Glutton Berserker ~The One That Exceeds The Concept Of Levels~


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Fate, a gatekeeper who had been working for the castle, is beset by a few burdens.

It is the constant hunger attacks triggered by a skill he had obtained upon birth. A useless skill, it only serves to make him hungrier; however, unbeknownst to him, it has a concealed ability.

On one day, having killed a thief sneaking into the castle, he finally noticed its true power.

A skill that feeds upon the very soul of the subjects he kills, taking away all their powers. And thus, finally, his constant hunger had been satiated for the first time.

With just that, the man who has been treated like a pile of trash slowly started raising his head. Having exceeded the concept of levels, he strikes fear with his terror-like strength, earning him the nickname…

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Berserk of Gluttony (WN)
Boushoku no Berserk ~ Ore dake Level to Iu Gainen wo Toppa Suru ~
暴食のベルセルク ~俺だけレベルという概念を突破する~
狂怒的暴食 ~只有我突破了等级这概念~
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Horoscope rated it
December 18, 2017
Status: c5



... more>> Uniqueness of story:0/5



Grammar: 1/5

The writing is probably one of the worst examples of lazy editing I have ever witnessed. The ratio is approximately 1 error every 3 sentences. It's beyond ridiculous. I'm not even going to point out an example, any person who reads this would be able to see how badly translated it is!!!

There are also contradictions in statements that frequently appear. Gah, it's so painful to read!

Writing style 3/5

Coupled with the poor grammar quality, the author's writing style is incredibly messy and clunky. This makes reading it extremely painful. However, the way things are set up gives off a feeling that the writing is actually really good, but is being messed up by the piss poor translation.

Uniqueness of story: 0/5


This just makes me cringe. It's not very hard at all to tell this story is, through and through, a wish fulfillment story. There are even very SPECIFIC flags of a typical wish fulfillment story apparent in chapter 5. The MC spouts things like "And I shall become THE STRONGEST".

The story pulls elements from generic level systems, leaving the purpose of said system at the whims of the author. Everything is set up so the MC can look awesome. It feels so half baked, with minimal effort and thought put into the story, or even any kind of background.

It's like the author is trying to make the setting as generic as possible for his MC that is OH SO UNIQUE AND INTERESTING.

Plot: 0/5


The MC's power is to take all stats and skills from anyone he kills. Not only is that a poorly thought out ability, it is grossly overpowered in the sense that the one who kills gets EVERYTHING. All skills, every single stat point, it's ridiculous. He literally goes from 1 point in each stat to 1000 in each stat after killing just a few goblins. His power was multiplied by 1000 in an hour.

What's even more annoying is that on his very first day of adventuring, he picks up a super uber rare talking sword that was hiding itself in a collection of trash items.


This ties in to the fact that this story is a wish fulfillment story. Here is how I see the story going:

-Gain stats from grinding low level enemies

-kill people who dis MC

-get girl

repeat forever

Man, he's even TOLD EXPLICITLY his skill is a cheat!

Seven deadly sins setup is also not very cleverly hidden.

In conclusion:

Plot armor is max, his hardships don't count for crap, the MC is uninteresting and set up to be awesome for the sole reason of being the author's fantasy self image. The story line is predictable and uninteresting, the characters are generic, and everything is unceremoniously handed to the MC. The writing has potential but is bunged up by the poor translation and editing.

I can't believe that this thing is getting a manga. It's going to be the most boring manga ever. Who wants to read a story about a person overcoming fake obstacles?

This deserves 2/5 average rating

Getting over it with Bennett Foddy is more interesting than this. <<less
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Amuris rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c101
This is my opinion after reading ahead to the current japanese chapter. I'd like to point out something about this story, it isn't what it looks like. That's a good thing. There are many reviews here that say what it looks like in the first couple of chapters, but the story just isn't like that. This isn't an edgy story where everyone is evil or a jerk, very few characters are actually bad people. Almost everyone he encounters is pretty reasonable and he makes a few long term relationships.

For example:... more>>

Myne and Aaron basically form a family with him after the thing with the heavenly dragon is settled. Myne becomes his big sister figure and Aaron legally adopts Fate and makes him the successor to his house of holy knights.


They don't spend a whole lot of time focusing on the people who tormented him until the 4th arc, the chapters around chapter 100. There's actually only two times in the translated chapters were it touches on revenge. One wasn't that good but the other was surprisingly tasteful:


The bad one is where he killed one of the holy knight siblings who he worked for while uncovering a plot to kill Roxy and destroy her house. The good one was when he was hired to protect his home village that he was chased out of when his father died. The one who hired him, the village chef's son, was the leader of the kids who bullied him. He has his own kid now and has grown to remind Fate of his own father. Though the other villagers didn't reflect after kicking him out so they didn't have to support him and remained "poor in wealth and heart" this father did become a better person. Since Fate could only protect a few, most of the village was destroyed but this wasn't portrayed as satisfying. They're suffering didn't make anyone feel better and it just felt strange and bitter to him.


Though more time is spent on the holy knight siblings in the 4th arc, it isn't about getting vengence or anything. Instead, the focus is on acknowledging the dark parts of a persons heart and not letting them run rampant.


He finds similarity between himself and the eldest sibling who was actually lashing out because of the things his father did to him and his mother. Aaron and the others were getting concerned because he becomes so aggressive when dealing with corrupt holy knights. He reflects and stops letting his anger get the better of him, lest he succumb to the sin skill or the "Area of E".


That brings me to another point. The stats and their exact role isn't what it looks like at first. It's addressed beforehand but the fact that there is more to fighting and power in the story than stats as the move into the "Area of E":


The stat cap is suppose to be 999999999. Beyond that is the "Area of E" which normally can't be reached. The fact that those in the Area of E can't be hurt by anyone who isn't or that E stats are just the multiple of the cap you have in stats might seem to reinforce the importance of stats in the story but it actually points out a problem with stats, control and expression. As he learns from Aaron and his match with Roxy, he needs to develop actual control over the power to express it. Otherwise, the impact of his stats is actually pretty small. There is also the problem of maintaining ones sense of self. Those who break into the Area of E (either through a sin skill, breaking their limit like Aaron, or whatever the white knights did) lose their mind and turn into monsters like the heavenly dragon if they can't control that power. Anyway, as he learns more and he, Aaron, and pretty much anyone who stays relevant in fights (sorry Roxy) go into the Area of E, the fights will address stats less and less. The fights will go more into the skills and their knowledge of how to use them.


Because of these points, the story works a bit differently that has been stated in the reviews up to this point. I think it should be noted that some of this is pretty normal. Take Kumo Desu ga, Nani Ka for example. The story starts out with a focus on the game mechanics but that depletes and is replaced with a greater emphasis on the characters themselves as their power grows to greater absurdity. In the same token, stats are emphasized here at the beginning (when the MC doesn't really know how to fight) and become less and less important compared to skill as the stats become more absurd. It is also normal for a story to start off with the MC suffering or being disadvantaged. It's indulging in the same one-sided abuse and power that they went through to express resentment which makes a story edgy, something this story doesn't do (except for once). Because the story was so much better than it appeared and had also never lost my interest, I'll give it a 5/5. I don't consider grammar or style, only my own enjoyment so take that with my earlier explanations and a grain of salt. <<less
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Dannie1993 rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: --
So at first this novel seemed interesting. Weak to strong protagonist with a crazy growth potential. I gotta say his so called “cheat” skill gluttony is RIDICULOUSLY overpowered. He takes all the skills AND stats of everything he kills.

At a first glance this growth model seems unsustainable because pretty quick the MC will be stronger than anything else (due to his verrry broken trait) and there wouldn’t be any real conflict. I was pretty interested with where the author is taking this. If you think about it there is nothing... more>> really stopping him from becoming the strongest being in that world in just a few days. He can literally work his way up killing the weakest to the strongest being and easily taking all their power one step at a time


That is until he finds the stupid greed sword that evolves by taking his status. Immediately I knew that this is the author’s cheap way out because he wrote himself into a corner. He can’t have the MC become that ridiculously overpowered so he is going to reset his stats once in a while. This made me want to flip a table because that’s just lazy. Why even make a character like this if you don’t have the balls to take it all the way.

Also from the MC’s perspective what kind of ret*rd would be willing to give up all his stats to a stupid sword? I’m pretty sure he would have been better off keeping those stats and continue to get exponentially stronger. Instead he agreed to it because the story demanded it since there wouldn’t be any tension or suspense otherwise.

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Shishin rated it
December 19, 2017
Status: c18
When it comes to 7 deadly sins, I'll read it anyway. Since MC has the power of Glutton, we all know this novel has plot armor at max in the beginning. A good reading for those who just finished some complex novel lol.
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VelhoDit rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c10
it hurts, the first 3 chapters are so convenient.... my brain hurts.

the MC introduction was ok it makes you want to see him becomes stronger but everything after is simply hard to read, the author is clearly an amateur.
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TaoTie rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c24
2.5 stars

I'm sort of torn

I mean I really love gluttony and soul devouring and weak to strong

... more>> But on the flip side its fairly 2-dimensional and cliche, theres not alot of originality to the plot or depth to the characters.

The author needs to show rather than tell

- if you want an evil character to be an antagonist then write a character with details, dont just literally write "he's evil" and have him kick a puppy; and give variety to your characters, dont just copy/paste for antagonists #2 and on

- and if you want a romance interest/heroine then take the time to creat an original character, dont just write "shes the beautifulest and the bestest and the noblest and her hair is the shiniest gold"

It makes the story feel more like a potempkin village rather than a fleshed out world. <<less
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December 20, 2017
Status: c5
i didn't want to comment so soon and as such I will not rate it, nevertheless I decided in order to counterargument Horoscope review, so read his first

Grammar it is not excellent but for the 5 chapter available there wasn't any error that would break immersion, so those 1 error in 3 lines, is more of that not how that word is wriiten, move on.

About writting I can't tell if the original was better and translation is degrading it, cause I don't know japonese, so i'll abstain.

Uniqueness, why is this... more>> rated??? From what I can see this is a take on the sevens sins in an magic and sword world, although neither concept is new both can be seen as classic, so what the author do with its classic elements and what will be unique is still early to tell, it is just chapter 5.

Now the power problem that is mention that he went from stats 1 to 1000 in 1 day, I see no problem with it, from what I can tell (and system and level haven't been explained and so far it only be seen stats from level 3 monster and level 1 protagonist) growth is problably exponential instead of linear (5+ point for level up) which is more realistic cause in greater levels 5 points in 500 is a minimal increment of power, so for all I can tell 1000 is probably equivalent to level 10 merc.

about his skill is a cheat and repetitive, I am hopeful that it won't be average wish fulfillment both a story were god and the system will be the final BOSS

about fake obstacle, before the line where the MC gets something, just imagine that he had to meditate for 1000 years if that make seem more dificult and as such worthy after all in a fantasy book everything is fake <<less
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Zedzack rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c100
Another one of those MCs getting forbidden skill, power, equipment (whatever) that lead into whole chapters of how strong he is, only to be stomped over and over again.

There are way too many foreshadowing, mysteries and plot holes to the point that it is aggravating to continue the read. And the interaction between MC and his weapon is quite stale, seriously did the author watch/read the Zero no Tsukaima's series or something.
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Dracius rated it
February 14, 2018
Status: c17
It's good, the style of getting strong get through fighting, killing, eating, etc. Is a bit cliche these days, but the sword adds another element to it all.

Plus 2 Deadly Sins complimenting one another, definitely makes the story much more interesting and enjoyable!

However.... there being no schedule releases and what not is disappointing and makes the fun of reading a bit diminished.
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kingdavid1001 rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c92
Falls into common fantasy powercreep issues very quick. Stat numbers are ridiculous breaching into comedic levels of absurdity. MC becomes practical demi-god, stated in the novels as "Area E", cause his stats are so stupid it literally goes into scientific notation cause they have too many zeros. Then it gets explained that Area E is "super rare" heavenly dragon tier strength. Then in the very next arc so many "Area E" opponents show up it gets repetitive, and this leads you to question why the f*ck this kingdom is even... more>> struggling against monster hordes where monsters have stats of 1k on average. <<less
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Ispheria rated it
December 23, 2019
Status: c81
This whole series is pointless. The best way to describe it is edge for the sake of edge, stats for the sake of stats, and characters for the sake of characters.

The edge part is pretty simple. The main character wears all black and a skull mask and kills hordes of monsters using his black transforming sword/bow/scythe/shield/staff of Greed. His skill Gluttony compels him to keep killing and turns his eyes red. You'd think that would matter more but it really doesn't. He never almost hurts someone close to him or... more>> even accidentally does anything bad.

If he consumes something too strong Gluttony will go berserk and he'll lose his self control, but that never happens. Even worse the story constantly flip flops about whether or not he should go around killing hordes of enemies.

Eventually he meets another person with a sin, Wrath, who uses an ax, Sloth. Again, sounds important, really isn't. Wrath is a nearly naked tattooed loli for the sake of edge and despite Greed warning the MC how making her mad is a bad idea, nothing ever happens. At one point the MC goes out of his way to do something Wrath clearly won't be happy with and basically got off scott free.

There's also a prostitute with Lust (because what else would she be) and she doesn't really matter either.

So the MC goes around meeting sins and dealing with holy knights and angels and whatever but you could replace those words with basically anything and it wouldn't change anything. The sins thing really have no effect on the story and are just there to make it edgier.

Moving on to the stats thing. So Gluttony is a skill that consumes the souls of whatever the MC kills and traps them in his personal hell or whatever (it's not that bad. It's just like a white space). That means he gets their skills and stats. So if the MC has 50 hp and kills something with 300 hp, the MC would end up with 350 hp.

That means the mc's stats can go up forever with no limit, so at some point he would end up so ridiculously overpowered that nothing could even stand a chance against him. The author seemed to realize this so they added a way to lower his stats.

By feeding his stats to Greed the MC can unlock more forms and use stronger attacks. Problem is this doesn't matter either. The stronger attacks all cost a percent of his stats, like 20% of all his stats to shoot something stronger. Meaning his actual stats don't matter, he just has to use 20% no matter how strong he is. And he always gets those stats back by killing the monsters he used the skill on, so there might as well not be a cost.

Unlocking new weapon forms requires giving up ALL the stats the MC got up until he first held Greed, but again, it doesn't matter. He immediately just kills something, gets enough stats to kill hordes of enemies, and gets his stats back up.

Even worse the unlocks always happen after a big boss fight. The author wastes your time telling you about how strong the enemy is, the MC kills it, he gets the huge stat bonus, then immediately gives it up to unlock a new weapon form. It's a waste of time every time and you don't get the satisfaction you'd normally get from seeing the MC get a stat boost in other series.

But because the whole system isn't very well thought out, the stats go into ridiculous amounts. Eventually they go into the "E" area, where your stats are so high that they need to be expressed like 1.5 x 10e8. Which really makes you wonder how most people managed to go their whole lives with stats in the hundreds unaware of the E zone. How lucky the MC is to never have come across anyone weaker than him even though the gap in stats is that high.

TLDR: Stats don't matter and you don't even get the satisfaction of seeing the MC get stronger. Everything else just happens to get stronger with him.

My last point about the characters mainly has to do with the heroine. She serves no purpose other than to have a heroine. She starts off being super friendly with the MC for literally no reason, and she does absolutely nothing with him. She never fights with him (as an ally or enemy) and then randomly takes off so the MC has a reason to leave beginner town. Even when she's the damsel in distress the fight takes place so far away from her that she wasn't even a part of it.

Of course, she's not the only useless character. There's some holy knights are who are jerks that just sort of exist to be mean.

Before leaving beginner town the MC kills one of them and it sounds like things are finally about to get interesting, but he just leaves. We don't see how that affects the town at all and he doesn't seem to care. When he eventually comes back it's like those characters didn't even exist even though they were the biggest deal in the beginning of the story.


Basically none of the characters matter either.

So basically, don't waste your time reading this. It's completely pointless.

Edit: Oh yeah, and the author constantly reminds you that the sword talks to the MC using the Mind Reading skill. It's really annoying. It's like the author thought it was the coolest idea ever and feels the need to constantly tell you about it. <<less
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Veer rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: --
i happen to like op mc's, everyone is saying "this sh*t is so fake and cliche" and "this doesnt deserve a manga" but I think it has some uniqueness like how theres a catch to his power, and besides, this stuff is intended for those who enjoy the genre of op mc's and cliches here and there- now that I think of it nobody has actually really taken those people into consideration🤔 its all "cliché!" or "OP!" but what if this was, I dont know? MEANT FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKE... more>> THAT STUFF! 😱 <<less
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Mighty Action X
Mighty Action X rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: c70
It started rather dull, no different from the other Stat and Skill stealing novels that are already existing. However, as it progress, it started to showcase its uniqueness. Yes, he becomes OP with his Stats but to power up Greed which is his partner, he had to give those Stats up from time to time, leaving him weak until he eat enough soul again to power up himself. His ability also has a serious drawback, the more he use it, the more he wants to eat and if neglected, it... more>> will kill him. This was stated already be Greed who had been a partner of the former Gluttony ability user. Most of those who inherited Gluttony died even before they could awaken their full potential due to the drawback it presents. <<less
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khanz113 rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c70
Well I'll dissagre with some people who have reviewed this story. Well this story is pretty interesting. MC grows his stats at fast speed rate but also loses them rapidly droping down to it's previous stats before getting sword as all the stats are absorbed by sword and due to twist of fate roxy has to die and lot of people desire her death where MC has to save her.

Well it's translation isn't bad. It is understandable. There are very few minor mistakes which a common reader can ignore them... more>> like spell mistake, preposition mistake. These problems can't be ignored for official or government documents but where as you can ignore them here. <<less
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Go-Han rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c100
The story is very interresting. But daaamn. The mystery is too fkn much. Like the moon surface. Hole everywhere. And I think the writer make the MC kinda stupid. He doesnt know anything about his skill, and companion. The only way he think is save as much as possible people and save Roxy. He dont know anything about his skill, and his companion wont tell too. What the hell is this
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Leafron rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: --
See now, this novel is just plain silly. The author clearly states that "Gluttony" is a skill where he has to continuously consume the souls of his enemies, and that the more enemies consumed, the stronger he gets.

Now, this "getting stronger" part is actually a key factor and essential to the MC, because as he starts killing more enemies/consuming souls, the weaker ones would soon be unable to satiate his hunger and he would have to move on to stronger monsters/enemies. So you would presume that his strength would be... more>> essential for hunting strong enemies.

HOWEVER, this nutcase of an amateur author decides to throw in a "Magic Talking Sword" that levels up/awakens by having the MC give up all of his stats to it; unlocking a new form of the weapon each time (e.g. Sword -> Bow, etc). Isn't this just plain retardation? How are you going to hunt the stronger monsters when the weaker ones aren't going to be able to satiate your hunger anymore? I'd assume the author would throw in a couple of other convenient plots to offset this or something later in the novel, but I don't think I will want to read something where the author conveniently throws plots in to cover up his previous messes. These types of novels eventually ends up as cover ups over cover ups over cover ups... and so on. Well, you get the gist. (an example is throwing in a sword to reset MC's stats so he doesn't get too OP) <<less
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
May 25, 2018
Status: c17
Too cringey for me, in addition to the bad translations, the MC is too stupid

... more>>

ch. 1 - Introduction about MC & his works... my opinion too stupid? really working for 5 years for someone who curses & beats you up daily for a few coppers? not worth it, and he calls it a decent job. And he's so called job is severe, dirty?, dangerous, yet they hired a useless weak guy to do the job, co-worker at the same shift? none.. I'd really like to see what kind of idiot would hire a weak guy for a dangerous job.

ch. 2 - Heavily injured thief running away, MC with one thrust of his spear the thief died..... really? no retaliation, no fighting, or just plain evasion? the thief must be pretty good despite his low stat as he was able to run away with only paying an arm after confronting the so called holy-knight yet he just died like that, really?? & btw a person with a skill combination of appraisal, mind-reading, concealment, really worked as a thief?? is he an idiot?

ch. 3 - Skill Investigation, MC investigates what he gained last chapter.. MC learned he has gained appraisal skill then he commented "Oi oi, if I have this skill, I can switch jobs from gatekeeper to appraiser. Not just anyone can become an appraiser so the pay is good" why do you consider being an appraiser why not become like the STUPID Thief and become a IDIOT thief. (Please don't reason to me that the thief didn't know he had skill because he has the skill concealment which hid all his skills that's too pathetic), then MC appraised his Gluttony skill and after that he said "Yeah, I get it now. This is the same description that the Appraiser who visited in my hometown village saw. In other words, this skill has a hidden power that cannot be seen by Appraisal.
The power to devour the souls of those the user has killed, and take the victim's skills as the user's own. As a side-effect, it fills the user's stomach.." wtf, he became a sage, how did he know that skill devours the soul and whatnot.

ch. 4 - MC buys weapon.. conversation between Fate & Greed - Greed: We are similar so buy me, Fate: Ok I'll buy you... (O_O).. really just like that no questioning like what are you? how did you get here? didn't it cross your mind that it might be a cursed sword?


There are too many unexplained things, like how strong are the so called holy knights?

After a few chapters stats are already in the range of tens of thousands & bosses are in the hundreds of thousands, then if you compare it to the MC's initial stats ain't he kinda trashy? even goblins stats are in the tens so I can definitely say MC is trash/useless at the beginning yet he won't acknowledge it..

Try reading this if you want to improve your tsukomi skills? <<less
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January 10, 2018
Status: c9

To say it bluntly I like this story, it's nice and simple. Besides as long as the author doesn't mess it up with plot armor the ending of the story is no secret. He will die, painfully and alone while trying to devour all of humanity.

In other words, it's a story about a former weak and lonely human with a skill that was deemed as useless. Now he got the power with a huge drawback -> There is no return.

I'd hope this book would be a story on how he loses himself on the power and how he consumes everything around him.

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Deneb rated it
December 11, 2018
Status: c89
A little too predictable. It has its own kind of vibe which sets it apart from many of the others in this field. What field you ask? The I started out as a slug, I won the karma lottery and got the strongest power, yet once in a while I will face a setback, which really isn't a setback, I just haven't figured out all the intricacies of my own power yet, but I have super powered women who are strangly unattached that will save my but while I figure... more>> out how to unlock the next tier of my power, field. Which, strangely, is a fairly common field.

I won't tell you whether this is a bad or good read, because that's all relative to your taste. I will say that if you like courtly love, this might be a good fit for you. (If you don't know what courtly love is, it's better you read someone else's review, or better yet, use the internet and educate yourself.) If you like witty banter between a man and his sword, this might be a good fit for you. If you like an MC who never really has to make hard choices, he just clicks yes when it's time for him to level up, same.

If you like fake tension that only lasts for a moment before moving on to the next indistinct quest, this might be for you. It might be that there is really more tension, but since the author spends more time describing objects than doing any world building, beyond, "hey there's two kinds of bad guys in this the world, the ones who are obviously easy to beat and the ones who are secretly easy to beat."

Forget the hero's journey, this is like the bus driver's journey. Likeable characters get on and off, disagreeable characters are thrown off the bus at the driver's earliest convenience. (If you don't know what the hero's journey is, you definitely need to not read any more of these trashy novels and spend some time using the internet for what it was designed for, watching cat videos.)

Sadly, this review has more plot twists than the work it is focused on. <<less
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Hajime_005 rated it
July 17, 2018
Status: c14
premise is good and it started off in a nice scene that is unique but turns sour in a few chapters. The cliche sudden love is annoying which is present in most bad jap novels. The sudden favoritism the employer gives the protagonist is unnatural and very forced. It becomes harder to read the more I progress.
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