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In the year 1245 of the Star Calendar, the S-level mecha athlete [sink] shone brightly, setting numerous records. Despite his immense glory, he announced his retirement after achieving the grand slam, leaving countless fans feeling regretful and saddened.

During the same year, the KID base’s mecha mechanic had his team doctor qualification revoked for violating league rules. The base’s owner had no choice but to release a recruitment announcement, which instantly sparked a heated debate within the league.

“What? Hiring? How much is the salary?”

“As we all know, KID is very poor. Don’t bother applying.”

“There are so few mechanics, yet you offer this salary. Are you taking us as fools?”

Before long, the KID base actually recruited a mechanic. The mechanic wore a hat that obscured his face and loose long sleeves, revealing faint glimmers of cold light from intricate mechanical hand within his sleeve. He appeared frail and delicate, more like a vase than a mecha mechanic.

“Is his right hand a prosthetic? Mechanical hand? Are you kidding me? Can it be accurate?”

“I doubt he can even lift an outer armor plate.”

Two years later, the Mecha Alliance underwent restructuring, requiring the team doctors of the alliance’s base teams to participate in battles. The KID club submitted its roster, and there was a new ID on the list—[sink].

The people in the league then realized that KID not only recruited a mechanic but also one with explosive combat power.


Ying Chenlin was reborn and returned to his genetically mutated 18-year-old self.

During that year, he had just won the first grand slam of the Mecha Alliance, following his heart and pursuing his dreams relentlessly. However, two years later, he suffered from genetic backlash, leaving him disabled in half of his body, leading a life confined to a wheelchair.

In his most difficult years, it was KID’s boss who took him in, giving him a chance, teaching him a new profession, and pulling him out of the abyss. Starting anew, he turned down offers from various bases, resolutely retired before his body deteriorated further, and applied to become a mecha mechanic at the KID base.

Repaying the debt, recovering his health, starting over again—he had experienced the pinnacle, and even if he was full of scars, he was determined to reach the summit once more.


1. This story is about growth, strength, and coolness. It involves character development and progression with more focus on career and team growth than on romance.

2. The protagonist goes from being a mecha pilot to a versatile and composed mecha mechanic with unknown attributes and fighting abilities (Upstream).

Content tags: Strong – Strong, Mecha, Exciting, Upgrade, Relaxing

Search keywords: Protagonist: Ying Chenlin ┃ Supporting roles: You Su, Ji Qingfeng, Lin Yao, Huo Yan, Lu Xi, Shen Xingtang, Jiang Simiao ┃ Others:

One-sentence summary: The great demon king returns to his peak.

Theme: Setbacks do not define one’s future; one should fearlessly move forward.

Associated Names
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Genius Repairman
tiāncái wéi xiū shī
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New sakirol
April 27, 2024
Status: c131

I was bored at the beginning because MC was (and still is lmao) OP at literally everything. Then the series segued into a competition arc, and battle details were kind of mundane and tedious to read through. Anyhow, it initially presented itself like a dogblood + faceslapping novel, but it started to shift away.

More background information and plot gets introduced. The story is not as linear as it seems at the beginning. Battles start to get more enjoyable to read.

Now I'm at the point where I really enjoy this series,... more>> and I'm digging through scraps to find another action-packed read. <<less
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leva rated it
September 19, 2023
Status: c400+25
Went and MTL ed because I got invested super early. Overall, super satisfying read. Very well done, and everything ties up beautifully in the end. Later in the novel he slowly started to discover truths about things he didn't even have an idea of in his previous life, leading to the final conclusion. The fighting scenes are CRAZY good, like WOW reading some competition parts brings to mind Lelouch orchestrating the whole battlefield... The battle progression is insane. The romance is super natural and cute slowburn that's not frustrating. The... more>> KID squad is cracked as hell, and their circle of friends gradually getting more and more crackhead is something amazing to witness.

I love MC's growth with his team. Like genuinely they are so good for him. At the start he was lowkey depressed from his last life, and as it goes on he start to act more like his actual body age, and his real personality came through. ML is also SUPER good to him, his literal rock in the storm in crucial moments, no 2nd ML syndrome at all (crying tears of joy). His teammates each one is more colorful than the previous, and their competitor friends are also super fun characters. Their team dynamics is amazing. <<less
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Kakipii13 rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: c70
Reading ahead via MTL, but stopping at chapter 70 to leave a review for anyone deciding whether or not to start reading this.

The summary here is pretty good. The meat of the story is the mecha battles, though there is plenty of story happening in-between battles as well. MC is a brilliant strategist, was a mecha pilot and is now a mechanic, and is used to individual battles as opposed to team battles - this means that his tactics catch opponents off-guard. He fuels the chaotic tendencies that his teammates... more>> already had, enabling them and making everyone else very confused and upset (especially their manager).

The ML is also a solo-fighter but most of his experience comes from wandering around in dangerous areas and fighting the more-powerful-than-normal wildlife. His signature move is to snipe hard-to-hit opponents by aiming at his own teammates - even camouflaged opponents have to approach or line up to attack at some point, and his own teammates are easier to lock onto, obvs. If they get hit it's their fault for not dodging.

Teammates don't question MC's tactics and revel in their opponents' confusion, and always channel the emotion "Let's f*cking goooo!". Even the more serious members don't even hesitate. Everyone on the team makes collecting materials to build mecha parts their top priority over fighting opponents during a tournament or fleeing when their lives are in danger. They WILL charge into danger just for the chance to collect rare materials to make mecha parts and then offer it all up to our MC like a child handing their parent some weeds they picked up (Hey! Look what we got!! Didn't we do good :D). There's usually one "kinda dumb but is comedic relief" character in stories like these, but their team has 2 of them and they feed off each other. And they're competent! Ji Qinfeng and Lin Yao carry this story on their backs, the 5/5 is because I love them.

Secondary characters are all interesting, and even if they don't have a lot of time to become "developed" they are all memorable in their own ways. I like that the MC doesn't recover or become magically "cured" right away, and that his goal isn't to become as strong as he used to be but to develop a workaround so that he can pilot his old mecha despite his physical limitations. Really comes into its own during the Tianyu arc, where MC first gets to shine as strategist, mecha pilot, and mechanic and the chaos is released onto unsuspecting bystanders - if you've read less than 20 chapters and think its boring, give it until chapter 25 or so before you decide to drop.

Has a lot of action and good pacing. It is taking a very long time for any romance to happen though. ML has already shown some interest in MC, but you might be disappointed if you're only here for the romance. Has mecha and psychic/mental ability stuff, but is not sentinel/guide or abo or zerg or any of the stuff associated with interstellar. It's not focused on people going to school or military training, or about interplanetary politics either. I don't even know if this is in the interstellar sub-genre or not. The team battle aspect makes this story have more of the same feel as e-sports novels compared to other Chinese mecha or sci-fi webnovels, so if you like sports or e-sports series or like sci-fi/mecha/interstellar but want something different, or if you like Gundam G Fighters I recommend this. <<less
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art3micia rated it
August 31, 2023
Status: c2
It's a long novel, that has a lot of info on battles and mecha. But the story is worth it. The characters, both main and side characters are really interesting and funny. Maybe, the MC is a little too OP, but it can be/is explained with the rebirth background.

We have a lot of fights and backstory leading to the conclusion, but I found it interesting (most of the time- there were a couple of chapters where the fight scenes dragged a little).

The romance is a side story and is a... more>> slow one that is confirmed near the end of the novel.

The translator does a good job, but it has just started so the options are either wait or mtl.
While the mtl was understandable, I suggest to read the translation.
All in all, great read ! I definitely recommend it. <<less
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Suxioa rated it
November 24, 2023
Status: Completed
Its so good. The storyline was so good and I love it. All the characters have personalities and I love the mc!the way he opened up little by little!i couldnt find any story like this and ive been obsessed since.
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WallEyeKnee rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: Completed
Let me this out of the way because I compliment this Novel.

F**** U ML, the way you interacting with ML seems grooming to me. Even though he rebirthed he should be in his 30s in his mind. But the way you keep calling him Kid, calling his full name, just go touch him whenever you feel like. Never tells him anything about yourself when he asked rude as f*ck. We don't even know why he likes MC, just seems like he's h**ny all of a sudden and decide he likes... more>> MC. He does care for MC, but his personality sucks it's his way or the high way. Even though he seems to give MC options but it's always him guiding MC in the direction he wants. I don't know why he laughs so much about MC amateur romance questions, bit*h your a virg*n for 24 years you don't even have a single shred of experience, who the f*ck are you to laugh at him? Also he's a f*cking edge lord. I get it you lost your mum because she sacrificed herself for the masses and you upset and shit. But MC lost his whole family by age 7, never met his parents, went to orphanage and had to do everything himself. You stuck up rich bastard never even close to what MC's experience who also lost his arm because of genetic disease. Like what gives you the right to be a f*cking edge lord for 90% of the novel. I want to jump into the novel give him a few slaps and find MC a better person. The romance is terrible. I don't recommend if you want to read BL, the Bl to me shouldn't exists, this more like brother to brother relationship. The romance seems like we both h**ny lets get together.

This doesn't change the novel for being 5 stars.

MC is good at everything, weapon designing, mecha fighting, strategic thinking, Mecha repairing, weapons master you name it.

The novel is 60% Mecha fighting 40% monster fighting, I love they can incorporate different monster cores with weapons to create different weapons with all kind of abilities.

The mecha fighting is pretty detailed and alot of it is down to being strategic, I like that kind of fighting, it's not about being just overpowered the other opponents.

I love MC and his crew of teammates they are so funny. Especially Ji Qing Feng the man is a menace, he made this novel alot better with his comedic effects.

The monster fighting is also exciting, the fights are also very intense between mechas. I like the details and different strategies

Anyway I know I might be the only one, but f*ck you ML for being a unfeeling c*nt, being nice isn't that hard, there's other people who had harder life then you.

I recommend this novel exciting fights, good comedic moments. Pamper the OP MC, watch the Kid crew journey to the top of the competitions. <<less
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FanofLiterature rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: c425
The Best, I have never read mecha stories before but after reading this I want to find other mecha stories, this story is very good, all the plot has been tied up nicely, and the friendship is very nice, I always enjoy Kid interaction with each other and with other team, JQF and LY antics always make me laugh, and LX is soo cool, and HY is always reliable, and we can't forget YSL and YS their relationship are nice and their character growth is great and the extra is... more>> fun too, all the characters in this are great, some of the rival team at first make me annoyed but after that all of them make laugh. TL;DR this story is great and you should give it a try, what can you expect from this story is friendship, humor, character growth, cheapskates character and love <<less
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stuffiedlikefoiegras rated it
December 31, 2023
Status: c88
Thank you to the hardworking translators and of course the author, for writing this!

Honestly reviewers already summarized the gist of what I wanted to say sooo... yeah.

... more>>

Anyways, I love the main character, Ying Chenlin a lot. Although I personally wish he went through more challenges and underwent more confrontations that can break his steadfast and confident demeanor (emphasis on "break his steadfast and confident demeanor" because although he had setbacks including amputating his arm and replacing it with a mechanical one, he is never limited or bound by it. While you can interpret this to be motivational, I think it would make his journey to the top more satisfying to read if he was actually challenged physically and mentally.), this is a pretty good power fantasy to read if you're into this!

But the main reason why I continued this, despite perhaps criticizing other novels for similar reasons (I'm such a hypocrite omg!!!) is because of the pacing.

Firstly, Ying Chenlin is equal parts pro-active and reactive from my perspective. He leverages the information he knows and the skills he has to create an opportunity, rather than wait for the book to throw one at him. However, it's not to the point of being those isekai MC's who steal everyone's opportunities away from them lolololll. Although I think he is overpowered, it's definitely much more fair comparatively.

Secondly, action scenes with mechas and pollutants and other antagonists are frequent and guaranteed, without the novel skimping on the development of secondary characters and the uncovering of the main plot of the novel. It's a very delicate balance which I appreciate. I'm not bored at all reading this, because the novel has this repeated pattern of subplots. To quickly summarize: Mecha fighting -> You Su -> Mecha fighting -> Yuan -> Ying Chenlin -> repeat. Does that make sense? Or maybe I'm looking into it too much because idk how I can read this w/o getting bored (ADHD!!!) . Anyways, structure of sub-plots mixed with the main plot really show that the author thought this out from beginning to end, resulting in a book that is not too slow or too rushed, establishing a smooth and satisfying flow to read.


Overall, this novel is just great at being entertaining. It does have its flaws, but not obnoxious enough to the point of dropping it. If you're looking for a power fantasy with mechas and strong secondary characters, this is definitely the one to read!

(BTW: Will probably rewrite this review once I read more of it, because I am 80/425 chapters through.) <<less
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Marichi rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: c81
Omg, its been a while since I feel the excitement and the adrenaline that made me want to rate a novel a Perfect Stars. This novel made me not want to sleep just to see what will happen next.

The characters and the action pact scenes are just superb. *Faints*

Thank you also for the amazing translation omg.
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Eyerarde rated it
August 23, 2023
Status: --
I read this novel at the end of July.

I like mecha, interstellar novel. Novel when the protagonist make a comeback but no. The way the author write is too boring for me or maybe it's because I mtled the novel but nothing is happening. The novel just didn't attract me.

Maybe in couple of months I will try again.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mumubua rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: Completed
This is so good so fun, I even forgot to do everyday log-in for my fav game to read this all day all night.

KID team is crazy, fun and everyone has some good ability. It's not like Chenling is too OP, cause his teammate also have some hidden move.

It's style is kinda like King's avatar but more comedy. They fight with all their wits, even do the tricks that make everyone jaw drops. There's no villain, even some guys appear shady at first they will stay as good rival in... more>> game friend in real life. It's very good to read.

The translator done a good job but MTL is also easy to read too. Thank you for pick up this novel. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
erenismybaby rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: c116
hello, this is my first time writing a review, and this is with the help of google translate, so please understand if it's not easy to read.

I really like this novel. Even though at first I felt very boring, but I persisted until the tianyu arc, as mentioned by other reviews, and that's true, from there the story became very interesting and exciting, really made my heart beat

and eh there is romantic it's really thin, oh and in the arc that I'm currently reading, namely the forbidden zone arc, I... more>> feel like ML is a bit annoying? I hope it passes soon, but whatever, I haven't finished reading this yet, so maybe I'll come back later and update it

this is highly recommend~ <<less
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eatingmelonseeds rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: c96
Loving it so far.

Enjoying how single-minded KID is when it comes to making a profit.

Translation is quite good, if there are mistakes, they're minor.

I want to read ahead via MTL, but I'm concerned if it will be understandable or mind-breaking, 😂
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lucieldetroix rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: c92
Loving it so much to the point that I can't wait for the next chapter to come.... I wish the update was faster.. but anyway as far as I've read this story is one of the best and exciting... Totally my cup of tea... Its not as concentrated at romance and the character development do not only center the main leads but also the supporting character.....
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 15, 2024
Status: c90
I'm tired of going back to the past kind of novels because I hate something that's common to 99.99% of them which is stealing someone else's opportunities and hard work because the MC already knows something/someone's potential. I'm so glad it never happens in this novel. No stealing someone else's credit ... more>>

like the grandpa situation

. The designs he made are really his. He also never got some amazing item because he knew that someone was (will be able) able to get such item.

I also don't like loser MCs or average MCs (bc I don't want to waste my time reading about someone you can just find anywhere on the streets) so I really like this concept of strong going back to being strong.

This novel made me really comfortable and the MC's just amazing as of c 90 <<less
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b1w2c3 rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: c90
The story is good. The only problem I have is the website. You get redirected when using the site. I need to read on my laptop with adblock, which bought it down by one star. The story can be qute funny and interesting at times. The characters have rich personalities. The only problem for me is that the it seems to be going tor a MC falling for a guy which is not my cup of tea. If you can stomach that then everything else is good.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Rigell_. rated it
January 19, 2024
Status: c92
This far I can say that te novel is very exiting, the plot is great, tge pace is not to quick and every detail has a purpose, there are no plot holes or nonsense things and it gives you hint of whats the plot but also keep you at the edge of your seet.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Mishi98 rated it
October 16, 2023
Status: c39
I am loving the teams dynamics so far, the MC is the big bro who aids and enables the younger kids pranks and then they get into a line to get told off by their manager mum. It's fun to watch and they have real chaotic energy. Also I really like the disabled protagonist so far including the way its treated, I'll honestly be extremely disappointed if he gets 'cured' from the disability though not the illness leave him with a prosthetic arm please.
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