After Winning The Esports Championship, I’m going To Pilot A Mecha


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The world champion of the holographic mecha battle game “Warfall” is announced, and Ji Mingzhu claims the throne with an overwhelming dominance, well-deservedly so.

However, before the trophy could even cool down in his hands, he opens his eyes and finds himself in another world.

Alien invasions, colossal monsters spreading throughout the world, humans forced to retreat to the Twelve Satellite Cities and establish fortified walls for survival.

Self-proclaimed immortal mysterious beings become the rulers, overlooking all beings from their sky cities.

Complex belief systems, hidden forces at work, intelligent AIs coexisting with humans, and people struggling to survive in a shattered prosperity…

And he, not only devoid of the memories of his original self, but upon opening his eyes, he is tasked with a dangerous mission of hostage rescue…

Ji Mingzhu: Well, it seems like I’m in for a rough ride.

When the battles approach, Ji Mingzhu sits inside the mecha and gazes at the c*ckpit filled with intricate circuits and control buttons.

Ji Mingzhu: It looks somewhat familiar.

Ji Mingzhu: …Isn’t this the interface from “Warfall”?

Question: When you suddenly find yourself in a world overrun by monsters after winning an eSports championship, facing a deadly start with no knowledge other than gaming, how do you deal with the perilous situation of being surrounded by wolves?

The young man sits in the Titan mecha, known as the “God of Mortals,” and loosens his gloves, skillfully manipulating the complex buttons above.

Then, under his control, the hundred-meter-tall Titan rushes towards the alien creatures, with the power core emitting a deafening hum, alloy blades tearing through the clouds like lightning, firepower systems pushed to the limit, and explosions and flames engulfing the Titan, resembling an ancient deity, its immense power eclipsing the sky.

Ji Mingzhu: Thanks for the invitation, but I think we can crank up the intensity a bit more.


1. This story leans towards the plot and has a minimal focus on romantic relationships. Please be aware if that’s not your preference.

2. In the original world of “Warfall,” the c*ckpit design is semi-holographic, allowing the protagonist to quickly adapt to operating a real mecha. This will be explained in the story.

Content tags: Mecha, Action-packed, Upgrade progression, Outlandish ideas

Protagonist: Ji Nianzhu

One-sentence summary: Esports and mecha, not quite the same thing.

Theme: Forge ahead with courage, fear nothing.

The holographic mecha battle game “Warfall” crowns its world champion, Ji Mingzhu, with a sweeping victory. However, before he can even warm the trophy in his hands, he opens his eyes and finds himself in another world. Dangerous creatures, intricate belief systems, hidden forces at play, intelligent AI coexisting with humans, and people struggling to survive in a shattered prosperity… The secrets of this world gradually unravel, with danger and the unknown awaiting him on the horizon.

The fusion of a profound mechanical aesthetic and a sense of the future, a magnificent and dazzling world setting, and a complex intertwining plot… This story is intricately crafted, unique in its approach, offering moments of both sorrow and joy. With twists and turns in the narrative, it captivates readers and is worth a read.

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Morfzine rated it
May 5, 2024
Status: c89
One of the most underrated novel I ever read. Even the original website where this novel was released (jjwxc ofc) has only gotten pitifully amount of traffic compared to it's quality.

(The title and synopses doesn't really did it justice. Why are cn webnovels these day likes to have uncreative title and synopses that might as well give us nothing smh.)

Story start with our MC, a laissez faire but genius mecha player finding himself in an unknown environment. Then he quickly realized the body he resided was part of... more>> secret anti-government organization. Thus from the get go, he was already in a severe situation he can't escape from no matter what. While MC was cautious, had tried to gather a lot of information of this organization, and wanted to escape from it eventually, I initially thought it will never happen, or at least happen far in the future. Because honestly, the current government doesn't looks good to me. Let's just help this guys topple it than to join the sus, very controlled government. Plus, the team MC's former body owner was in was quite promising. It has 'MC and co' feel in it, very main team looking, they all very capable.

But then... a lot of things happen, the plan can't keep up with the changes. I was very surprised this was confirmed to be HE by readers who had finished it because holy sh*t MC would always find himself in a impossible situation. And it was not MC fault per say, cuz it was mostly because his friends find themself in a dangerous situation (or just straight up killed) or the danger brought from his identity/existence. There's also betrayal and coincidence following along with it. Yet despite of it, this novel does not feel angsty/tragic. Somehow, the author could still keep a somewhat lighthearted tone while there's obviously a heavy undertone in the story. Perhaps it's because of the MC perspective?

Also, there's a LOT of plot twist everywhere and it's insane, just constantly making you on the edge of your seat. The mecha part was also very intricate, I can see that the author is a massive mecha fans themself. Usually in webnovel, especially cn one, mecha is just a tool tbh. They rarely bothered to read more to it other than that it was a very formidable weapon. But here, each mecha was written to have it's own uniqueness. The action description is also very engaging, you can easily imagine the specific scene yourself.

They only weakness of this novel (in my view) is the open ending tbh. I WANT to know how things going after they all go through that sh*t. As for romance, I don't really bother with it. The current 'bromance' was already perfect cuz it has never disrupt the plotline but still vividly depict us how they (MC and ML) was the only thing they have for each other and how great trust they put, even the cost of their lives.

I both resent and grateful of it's unpopularity because if it does get a massive amount following, I'm pretty sure the quality will drop as well. Why? because this novel pretty much violate many standard, and/or even regulation in China:

  • Most of the characters, including the MC himself, kills, a lot, onscreen, cleary written.
  • Following that, MC has 'a crocked three worldview' (?) as they usually said it. He does have a moral bottom line, and this is especially prominent at the beginning of the time. But as time went on, we see that he actually mostly passive and quite unfeeling. It's not that MC is the ice cold kind of guy, he's pretty chill and outgoing especially to the people he close to. It's just that he's more of a logical kind of person, and get over his complex feeling very quickly. Also, he will not hesitate on getting revenge for his people. Not petty revenge, but kill and torture kind of revenge.
  • This one is very unexpected in cn webnovel, but villains, yep even the one who almost killed MC repeatedly, could be our (the MC's) ally in the future! They also have very clear motive and goal in mind. And the thing is, author doesn't sugar coat the crime they do. Like, that guy who killed many people no matter whom, old or young? He might become our ally too :)
  • Even the theme of the novel itself is borderline regulation violation. It's all about rebellion and MC (+ a lot of his allies) had joined what can be said to be a terrorist group. Heck, even if he didn't, he was a fugitive in almost the entirety of the novel lol.
Anyway if you're convinced, read this, it'll be great. And if you like what you see, please support the author. Google translate in the web works fine, and there's already many channel for overseas reader to buy coin from. 7 dollars gets you 3000 coins (not including bonuses), and you can buy all of the chapters for this novel for like 1600 coins in the mobile app. <<less
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A Loner Reader
A Loner Reader rated it
November 12, 2023
Status: c41
I'm loving itttt. ♡♡♡ To be honest. Mecha isn't my thing. Only rarely do I read these sorts of stuff. But I totally love this.

The novel has depths. It doesn't really focus on the BL part but more on world building and action. The characters are also not s*upid. They aren't one-sided either. There's plot and schemes.

The BL part should be on the later part. I already have an inkling on who's the ML. Hehehehehe

I'll edit this once I'm done. So far I love it. ❤️
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anjellyfeesh rated it
October 8, 2023
Status: c46
The e-Sport part isn't really important and it doesn't focus too much on the game. I don't know if it'll be added later in the story or not since it's barely mentioned at the start.

I usually don't like mecha but whenever I read an interesting one, I can't help but keep on reading it.

  • MC:

    I expected an OP MC and while we kinda do get that, he has a lot of disadvantages that it makes him less OP than you'd think. While he is OP in terms of using mecha, he can't handle physical fights or the use of guns (At least, from what I've read so far. I don't know if it'll be the same in the future). He's been lucky so far since he didn't need to act much because of the original owner's personality but he's afraid of confrontations simply because he doesn't know what to do if put into the situation aside from acting calmly.

    In fact, first time he fought an alien, he simply imagined that he's playing a game to stop panicking but seeing people die around him was actually scaring and angering him. Which, yeah it's only fair. And after seeing a man getting shot right in front of him, he had to forcefully calm himself so he won't get caught by the organization he's in. In the end, he felt scared and guilty after witnessing death a few feet away from him without involving mecha or aliens.

    Also another thing is that there are some secrets about him and the "original" Ji Mingzhu, which he later finds out once he sees the owners' possessions. But basically, his "amnesia" makes it harder for him to act when interacting with certain people who knows or have interacted with him before. But because he's pretty smart, he quickly builds alliances, temporary or otherwise, with certain people that can save his life.

    He's not incredibly strong but he's pretty smart excluding the times when he acts like a kid like that one time he showed off with his sword in front of thousands of people.

    The MC is pretty indifferent most of the time but he has some moments when you want to laugh at him simply because he can be pretty dumb at times.

  • AI:

    I like the AI, Axiu, he has too. They seem to be genuinely trying to help the MC instead of harming him, which is a nice break from reading too many novels about evil and insensitive Systems. Instead, Axiu feels more mature compared to the MC, which makes me laugh a lot whenever the AI would answer with sarcasm. Their dynamic is pretty cute, especially on moments when Axiu would do their best to take care of the MC like ordering or cooking food.

  • Setting: The world building and mystery are really interesting. This is one of the best stories I've read since it's not afraid of giving too much or too little information about the world the MC is in. It's like I'm seeing everything (the city, monsters, mecha, and people) through the MC's eyes. The description about the world he's in is incredible and since I have a wild imagination, I can imagine how intimidating the city above them is.
The story is incredibly intense at times so I'm curious how the author will end the story based on the great quality I'm getting so far.

Another great book from the author! Their novels are seriously becoming my favorites!
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Delsantineia rated it
October 2, 2023
Status: c49
I love it.

A powerful MC with his cute little AI system.

There are still so many mysteries of the og Ji Mingzhu and I can't wait for the story to update more.

This is not my first time reading an esports novel and I must say, the first time I read the summary I'm already intrigued but I want to wait more for an update so no cliffhanger (and I can sleep with peace of mind. Lol) before I start to read it, but I can't help it, so I read it... more>> and now, I'm regretting it. So muchhh (the fact that I started searching for the mtl version right after I finished reading the latest update. XD) 😭 CLIFFHANGER IS A B*TCH! MORE UPDATE PLSSSS

The battle is so exciting. I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE ❤️❤️ <<less
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September 7, 2023
Status: c30
Didn't see any reviews yet so I figured I might as well give it a try, reading and reviewing.

First off, I love that the first chapter is titled: "I won the championship, I transmigrated. What more is there to say?" xD

Our MC Ji Mingzhu does very much come across as an "anything goes" type of guy. He very quickly settles into the fact that he's transmigrated, though he does still understandably have questions about it.

Instead of a system for the transmigration, we get an AI that Ji Mingzhu names Axiu.... more>> And like Ji Mingzhu has no memories belonging to the body he's now inhabiting, Axiu also seems to have amnesia. However Axiu can still do everything the AI is supposed to, such as gathering information on the internet.

So with no memories of the original host, Ji Mingzhu immediately ends up in a situation where he has no idea what to do... and that's where the 'wow, it's lucky it's like the game he just won a championship in' comes into play.

It's interesting watching Ji Mingzhu (and Axiu) slowly figure things out about their current identities. There are already hints that may or may not be red herrings.

It's oh so coincidental that the Sky High Priest has been in a coma for a few months, for example


I'm told this is danmei, but there is a warning at the beginning that it's basically non-existent. So more like shonen-ai than yaoi that way. Still, I like the story enough that it's going on my bookmarks list to wait for updates! <<less
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Xiao Jing Ya
Xiao Jing Ya rated it
February 23, 2024
Status: Completed
First of all, this is EPIC. As in, I totally didn't expect such quality and depth for a 'mere' mecha and transmigration type novel. And I was VERY pleasantly surprised.

This work is pretty gritty and dark despite its lighthearted and comedic tone. (Damn it involved three-way-war (or more) between three races (or more) and things like explicit killing, sacrifices and death). Full of twists and turns, which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time bc I didn't even trust the protagonist halo with all the mess... more>> and pits the MC Ji Mingzhu kept facing... I always be like 'pls give him a break...' 😭

I also like author's writing style. The way they built the atmosphere was so good! I genuinely got a little goosebumps whenever a Titan (the absolute gigantic pinnacle of a mecha that was the 'Guardian' of each city) was onscreen. The solemn air was palpable, as if I could really feel that the Titans were really alive and not some mechanical weapon to be driven like a car.


Especially the first debut scene of a Titan. That is, the scene where the military cadets first visited the place where their City's Titan, Zhu Jiuyin, was kept. Even though the Titan was offline and he was crouching while being recharged instead of standing on his full height, just the visual imagination of the little humans standing on a phalanx couple dozens of meters high, adjacent to the Titan's head yet still very tiny compared to it, unconsciously holding breath because of how solemn the atmosphere was, how everyone was instantly silent and subdued facing this giant warrior, as if Zhu Jiuyin was merely sleeping and not a cold soulless machine, really took a breath from me!


The battlefield narrations were also great. Author could convey how much despair, euphoria, hope, awe of the people. It's so good.

One of my favorite moments were the first defensive battle in the first city, especially the sacrifice of the former Titan Pilot. How he was on the verge of insanity and despair, having gotten SO disappointed in everything that he didn't even know JUST WHAT all of his fight and life was for, but he still got into the c*ckpit just to protect the civilians despite already retired... Damn that's so deep 😭 And when Mingzhu replaced him to pilot the Titan, the hope he gave everyone was so immense 🤧


Honestly, there's no romance in this at all, so I was surprised why it was tagged with shounen ai as I read on and on and on and still didn't sniff any romance.

Well, there was one... if you squint a little hard...

probably between Ji Mingzhu and his personal terminal slash childhood AI friend Ah-Xiu/Canglan. I was genuinely surprised that he was the most ML-like in the end... I thought it was Tian Ji 😅 But anyways, it was Canglan who had always been protecting Mingzhu since the very start through the end, and Canglan repeatedly abandoned everything for Mingzhu. Was a bit touched when Canglan said "I just want a world where Zhuzhu exists." 😭 and when Mingzhu was at the brink of death and all he thought was just it would've been nice if Canglan was here 🤧


But if you don't care much about romance, honestly this book is pretty good if you like those OP protagonist slapping face left and right while uncovering the huge conspiracy between the current world, which includes mecha, aliens, undercovers, conspiracy, secret organizations, AIs, clones, and a dash of school life (which was just like a month or so bc sh*t hit the fan faster than my grade could drop)

I thought it was just another OP mecha person gaining fame in mecha school kind of novel but nah. It GROWS. Layers and layers of secrets were revealed the longer Mingzhu got into his role. It's great.

Anw the worldbuilding is rather nice, author never tried to cram too many infos and overwhelm us, bc we follow Mingzhu's steps, and he's actually a lazy teenager who only wanted to game so he'd only gather as many info and common knowledge as needed for him to survive 😅

The 'transmigration' part is also interesting, and how we uncover it bit by bit along with Mingzhu is so exciting! The very core reason why he was 'transmigrated' was genuinely impactful to the world, and it was because of human actions and their consequences too! Not bc some god or higher power to 'fix' the worldline or whatever that we usually see in these types of novel! It's refreshing to see that!

So basically there's three main races; the Artificial Intelligence, the 'human', and the 'aberrations', in which there lies a deep secret as to why they've gotten entangled into what they were today.

Plus the true alien species btw, the Gods, which was the one who basically sent the core of the Titans to humanity, and in turn, sent 'Ji Mingzhu' to their world


At first you'd go blind into everything because we're following Ji Mingzhu's pov and he was just 'transmigrated' and his AI got its data module resetted so we didn't actually have any info hahah 😂 and he straight up got shoved into hell-mode difficulty situation of being a 'terrorist group' member right after waking up 😭 but Mingzhu is so smart and great in acting so he basically just fake it till u make it all the way 🤣 also he's so funny hahah every time everyone was at the edge of a heart attack he would just joke carefreely like threatening to change his fellow Pilot's hard rock BGM during battle or complaining that his Titan pilot seat was in a dire need of replacement bc his bu*t hurts... in the middle of the final battle... 🤣

But even so! I REALLY love that he's morally grey! (I absolutely love morally grey protags hahah) like he does have a bottom line and he does want to fight for 'humanity' but he isn't that reluctant to kill, betray, scheme, act selfishly, etc. He must survive. This is a war, and you can't be pure in a war. He isn't naive and understands that bitter foes can be tomorrow's friends. He knows that and adapted so quickly it's a bit terrifying.

The mecha bits were a little braincell frying hahah but it was just fancy scifi terms so you can just abandon your brain cell accordingly and cheer Ji Mingzhu on like his brainless little fan without worries (I know I did. It was SO COOL when he first boarded the Titan Zhu Jiuyin!) In short, he was very handsome in every combat he engaged ✨️

All in all 4/5 for me because the lack of conclusion (open ending didn't serve that much impact in comparison to all the previous trainwrecks they had to endure). I NEED CLOSURE! I want my extra dammit. I wanna see the newly rebuilt world 😭

WHYYYY IS IT THAT EVERY DANMEI LIKE THIS TYPE THAT I FOUND ALWAYS ABRUPTLY END WITHOUT EXTRA CHAPTERRRSSSS 😭 but seriously every 'gritty, refreshing, no-nonsense and no cliche, with protagonists who isn't naively pure and romance not being the main plot' in the mecha/sci-fi/military/transmigration type danmeis are very likely to not have any satisfying closure 😔

But I'll give an extra bonus points for a very refreshing take on this transmigration/mecha/scifi genre! It was done so well! <<less
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Pristine Xia
Pristine Xia rated it
March 6, 2024
Status: Completed
What a journey. Twist after twist with high cyberpunk element here. Overall, I really enjoy the mecha battles. Thank you authot and the translatot team!
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WallEyeKnee rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: c63
I am going to comeback to this when the translations are done. YES there's basically no romance, and I think I know who the MC's uke might be.

There's mechas, Aliens. Criminal organizations, AI, immortals, Monsters, betrayals left and right, Clone wars

All sort of things are happening, I didn't expect it coming when I was reading this, I thought the transmigrated champion would enrol into a mecha school, gains great fame and start saving everybody. There's plot within plots here.
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