Forbidden Zone of the Human Race


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The world is in dire straits.

Everything changed two hundred years ago. A Great Disaster occurred as beasts evolved and relentlessly hunted humanity, forcing the remaining humans to live in enclosed cities as they scrambled to develop technologies to fight back. But as fate dictates, heaven always leaves a path to salvation.

Humans learned to cultivate, step by bloody step, until a delicate equilibrium was reached between man and beast. Mankind began fighting back and hunted the same beasts that had once driven them to cower behind their walls in a mad rush to retake what they had lost before the beasts could overrun them for good.

But for every piece of technology or weaponry developed from their enemies’ bones, countless men and women became nothing more than food in a grand display of the law of the jungle.

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New sascopis9 rated it
July 29, 2022
Status: c3
At first I was confused why the rating was so low, but now I understand. I don't dislike this novel though.

Find out yourself and up to you to judge, anyways, people have different tastes.

The MC didn't do anything, didn't talk, didn't have much of a presence but was still being antagonized by some s*upid characters in his first day of school as a part time student.

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