Fortunately, I Met You


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Cheng Xi, a guileless psychiatrist with a heart of gold, who would do anything for her patients. Lu Chenzhou, a frigid businessman who refuses treatment for his emotional detachment.

This is the story of a man’s stubborn frozen heart and a woman’s fiery determination to thaw it.

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briose rated it
March 1, 2020
Status: c48
Disregard the low rating, this is actually a really good novel.

The MC is a psychiatrist who is a bit too empathetic to her patients for her own good and she is very aware of that unlike what people around her think.

The ML is typical of trashy "romance" cn but what's different is that it's made clear he suffers from psychological problems and so their relationship begins as that of a doctor and her patient even if an unconventional report takes place between them.

The mc's naivety is a voluntary one in... more>> my opinion, she really likes to see the best in people and that brings her losses now and then. The ML is actually a good match because he is very disillusioned with people in general which is why he begins to become interested in the MC, it's a sort of magnetic fascination with your polar opposite. They're both smart people and the goals or rather the expectations they have out of their interactions bring really interesting results. In once chapter the MC says something along the line that she always ends up as the losing party when interacting with the ml, but in fact I consider it the opposite. The MC achieves a lot more of what she wants out of their relationship.

Besides the main couple there's also 2 other characters who are pretty 3D but read the novel to find out haha. <<less
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