Gong Hua


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The Tree signaled the others with a sad cry of its approaching death. Not one of the leaves below it is without grief.

Yet before the Tree withered away, it gives birth to a Flower, a Flower that is responsible for protecting the Leaves.

Facing their own most powerful protector,

The Leaves panicked…

A guardian Flower who has lost its tree…can easily become insane.

“We cannot keep him, definitely not.”

The guardian who was abandoned by his own people… was then picked up by humans.

The Humans gave him a name ––– Gong Hua.

A gentle human taught him love. The deaths of his loved ones taught him hate.

Although Gong Hua just began to understand the world, the first thing he finds himself wanting is…


Yet at the same time, he realizes, he himself is a target for revenge as well.

Associated Names
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Black Flower
Flower of Animosity
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Shio rated it
October 27, 2015
Status: --
For those who have known Yu Wo from her other work, I could vouch one thing. Gong Hua is nothing like her other translated work at all. The writing style was so different that I had to double check the author's name. It doesn't mean that Gong Hua isn't good. It is excellent, just a little bit different.

Yu Wo herself said that she wanted to write different kind of story, and Gong Hua is her most ambitious project. In this case, I could say that she did a good job,... more>> even though the story is completed in 4 volumes instead of the original 6 volume. The world in Gong Hua is fast and unique, and yet it feels familiar at the same time. Those who like her sense of humor might get disappointed though, as the story didn't have room for her usual comedy.

Definitely a must read. <<less
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Kiki0246 rated it
February 12, 2017
Status: v3 c1
This novel is something else. The translations are excellent, and the depth of the characters are absolutely amazing. It's rather dark, but you'd be surprised at how easily it hooks you in. Don't be scared by the cover or description, just go give it a read!!!
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anya rated it
October 16, 2018
Status: v3c2
I have always loved chinese fantasy novels more than other genre

a simple naive MC who doesn't understand the world, her personality develops as the novel she comes to know the world with difficulties and tragedies around her

Then HOW do I missed this masterpiece

It made me crying out loud

As for andrgygous tag it didn't made me uncomfortable I could just ignore it

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