Heaven’s Intention


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Living for the forest, I’m happy when glory approaches. Living for precious herbs, I’m lavish when brandishing greens.

Even if I’m a root of a small herb, I do not need to be envious of the big imposing tree, towering to the sky. I can still grow vibrant.

A Druid’s mind, that is my nature.

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04/18/17 XL Translations c101-107
02/28/17 XL Translations c89-100
01/31/17 XL Translations c85-88
12/26/16 XL Translations c63-84
11/03/16 XL Translations c62
11/01/16 XL Translations c61
09/29/16 XL Translations c60
09/28/16 XL Translations c59
09/27/16 XL Translations c58
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09/21/16 XL Translations c51-52
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Lobo rated it
July 9, 2016
Status: c30
Chinese guy finds a spatial-plantation item where the weather doesn't change and he can plant everything he wants in there. The more interesting floras he plants the higher it levels and gives him abilities (game-system +1 strength, +1 magic for a level up<<something like that). He nearly dies and transfers to a fantasy world in the body of a young apprentice druid.

The previous translator did a great job and the current translator continued with the quality. The characters, magic/physical system and world so far is nice but the MC is... more>> just getting trashed the half of the time. He had his chance to destroy his enemies socially and physically but he didn't use that chance so far (from the moment he could till the current chapter months have gone bye and his enemies are f**king with him more and more) and I don't like it that he is too friendly and didn't gain anything with that.

He acted one time coldly and gained everything x10 but still stopped at that. Who knows how the story continues. Its worth a try <<less
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yinko rated it
September 30, 2016
Status: c60
All the characters are morons. The story pretty much ignores any sort of focus on actually being a druid, or exploiting the potential of a personal space, it's all just fighting with the people he's pissed off. Except it's worse than the standard xianxia formula, since the fight is stupidly pointless.
The protagonist even has a chance early on to leave and start fresh in a new city, but he and his enemies both decide that they need to be in the same place so that they can finish destroying... more>> one another. Every major background character has motives that make basically no sense and only work if those character have zero interaction with their social environment. <<less
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honglath rated it
December 26, 2016
Status: c84
The X-mas update, for which I'm thankful, reminded me this existed in my reading list.

Similar to Warlock, this xuanhuan as tagged in the 'Genre' area, takes D&D elements and mixes them up with chinese martial fantasy, only for the Druid class instead.

Reading this author's work so far gives me the same feeling as if I was an observer of a tabletop role-playing game where the main character is bound by the die of a roll. Of course however, being a work of fiction, the game is rigged and the dice... more>> are loaded.

It has an interesting start so far, but how it will turn out in the end I can't say, because I can't read raws. But I enjoy it now, and that's important to me. <<less
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