Her Mountain, Her Sea


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“Ponds are pools of stagnant water. Does the fish want to live in this one?”

“Of course.”

(You Yu X Chi Tang)

(The fish & the pond)*

– She is her mountain, and she is her sea –

*Author’s nomenclature using the Chinese characters’ pronunciation: You Yu (游余)means swimming fish (游鱼)while Chi Tang(池唐) = pond (池塘)

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2 Reviews

New YouToon
May 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Two young woman with complicated backgrounds meet and become the first true friend either has ever had. Our MC is detached, prideful, insecure and kind. Our FL is intelligent, hardworking, inexperienced and determined. Together they experience common everyday school adventures punctuated by moments that force them to face the darkness of humanity far to young.

The world building supports their story. The characterizations are deep even when a characters position in the story is shallow. The friends they eventually make and the family they form are touching. The pacing is languid... more>> without stalling out the momentum. The climactic final tragedy was perfectly foreshadowed the whole book but still came out of nowhere.

Peace and support are what the two girls offer each other. Their love story is ultimately hopeful. It shows that if you stay true to yourself and work for what you want, you will know moments of joy in the life you live not just the destination you are seeking.


This author also has a twisted sense of humor if that last extra is anything to go by. :-P


I recommend this to anyone interested in a true school age friends to lovers tale.

It is a happy ending.


Warning: this may be triggering to some due to

instances of violence.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 06, 2021
Status: Completed
I really liked this story it's cute there are some serious stuff but other than that it's a cute gl definitely recommend this I'm surprised no one else has written a review for this too bad it's dropped. So, I agree with the review done by "Cereal Is Life" but I still liked it, it was a heartwarming story. Also, the MTL is not hard to read at all

... more>>

I'm not sure why they did that to the extras, but I did read it on MTL so maybe it becomes clearer when it's properly translated


Edit: Omg someone picked it up!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <<less
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