Good Luck Time


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You just want me to draw cards for you.

A scoundrel with good gambling luck and an unlucky, silly kid. The tale of two fools in love.

Associated Names
One entry per line
A Fortunate Time
Good Luck Period
Hǎo yùn shíjiān
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FrostyDragon rated it
January 3, 2023
Status: Completed
Translator here - word of warning, this short novel is quite the painful read.

Ka Biqiu excels in writing carefully crafted, deceptively simple stories. Usually quite short novels or novellas, plot isn't complex and often POV goes back and forth between gong and shou, leaving no clear MC and ML. In this case I'd say the shou is the MC, but we do get a lot of the ML's perspective, especially in the flashback.

I decided to translate this novel because it's one of my favorites by this author, who's also someone... more>> I consider among the best of the best in danmei. Her writing is simple, but there are complex emotions simmering beneath the surface, and reading this novel requires paying attention to all the things not being said.

The MC shou is a high-functioning autist, we meet him first in his 20s when he's started working and comes across the ML, who's also employed by the same company. The two of them know each other from back in high school, but haven't seen each other in a while. The ML is behaving somewhat strange around the MC, seemingly trying to get closer to him, while the MC seems to have an equally odd resistance to interacting with him. On top of that there's the MC's older brother, who's very protective of him and also seems to have some complicated feelings concerning the ML.

As the story progresses, the reader will witness the CP's backstory, how they came to know each other and what happened back in high school that makes everyone so awkward around each other in the present day.

The plot is simple, no plot twists, no love triangles, just a strange, down-to-earth love story between an autistic young man trying to figure out how to live his best life despite his disability, and his maladjusted fellow student who doesn't like it when someone steals his hand to draw cards.

The MC's disability is handled with care and empathy by the author, and the MC both consents and is an active participant in the smut parts (not many, but they're there).

There's subtle humor and a melancholy undercurrent with rising angst and tension as the story progresses, and as a reader I found it really hard to bear the closer I was getting to the point where it all falls apart.

Word of advice: You'll probably need a good amount of tissues for this story, and maybe don't read it in public if you don't want people commenting on why you're sudden crying so hard. <<less
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rimirinrin rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
MC is a high-functioning autism. He is able to make his own judgement and decision and ML wasn't a scum that cheats on autistic person. Just putting this up so people do not jump to conclusion.

MC knew what he was doing and every step of their relationship was either initiated by him or he expressed willingness to proceed. ML wasn't nice to MC at first because MC's behaviour irritated him and he couldn't fit into the circle of friends. However as they slowly interacted, ML began to find his reactions... more>> adorable and him to be someone dear to him, even though at times it was still frustrating talking to him. He was very patient with MC. I can sympathise with the turning point in the centre and the story actually felt so sour and touching.

I like the questions posed to ML about MC's condition. My heart hurts a lot for both MC and ML because they were both in love and fell for each other. But MC's autism gave them so much hurdles it hurts. Throughout the years, you see how MC overcome many obstacles just to be more like a normal person and that breaks my heart too. ML also just wanted to love him, even if he thinks MC cannot differentiate between the different kinds of love.

This novel really hits me differently from all other novels I had read ever. It's so delicately written from both MC and ML's POV. Ka Biqiu really did a great job on this.

BTW, I would also like to recommend the audio drama for this. It is very well done and I used so many tissues for it. Ka Biqiu also helped to write new extras for the AD too. <<less
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UsaYuki rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: Completed
AHH It's so good ~ (≧▽≦) /~ (no emoticon can accurately reflect how happy I am) but I was so unsatisfied at the end!!
They are happy !!! but IM NOT YET

The Description really doesn't say much about the Novel, but I feel like you can just jump right in~ it's only 40 chapters anyways~
Honestly, I was complaining a little halfway through

because I thought the „flashbacks" took too long. I thought an appropriate way to tell this story was to tell the past in pieces to make the reader anticipate it more, and not in chunks like this... BUT IM WRONG!!! I think, because we got such detailed description of how their relation came to be, with some little disruptions of the present time, the pain that the reader felt when they parted ways was much more impactful! All the small moments, if the reader didn't know what happened in the past, we would be like MCs Brother, unable to comprehend his actions... I really cried so much when telling about MCs time without ML... him waiting for ML to deliver the cake, him writing ML all the advantages in staying in this city, him not celebrating his birthday anymore, or the day he went on the trip that he planned with ML, and compared the pictures ML sent to him in the past to be in the same spot ML was when he was on that trip... I'm crying again ヽ (;▽;) ノ

tbh I don't know how people with autism (I can't remember the longer term) should be depicted, but I still feel the author did a good job!


So anyways, why am I unsatisfied?


Bc I kinda wanted that Brother of his to apologize! They were separated for years!!!! I think it was 7 years... 7 YEARS!! They wasted the time they could have been together with misunderstanding (kinda) each other (exaggerated) I mean, I totally understand his brothers mood. He's been thinking of his Brother as a child that doesn't anything. Suddenly he sees the surveillance, which is not really clear, he doesn't what's going on and sees his brother struggle, but the other is intimate, and thinks his brother is taken advantage of. (At this point, I guess I'm glad he didn't call the police on ML... ??)

He doesn't believe that his brother is capable of loving and makes his brother DECIDE!! I hate that... it's like these questions ppl ask, him or me... I think MC was incapable of understanding what Love is (who actually does understand what Love is, huh?) and was having a hard time, but his brother only gave him more pressure, by doing a countdown. He told him to decide between going with ML and leaving the safe and familiar environment he's been living in, or stay here but never see ML again. He was given so much pressure by his brother „for his own good/protection" I suppose. Just like how parents like to say „it's all for your own good" they actually don't understand how the other feels, just like how the brother doesn't understand how MC really thinks. I feel like he can see the hints, that MC actually cares for ML a lot, suffering from insomnia etc, but since MC never complained and was always very obedient, he just doesn't want to face it.

Anyways, I want an apology to ML and MC, for forcing them to part ways, for making MC unable to contact ML. The two of them also never really explained it to anyone?? (Tho I guess... stuff like this can't be said, can only be found out, considering this is a novel and all)

So yeah, I'm so happy they reunited, sad that MC still sometimes doesn't answer MLs question, but happy again bc ML understands, is patient and can still figure out MCs thoughts. It was all so good, I would just have loved to see MCs brother be a little remorseful. If it was me, it'd probably feel like someone rip a a piece of my heart and tell me „it's all for your own good"... ok maybe not that brutal, but that's just my current mood.


Other than that, I feel like the sweet moment where soooo sweettttt ahhhh

It's definitely worth to give a try!!
Thank you translator for picking this up!
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YuzzuUzzzu rated it
October 9, 2022
Status: Completed
I MTL-ed this and it was soooo good!!! I’m happy someone pick this up. Please read this! It’s soo angsty, and there is seperation, longing and happy feelings. Such a lovely story.
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January 23, 2023
Status: --
This was adorable. Reminds me of a B×G smut where the guy is somewhere on the spectrum as well.

While this was cute I couldn't help but feel the ML was a bit too pushy. This may be because I mtl-ed the rest of the chapters and some things were lost in translation. It can also be that there wasn't enough time for the MC the REALLY acknowledge his feelings bc its a short read. But I stand by it being a cute read smut not so much maybe adult/mature?

Will definitely... more>> re-read once it's completely translated. <<less
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Immabesad.not.havesex rated it
September 29, 2023
Status: Completed
The MC is too cute

Although he's vague, I still find him very straightforward. There's nothing to dislike about him as he's straight forward, stubborn, one way person. But he's still cute. His brother is very protective of him. Although he misjudged the situation at a time, I still think he's the best brother I've read so far
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May 8, 2023
Status: Completed
A sweet slice of life. Realistic situation and I can totally understand from each angle: from MC, ML, and MC’s brother’s point of view. The smut was a treat ☺️.
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Karamel Makkiato
Karamel Makkiato rated it
February 8, 2024
Status: Completed
I love the MC so much and cried so much for him. This story is one of the best BL I have read in a while. It slowly cuts my heart open when reading about the couple's past... and drip some honey on it at the same time.
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