Hated Young Lady Accepts Her Fate


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I repeated that one year.
Repeat many times over and over.

I tried various things and thought about various things, No matter how many times I repeat that year, I could not escape fate.

Then, there’s no other way except to accept this fate!

Hated by everyone, spoiled, the Lady’s who is chased by never ending fate heartful full-hearted love comedy.

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Kirawa re reijō wa sono unmei o ukeireru
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11/13/17 Meira Eve Translation c1
10/12/17 Meira Eve Translation prologue
10/11/17 Meira Eve Translation character intro
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January 6, 2019
Status: c38
This story is so excruxiatingly suspenseful and I have to agree, how similar it is to "my fiance.." It just brings you into their world. I honestly feel bad for her as much as I do Ilya. Yet, I can still feel a 4th wall if you know what I mean?

Needs a mystery tag because as the info (located above) about the story says, she doesn't know why this keeps hapening + including multiple points of views albeit small snippets inbetween some chapters.

I couldn't wait for the english translations so... more>> I just google translated ahead and my gosh, I can't even. The author doesn't seem to uplaod much and is currently on the 38th chapter but the wait is like the largest cliff ever.

i literally spoiled everything until the latest chapter, so please don't read unless you really are curious...


these jerk capture targets. how dare they put her through all this!?!!

she's literally the sweetest person that could've been until everyone messed it up cause of the manipulation they put her through as she grew up.

of course she'd turn out that way you imbeciles.

but she's not totally dumb. academically she's actually really smart. she's just young, hot headed, and never got the chance she needed to truly be cared for. to actually learn her own mistakes. theu literally just ceded to every request she had except when the parents had plans and the bro would just roll along w/it.

her only friends of justice are cats and honestly that's sad because of what she's been through on a psychological even spiritual level.

imagine reincarnating the exact time frame yet you know you'll always die? it's not a whole lifetime. it's a year. a small year on loop like a bad 10hr loop video. yet even when you make the biggest changes in life to avoid esrly death and the effect that comes with her death, it still ends the same.

over&over&over&over.... Always getting betrayed.

It got so bad, that she wasted 2-3 lifetimes I believe.

The ones I remember the most

1. su*cide by stabbing or slitting herself with scissors.

2. she just jumped out of the building..

This was after she couldn't take it anymore so she just did them once she woke up hoping to escape the cycle.

ah, I just want to protect her. I feel this way about Ilya and it just hurts when I see a beautiful character like this

I can't help but love all of them that are like this though. the major diff. is that she has a maturing spirit and character compared to Ilya.

her personality doesn't really look down on commoners but she does see and understand propper decorum and social standing. so it's really understandable why she acts the way she did. she just never got the chance to properly explain or defend even it in her last life letting anger and fear talk in her stead.

this is cause she's actually a shy girl and doesn't have confidence in herself before and after the loops happened but as time progressed she became less subdued.

to you know who when you read this part in the novel:

you're literally hurting her with what you've been doing yet you act all self-righteous as if she murdered someone! heh~ -_- *spits


sigh~ gotta wait for the rest of the masterpiece to be published. <<less
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October 14, 2017
Status: character intro
This reminds me of the novel "my fiance is in love with my sister" however very different in a lot of aspects. Alsothe the setting similar to an aristocratic otome, although this definitely isn't an otome reincarnation novel

... more>>

While "My finance is in love with my sister" plays on our emotional strings and the heroine's dilemmas of her unrequited love, this MC struggles with her sanity in experiencing the time loops. This MC is always condemned no matter how she acts like being arrogant, cold, distant or even really nice. None of it matters, so in the prologue she is driven to escape the country (but she dies immediately doing so) or even to committing su*cide.


Just judging on the prologue, this has a lot of promise and I expect that it's going to be significantly different than other romance stories I've read. So far this story can go on many directions. It can go a slightly more intelligent and political route where the MC becomes a true badass villainess. Personally hope for something like this. Or it can take the typical "fluffy direction, which would make for interesting interactions considering the mc's prior experiences in the loop. Or if it wants to be dramatic, it can take that turn. Whatever direction it takes, I can totally see all of them be fairly interesting and this story needs to be checked out <<less
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Meira Eve
Meira Eve rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c2
I was at chapter 2 translating it while a message from the author reached me and told me to not translate this. Looking back, now I know the reason, and that is because I asked at the wrong time. It was near the time where the LN is announced.. *Sigh*

The story itself is indeed, just like the others said, similar to "my fiancee is in love with my sister", but honestly it really makes me emotional reading through how she struggles.. T^T

The differences is that, at the time of the... more>> main story, this time the FL living her live while accepting what will come to her, while the FL of "my fiancee" keep struggling.

It's biggest blow is the fact it's in hiatus right now, I would love to translate it again tho.. ^^; <<less
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