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Once I’ve become Immortal, my attempt to conquer the world shall begin.

I, Zhong Shan, in order establish a supreme heavenly dynasty, must marshal all the luck that I can gather to cleanse my own karma. Then I will have the strength to fight heaven itself, create a new world, and live forever.

First: Fate

Second: Luck

Third: Feng Shui

Four: Cultivate Inner Virtue.

Five: Fame

To gain eternal life.

To obtain fame, one must establish a heavenly dynasty and amass the luck of the world!

To cultivate inner virtue, one must establish holy sites and accumulate an immeasurable amount of merit!

To cultivate Feng Shui one must learn to communicate between yin and yang and control the powers of heaven and earth!

To cultivate luck! To cultivate fate!

Ask the whole world, who can have eternal life!

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Trường Sinh Bất Tử
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35 Reviews

New GeelHaarMons
May 04, 2021
Status: v3c21
The novel starts our great, with a very unique premise and was well written and translated.

The story progresses pretty well, much better than most chinese novels, but quickly devolves into a bit of a plot armor mess. Despite that (and some annoying side characters) it was a pretty good read. That was until LotusTL took over the translation. TL quality dropped severally, and I had to drop it after trying about 10 or so chapters done by LotusTL. If you want my advice, do not bother reading past the second... more>> volume. <<less
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Aug 07, 2017
Status: Completed
Immortal is a rare xianxia novel that manage to complete the wish fulfillment quota that the genre demands and at the same time avoid many of the tropes that drags the quality of novels in the same genre down. This is an exceptional thing to do because the majority of themes and plot that this story tackles is actually fairly commonplace.

The author holds the remarkable ability of actually planning ahead which allow us to eventually read a complete piece of work, which sadly is a rarity for xianxia.

As I have... more>> read the entire work, the review will be contained in a complete spoiler. Read at your own risk as while the majority of the review is only concerning the general direction of the novel, there will be some spoilers inside.


First a brief summary of the fairly unique start:

The MC is crossed over from Earth to a cultivation world and found that to his woe, his body is not suitable for cultivation. None of the local sect would even look at him and he eventually gave up on joining them and instead spend his mortal life becoming a very wealthy merchant.

At the start of the story, he is a very old man with many adopted sons. His hope now is that one of his adopted son would get into a sect and eventually ask one of the elder of the sect to grant him a pill that would allow him to make a breakthrough with his cultivation and allow him to extend his age passed a mortal's lifespan and continue on his path of cultivation.

This is a pretty humble start to what would become a grand sprawling epic, with the MC eventually rising to the top of the food chain, building a supreme empire and becoming a living god to his subjects and followers.

Empire building:

What makes Immortal so good is that it's not just straight up one-man show of power-leveling and defeating more and more powerful opponents. The MC eventually becomes an Emperor with many followers and millions of subjects; this means that there is a great deal of politic, warfare and empire building to interrupt the usual xianxia plotline of cultivation, adventuring and defeating powerful foes.

Because of the empire building aspect to this story, there is no discarding supporting character once the MC surpasses them in cultivation. Most of the followers grows with the MC and even those with weaker cultivation can play crucial roles because a single cultivator can be less important when compared to an able strategist. Many of the MC's followers are smart and capable people with much stronger subordinates under them.


The antagonist of the series are also very well done; there are many shrewd and intelligent leaders along with a few more generic 'courting death' cannon fodders to add a bit of spice. The story is also not the MC against the rest of the world, and in many instances, different factions will ally with the MC against a common foe or to work towards a common goal. Most of the factions have their own agendas and there are at least half that wouldn't even be consider villains but more just rival factions. In the end the fact that different factions within the world are differently aligned and not fixed in their attitudes towards the MC and each other provide more realism to the world and prevents the 'good vs evil' pitfall that many xianxia falls into.

In fact, the MC actively recruits many capable foes to his cause and very often succeed due to his high charisma and the ability to beat them at their own game time and time again. Building a supporting cast of superlative talents from the strongest of your foes feels so much more satisfying than just slaughtering everyone that's against you.

Romance and harem:

The romance of this series is reasonable for a xianxian. Firstly there is a fairly large harem, but as far as large harem goes, this is probably one of the better presented one I've seen and the different member of the harem do actually get some screen-time and at least one plotline focused on them rather than just being some random woman that the MC meets and then bonks.

One conversation between the MC and one of his wife probably best sum up the situation. The MC has just successfully persuaded a beauty into joining his harem and she has just discovered that he has a 'thing' for her master. Rather than throwing a tantrum, she just pouts and promise the MC that she will say good thing about him to her master and try to get her to also join his harem. The MC is very surprised by this and ask her if she is not jealous?

She replied that yes she is a little jealous, but it really can't be helped; he is an Emperor after-all and what Emperor doesn't have a harem? It would be a total embarrassment not to have one given his position. And that I thought, while being very true to the actual story and with respect to Emperors almost feel like allegory of the xianxia genre. It's a xianxia / wish fulfilment story, of course there's gonna be an harem! It would be an embarrassment if there wasn't an harem because pretty much everyone that read this type of story in China would demand it!

World building:

Next point is world building and this is another home run for the author. Reader will find this novel a lot more enjoyable if you are moderately knowledgeable in Chinese myth and ancient history as this story incorporate many historical / cultural icon into its world building. Pangu, Nuwa, Fuxi, Hongjun and many other Chinese gods are either mentioned or play an active role in the story, there is also factions that champions Buddhism, Confucianism, reference to people from the Investiture of the Gods, both Shang and Zhou dynasty, the Monkey King, the celestial Emperor's court... right up to Emperor Qin Shi Huang which happens to be the latest piece of human history incorporated into the story. Some of the myth / history actually plays a critical part to the plot of this novel so being at least aware of what they are about will maximize your enjoyment of this novel. Everything is woven together almost seamlessly by the author, who has provided vibrant world that is at once very familiar and completely alien.

The planning for this story was excellent, there is a very clear beginning, middle and most importantly a solid ending that was satisfying and conclusive. This is something that many xianxia novel fails to do because most of them are were not created with an 'end' in mind something I feel like Immortal definitely was.

MC himself:

Now that we've talk about the the empire building, the villains, the harem and the world building, let's finish this off by talking about the MC himself... and what a great MC he is! First of, the MC is starts the story as a 90 year old man who has lived a full mortal life; after he has finally stepped into the path of immortal cultivation this relatively small lifetime of experience gives him an advantage over many immortal cultivators that have lived their hundred if not thousands of years exclusively as an immortal. He is more nuanced to human nature and a good judge of people, he is also a more able statesman, mediator and manipulator and many situation are resolved by words rather than force.

If you are looking for a headstrong MC that rushes into everything with a 'Kill! Kill! Kill!' mentality and no forward planning then please look elsewhere, our MC is a very calculating person that often have plans within plans plus backup plans on top just in case. He is pro-active, often makes contingency well ahead of a potential issue coming to a head and very rarely rush into any situation. There is a very strong "just as planned" vibe throughout the story and even at the worst time of crisis it feels like the MC is always in control and just needs to pull another card from his sleeve.

This can feel bad in a sense as there is less overall tension but I personally loved this type of MC and plot because it's very rare to see it executed properly in xianxia. Emperor's Domination is an example of it being executed poorly; the MC of both story feels like they are almost always in control but the difference is that in Immortal the plans actually feel like they are necessary because the MC isn't powerful enough to just stomp through his opponent, he needs to execute these plans successfully to win as he cannot obtain victory through just brute force. In contrast the MC in Emperor's Domination feels like he could literally curbstomp every opponent without any sort of planning and is only holding back to look more cool and be a smug bastard.


So there you have it! Overall, a great story with outside-the-genre themes (empire building), a good supporting cast of characters that remains relevant throughout, a reasonable romance if a bit large of an harem (about a dozen at the end), an enthralling world with reference to many Chinese cultural icon and a very likable MC that is refreshingly proactive and cunningly manipulative.

Final verdict: 5/5

One of the best xianxia novel I've had the good fortune to read for a while.

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Dec 23, 2016
Status: v9c44
Story isn't just battles and killing and smashing, but in fact goes pretty damn deep into a lot of Chinese culture that tend to be ignored in most Xianxias. Whereas most cultivation stories draw on distorting Confucianism and its precepts, this goes into the various eras of Chinese culture and turns them into different paths of cultivation as opposed to having a "buddha skill set" or a "devil skill set". Buddhism cultivates "merit/virtue" by accumulating good deeds and acting in accordance with the heavens, setting up a dynasty cultivates fengshui... more>> to power up the emperor and his subjects, typical cultivating is available too. Formation cultivators... Qichuan cultivators... Many weird and interesting Dao form an interlocking battle system thats done really well.

All in all this is also one of the only xianxia that actually incorporates dynasty politics and troops and conquering into the story well. Most of the good commander stories are usually xuanhuan where the MCs dont scale so exponentially like they do in xianxia. Xianxia as a genre finds it hard to incorporate dynasties and troops; OP characters wave their hands and all of the small turn to ash. In this novel most dynasties incorporate battlefield formations (actually a thing in ancient china) which allows their soldiers to produce a combined power far above a single cultivator, necessitating their existence far into the story.

Harem, the best and most well rounded way of dealing with harems ive ever read. Not about dual sexual cultivation or whatever nonsense but really moving individual love stories and motivations and well fleshed out female characters. <<less
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Sep 15, 2018
Status: v5c21

Very disappointed after reading all the positive reviews here.

  1. MC is supposed to be super intelligent, wise, and cunning, yet when all his foster sons (who he has been living with every day for the past 30+ years) betray him he is completely shocked.
  2. MC's opponents are incredibly s*upid. For example, Tiansha was supposed to be pretty calm and smart, yet when ZiXun chooses the MC over him, he suddenly flips out and TRIED TO KILL THE MC IN FULL VIEW OF ALL THE ELDERS. Of course he gets immediately thrown out of the sect.
  3. MC "solves" a murder by admitting that he has zero evidence whatsoever and then pointing at Gulin whom he suspects of murdering the victim, and gets Gulin to "admit" guilt by asking a loaded question ("what did you do the day before you murdered your sister"). Then Gulin of course suddenly flips out and TRIED TO KILL THE MC IN FULL VIEW OF ALL THE ELDERS IN COURT. Of course he gets immediately thrown out of the country.
  4. All of the MC's enemies are zero-IQ morons who want to kill him for stealing their women (the MC is able to steal all the women because he has the Hongluan mist which is a magical aphrodisiac that makes any woman who breathes it in want to have s*x with the nearest man). This includes both Tiansha and Gulin.

It's not on the same tier as Daoist Gu or Death Sutra. Feels like fanfiction written by a 9 year old.

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Oct 25, 2019
Status: v3c16
Me: Hey, I like what you are doi-

O.G. Author: WHAT? YoU dOn'T liKE mY sTorY?

Me: No, I-

... more>> O.G. Author: Okay! I will take a 180 degree turn from everything I have developed prior and feed you a story about kingdom building.

Me: Wait, Please listen to m-

Him: *gently covers lips with finger* shhhhhhhhh, I will make sure you love it this time...

.[ Silence ].

So? Is it good?

The answer is simple: it's compelx. Haha just teasing.

Translation Quality:


Super Translations

LotusTL: Read me if you like to SuFFeR. (Extremely Poor Quality) (⌣̩̩́_⌣̩̩̀) ❌

I would not recommend reading anything from LotusTL, so far, their translation consists of only using present tenses. It has gotten to the point where I am wondering if the translator is purposely going replacing "is" for anywhere "was" should have been. Listen, for reals, their translation has gotten so bad to the point that it is unbearable to read (unreadable). By this I mean it takes away from the overall experience of being transfixed to a fantastical endless world, which I believe is an ideal aspect for every novel.

Also, LotusTL is missing V3C17-19, this just further highlights the lack of shits they give since the current update is up to V3C56. Showing both disregard for readers (not reading our comments) and for their own skill level. It's not a good sign to see a translator who doesn't believe in self-developing their own literary skills, especially since translators have the power to interpret something even more refined based on the original.

Good Translators continue to develop themselves.

Good Translators can recreate or add new flavors via their translations.

Good Translators read their f*cking readers' comments.

Now, as for the story portion. [ Atleast Up to where I currently am ]


The beginning is strong, the characters are properly introduced and developed into our hearts. Allowing us to feel like they really are part of the story, that they were always meant to be.

However, with the beginning of this kingdom building situation, everything feels off-beat. As if the story just took a completely 180 degree turn from what it had been developing along with prior to this 'arc'. The whole situation of his city being under siege feels out of place, simply not fitting the overal story. I even feel that the author somehow change into someone else, via this line of thought I am now wondering if everything prior to V3 was just plagiarism of someone else's work. This is how strongly I felt about it all.

Grandniece Ying Lan all of a sudden feels like she was flattened into a 2D shape, from promising character to "shit, I know she aint gonna be developed no mo", simplfying her personality into something that is no longer capable of self-thought.


For those who wish for a good translations, perhaps you'll find better luck machine translating the raws following the transition of translators to LotusTL.

Having read some of the other reviews just now, along with my current experience, I am beginning to have bad premonitions that the story will completely devolve into a spiral of fruitless repetition. As such, I may very likely drop this book if (1) the MC/characters/writing doesn't seem to be developing and/or (2) the translations are too unbearable to be immersive (whether that be via machineTL or LotusTL).

Remember to eat your vegetable pineapple topped pies. <<less
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Nov 20, 2016
Status: v1c6
Amazing and interesting beggining so far.
... more>>

The MC is a normal man that was transported to the cultivation world with special ability to create a clone of himself. What's different about this story is how it begins, it begins 40+ years in the future when the MC is an old man with weak cultivation of 7th level of first realm and his goal is to get to 2nd realm. We find out that he is super rich in some mortal kingdom and that he has a ton of adopted sons and his goal is for his sons to participate in some tournament and get accepted in one of the schools and ask of the school for a trivial pill so he can breakthrough to the 2nd realm.


That is how it begins and it has a very promising start, very different from normal xinxias because MC is not OP and is at huge disadvantage because of his age. <<less
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Mar 11, 2018
Status: v2c49
Amazing! I don't understand why it's not more popular.


  • Old wise MC behaving like an actual old wise MC. Also, good natured, and really clever, compensating his weak strength.
  • Many characters behave like human beings instead of killing machines.
  • Interesting love interests who are developed in the story instead of being thrown away after 5 chapters.
  • Interesting world.

  • I wish we had more stories about MC before the beginning of the story, like a prequel.
  • Chinese words kept in the otherwise high quality translation, it's as weird as when groups do that for Japanese WN.
  • Translated super slowly, and now no longer translated : (
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Feb 27, 2019
Status: v8c89
Do you know what is truly sad about this novel? It had such an amazing start, the cultivation world was cruel and it felt like a true cultivation world and the MC could not overpower every single enemy and he had to use his brain to overcome his problems. Later on it goes more into war arcs, which was equally great. And then it turns into a garbage novel with endless c*ckroach enemies that come back again and agian, and every single enemy could be predicted from this. It's a... more>> joke how bad the novel becomes later on because the author can't devolop any new enemies and he just plays them over and over again. Oh, the MC is going to have an epic fight with character X? Watch him escape/get saved/or pull some bullshit, ANCESTOR IN THE IMMORTAL WORLD SAVE MY ASS.

The cultivation was very interesting at the start, because he has a horrible body root therefor he has to work extremely hard cultivating. However this all changes later on in the story when he just goes around eating immortal items, it's extremely boring and it is not a cultivation novel anymore, cultivation only mentions the stages and nothing else, what is the difference between realms etc, nothing at all.

Futhermore one amazing part of the start is the harem, all harem members are unique and have their own personalities, strength and importance to the story. However, remember when I talked about the c*ckroach enemies? It's around that time when the harem basically loses all their signifiance and have nothing to do with the plot. Also, along the way every single harem member becomes a damsel in distress and it's really unexpected from the start because all of these characters were potrayed as strong characters that could handle their own lives, suddenly they need to get saved because he's the mothafukin main character. The author has also made the main character s*upid as hell, a woman tried to kill him multiple times and he's being leniet to her which does not make sense when he has been behind the killings of millions of people. Oh... well the author wanted them to have sex, so that is why she was spared, and the whole thing was so wierd, highly recommend that you read that chapter so you can question what drugs the author was taking when writing why the hell they did it because it contained 0 logic and just wants to force them to be together.

In the end, the novel has an amazing beginning with great characters and plot. I'm only currently at the middle of the novel (volume 8, chapter 89), maybe the immortal world is amazing, but so far the novel has become a joke and is far from how amazing it was at the start and if the novel continues this way I can only highly recommend that you don't pick this up because of how disappointing it became. <<less
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Dec 19, 2016
Status: c60
A really f**king good start to the novel, tbh I would wish he would remain a mortal and revolutionize the world then kill all immortals with mortals. 5/5

However as the story is progressing past the start I feel it become more and more lackluster. I'll keep my eye on this for now. Edit 2: Okay, the start was really good. However the story has began to lower in quality. The MC barely uses modern knowledge, execpt when he needs to impress peerless jade beauty waifu #1. What I really... more>> hate about this story is that we have barely started yet the MC is already getting his harem of peerless jade beauties togther. The first peerless jade beauty is an annoying child who is seemingly a teen who is being romanced by our eighty year old MC. The second peerless jade beauty seemingly instantly falls in love with our MC after having one conversation with him. Really. Falling in love after exchanging one conversation. Of course he also peeked on her (accidentlly ofc) while she was bathing in a river. With how much time has been spent on the MC unknowingly seducing peerless jade beauties, I would not be surpised if future chapters were more about handling a harem than using modern knowledge in combination to wuxia skills to establish his dynasty as the ruler of the world.
5/5 ->4/5 -> 3/5 -> 2/5

The story was promising however the author has written a poor story. I don't recommend reading this novel unless you have nothing better to do. <<less
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Dec 01, 2016
Status: c7
One of the best starts to any Xianxia I've read so far. This is promising but not in the TDG way of "oh this world setting is interesting I wonder how OP he gets" more promising in "I wonder what challenges the MC will face and what kind of plot the author's come up with".

If it stays as good as the first 7 chapters then this could be one that fits on the #1 shelf with the few other stories here.
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Aug 02, 2018
Status: Completed
One of the best CN I have read on this site. It has nearly everything done great, like world and kingdom building, character development, planning, foreshadowing, even romance (which is rare for xianxias).

The thing the separates this novel from many other (generic) xianxias, for me, is that the novel starts with the MC that is old and actually acts according to his age - he can control his emotions fairly good, deeply plans his fights before he actually does them, unlike many other MCs that just jump into the fight... more>> brashly and expect plot armor to save them, and doesn't act like a hormonal teenager around beautiful girls.

The other thing I liked very much was the world / kingdom building. While the actual cultivation itself was kinda meh since

after he reached gold core he obtained a beast that devours treasures and people and dissolves their energy which lets him breaktrough so he didn't need to comprehend stuff about higher realms for breaktrough

so it wasn't very profound like in some other novels (Er Gen's works for example) , everything other was done fairly well. It was also nice to see that author incorporated MUCH of the Chinese folklore and mythology into his story and had those characters / objects / mythical beasts have backgrounds similar to those from actual mythology itself.

Romance, was surprisingly, well done (for a xianxia) . The only other CN novel that i've read and had beyond average romance was Zhanxian, so this was a big plus for me since it's very rare to find xianxias like these.

Most side characters, as well as the antagonists, were very interesting. They could think with their own brain and decide what's best for them and each of them had their own backstory and pursuits, so they weren't there just fill screen time and praise / insult the MC.

The plot itself was also very good, it was fast paced and much of the stuff was foreshadowed, so author wasn't pulling stuff out of his ass and there weren't much fillers. Though the biggest problem i've had with this novel (same with Zhanxian) was the ending (and the last arc) -


i dont know what's up with these two authors, they had an amazing story and progression up till the last arc when they rushed everything to hell and left with a very open ending, this one more than Zhanxian. Though at least in this one author came up with a plot device to speed his story to the end, but still I was left with a hollow feeling when he just chopped up his ending and left the rest to our imagination...


Though the very last part wasn't very good, I still enjoyed this novel very much so I will give it 5/5 stars and recommend it to anyone that likes fast-paced cultivation, rational MC and kingdom building done right. <<less
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Queen of Sheba
Queen of She
Jul 17, 2018
Status: c19
It's a sad day when a novel of such quality is abandoned, whilst thousands of formulaic, bland stories receive care and attention; care, and attention that honestly isn't warranted at all.

All I can say to new readers is, be absorbed into the rhythm of this novel, and you'll similarly be left sighing wistfully.
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May 07, 2017
Status: v2c4

Incredibly good! A novel that starts with an old man who was transmigrated to the world, he even got a cheat! However, he didn't get to cultivate. He builds an incredibly successful business empire, has a ludicrous amount of adopted sons and he sets them in the path of immortality hoping that one of them will get him a pill to break through to the next level, so he can become a cultivator himself.

A very refreshing setting, where our MC has been through the vicissitudes of life, has a mature outlook, and doesn't court death left and right. I'd highly recommend it.

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Mar 26, 2017
Status: v2c8
This novel is amazing,

if you are looking for something different from the typical "gets defeated, brings his senior brother/elder/master and gets defeated again just to bring the next generation" this is for you.

Honestly, while looking around and waiting for the next chap of my reading list, I did not expect to find this gem.

Read it! You will not be disappointed.
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Jan 21, 2018
Status: v2c45
The novel its quite good, fun to read and you want to keep reading, I have the same opinion as most here but I have the issue with the translator that A LOT of words and meanings are not translated and a lot of those words are similar to eachother which makes its hard to read and understand, its also hard to differenciate names from other things which are not translated and you start to wonder if thats the name of the character, his title or something else.
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Oct 09, 2017
Status: v2c30
Good novel! It doesn't feel as generic as some other ones.

It felt weird to have an older MC. It's not bad though, just kinda awkward with the romance.

The MC's a rich genius with not a lot of talent for cultivating. He seems to be lucky though.

... more>> The side characters aren't bad. Not too much characterization, but at least they aren't annoying. The girls kinda fall in love a bit too fast, but hey, it's a harem novel. Thank something that the girls aren't annoying.

The kingdom building tag is for later.

Cultivation isn't very special, besides one aspect.

A pretty stable story. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 26, 2017
Status: v2c29
I feel somehow cheated reading this. I started reading this for kingdom building tag and so far there is no kingdom building except MC recently got cheat that will work if he builds kingdom. Awesome and unsual beginning followed by low discipline training. On the other hand humour and MC using his wealth from mortal world is pretty interesting. Even though I feel a bit conflicted I give it 5 stars just for not being brain dead novel. That mc's aura though is kinda lewd though.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 19, 2017
Status: c600
Absolutely a brilliant novel, the focus on strategy was particularly refreshing although he does gain a "cheat" ability later on. The fact that he's not the most powerful, most talented etc is extremely nice and for once we have a non-arrogant MC. He keeps his cool at all times and only reacts when compelled or necessary, he does take some arbitrary actions but that's solely to drive the plot.

Highly recommend this novel.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 22, 2017
Status: v2c14
Very unique take on the whole xianxia-theme novel. It is very interesting and the MC is extremely intelligent and hardworking. I hope the novel gets more attention. Read all the chapter in 1 day and had to sleep around 7 am xD!
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 10, 2017
Status: v2c10
I would have to say this is one of the interesting novel I read so far - it doesn't lack anything. MC is unyielding like any other novel but is more of muture from the start and understands the world. At first you might get confused why is this guy a MC but after a while you will understand him and his cunningness. So would recommend this novel who likes cultivation novel but I will was you it's release is slow which is one thing that makes me sad as... more>> I cannot read not : (but rest is epic. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mar 11, 2017
Status: c26
Actually it's maybe one of the few Xianxia that I'm following closely. It's not your generic Xianxia Novel, here the MC uses his brain and his wits to solve the situations.

There are no clichés development such as dying full of hate and being reborn to cultivate to the peak etc... It's just plainly and simply a good Action/Adventure Novel, where the characters are likeable and lovely. I really like Tianling and her childlike behavior, Zhong Shan is hardworking and the chapters are quite funny to read. There is no... more>> overbearing world building, the author doesn't especially try to explain everything, he just gives enough information as to draw the general scenery without getting boring, he focuses mainly on the characters. It's a light and fun read, as of chapter 26, I can, confidently say this Novel deserves more attention (I just hope the story doesn't go into a generic Harem Xianxia after a hundred chapters or so, I'd hate to see this. If possible I'd like to read a 1v1 Monogamy story or at least not dozens of girls falling for the MC for s*upid reasons such as him saving beauties when they are in trouble.) <<less
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