Hated Young Lady Accepts Her Fate


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I repeated that one year.
Repeat many times over and over.

I tried various things and thought about various things, No matter how many times I repeat that year, I could not escape fate.

Then, there’s no other way except to accept this fate!

Hated by everyone, spoiled, the Lady’s who is chased by never ending fate heartful full-hearted love comedy.

Hated Young Lady Accepts Her Fate average rating 3.9/5 - 15 user ratings
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Kirawa re reijō wa sono unmei o ukeireru
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11/13/17 Meira Eve Translation c1c1
10/12/17 Meira Eve Translation prologueprologue
10/11/17 Meira Eve Translation character introcharacter intro
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October 14, 2017
Status: character intro
This reminds me of the novel "my fiance is in love with my sister" however very different in a lot of aspects. Alsothe the setting similar to an aristocratic otome, although this definitely isn't an otome reincarnation novel

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While "My finance is in love with my sister" plays on our emotional strings and the heroine's dilemmas of her unrequited love, this MC struggles with her sanity in experiencing the time loops. This MC is always condemned no matter how she acts like being arrogant, cold, distant or even really nice. None of it matters, so in the prologue she is driven to escape the country (but she dies immediately doing so) or even to committing suicide.


Just judging on the prologue, this has a lot of promise and I expect that it's going to be significantly different than other romance stories I've read. So far this story can go on many directions. It can go a slightly more intelligent and political route where the MC becomes a true badass villainess. Personally hope for something like this. Or it can take the typical "fluffy direction, which would make for interesting interactions considering the mc's prior experiences in the loop. Or if it wants to be dramatic, it can take that turn. Whatever direction it takes, I can totally see all of them be fairly interesting and this story needs to be checked out <<less
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