Great Dao Commander


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He has lived through war, famine, and disease. He has seen the gates of death, touched the gates of hell, but was given a chance. A chance bestowed to him by the gods, a chance at immortality. Reborn and rejected but not hopeless, he will rise above all expectations. He will take on the sword of blood, he will make all revere, for this is the path he has chosen. Nothing will block his path, be it riches, or fools, Jerks or the arrogant, let them come to meet only their demise. The path of the dao, the path of a commander. He is the Great Dao Commander. he stands above all else, for everything is one; one in him. He is the controller of the beginning and the end.

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Dàdào zhēngfēng
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chulex677 rated it
January 18, 2017
Status: c7
First of all the synopsis is wrong. Not 100% wrong, but its wrongly explained. The MC reincarnated in the body of a youth that is a member of a Sect, and its training to become an inmortal. The betrayal part, its not explained very well, but you learn that the youth got married with a woman when he was a mortal, this woman lied to him, telling him that she was the reincarnation of a Goddess and that she only needed to take care of her parents and later she... more>> would offer her riches. When actually she was only a normal cultivator, and disciple to a very strong master, she didnt like her family but she still wanted to take care for them, but they were poor financially, so she married the MC that had alot of territory and was an orphan. She did this because, she also wanted to use a heavenly law to steal his fortune, I guess a type of luck. The cultivation is kinda weird?? They need to read poems or storys or something like that, theres Qi and Dantians but its not your normal cultivation power up story, lots of Dramas.

I actually liked it for a change of pace. <<less
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mrttao rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: v2c56
The initial setup is a bit cringe worthy, MC transmigrated into someone with the same name, cheat item, trash cultivation, young masters, face craziness, etc. Although for once MC came from a post apocalyptic world instead of modern day earth. Power through that, as it will get quite good and unique.

In so many stories the MC flip flops between being low key at the wrong time, and high key at the wrong time. The author calls it genius but it is clearly stupidity and self harming.

Great Dao Commander is different.... more>> MC is intentionally showing off to create fame for himself to achieve great rewards, authority, and protection from the sect; he actually resorts to cheating in competitions in order to boost his fame, create a false reputation as a genius, and win treasures from competitions (saying that he must snatch fortune).

Yes it makes him enemies (and the occasional ally), but he has to acquire those rare resources somehow and he was going to make enemies anyways, and he is fully aware of the fact and simply views it as a race forward, can he advance faster than his enemies expect. Because if he doesn't do that, then he will simply get stuck and die of old age (or the enemies he made in the past).

Besides that, it is a lot more interesting to read a story where MC has multiple enemies and multiple allies that he has to balance, survive, and thrive between. There is a measure of politics involved and they are presented in a fun manner.

He is hiding a few things, but not because of any "must be low key without logic even when self harming" nonsense. They are either trump cards or things that were gotten through illicit means (such as murdering a young master and looting his stuff). And by hiding I mean actually hiding them, not revealing them on the first competition and then making a stupid excuse, but really letting not a single person alive know the truth and only taking them out when his life is in great danger and he intends to kill all witnesses.

MC here is also very proactive, he makes plans and goes out to execute them instead of just cultivating in a cave until the villain of the week draws him out. While sometimes enemies still come to him first and force changes to his plans, but he doesn't just go with a flow but rather comes up with a new plan to fit the new situation and turn their plots on their head. But usually he is the one who initiates things.

Overall it is a flawed but enjoyable novel. There are certainly some issues, but it is a worthy read. <<less
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Spiritsong rated it
February 28, 2017
Status: v2c16
I have to give this a 5.

The cultivation progression is very different from other franchises, but its very believable. The MC behaves exactly like a opportunist, because he really found opportunities and didn't "forget" lessons from previous life.

The writing style is slow, something along the lines of "Ze Tian Ji", and "Legend of Cultivation God". Its not that slow though, but still can be considered "slow". The world building isn't something that's spammed in the first few chapters. Its something that you grow along, move along, and the more the... more>> story explores the more readers learn about the world. Sure the "i've got a secret cheat method" trope is apparent, but it isn't the means to exactly "walk through" the story (or bulldoze through events). Although 2 volumes is short, the MC has shown that its not a one way / singular purpose cheat item, and uses it in a fashion without holding back, unlike some other MCs of other franchises. <<less
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Varno rated it
August 13, 2017
Status: v2c54
This is a low quality novel with nothing especially outstanding about it.

This will become apparent around the time of the first fight, there wasn't any explanation about how techniques work, they just work.

This story is so I boring can't even think of something good about it. World building, characters, and even depth (as in deeper meaning), something that this story hinges on is carried out in a half hearted manner. It lacks in seeming all aspects.

It feels... more>> like the author didn't put enough thought into the execution of this novel.

1 out of 5. It doesn't deserve more. <<less
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Boon rated it
March 23, 2017
Status: v2c33
3.75/5 for a few plot holes. I was pleasantly surprised in the early chapters, it was better than I expected. Although, I was later disappointed, perhaps due to high expectations. Not formulaic stupid cliche xianxia, but there are a couple stupid plot holes/ unintelligent schemes. There is no repetitive filler, or useless word count increasing techniques, but there is still a lot of the standard esoteric cultivation bs that I skim through. Very likable protagonist who is peaceful and calm, (intelligent or so the author generally hoped to convey)... more>> using many schemes for success rather than the stupid brute force, lose, power growth, comeback, or useless plot armor. So the early chapter were right up my alley, and perhaps this let my hopes get too high. If not for one particular scheme in particular that was head bangingly retarded by all parties I would have given this a much higher rating.

While out of sight and reach, the MC convinces a powerful enemy beyond his ability to happily give away his only two artifacts and then cripple his own legs, believing the other party means him no harm. Then the MC immediately kills him. This is after the MC had already revealed that he was plotting against their family and forced him to waste most of his strength. The reasoning and then praise for the MCs wisdom sounds even worse in the novel. I nearly dropped the novel then and there.


Otherwise, the MC generally comes off as intelligent. This is absolutely not like the average trash xianxia with arrogant stupid antagonists and full of word count fillers, but still rates below a 4 thus far. <<less
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NoTofu rated it
February 10, 2017
Status: v2c10
Early chapters are quite confusing, but as the story progresses it gets better and you get an understanding of the story with just the main mysteries that are driving the plot remaining unsolved. All in all its a good story if you manage to get through the first few chapters.

The cultivation here is quite unique as they try to decipher cultivation methods from mysterious writings that all originate from the eclipse cannon. Basically the more you understand, the more methods you get to cultivate, the stronger you get

Worth the read!
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Daoist LastWish
Daoist LastWish rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: v1c12
Poorly written generic Xuanhuan. There is nothing interesting about this story.

The MC is a guy who dies in one world, only to be transplanted into the body of a sixteen year old in another world. You have read this story a hundred times before, right?

This kind of story is usually very badly written, full of cliches and full of people whose intelligence is weaker than a monkey. This novel is no different. There is only one difference - this novel is boring right from the chapter 1.

If you have trouble sleeping, read this novel when trying to sleep. This novel will make you feel so bored, you will fall asleep before you even finish one chapter!
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Hitexh rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: v2c45
This MC has mysterious backers. The story flow with lots of events simultanious on going and left to be yet finished untill he reach higher cultivation, which it might be bad (so much left unfinished) and also good (interesting to know how it end). The good thing is MC is not a pervert, very calm, and smart. The villain also not bad, they all scheming and not a linear brute bad guys.

Hopefully, someone will pick this up to continue its translation.
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Mudassir rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: v2c53
I thought I would catch up with the latest chapter before commenting.

Apart from translation quality. The novel itself is amazing.

Character Development is on point. The characters were just introduced and then abandoned. As is usually with all such novels.

Considerably slowpaced but not like the legend of cultivation god but moderate so.

Plot is very strong. Is past 2 in the night just finished binge reading it.

This is a great novel

Looking forward to the story ❤️❤️
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pomoli rated it
June 17, 2017
Status: --
It's better than the norm, because while it has what I call the bad things in these stories (many hateful arrogant enemies, no respect for life, stupid management decisions, and too much technical repetitive verbiage), the hero is at least making some sense, as he's not hot headed and actually backs off from potential conflicts when possible.
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IMakeCopperMirrors rated it
September 3, 2019
Status: v2c56
Rating: 5-6/10

Don't remember much at all and this also says a lot. But I remember that I found this novel around this level of quality.
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Enryu022 rated it
July 20, 2017
Status: c264
I am in the middle of reading the raw, this novel is every good and all, but right now I am on verge of dropping it because of one reason, HIS SECT, they are 99% huge d*cks to the MC, they treat him bad for no reason, even breathing the same air as them, they will just get annoyed, because he ain't from a notable family like majority of them. And what's even making things worse is the MC, he is goody two shoes guy that seems like he will... more>> carry them on his back to the apex in the future, and they will claim all his achievement.

I am just reading this right now to see if the MC grows some balls and abandon this jerks. They are not worth it. A side that, this is entertaining novel. <<less
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