The Moon is Coming to Me


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Tao Xi knew the fate of being deliberately exchanged at birth by his “mother” in the third year of middle school. He lived in daze, until he saw Lin Qinhe of Wenhua No.1 High School, a prestigious school thousands of kilometers away, on the remote live broadcast screen of a high school in a poverty-stricken county.

It was him who lived in the bottom of the well, and for the first time, he caught a glimpse of the moon in the sky.

But when he exhausted all his energy to climb out of the well and waded towards the moon, he found that the star beside the moon should have been his position.

Tao Xi wanted Lin Qinhe, along with the love he lost.

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The Moon Comes to Me
Ánh trăng vì tôi mà đến
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New puregarnet
September 14, 2022
Status: c17

Hmm, think I won't continue. I find the MC a bit annoying for me? He was all earnest about studying and getting out of poverty but actually he just wants to have a bf? And I don't understand why he likes the ML? It was just through a screen. Also, I thought he would be a better protagonist a bit more confident or steady but he's such an uke? And being annoyingly needy with the ML when I'm not convinced of his love.

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New IvaAres rated it
September 6, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a pretty short and kinda lightish read cuz their isn't a lot of drama or plotting going on in the background against the MC and ML.

Basic summary of the entire book can be summarized in a few sentences.

MC was the son of a rich family but was switched at birth. So the MC instead became a poor boy from a poor family who wasn't treated as well as his younger sister since he wasn't blood related to his poor mom and dad. The poor mom switched her son in place of the MC and sent him to the rich family cuz he had poor health. Then MC grows up and sees ML speaking in English live in school and send 60+ letters to ML disgusting himself in the letters as a girl. ML realizes that it's from a boy, the MC, and decides to hold a scholarship and allow the student with highest score in the county to come to his school. MC wins and chased ML in school. They fall in love. ML finds out that MC is actually the son of the rich family. The MC birth mother and MLs mother were best friends and the MLs mom seemed to hold deep feelings for MCs mother so she treated yand doulo, the fake son very well and he grows up together with ml. ML exposes to his family that MC is the real son. The rich family tries getting close to MC. MC and ML live happily together.


There isn't much plotting or any big schemes going on. It's lighthearted and fun to read but not rlly anything that will leave a lasting impression.
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gingerkitten99 rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: Completed
I'm normally not one to write reviews, but I had no choice when it came to this one.
Which might be a mistake, because I'm still kind of recovering from the effects that this novel had on me. Even just reading the title kind of makes me want to cry.

This novel was, simply put, a pleasure to read.

The story hinges on the emotional development between the MC and ML. There is no dog blood drama at (least, when it comes to the relationship between the leads) and this is absolutely... more>> a happy ending.
The MC is likeable, the ML is likeable, the their feelings for each other really is the thing that made me marathon this entire novel within 24 hours.

What can I say? Their story was just so lovely.

There are, admittedly, a few plot holes / draw backs here or there, but this novel is enjoyable enough to see past them.

I guess I'll just finish this up by listing some of the things I adored about this.
-The MC (shou) is actually in love with his ML. There's no ambiguity or shallowness when it comes to his feelings for ML, which is always a relief to read. -The ML isn't toxic. In the same vein, he actually deserves to be loved by the MC. A little possessive, yes, but he's never controlling or weird or abusive. (And it's more internally possessive, he doesn't really act on it besides sometimes being a vinegar jar lol) - there's no secondary leads. I kinda hate it when the story breaks away to focus on the side characters romance. So. Yeah. -The novel didn't drag on at any point. 65 chapters may feel short compared to some novels, but it was the perfect amount for this.

Also yes this review is a little vague, but that's because I really didn't want to spoil anything. Seriously, please do go ahead and read this novel. You probably won't regret it. As of writing this, there is only one chapter translated, but the raw is free and reads fairly well with machine translate, so give it a try if you don't want to wait! <<less
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twobada rated it
October 11, 2021
Status: --
This one hits too close to home.

I can understand why another review is calling MC overdramatic but I can only say based on my own experience, MC actually handled it well. The resentment, fear, and insecurity is enough to drive anyone crazy. But he didn't retaliate or harm anyone, until it was others who tried to harm him. He simply wholeheartedly poured his all to chase his love.

I, from the deepest corner of my heart, am glad that the author gave MC a warm and caring love in the form... more>> of ML and that ML also found his home with MC. It's a fictional story, but I genuinely felt relieved and a bit more enlightened about my own situation. Honestly, I can personally attest that the MC's emotions and behaviour in the angsty scenes were so realistic that I suspect the author went through something similar. Otherwise, they would not have been able to portray it that well.

As for YD, I also understand his own resentment. But one strong point of this story was that, despite all the inner struggles and depression people go through, at the end of the day, we have to do our best not to hurt others and if we do, then at least own up to our choices.

But the real disappointment here are the adults who have seen more of the world and should have known better how to deal with things. Then again, in real life, it's always the adults who let down and damage the children first. So the novel was quite realistic in that sense.

Overall, this novel was quite cathartic for me so I am extremely biased towards it and am unable to judge it objectively. But I also think that compared to some of the mediocre fluff in the top rankings here in NU, this one deserves a spot in the 1st-2nd page or so. <<less
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Alexania rated it
October 10, 2021
Status: Completed
On the surface, this is a relatively short, fluffy story about a neglected boy in the countryside who successfully chased his dreams and love.

However, this is based on the popular "babies swapped at birth" trope and it's told very one-sidedly. I initially didn't really agree with the comments saying they were disappointed with the fact that the cannon fodder (YD) was written as evil. But having completed it, I agree. It's not so much that he was written as evil, it's the kind of subtle implication that because he "stole"... more>> MC's place, he has to be the evil guy.

And then when you start thinking about things deeper, MC just seems so damn over dramatic. The real tragedy here is the fact that his foster parents neglected him, but the novel focuses more on the injustice done to him because "his life was stolen". LC should've been HIS best friend, those are HIS grandparents, that's HIS father, which YD stole from him. What? No. Yeah, you got swapped at birth but it's not like YD did it, it's still his life.

And given the novel's attitude towards it, I kind of don't blame YD for immediately turning hostile, I mean, even is his supposed best friend summarily abandoned him for MC.

I feel like this story would be very different if told from his point of view. <<less
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Xixiryn rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: --
This opinion will be terribly unpopular but the MC is a good mix of white lotus, scheming green tea, stalker, and codependent whose world revolves around the ML. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t like the MC. The cliche trope of “switch at birth, ” combined with the three characters (the white lotus/green tea MC, the cold-faced ML, and the spoiled cannon fodder childhood friend/villain) are so paper cardboard that they’ll fit perfectly in a cannon fodder transmigration arc.
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Miss Ruby
Miss Ruby rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c36
I find myself really not liking this novel. It rubs me the wrong way.

Our MC, Tao Xi falls in love with the ML through a screen and decides to pursue it. It's a very cute premise but what I really find uncomfortable is the absolute lack of self-respect the MC has around the ML. No self-respect person would keep interacting with someone who treats them like dirt. It wouldn't bother me if not for the fact that the MC obviously has more self-respect for himself when interacting with people other... more>> than the ML.

Another thing that bothers me is the way the MC's life revolves around the ML. If the ML suddenly decides that he's no longer interested in the MC, the MC's life will drop back into hell. Any chance the MC has to make new friends or get to know new people is blocked off by the ML.

There is this underlying controlling aspect to this story that rubs me the wrong way because it seems to be portrayed as 'sweet'.

The MC, Tao Le, also acts like a white lotus sometimes lol. I dunno how to explain it. But that feeling was very prevalent in the beginning chapters. Despite all this, I have to admit it is a well written story. But I won't want to read this again. <<less
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Enchida rated it
January 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about story. It's not terrible, but there are also many things that I didn't like. Story focus on MC and ML and it's like everyone else are there just to make some space. More in spoiler section below.

... more>>

MC is kinda obsessed about ML. He moved schools because he saw him during online class and it's like love at first sight. Once they met he is like no one else matters. I don't need friends or anyone as long I have him.

I also feel unsatisfied about child he was exchanged with. I really feel sorry about him. It's like people were looking for shadow of his dead mother (who wasn't really his mother) in him, which made him feel mentally unwell. Once he learned that he was exchanged at birth his mentality couldn't deal with it, became villain and people who raised him for 17 years just left him

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
caewi rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: Completed
I think I'm just drawn to these types of stories and ended up reading this until the end. I'm glad I found this by accident and I feel like I have to say thank you to the translator for bringing this story to attention. I ended up mtl-ing the whole thing because I'm impatient (shy).

The story itself is pretty straight forward, and as the other people said above, there are near to zero dog-blood drama as embellishments to fill the gap between chapters. The length of the story is just... more>> right, and the ending is pretty satisfying. If I have to say how I felt while reading this, it's a whole experience. I cried several times, I laughed, and I got fed dog-food til full.

The symbolism of ML being the moon in MC's eyes brought a smile to my face and it's filled with a whole lot of meaning throughout the story. MC is not just some damsel in distress, as he also fought for himself. I like the ML so much because he's not afraid of showing his weak self to MC, and trying to support MC without being excessive. He's there when MC needs him, and he also give MC space to take care of his (MC) own things. He knows when to fight for MC and when to back off when MC needs and wants to fight for himself. MC is also very likable. He fights for himself, and he wants to pave his own life without disturbing the status quo of his real identity if

he wasn't attacked by the swapped child.

He's this thorny boy that learns to take off his thorns slowly, and don't hide things from ML. The whole long misunderstandings between MC and ML trope tires me out a bit, so this is like a breath of fresh air to me.

A good hurt/comfort story that ends up making you feel satisfied and leaves you wanting more. <<less
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Gluttony rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: extra 1 part2
First of all, this is just a really lovely heart warming love story about two boys who find each other against all odds and end up in a relationship where they are seen, loved, and cherished for the first time. It’s a sweet and fun read.

but I also want to note that, if you’re interested in something with a little more depth, emotion and thought provoking content this is also a good one for the following reasons:

- character development. We’ve all read those child swapping novels but I think the... more>> author really takes the time to honour the very real emotional burden this situation would have. The resentment of both children, one in constant fear of being thrown from this wonderful life they have, the other (the MC) constantly yearning and wondering - what could life have been with a wealthy loving family? The side characters are also wonderfully characterised. They are flawed, some are villainous, and yet none universally hateful. The authors takes the time to highlight the individual motivations of each side character and even when you deeply disagree with their actions, the author gives most ‘villains’ their own moment to speak from the heart (a rare thing in cnovels where it is very main character centric) and you find yourself understanding where they are coming and wondering what you would do in their shoes.

- the story utilises beautiful imagery and motifs.
1) The running motif of the moon, the astrological metaphors - so romantic and lovely. Cnovels can be really descriptive and flowery but it’s not often they present a very cohesive, recurring motif.

2) The picture painted of poverty was also really impactful. The author describes poverty as a deep well - all people need is a long rope thrown down to climb their way up themselves. In a sense theres a great message here about the cycle of poverty and social mobility. When the ’villainous’ fake-mum reveals her despair and sense of hopelessness around her poverty and how it would continue with her child it really does lay beautiful groundwork for all the actions that followed. How can you blame her? A lot of Chinese novels love to glorify wealth. Most good characters ironically tend to be wealthy and noble or they end up that way. In reality though, it is hard to demonise someone who experiences deep structural inequality and attempts to rail against it in the only way they can. Obviously she is not a good person, but how many people can remain good in dismal circumstances? What does good even mean?

3) the way the novel ended up being a full circle. I can’t articulate this last point well while being spoiler free, but basically I thought it was so well thought out that the parents’ karmas and debts ended up paving the way for the MC’s and ML’s love, where they then fulfilled the love that never came to fruition in their parents’ generation.

- some visibility for women who love women, a rare thing in cnovels again. Yes it didn’t end well and yes wasn’t the best representation but the love presented was undeniably poignant and very real.

i know I’m saying a lot of sh*T that makes this story sound kind of serious or angsty etc but I want to return to my first point that this is actually just A REALLY SWEET LOVE STORY. Two adorable high achieving high-school kiddos who find love. It’s funny! It’s a liiiittle angsty, but it’s 80% dog food. I just wanted to also pay homage to the really lovely details that I think elevates this novel a little but more than the average BL. <<less
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enaillig rated it
January 13, 2022
Status: c65
There's something about this story that I'm happy and unhappy about.

I absolutely love the smooth-sailing romance between ML and MC and their healthy communication which is a good exemplary for readers (except the part ML is unconditionally partial to MC). I also don't know how many times this novel made me cry, the way the author writes a scene just stab to my heart mercilessly.

But I suggest you take this novel with a grain of salt. It mainly revolves with the TWO MAIN CHARACTERS ONLY. The rest are background characters... more>> that are either forgotten in the dust or pops in and out of nowhere whenever necessary, while the others are flat with no development throughout the story. The adults are a bunch of s*upid adults, they must be eating PRIDE for their breakfast, lunch and REGRET for dinner and the MAIN ANTAGONIST (if he can be categorized as one) is a CANNON FODDER.

still wondering why? He's a sickly, spoilt rotten young master who can manipulate all the adults around him through emotional means, they subject them to emotional stress and tantrums and because he's weak and sickly they act on tiptoes around him. He's insecure and often have nightmares whether he's the real son of his (foster) family (because he doesn't look anywhere like his mother or father), he felt threatened with the MC's presence, so to secure his spot in the family he made a bunch of s*upid things, he ask ML not to be friends with MC; he told his (foster) father's mistress to harm the MC; he stole MC's painting entry for the competition and accused him of plagiarism which blew up in the entire school; and when his lies were exposed he's still unrepentant and threw a fit instead in front of his (foster) grandparents, leaving no leeway for himself. He's literally asking to get thrown away. If that does not fit the characteristics of every cannon fodder then I don't know what is.


And the MAIN PLOT progresses only at around 50+ chapters. The motivations behind the characters, if not anti-climactic is so ridiculous I think I lost a tiny bit of my braincells.



when MC's (foster) mom jumped off the hospital building, it says somewhere along the line that "she chose to die not because of torture. She only wants to see her son. But her son never visited him from start to end. She gave birth to Yang Dou Le, and now she gave him the only thing she had, her DEATH. Like wtff???? She went as far as to switch her real son to someone else, to give her son a "good life", then she commit suicide? She's already dying on the hospital bed why still commit suicide on top of the building? Not because of torture then what? Just for show? To burden her son for the rest of his life with her suicide death? Bullshit. She still has another younger daughter that she has to think of smh


I don't know what the other reviewer says it has no dog blood drama, because there's enough on the unravelling part. If you liked emotional rollercoaster stories, this is great, albeit there are some flaws and loose ends here and there but it is still quite enjoyable. I wish there were extras, but sadly there are none so we can only leave it to our imaginations. <<less
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Ginko Biloba
Ginko Biloba rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a nice read. The ending felt timely but lacking. Here's some of my thoughts about some of the characters

About Tao Xi


Some say he is like a green tea b*tch. I don't think he is. Him acting kind and all when he became an exchange student is explained. He was told to don't pick fights cause nobody would protect him at Wenhua like the teachers did in his original school and halfway thru he did show his true behavior in front of his classmates. As for acting all cute in front of the ML, well anybody would probably want to look like a saint in front of the person they like, specially teenagers like him. He is selfish and greedy and it was already stated from the very beginning, he was just restraining himself from revealing the truth because he was afraid he'd not be accepted by his biological family. As for his hostile glances towards Yang Duole, he is 16, the age where hormones are kicking in and time where kids are most sensitive, we can't expect him to have a full control of his emotions and not envy YD. To some he may seem flat cause he can't seem to refuse the ML, but I think it stems from him not wanting the ML to hate him at the beginning and at the end it was from wanting to give everything good on the world to the ML. But what amazed me about him is that he didn't resent his grandparents and bio-dad at the end, actually I don't think he resented anybody at the end. Yes he couldn't forgive YD for trying to ruin his future but he didn't do anything excessive about him.


About Lin Qinhe (ML)


It might seem weird that the ML just loved the MC, Tao Xi like that, but if you think clearly how he fell in love with the MC it would probably be because MC, Tao Xi, made him the center of his world. Lin Qinhe grew up not recieving love from his mom and he always wished someone would look at him as if he is the only person in the world and love him the most and Tao Xi fulfilled that wish. Although YD looks like he has romantic feelings about Lin Qinhe and probably looks at him affectionately (this is my theory based on YD's actions), I could understand why LQ would not fall for YD, it's because even if YD does love LQ romantically he won't look at LQ like he is the only person in the world and place him as no. 1 in his heart because YD grew up recieving love from other people and knows that LQ isn't the only one there for him. Aside from that LQ seems to be envious of YD for recieving love from LQ's mom. He was envious (and probably hated him a bit) but for the sake of making his mom happy he still took care of YD, accompanied him and called him Lele affectionately, probably hoping that if he did that his mom would look at him and give him even just a fraction of the love Luo-mom pours to YD. In the end he seemed to have given up on getting his mom's love and just decided to move and live with TX, the person who can give him the love he always wanted.


Yang Duole


Yang Duole is the person that got switched with MC. Growing up with love from the grandparents he knows as his and from the father he knew, he probably think it was only natural for him to be loved by everybody. That is why when he learned he isn't the real Yang Duole he reacted like that. I think he took all the love he had recieved for granted thinking that it was only natural for him to be spoiled because he is sickly, has no mom and because he is Fang Sui's "son". Cause if he didn't took it for granted and really cherished it, he might have noticed about Lin Qinhe's situation with his mom. Isn't it odd that he had been staying there for years and he doesn't see Luo-mom treat Lin Qinzhe like how she treats him? It felt like he didn't really cared about how others felt as long as they all give him "love" and spoil him. And sometimes it feels like he is using him being sickly as an excuse to grab more attention, like that time where he got hospitalized again, if he was sensible enough knowing that someone worries about his health he wouldn't play around too mucb that he'd end up hospitalized and even if he did get hospitalized he would have obediently listen to the doctor and cooperate with them so they can heal him, but no he played too much, got hospitalized and wanted LQ to coax him before cooperating with the doctors. I won't say he was framed as evil in the end cause I really don't think he was, I mean there were signs of him jot being good from the very start if you just paid attention, maybe it was due to him not getting too much appearance in the story, that's why it seems like his action was too abrupt or look like he was framed as evil to others. He was probably afraid that when people find out that he isn't Fang Sui's real son then they wouldn't want him anymore, like how Tao Xi felt afraid that he wouldn't be accepted by his real fam. His ending wasn't really explained much and I felt it was lacking but it was reasonable since we know the story is in the MC's perspective and the MC don't really care much about him. Anyways his ending wouldn't have happened if he didn't do anything to TX, like what TX have said he might have been still raised by the grandparents and still recieve concern and affection from them. Some may say that he shouldn't have recieved such an end, but I think he deserved it, he had recieved such love and all even if he shouldn't have been in that place, he has benifitted from the blessings that should have been recieved by TX for 17 years (and is also probably the reason why he managed to remain alive for 17 years, remember he was born premature and sickly, he probably wouldn't survive to 17 if his momma didn't do what she did) but he still wanted to ruin TX's future, of course he'd recieve his punishment. If he had just stopped and think about what he should do carefully, think about how the grandparents have treated him, he wouldn't end up stuck with Tao Jian.


The adults

Luo Momma


Like LQ she is obssesive, but she didn't know how to let go and don't know how to look at her surroundings. I know she is sick but that doesn't excuse her hurting the people around her. She hurt LQ by prioritizing the kid she thought is her dead crush's son and upon finding out about the real son, she tried to pour all her love to TX like she did with YD, she didn't even put LQ in her eyes. And the part that I am most unresolved about is how she failed to notice that his 'contract' husband is pinning for her the whole time. Dude just stayed married with her for 17 years, knowing full well that his wife doesn't love her and will never love her. If she needs him he appears if she doesn't need him then he just waits there. Like lady, you don't recognize true love when it's just right on your face!!!! It's good that she is doing well by the end but I still don't like her 10/10 would steal her husband from her if possible

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Sugar77 rated it
February 2, 2022
Status: --
Okay so, it’s not that I hate everything about this novel.
The premise is nice, the first half is quite okay but also, coming from reading a lot of rebirth novels we are taught to read between the lines and critically analyze the circumstances in the novel more than it meets the eye.

I think there’s quite a lot that is not addressed properly. And as many other commenters have said, the story is way too revolved only around MC and ML to the point that it becomes quite unpleasant. Especially... more>> in their way of disposing all the canon fodders. I’m not saying we should defend the villain, but the punishments are too harsh and quite... unreasonable.

I don’t hate MC but at the same time I would not get close to him. He feels... also like other commenters said is a mix of a real white lotus, also a green tea b*tch. Is this bad? I don’t think it is. Many other MCs also have this disposition and I like them A LOT. But the difference lies in their level of enemies. While the villain in other novels are actually worth of death, in this novel, not quite.

And what I’m mad about is how everyone just quickly discards the villain like he was nothing. I actually feel bad for him. He is sickly, never had time with his family, stressed by his father, and the one aunt who he believed to pamper him actually only obsessed over his “supposed” mother. I think what he is now is the result of many bottled emotions and the incompetence of his family. And yet, his father or this problematic aunt is not taking the blame for their own mistakes and boldly push everything to him. What, do you think just because he’s a child from countryside so his genes are wild and crazy? That’s so f*cking offensive. Also to be fair, his plans failed. Nothing happened to MC. And you’d still out him like that? Crush his life like that? Do you even know what you’re doing? He’s basically a sick man who is wholly dependent on medicines and hospitals, you forced him back penniless like that equals to drive him directly to his death. This punishment is too harsh and definitely not equal to his sins, at all. Sending him far away abroad or somewhere is always available. Also you raise a child for decades, is that only how much your love goes? f*cking crazy. None of the parents here are right in the head. And MC and ml? Back off. Get out of your flowery head imagination. Get real. <<less
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periperi rated it
March 30, 2021
Status: Completed
5 stars

This story gave me the same vibe as another story that I really liked (slow-witted), with MC doing some chasing, ML covering MC, ML having someone near him since young that he has to coddle, there are some similarities there. But the plot isn't the exact same and I really enjoyed this one.

The length of the plot is just right, not overly-drawn out. It almost feels slow burn but ... more>>

I do think both MC and ML kind of liked each other very early on. It's a really sweet romance despite the sprinkling of angst.


While based on the summary of switched by birth, one can already expect the angst on MC's end, I wasn't expecting

the angst on ML's side with his mum who was so obsessed with MC's dead mum that she couldn't see past the legacy (AKA the child left by said mum), neglecting ML to quite extreme ends. Glad he had MC by his side.


I actually found the plot to be tricky to handle because there are ways for the plot to be badly handled like while they were switched by birth

it's not necessarily the fault of the other child who got to get the so called better life. It's like the fault of the adults who did the switch. In this case, that other child, as expected in this plot, doesn't have a good character so one won't be so sorry for him. And also, glad that those adults did feel remorse in the end.


But overall, a good easy read. <<less
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Psychoutre rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c11
Woah, if I didn't wake myself up I probably would be reading till the end. Wronged protagonists immediately pull me in but this MC is an absolute cringefest.

I think I'm just really uncomfortable being in his POV and he's lusting hard for the ML. I wish he had a little self-awareness, because the way he keeps following after the ML, always wanting to see ML's reactions, etc really gives me second-hand embarrassment.

And the entitlement is out of the charts! Just because you were swapped at birth doesn't mean you own... more>> the right to being ML's bestfriend AHHHHH. It's not like that other person has done it deliberately either, the immediate hostility is quite childish- but maybe I'm in the wrong for trying to read a novel about high school kids lol. <<less
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Devrai rated it
July 8, 2022
Status: Completed
The pro and cons became a frustrating mediocre novel, but this is only by my opinion and preferences.

The story is about MC, a 16 year old boy, living in a rural place where teaching is lacking. Just recently he learned a devastating secret... his "mother" switched him out shortly after his birth so that her real son can live a good life in a rich family. While beeing suppressed by his "family " he already gave in to this life when his school started video clasees with a famous and... more>> advanced school. One day a person appeared in front of the camera and held a speech in english, making MC realize this person is a far away as the moon... so he has to start to chase the moon. Working his way up, winning an opportunity to go to that school and making friends with the moon.

The beginning of this story is really good and the writer did agreat job concerning "heart stabbing ". Through out the whole story there will be moments where your tears well up and overwhelming sadness.

Unfortunately this sadness is partly self-inflicted. MC meets the "real son" in his new school but instead of trying to handle it, he gets jealous and aggressive because that guy has what he wants so desperately. Yes I understand that he is 16 years and the situation might overwhelm him but he is still able to calculate a great game against that guy. MC doesn't come clean to ML, even when they are already together. He only droppes some passive agressive hints and wallowes in self pity.

When his antagonist found out the truth, they could just have a talk but the writer switched A's personality a 180 degree. A childish, cute, spoiled and sickly crybaby became a paranoid, calculating, overbearing and overly jealous a**hole... also dumb.

Instead of dragging out the drama they culd just communicate but this is a word that the writer seems not to know. Like zero communication between everyone. I highly dislike how the whole situation got handled and the writer doesn't give everyone an end or just unsatisfying endings. Especially the antagonists end makes no sense at all.

I do not see the happiness and fluff others see in this novel. Yes there are some cute interactions between MC and ML but I feel like this loses in splendor because of their somewhat dysfunctional relationship. The whole cast in this novel needs a shrink and a "how to" about communication.

It's ok to read once but I don't feel this will draw me in a second time. <<less
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kawaii12345 rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
If Novelupdates let reviewers grade on the translation, I'd give this a solid 6 for the translation, and either way I would urge the translator to write their own material instead of just translating.

As to the story, I am not going to put myself through the hell of reading it in the Chinese or even MTLing it. I felt the characters were horribly unrealistic in their construction and actions in the story. I actually had visions of cardboard cutouts being moved around on poles by the author, every so often... more>> being banged in to each other to generate some excitement.

The plot was ridiculous in my opinion. Here's an example of the logic going on in the story.


The MC finds out he was switched by overhearing his fake parents talking. A plus I though it was one of the better ways to handle the discovery and reunion. Then that goes to crap as he promises not to reveal or derail her child despite these two treating him like crap in addition to robbing him of his family. Then there is the matter of his love at first sight being with the one that replaced him. WUT IS THIS??


Putting aside flawed logic and lack of sensible motivations, the way things move forward or don't seems completely random.


The family reunion when done is a complete facepalm moment. Instead of having confusion denial and a range of personal reactions, the whole family goes straight to guilt and dropping the fake faster than a hot potatoe.


There was pitifully little about the bio family and the reunion and what there was needed to be deciphered.

If it wasn't for the spectacular translation that makes this novel flow, I would give it a 2. <<less
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soft rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
Completely blew away my expectations for a web novel. Prepare your tissues and blankets friends, because this one will hurt your heart in the sweetest of ways.

It does have elements of melodrama, such as the initial plot setting and the other circumstances which I've listed in the spoiler tag below (it's revealed within a few chapters, but I put it as a spoiler just to be safe). However, unlike the more light-hearted web novels I've read which use similar settings, the characterization is extremely realistic. It's a balance of both... more>> bitterness and acceptance.


The story's premise the cliche "switched at birth" trope wherein one child from a poor family is switched with the child of a rich family (you can probably fill in the blanks from there). However, as I alluded earlier, when the MC learns of these circumstances, he reacts in a very realistic way. The story doesn't feel as dog-blooded as it should be considering the plot settings.

MC further runs into good circumstances that are by no means realistic for actual people (he catches the attention of the ML who is of course rich, powerful, and extremely caring). All I can say is that while unrealistic, their relationship develops naturally and is extremely sweet.


I also want to note that the style of storytelling is absolutely beautiful as well. The author is very good at both progressing the plot, illuminating the internal thoughts and feelings of the characters, and creating various sensory stimuli that immerse the reader in a given scene. I've included several examples in the spoiler tags.


The author often pinpoints the most beautiful parts of the environment to describe. They often highlight things such as the light reflecting off a piano, the gold-red clouds at sunset, etc. Aside from these elements, they also include descriptions of various sensory stimuli such as the feel of water vapour condensed on a bottle of cool water in the hot summer afternoon, etc. The way the author draws the reader's attention to these seemingly common things is extremely immersive. They also show how seemingly everyday occurrences trigger memories for the MC and uses these situations to give the reader various pieces of the MC's past, and this is done extremely tastefully.


The author also makes use of an extended metaphor and several allusions to Chinese culture/idioms. It adds to the unity of the writing in addition to being, well, beautiful.

Lastly, I also want to acknowledge the translator. I know that these reviews are supposed to be for the story itself, but I don't think that the poignancy and beauty of the story is separable from the quality of the translation. Although the translation isn't perfect (remember kids, nothing in this world is perfect :)), I feel that it captures the intent of the author and the beauty of the text (wow I'm using the word beauty a lot...I think I need to improve my vocabulary).

Overall, the events that occur in this story are not realistic. However, I highly appreciate the story from a stylistic point of view in addition to the emotions that the author can elicit from the reader which is why I gave 5 stars.

Thank you translator and author for this story! <<less
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LeniSnow rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: --
I think this novel coming from a 16 year old's perspective is well written. Compared to how teens react in real life, he grew up more mature than most of us. He is enduring because he felt helpless, there is nothing he can do and he knows it. He is scared of the uncertain and if he wasn't given the light from his moon, he probably wouldn't have the courage to pursue what is rightfully his. He would just wallow in despair of what his life would have been if... more>> he wasn't exchanged.

I don't think YD was portrayed unrealistically or evil. He was insecure and pampered. It's hard to imagine what a boy's mind would go through when you might have to give up what you already had, he was insecure. Tao Xi hating him doesn't mean he think YD is bad or it's his fault, that's why he didn't do anything to him but you can't take away from him the emotions he felt knowing that what YD have should have been his or at least similar. His experience shaped him and that's how Long Qinhe got his attention. He wasn't raised spoiled and incapable unlike the sickly YD. I do believe that LQ wouldn't like TX if he wasn't exchanged. A part of LQ would still feel supressed or deprived as his mom focuses attention to someone else's son regardless if TX grew up because you can't take away the fact he had to grow up on Fang Sui's shadow and thinking his mom didn't love him. Same as how LQ grew up with YD. He liked TX because he was his and only his, someone who had no one else to depend on depended on him, found him. TX is emotional as every teen thinks it's them against the world. His thoughts are understandable but it would have been better if he realizes that falling in love to LQ and being with him was the result of the swapping, it was the price. He only wanted Lin Qinhe but Lin Qinhe wanted to give him everything. <<less
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mYboiS rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: Completed
OMG! You. Have. Got. To. Read. This. Novel!

This is such a hidden gem! 💙

Any BL fans should really read this novel!!

... more>> ...... So, MC (Tao Xi) was switched at birth with another baby. That baby grew up with MC's rich famliy being loved and spoiled, while MC grew up poor and a sad life with the fake parents that didn't love him very much.

MC saw ML (Lin Qinhe) in their school's online class one day and developed a crush on ML. MC decided to work hard in school so he can get transfer to ML's rich school. Which he did eventually. In the new school MC met the boy he was switched with. The boy also happened to be very close to ML because they both grew up together. Things got complicated as MC got closer to ML.

ML is your typical rich/ handsome, iceberg, cold, one word conversion type. Lol.

This is a well written short story and it's sweet and fluffy. A little bit of angst towards MC's part more. And omg, the chemistry between MC and ML is really good!!! I have read a lot of BLs and the two leads in this story have the most satisfying chemistry!!! Their interactions and actions make your heart flatters! 🤪🤪

The whole story is interesting! One thing I would complain is that we need a little more closure with Yang Duole! I don't mind that he.... ****Spoiler****


.....I don't mind that he got evil towards the end. He had been dotted on and loved, so of course he would get jealous and do those hurtful things to MC. And besides, it wasn't his fault they got switched at birth.

I think the author's ending for Duole is a bit too harsh. He got beaten up and dragged back by that evil dad to live with him. And the family just kind of didn't give a freak since they got MC back. I don't hate MC!! MC deserved that happy ending. Duole just need a happier ending too!


Yang Duole and MC were both very innocent, I agreed with why they would hate each other.

But wth, this novel still a 5/5 star for me!!💫

I will diffinately keep an eye out for more of this author's novels!! Can't wait!!!!!

Thank you translators!!!!🥰🥰 <<less
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pHantomRJ rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
The only reason I gave it a full 5 is that it made me cry, I cried but did not know why I was crying, I just know some of the words made me feel close to home. I appreciate the author. Bravo!!!!

Thank you translator for bringing this moon to me. Or should I say I ran to the moon myself? Grateful!
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Chiaroscuro rated it
April 14, 2021
Status: Completed
4.5 stars

A story of two lonely good kids searching for love and finally find it in each other.

I didn't expect this to be good?? I thought it'll be mindless dogfood or extreme dog blood but author managed the delicate balance between dogfood and dog blood so despite my heart feeling hurt I was also slapped by a shitton of sweet fluffy feelings.

It will be a 5 stars if not for

... more>>

The original child being swapped becoming evil. Also bcz the Swapped dislike MC by intuition lol when originally he's portrayed as a sunny sickly spoiled boy. He becomes dark quickly.

It's like cliche to the max and I expected better from this novel (because I feel like author can do better than writing cliche) but eh. Still works. But I don't like it lol.

Maybe in another novel he'll be reincarnated and somehow do better.


I like the plot so much. ML is literally the moon to MC.

MC is a hard worker, handsome and genius at painting. He really work hard for his place (Pun intended) and my heart hurts so much for MC

ML is a cold genius but also kind of "broken". I like the fact that author gave him a reason for his coldness towards people and not just be like "he's born that way" and He's seriously good and quietly behind the scene help and pamper MC in his own way without hurting mc's pride.

Recommended! <<less
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