Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures


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To put it simply, it’s about a teenager named Ivan Mason, who reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts!

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mrttao rated it
November 21, 2017
Status: c6

A self insert gary stu fanfic fixfic of harry potter. Only its from china, so there are weird names and goblins have eyes that "shine with cunning" and MC is "horrified all his secrets are seen through" by ollivander.

MC was a (chinese) huge fan of Harry Potter and read the books multiple times. He then died and reincarnated as a newborn baby in Harry Potter world, he thought it was a normal earth until he got his hogwarts letter at age 11. Seconds after getting the letter he went with his parents to a business meal...

Remember the business meal during which dobby dropped a cake on the wife of the visitor to get harry in trouble? well, turns out MC was inserted as their kid. Only this time because of MC meddling dobby gave dudley a pig tail instead (since when is he attacking humans?). And in few whispers that happened offscreen MC convinced his parents that magic is real, that harry is abused, and that they should bribe vernon with a good business deal to convince him to let them take harry of his hands, so he is now the MC's adopted brother!

MC seems to switch between knowing stuff, such as knowing about harry and dudley and lockhart. To not knowing stuff, such as harry informing him about snape and MC then "realizing snape is an asshole" based on harry's description. How did he not know anything about snape if he is such a huge fan that memorized the books?

After 6 chapters nothing really happened, MC faffed about a bit, MC is as studious and smart as hermione with whom he engages in technobabble, giving harry a headache. MC convinces mrs weasley to let him buy a nice robes for ginny. And for some damn reason MC has a thestral core wand from ollivander. At least it isn't elderwood too, since if it was it would literally be the elder wand.

Also for some reason MC is horrified by having a thestral core wand and wants to throw it away instead of elated at having innate powers over death and being an OP mary sue.

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November 18, 2017
Status: c743
I started binging this the 3 days ago and all I can say is the author did his/her best in trying to create an alternate plot to Harry Potter.

Though Voldemort is still an integral part of the story, he isn't the last boss anymore. The main baddies are now "evil gods" with the secret treasures being the weappns against them.

So if you guys want something along the lines of xianxia+HP, maybe this novel is for you.

... more>>

Though it is a bit annoying how the author portrays Ron as an easily jealous jerk, as well as how he always seem to be the pawn ised by the bad guys for their schemes.

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Aoto rated it
January 20, 2018
Status: c1396
The first arc is honestly a bit boring, because it's simply HP with the Chinese writing style (but thats because the author simply started the story because of work and didn't think it would get that popular), afterwards there were tremendous improvements plotwise and it is really enjoyable, the only thing that annoys me is that the romance is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally slow, as long as you are not a hardcore fan who picks on every small detail you will enjoy it, so give it a try and read more than the... more>> first few chaps ^^, hf <<less
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Salaver rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c1664
I am writing this review after reading over 1600 chapters.

As a fan of the original Harry Potter series, it evokes a lot of nostalgia in me. Over the years, waiting for the next volumes of books in this series, the number of fan fictions that I have read can be counted in hundreds, not only in English, but also in other languages.

Some of these fan fictions were good, some bad, some exellent, some with potential.

I saw different approaches of authors, who created their own worlds, and thanks to this series... more>> some of them even became professionals. Each of these worlds was unique, unrepeatable and presented a completely different approach and visions of the future of the series. Some strictly follow the canon, others have changed it.

When the last part appeared (volume 7), something ended and I thought that from now on only from time to time I would come back to this great series, which left such a huge mark on me, thanks which I discovered what a fantasy genre is, and then the world of the novel both Japanese and Chinese. You can successfully assume that this series has placed me on this track, thanks to which I am here and write this Review.

It was until I was browsing new titles in "Novel Updates", in search of the next book, I found this fan fiction - "Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures", and thanks to pure impulse, that I decided to once again returned to the world of Harry Potter.

... and again I felt the fire in my heart, which I used to feel in the past, when I absorbed the chapters, one after another like a thirsty person in the desert which was given a glass of water.

This book is not without flaws, none is, but if someone begins to judge, before reading the first 200-300 chapters, this person does not know what he really judge.

It's not about (a bit) of a slow start here, or that the first two years of Ivan at Hogwarts pass so fast. After these 1, 600 chapters, I think that it was deliberate on the part of the author.

The magic of this story depends on descriptions of this world, on incorporate Harry's three friends and the main character, creating "four" friends, and reading a story that beautifully combines facts and scenes from the canon, masterfully adding new events, creating an epic tale that exceed that, what the original series showed us. Thanks to the approach of Chinese authors, the epic motifs are intertwined into a big world, surprising you just at the moment when you think you know what will happen next, preserving the "western" the world of Harry Potter.

The magic of this story is also the development of the characters' thoughts and personalities, their interaction, description of each of them, and especially - Hermione, who (for me) exceed her own self from the original series.

For me his fan fiction has become what the original series should become. Rewarding a slight disappointment with the last volume of the original series

I could write for a long time, but I will limit myself to a summary, which in my opinion will be an indicator for someone who decides to give this book a chance, which is why:

- if you like the world of Harry Potter
- if you like Chinese novels

This is a title for you and I hope that this fan fiction will be translated to the very end.

If the original series made it possible to create this fan fiction, boiling with power, challenges, powerful enemies, and even other worlds, it remains to say... it was worth it. <<less
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slimyslime rated it
January 6, 2018
Status: c1200
I'm honestly surprised someone pick this up.

This novel is one of rare cn Harry Potter fanfic novel that's not bad and not dropped.

The author modified the novel so much you probably won't recognize at first glance.

... more>> Nothing much can I say, this is good if you like Harry Potter, this might not be OTP (not confirmed yet)

I rate this 4 star because there's better HP fanfic novel I know, but this one is really not bad, only its a bit too long.

BTW the MC might not seems OP (yet) but after chamber of secret I believe, he's getting stronger a lot. <<less
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jacobpaige rated it
July 29, 2018
Status: c4
Low-grade, wish-fulfillment trash. The characters from the original don't feel like themselves and everything comes far too easily to the MC. He also seems to completely lack perspective on the events of the world and I fully expect him to do incredibly stupid things in the future that still work out due to excessive plot armor.
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Bib rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c83
It’s actually a nice read. I’m a Harry Potter fan and this novel brings new twists to the story and the MC is just as likable as the original characters. Definitely worth reading for Harry Potter lovers who couldn’t get enough of the original story.
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picaco rated it
May 10, 2018
Status: c625
Great fanfiction with a touch of a chinese novel.

First year

First year (second book) its a typical fanfiction that dont change the final canon only changing little parts to do the story unknow.

... more>>

Giving tips to the golden trio and being an inteligent know-it-all like hermione. Changing the user of the diary to Ron and finally finding a treasure of the founders that can increase your magical power but is necesarry some "keys" to open


Second year

Middle second year the same, the last middle of the year it starts with the big changes presenting news "bosses" transforming the MC, becoming more OP at least comparing with joung wizard.


In the first half happen all the same with a more intelligent and manipulative Peter Petegrew trying to seems like a hero and freeing Sirius of his crimes. The second half searching and trying to take the "key" of gryffyndor that is in the forbidden forest and figthing the acromantulas that are being controlled by an evil god, that there are more of them. And finnaly confronting Voldemort without revive and with the help of powerful vampires


Third year

Third year the MC is completely OP, at one step of having a power like Dumbledore, so he can't participated in the triwizard tournament because if he participate it wouldn't be a competition

Big changes

MC takes Hermione and Ron is always in a state like when he have the horrocrux at the DH, being a jeolus jerk, sometimes because he is controlled.

OP MC with changes in magic power to mana.

New "bosses".

Vampires have an important factor.

A great fanfiction that can satisfy that people that like chinese novel, with slow romance without harem. The author is relatively faithfull to characters and have a good plot, changing a big part of it keeping the idea of Harry Potter <<less
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ARATA-J rated it
August 26, 2018
Status: c1205
Firstly, the story plot direction is very good if developed well... but ruin by the author incompetent way of writing.

The writer portray Ron as jerked which is too much that make me even hate original character because of it. there is no self defined of any character, feel like machine and the author forcing his own crap to character of original.

Ivon, Ivan, Evon or whatever is the main guy of the sotry was born in HP (harrypotter) world he is Chinese previsouly though..

But from the author sense of view, the... more>> reader us can feel he hate is own culture or some crap personal experience encounter in his life to write very ironic story of his protrayment of Ivon

the romance sucks, start making progress after ball chapter (648), I dun like how the main guy (Ivon) being very stubborn for hermoine which is too crap for reader to take in (especially me), I bet the author his having delusional of emma watson and the story character which J.K rowling create, Dude (the author) get a life seriously, I do appreciate your unique story and for spending time creating te story but dun insert too much crap to story and stop dumping to much crap too prolong chapters.


you can read this novel if you like Hp fan-fic but I dun recommend to those who can bare naive idiotic main lead inserting in friendship of original cast, also with protection of plot armor with force story to create to much crap on whether romance, character ruining or writer view on his own people (Chinese) hatred..... if can bare it plz do go on.

anyway thanks for reading my review and I hope I point out facts which some of you hope to express <<less
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Boredgasm rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c1694
I'd give this story a 3.5. My first Harry Potter fanfic, and the story was pretty good. Most of the other reviews already touch upon the plot, so I will just mention a couple things I dislike so far...

The first being the romance between the main character and Hermione. In the original story, she ends up with Ron of all people, so I was pretty surprised at the fact that she could be so prideful around the MC when he has pretty much only ever been amazing or brilliant. Their... more>> romance starts off pretty cute, because they're both so young and are limited to holding hands and kissing. The whole contrived fight at the ball in later chapters did not seem to really align with Hermione's character, but in some ways her change has become better with the MC acting as a foil instead of Ron. I don't really like how much they try and glorify her character, and increasing interactions with the MC just make me dislike her more and more. And as the story progresses, I begin to dread every interaction between Hermione and the MC. He always acts super beta, and is just like *sigh* guess I gotta go do whatever she tells me/back her up even when she's being childish or dumb. Hermione pretty much has the MC wrapped around her finger: dangerous situation? bring me along too! etc, etc.

Another thing I disliked was how pathetic Ron is portrayed throughout the story, with the only explanation being "but he's still a good guy"... The saving grace for Ron is that as the story progresses, his character becomes less pathetic (but he is still abused by unlucky or unfortunate events, as seen in the latest chapters).

And the author tries to downplay how OP the MC is by highlighting how vulnerable he is or how he underestimates things, like things diverging from the original story line, but that doesn't really give us much fear for the MC who can seemingly do or get away with anything. Voldemort ain't sh*t in front of the MC after a few hundred chapters from when he recognized that Voldemort was scary and dangerous. Now Voldy is just dangerous, but not scary. <<less
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jammerg55 rated it
April 22, 2018
Status: c1035
This is obviously a rewrite of the harry potter series to include the author's character, but that's ok. This version is as tasteful as the original. After having read so far ahead in the raws, its apparent that this author has done a lot of study/research into various historical religions/mythological studies and was able to tastefully incorporate those aspects into the story while retaining much of the original story.

Sure there is a lot of eye candy and extraneous stuff like ... more>>

Hermione getting taken by Ivan instead of Ron

but it works well with the theme of the story WITHOUT the nearly ever present harem theme of Chinese novels. Besides, whats wrong with saving characters that died? Just think of it as an alternate Harry Potter Universe.

There are complaints about how the author portrays Ron, however if you really pay attention to both the movie and original novels, the portrayal isn't that far from the mark. <<less
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14 rated it
September 20, 2018
Status: c1458
For me no matter how you write a fanfic it would not be any good, it is the same for this. This does not mean that the story is not enjoyable, reading more than 1400 chapters I was not bored. The problem with this novel are the characters, like any good novel, Harry Potter novels are all about the characters they are complex the author for lack of a good word butchered them, Harry does not get any screen time even less than Ron. Ron on the other hand is... more>> shown as the dumbest wizard to ever have existed, he does not learn and is used for creating conflict by the author, in the novels he had redeeming qualities in this one he has none, as for Hermione she is also warped for the worst, the author has a strange obsession with either the character or the actress, she is turned into a female cliche always described as blushing, adorable, small and petite. MC Ivan is not interesting he is either all knowing a typical mary sue or very subdued. He plans ahead, does things that are are very Chinese light novel like, he is a fan of the series and knows a lot of obscure information a casual reader like myself would not know (I read all the novel once about 5 yrs back and have not watched all the movies) but forgets information that is easily remembered, asks redundant questions that he should already know because when the original content of the novel plays out there is a need for him to say something otherwise he feels out of place. He does not match well with the trio that is why the author generally separates him and Hermione from Ron and Harry.

The extra content the author writes is not good, the evil good thing is very xianxia like and with talks about higher/different worlds and magic rule (like laws or dao in xianxia), the characters such as Elaine are very one dimensional. I usually skip the parts where he travels to the different vestiges and such, those parts are quite boring.

The love story is not good and cringy with about dozens of moments where the MC and Hermione are in awkward situations for eg-

when Hermione is in his bed as a cat trapped inside his clothes and licked his chest and later he now as a cat licked her neck or some sh*t. As I was reading that I laughed hysterically but still it was quite disturbing.


Reading this novel at times it feels like the MC is friends with Harry and Ron because of Hermione as there are very few interactions between Harry and him and at times through the author or the MC you would feel hostility towards Ron as a character. <<less
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Raphael rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c79
Kinda picked this up after finishing just about everything else I was focused on and caught up to stuff I dropped before.

What can I say, I liked it. I'm usually not a fan of fanfics but this one struck gold, I'm aware some people just don't like this kinda stuff and I get them but somehow I really wanted to read more. Unfortunately from the looks of it seems like it's stuck at 79 and may not move ahead since few people pick stuff like this because it doesn't get... more>> many readers and the current translator just stopped without saying anything, at least if they did I missed it entirely. Anyways point is I like it, think it's a decent story and I was hoping to get more of it, specially since it left off at a pretty good point with

MC getting suspicious looks from Granger after she picked him up as a cat and was taking him to a bath which he swiftly ran from but then he saved the fag brigade at the train from the dementors and his patronus was the same animagus cat he transforms into and a chapter later him and hermione are reading bout dementors and the patronus and learn that the patronus takes the shape of an animal close to you and she just gives him a look but he swiftly tells her not to think too much about it lol

really wanted to find out what happens after that spoiler =D <<less
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blacklord117 rated it
January 11, 2018
Status: c66
I love reading this Novel. Although it's a fan-fiction it is beautifully written, this fan-fic not based on the Harry Potter movies but the books.

I just hope the chapters get updated more regularly & frequently.

In conclusion;

It doesn't matter if one has read the Harry Potter books, as long as you know a little about the original characters you will enjoy this novel and if you do know and are familiar with the original books and movies then it feels like you are talking to a fellow fan who is telling... more>> the story from his own understanding to which you may or may not agree with

🍙🍙🍙 <<less
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Nvelist rated it
December 13, 2017
Status: c30
It's not entirely bad as I thought after reading the other fanfic 'Harry Potter and the Rise of the Ordinary Person'.

The story deviate from the start but not much changes in the actual book. MC himself being a huge fan of the story wants to be sided with Harry Potter. The bad part is that even though MC have much knowledge and known plot that happened in the original series, he is careless of the things he changes and an idiot being easily affected by Harry's enemy Draco. He regressed... more>> and became retarded about all the things a reincarnated person can become. But he have still have a leeway and wits to figure things out.

Well let just see how this wizarding world change much of MC's intervention. <<less
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SpaceMan89 rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c89
The author butched this, greed and lack of bravery is what it is. I just don't know how he can plan for some things from the book and forget key details and plot.

Translator should of fix dobbys speech in this, reads wrong. Never read the books and only seen first three movies, but I can still see the butched plot.
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Lordie Grim
Lordie Grim rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c37
To honest with you, I like this fanfiction. The MC is not too overpowered. He ist quite intelligents and reasonable. I really like his personality because he is not some arrogant chinese MC
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Lt.butterfly rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c106
Honestly this is on the better spectrum of Harry Potter fics I've read. Some out there have great potential to be way better but the writer just drops them after 8 chapters. Besides I find it refreshing when the main character is original and not pre-existing characters.

My only real issue is that the author doesn't seem to have a strong knowledge in Harry Potter. Ron in the books is actually quite talented far better than almost his entire year. Just he got a hand me down wand from his dead... more>> brother. Whose wand has a chance of acknowledging another master is almost zero. [ The author seems to say that a large amount of people saw Sirius black bend the knee to voldy. In the book that was never said he was merely blamed for it cause he's from a purist house. And pettigrew said he did it to everyone.]

[The author doesn't seem to understand no one thought it was aragog, aragog wasn't big enough to kill someone. They openly thought it was hagrid cause his walking path would have put him at the chambers location, along with supposedly getting caught by Tom Riddle. The author also doesn't understand that he imperious curse yes it controls you he go that right, but once you break out of it there is no residual effect. Also I don't understand if the author knows what a protonus is, they represent either the animal you are closest to but more often then not what you at your heart are. They represent sides of ourselves that we don't understand ourselves. Also the author doesn't understand how am animagus comes to be. I don't remember the whole process but you do need to keep a type of mandrake in your mouth for a month.]

All around it's a good story but the author just has some major issues in Harry Potter knowledge. <<less
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