Handsome Friend


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A simple love story between Li Shu who doesn’t know how to love at all and Shen Yiyou who is super in need to be loved.

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Piao Liang Peng You
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/07/20 Haveaniceday c14
03/31/20 Haveaniceday c13 part2
03/31/20 Haveaniceday c13 part1
03/27/20 Haveaniceday c12 part2
03/27/20 Haveaniceday c12 part1
03/26/20 Haveaniceday c11
03/25/20 Haveaniceday c10
03/24/20 Haveaniceday c9
03/23/20 Haveaniceday c8 part2
03/21/20 Haveaniceday c8 part1
03/20/20 Haveaniceday c7 part2
03/19/20 Haveaniceday c7 part1
03/18/20 Haveaniceday c6
03/16/20 Haveaniceday c5
03/14/20 Haveaniceday c4
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