the emperor and on how he can do his job as an emperor well.


10/12/2021 Update:


The novel is still good for me so far. I like the way the writer has written their characters. But the ML at times disturbs me. I get that his brash attitude is supposed to represent his childhood of living in the barracks. But at times it's a bit overdone. In the end of the day, he is a young master serving the emperor, even the rudest of nobles in the past would be wary of their behavior around the emperor. Also, I think the MC is being a bit too dictator-like in the current chapters. I recall, how he stated that's not how he wanted to go but that is pretty much how he is acting. I get that he's an emperor, but in history there have been emperors who were strong and respected without the use of force. Also he's a BIT too harsh to Xue Yuan. If this were any other Transmigration novel, the MC will definitely be killed by Xue Yuan in the future for treating him so badly. Nonetheless, I love everything else about the characters and the story.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 04, 2021
Status: --
Solid read. The plot is wonderful, the MC is great. The biggest let down is the ML. One of the worst ML ever written. MC deserves so much better than some brainless Chad with no manners. What a let down. I took down 2 stars because as the story develops, ML becomes more and more annoying. MC is better off with any one his admirers, literally anyone but ML is better.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 26, 2021
Status: --
It doesn't really pique me much.

I find it quite bland and too abrupt, not to mention, its superficial. Brainless characters seem to fall head over heels when mentioning MC. ML is annoying and its like the author just made up some random stuff and evolved them into problems to probably spice it up but they just made my impression of it worse.

I was only three chapters on before skimming through, dropped it after 6 chapters more.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Apr 20, 2021
Status: c43
I just really love the mutual antagonism between the MC and ML. The author handles it really well, and I don't feel like the MC is weak or needs to be sheltered from the 'big bad' ML, since they both have very strong personalities.

... more>>

I find it really amusing how the ML insists to himself that he's straight while he's obsessed with trying to find a way to look at the MC's private parts without getting killed for his audacity, to see if they are as beautiful as the rest of him.

ML clearly acknowledges to himself that his interest in the MC goes beyond the bounds of normal behavior for a straight man, but when he sort of brings up the issue to his dad, he gets a typical clueless straight guy reassurance that his obsession is actually just his loyalty to the Emperor (the MC.)

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 05, 2021
Status: c165
I finished the novel a while ago, though my chinese skill is pretty decent, I still could miss some points (also my memory is pretty poor).

But I'd say this novel is one of my favourite. Although, the plot isn't intense, and it's indeed about stabilising the country. It might've felt boring at some time, but the characters and the relationship between the main CP are making up for that.

Usually when I read a novel, even if I like characters to bits, there still would be some point of time where... more>> I feel irritated (or even hate them yk lol) but this time I didn't have any negative feelings even once.

As for characters... I WOULD LITERALLY THROW HANDS FOR XUE YUAN!!! He's such a good boy!
yep, at first I thought that he's typical scum gong but the further I read the stronger my love for him was. Actually, he isn't scum at all, our little emperor is the real 渣男 heh

after that impromptu handjob that he asked Xue Yuan to do for him and then like ayyy we're just bros helping each other and I'm straight


Xue Yuan's feeling for little emperor made my heart clench several times.

when he said that if you trained a dog, you have to take responsibility for it (I don't remember the wording correctly but it was something like that) ;

or when the little emperor is like: "you like me."

and Xue Yuan: "actually you're wrong, 我好喜欢你"


don't if it's a spoiler but

every time little emperor gripped xue yuan's chin, I was going feral


The little emperor is also such a likeable character, even though he's acting like a 渣男 towards Xue Yuan at first lol. Especially in the last few chapters, I really admired him for his decision:

he's gotten used to Xue Yuan always being around him, it's the period when their feelings are mutual, he showed his weaknesses to Xue Yuan, and Xue Yuan also showed his. But even if Gu Yuanbai was reluctant to let Xue Yuan go see the world for a pretty long time (3 or 5 years? I don't remember...), he still let him leave in order for him to gain a stable position for himself and have no regrets, so in the future IF they fell out of the relationship, Xue Yuan wouldn't depend only on Gu Yuanbai or be obsessed to the point that falling out would drive him insane but could find another path for himself. He didn't want for such a great person as Xue Yuan to just waste his time just as 侍卫 by the emperor's side when he could accomplish much more.


All in all, it's pretty light novel (well, except for some things) with great characters who will make you laugh occasionally~ strongly recommend!

(And I still have extras to finish...) <<less
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