Goddess of Interstellar Gourmet Food


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In the year 9102 of the astronomic calendar, it has been seven thousand years since mankind left the earth.

In the interstellar era, the earth’s civilization was lost, and human beings lived on nutrients.

And this year, a visitor from the 21st century of the earth set off a gourmet storm.


Tu Rongrong transmigrated to the interstellar era and became a small pitiful person who has lost both her parents and was driven away by the family clan……

Tu Rongrong has no money and there is still a two-year-old cub that needs to be raised. Therefore, she can only rely on the private planet that is the only legacy left by her parents and built up a family fortune.

Build a house, grow vegetables, plant grain;

Cook delicious food, open live broadcasts, write novels;

Inadvertently, she revived the earth’s historical civilization and revived the earth’s culinary food culture……

Tu Rongrong: Really, at first, I just wanted to make money to raise a child, nothing more.


Spicy sticks, hot pot, instant noodles;

Bread, ham, salt-baked chicken……

What would you like to eat?

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kawaii12345 rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: Completed
First using Google translate produces more readable text than the current translation.

Next the writing style is rather annoying in several ways. The author likes to repeat themselves in ways that undermine the message and annoy the reader. Nobody needs to be told 6+ times in the first 6 chapters that the MC is an orphan, 3 or 4 times that her family drove her out, about 7 times she has no money.

At this point I don't know what story the author is trying to tell. At first glance it's a... more>> "Woe Is Me" story meant to make you feel sorry for thee MC. That's completely undercut by her owning a planet and a spaceship. As it currently stands it seems to be business development, with a mix of "I have a cheat because everyone forgot how to do simple things". Not doing anything well so far.

Finally there's the world building. It's really just out there. 7000 years into the future and China still thinks the U.S is targeting them. What's more our population is now double Asia's ? (Guess Asia really slacked off and the moral majority finally managed to ban p*rn and abortion). OK that was Amusing and annoying but the world background just doesn't read as good science fiction. It's not even up to the low standard of magic Nano machines.

Bottom line: The writing is comprehensible but it doesn't look like some you want to comprehend. <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
June 9, 2023
Status: Completed
Overall ok, not really satisfied with how things went near the end. In my opinion author should have really just focused on the food live stream aspect of the story, it had so much potential.

Author just keeps on adding unnecessary character background/traits on MC that it became a little bit messy ... more>>

IIRC MC was a transmigrator in an apocalyptic period, then a demon rabbit who cultivated into a human form who lived into 21st century society (?) in china & lived for a thousand years, & she has a space where MC can withdraw her original property, by the end another thing mentioned was that MC actually not the first time she transmigrated.


One of the things I don't like about this is about the sizes of some things, it was mentioned that the MC planet was bigger than the Earth yet even after finish reading I can only imagine it as big as a small country, in a planet bigger than the earth there are only a few buildings. And also the beginning is really confusing as the author assumes a lot of things that weren't properly explained like in the beginning I was surprised by how the viewers were actually able to eat along with the MC, only able to see MC's wrist (?) I tried really hard to imagine it so I assume its in the MC POV but then suddenly viewers can actually move within 15 meters of MC s. There was also the virtual second world where MC made a stall to sell egg burger what it was not explained is why after cooking 1 burger she did not just copy & pasted the finished product, why does MC need to personally cook all ingredients.

Never really expected anything on the drama/action part as the author already explicitly said that author really don't know how to write action scenes but I am too disappointed on the last showdown against the antagonist it was so anti-climactic that I am wondering why is she even an antagonist.

To summarize this is a good novel if it was just about the live streaming minus the romance. ML is just a trouble magnet and nothing likeable as a character, ML is just another mass produced perfect alpha male who can do everything & will pamper FML, nothing new there. <<less
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yayi rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: --
As the other reviewer said, the author frequently writes MC being poor, not just monetary but also they were kicked out of the family. I don't really mind though.

I like side characters, specially the robots. To think that I lile them more than the humans Lmao

MC, hmmm... I couldn't figure out how her brain works Lol sometimes she's calm but then becomes a firecracker in an instant. Sometimes smart but also does a lot of s*upid things.

ML, yeah, not the CEO type but more like an annoying wolf. Though I... more>> disagree with the other reviewer, thinking that his actions are disgusting. I mean, ML wants to 'abduct' MC is just him wanting her to cook for him. And if you read his convo with his assistant, it's not unreasonable. He's just thinking of ways to hire her as his personal chef, not restricting her freedom. Imagine, eating lots of delicious foods after eating 'not delicious' foods. If I have money, then I would also like to recruit him/her. Also, it didn't say that he fell in love at first sight because of her pretty face. As stated, as the top male star, he already saw a lot of (more) beautiful women who chased him but he was not moved.


if you read until the end, MC and ML were lovers in the past lives. Pretty cliche, though it explains why he felt she's special the moment he met her


What I really hate about this book is.... Tan-Ta-Nan... the forever s*upid villains and cannon fodders. As one dimension as usual. I wonder why authors always like to write them like that.

Overall, I skipped a lot of chapters because it's repetitive. An ok book, but I won't read it again. <<less
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Ainslee rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c1
MTL up to chapter 92, readability 90%.

Before getting into the story, I just wanted to share how I read MTL novels.

There were 2 options:

... more>> 1. Copy the English title on Novel Updates then search on Google adding MTL keyword at the end. Example: this novel title + MTL = 'Goddess of Interstellar Gourmet Food MTL'. There would be several websites that translated the original Chinese version to English on the website, and readers could surf into them without Google Translate.

2. Use usual Google Translate. Copy the Chinese title of the novel from Novel Updates section "Associated Names" + the author's Chinese name. Then, search on Google. There would be several websites that had the original Chinese version of the novel. I usually use my smartphone Google Assistant to directly translate, and also read the pages to me in English.

Choose whichever method that suit you best 😇


The story was all about cooking in the Interstellar planet while live streaming. <<less
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August 29, 2021
Status: --
MTLed 1/3


interesting goals : reviving food concept

... more>> MC not being most op (people can also cook like her)

Seablue star development is potentially interesting (world development)


if ML chen jiye then I dont like. Too disgustingly cheap, fall in love at first sight just cause she is pretty

disgustingly cliche romance. Father is possessive over mother who interact with her son. Who the hell does that. And repeated joke of ML wanting to abduct MC, disgusting. Just coz ur ML and handsome doesn't excuse you thinking in such a disgusting way. If you were just a support character or antagonist or a normal freaking human people would be disgusted. And it being in novel doesn't make me less annoyed

MC piss me off sometimes. Especially with her lazy way. Alright if you wanna be lazy? Sure go ahead. But don't drag your butler in doing sh*t for you. So much so that he is tired. She now look like a mindless careless bit*h who don't give a f*ck and just do what she want like a baby. And you call that being an adult? I feel bad for the butler

also even if ur bad at management, there should be something called learning and also common sense. MC had none of this and just tried to wishy washy through world development which piss me off instead of making me satisfied

there is something about the MC that is so unlikeable that sometimes its unbearable to read her. I thought I would like her because her goal to revive earth culture is interesting, as well as her tough skin fighting against navy. But her brainless decision making is just TOO <<less
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