Forced to Become The CEO


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It’s easy for an actress to become a winner in life. First she become Treble Winner[1], and then she will marry a Domineering President at the top of her life, or first she will marry the President, leans against the tree to take advantage of the shade, and then reaches the peak of her career.

Bai Qingyi always thought that her route is route one, but she didn’t expect it to be route two, and there was a shocking point in the middle- she and President Gu swapped bodies!

Gu Zhihan passed the marriage registration form to her with no expression on her face: “Sign this.”

N years ago, a reporter asked President Gu what she expected from her other half.

Gu Zhihan: “18 line[2] actress is enough.”

N years later, a reporter asked President Gu the same question again.

Gu Zhihan: “Treble Winner Movie Queen who lives with me.”

[1] Referring to three trophies winner in a year.
[2] Referring to the age of debut in the Entertainment circle.

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New yyooimu rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: Completed
its cute, full of fluff no unnecessary drama or angst, just two useless lesbians, one who cant confess because of communication problems and the latter who is a slightly dense character but with a gentle temperament
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