Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures


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A teenager named Evan Mason was reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts!

With only his knowledge of the future and great talent for magic, he takes the path towards the top of the magic world, only to realize that every step he took, changed everything!

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Xuanyu rated it
January 1, 2020
Status: --
Expands upon harry potter world. Making it go from a school war affecting the country to something spreading over the world. A global conflict against ancient evils.

Terrible writting, character feel like they got dumbed down even compared to the originals. Especialy the MC who is the most dense idiot ever even worse than ron in the same book.

Great plot, butchered execution.

Passive MC who achieved nothing and has to rely upon plot to carry him. Not only does he not plan forward a single day he lets everyone know of every... more>> little and great secret that can cause the destruction of the world. Zero creativity for magic or any advancement even with the only pure and complete alchemy heritage. A true chinees MC who can create nothing and only follows the books as if it is a holy scripture like most xianxia.

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Lordie Grim
Lordie Grim rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c37
To honest with you, I like this fanfiction. The MC is not too overpowered. He ist quite intelligents and reasonable. I really like his personality because he is not some arrogant chinese MC
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Iwo rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: Completed
I loved it 💙💙

I recommend this story if you like complex worlds full of good lore.

I only saw the movies, but after reading this it made me want to read the original work to compare it and know which things are things that the author invented and which things are JKR's 🤔

Ivan doesn't have any kind of point system nor can he draw powers from other stories (Marvel, DC, etc.) and I love that because in fanfics that usually happens and I feel like it kills the essence. He is... more>> armed with his knowledge of the saga, which he soon realizes will not be enough for his mission to save the world, and his power typical of an ordinary magician who grows through study and practice, although it is true that he goes finding some objects that supported him in critical situations.

With my poor knowledge based on the movies I can say that the characters are much more interesting here than in the movies. Especially Hermione, I feel like she was able to show parts of herself and the evolution of her very well, like another comment said.

I really liked how he talks about the magic circle of other countries and even interacts deeply with some of them.

Having included the plot of the Evil Gods was a great success, since with them came many more missions, powers, past stories, magical objects, enemies and friends that greatly enriched this world.

For some, 1858 chapters may seem like a lot and this may discourage you from reading this work, I almost put it aside for that reason, but it is really worth it. At least for me it was worth it. <<less
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YanXiao rated it
April 8, 2022
Status: c512
Liked it a lot that it made me rewatch the movies, now tempting me to buy the books and made me look forward to the new game Hogwarts Legacy coming this year.

The only downside for me is that the translators just stopped translating somehow and successfully gave me a severe case of cliffhanger syndrome.

For the love of all that is holy, can someone give me the link to the raws so I can move on with my life.

Thank you kindly.
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13th Echelon
13th Echelon rated it
March 24, 2020
Status: --
As a reader of Harry Potter and watched all the films, this novel was written pretty well. I like how Evan was reincarnated but his nationality is obscure and the only important was that he knows Harry Potter but there comes the plot hole as we didn't know his age in the previous life as that would reflect on how mature he was in the second life, it would affect the story itself.

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WiLeY BiGhEaD rated it
August 29, 2019
Status: c1509
If you have read the original books these cannot compare, and if you bonded with some of the main characters (especially Ron) then there is a good chance you will not like this retelling. Things often don’t go the way you would like and most readers can come up with a better outcome/plot change, or will be frustrated multiple times. I believe the lack of control over the outcome of the story is the corner stone theme for the novel. This feeling is the same thing that the main character... more>> has. He knows the original story and wants to make a better outcome, but the more he tries, the more he struggles to come to terms with his lack of control.

Past all of that, it is rather well thought through for a fan fiction. The Chinese wuxia novel themes and style are very strong so expecting something even remotely similar to the originals is a foolhardy. The author here is sharing their own unique spin on the Harry Potter universe and while I really enjoyed some of it, there are other parts I would have done differently. That being said, it was new, I was interested in the explanations that were in some cases just filler but they still had important information and perspectives instead of repetition, though it did happen on occasion.

The more I read this novel, the more I understood the perspective of the author and came to enjoy it. However if you cannot set aside your expectations, ideas, or desires for the novels plot or how the author chooses to have the characters act it will not have much of an enjoyment factor. For example, sorry Ron fans, but he gets tr*shed in this novel. He isn’t the only character who acts s*upid or incredibly immature, but if you remind yourself that for most of this novel they are kids between 12 and 17 years of age who aren’t raised by emotional stable or proper role models for the majority of their lives, their behaviour makes much more sense.

However, the novel has some identity issues and it struggles to be its own thing. Instead it seems to drift between original Harry Potter plot and the new plot without fully fusing the two.

My personal opinion: (with the benefit of the doubt for not being Rowling and with a wuxia influence)

writing: 3.5/5 decent

creativity: 4.5/5 new and unique

Length: 3.5/5 it could be longer overall. Some parts need flushing out and others need trimming. More new stories would be great

plot: 4/5 struggles between new and old without being its own, but are both good with decent transitions

enjoyment: 5/5 personal preference <<less
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Lt.butterfly rated it
June 19, 2018
Status: c106
Honestly this is on the better spectrum of Harry Potter fics I've read. Some out there have great potential to be way better but the writer just drops them after 8 chapters. Besides I find it refreshing when the main character is original and not pre-existing characters.

My only real issue is that the author doesn't seem to have a strong knowledge in Harry Potter. Ron in the books is actually quite talented far better than almost his entire year. Just he got a hand me down wand from his dead... more>> brother. Whose wand has a chance of acknowledging another master is almost zero. [ The author seems to say that a large amount of people saw Sirius black bend the knee to voldy. In the book that was never said he was merely blamed for it cause he's from a purist house. And pettigrew said he did it to everyone.]

[The author doesn't seem to understand no one thought it was aragog, aragog wasn't big enough to kill someone. They openly thought it was hagrid cause his walking path would have put him at the chambers location, along with supposedly getting caught by Tom Riddle. The author also doesn't understand that he imperious curse yes it controls you he go that right, but once you break out of it there is no residual effect. Also I don't understand if the author knows what a protonus is, they represent either the animal you are closest to but more often then not what you at your heart are. They represent sides of ourselves that we don't understand ourselves. Also the author doesn't understand how am animagus comes to be. I don't remember the whole process but you do need to keep a type of mandrake in your mouth for a month.]

All around it's a good story but the author just has some major issues in Harry Potter knowledge. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SpaceMan89 rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c89
The author butched this, greed and lack of bravery is what it is. I just don't know how he can plan for some things from the book and forget key details and plot.

Translator should of fixed dobbys speech in this, reads wrong. Never read the books and only seen first three movies, but I can still see the butched plot.
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[email protected] rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: --
It’s great! Over all it gets more better as the story progresses. The negative would have to be Ron, and how the MC hints at having s*xual interc**rse at the age of 12. A personal dislike would have to be “ tired of living” and “not his opponent” I just dis like these quote. It seems to be a line used in China coming to this conclusion based on manhua I myself don’t like it. I know I've said only the negatives but their are far more positive. This generally... more>> include how the author changes the story and makes it even more better then the original. At points making the villain Voldemort looks like a baby.! <<less
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Delicious Potato
Delicious Potato rated it
August 12, 2021
Status: 600+
The romantic feelings have been there since the beginning but mc's first real kiss with the heroine was in a chapter in the 600s. Romance in this novel is really slow, teasing me by c*ckblocking MC at every chance possible. But 600+ chapters, we finally got that kiss and I ain't even mad
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Netherlicht rated it
September 26, 2020
Status: c169
Feels like a retelling with minor differences and some big differences, but still follow the same plot points. It's a frustrating way to tell a story. I don't think he change a single major plot point yet.

Main character starts out as 11, a year younger than Harry, Hermione and Ron. He self-inserts Ivan or Evan (idk it changed during translation of the first 200 chapters.) and he shits on Ron, while he makes Ron be a bit heroic, it's probably so it isn't too obvious he steals his spot in... more>> the gang and that he wants Hermione. Now as I said I'm not super far into the story so I can't say with certainty there won't be some major changes, I'll update if it gets better, but as the author is taking too much from the original I can't judge if he can even write something original that isn't shit. <<less
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