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Jiang Qiuqiu, a food blogger in the 21st century, has traveled to the interstellar era.

To make ends meet, a food anchor named Jiang Jiaoyu in the Federal Food Live Zone was born, attracting countless local tycoons and hundreds of millions of Federal fans!
#Shock! The fan rankings of a certain anchor in the food live category is simply a Federal press conference!#

The first fan on the list is Admiral Mosi, the Blade of the Empire!

The second on the list is His Excellency Jones, the Chief of the Cabinet!

From the third to the twenty fans’ list, there are 18 conscripts from the Federation!

Everyone: ! ! ! ? ? ?


Jiang Qiuqiu originally only wanted to cook and make ends meet, but she unexpectedly became famous, enlisted in the army, saved a legion, and picked up a husband.

One day, a short video became famous on the federal network. In the video, the hottest Internet celebrity surnamed Jiang tweeted a video where a tall, handsome and imposing Admiral, who destroyed the hands of the Zerg queen, holding a kitchen knife to cut carrots! And the tweet said: I finally found a man who can cook for me.

Countless people are screaming for this beautiful love!

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readingnu rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: Completed
MTL'ed all the way through.

Spoiler about entirety of novel, read at your own risk

... more>>

girl transmigrates to future, overcomes financial hurdles, creates food broadcast, really yummy food, encounters ML (they're neighbors), her food has special healing properties unique to everyone else, fame increases, love encounters grow, MC enrolls in university, zerg war escalates, political intrigue, some tension, more love encounters, more discoveries on her healing skills, zerg war reaches standstill when queen zerg is born, zerg queen is adorable (not a lot of content, just that she is open to peace talks in exchange for MC's food), peace throughout, equality/progress, more love encounters, other pairings happen (yay!!!), MC gives birth, 2 baby pandas, happy ending (the new era discover the old earth/advancement in healing for everyone).

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VivtheMage rated it
November 30, 2021
Status: --
I cannot stress enough how cute this novel is. So cute I had to write a review. I MTLed after chapter 10 but its still pretty easy to understand. It super fluffy, the protagonist is so sweet, and while it takes a while for the romance (a few hundred chapters in) when it finally comes its so sweet!! Its so adorable, I basically had a smile on my face the entire time I was reading it! I generally don't like books that go past a certain number of chapters but... more>> I'm really glad I gave this one a try. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
User.948761 rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c1140
Review 1140

I think it's still great. I'm still pausing here because I feel burnt out by the sheer number of chapters. I'll come back to it

Review 1093

There is some semblance of a overarching plot so there's that. I'm feeling the romance between the MC and ML in this last section of the story. From about chapters in the 900s. I'm guessing the actual reveal to society about the MC being her partner will be towards the very end. The face slapping drama is not fierce - it's there but... more>> not powwow.

Review at c930

If you want lots of romance... this isn't for you. Based on the summary, I thought there would be more romance than there actually is. Most of the story until now is still on cooking.

There are various arcs tho where the story shifts a bit. For example, the beginning was focused on live-streaming, but then we have arcs where she's setting up her own company to live stream, going to school, training, doing sort of like a community service project, etc.

When the romance happens, it is rather sweet but otherwise this is ridiculously little 😭.

One thing I do appreciate is that the (main) side characters don't just disappear after a few chapters. There are certainly supporting characters that only appear for a few chapters but there are also a group of side characters that continue to be relevant

Review at c500

It's cute. Mtl is easy to understand. I didn't see how many chapters it was so I wasn't prepared lmao. I'm not sure if it's because it's so long (with short chapters) or because the focus is cooking, but things take forever for anything to happen. For example,

there's a situation with the family that runs the broadcasting company that the MC uses and it's slowly spread across like 50+ chapters.

This story is perfect for those wanting a cute fluffy story that focuses primarily on cooking in the interstellar period. If you've read any other stories with this premise, then you know the general rubric they follow. If you know and expect that type of plot, then it's pretty good! Don't read this expecting profound plot and character development or anything like that. <<less
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