Heroine’s Road to Becoming Scum


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If it were you, what would you do after suffering an unhealable emotional injury?

Will you be entangled to the end, struggling to stay?

Will you howl, cry and dwell on it?

Will you leave silently, depressed?

Tang Qinghuan, who was on the verge of despair, came to a dark world where there were all kinds of people with unresolved obsessions.

Because they had accumulated great yin virtue, they came here after death and told her their wishes. Her duty is to let them put aside the past, eliminate their obsessions and let them drink the bowl of Meng’s soup which lets them forget the memories of their previous life so they can leave this place and reincarnate.

It’s just that, after walking around from one world to another, it seems she has started down her own path of scumming.

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