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Beyond the Noisy World: The Long Lost Eight Sects
CN Beyond the Noisy World: The Long Lost Eight Sects
Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological Supernatural
In this very world we live in exists eight mysterious sects, each with amazing skills and arts inheriated from ancient times. And right around you,... more>> among the bustling crowds in modern cities hides numerous wonderlands barely known to us all. Read as the descendants of the eight sects embark on their daring and thrilling adventers. <<less
Releases: 4
Black Belly Wife
CN Black Belly Wife
Comedy Historical Romance Wuxia
On the same day Murong Yun Su’s father dies, her betrothed ends their betrothal. Her cousin, an illegitimate prince, returns to Murong Courtyard House and offers to marry her. She rebuffs her cousin’s offer and accepts the marriage offer from Chu Zhang Ca, leader of Mo Jiao Cult. Under Mo Jiao Cult’s protection, her former betrothed’s sect, and the emperor’s army don’t dare to attack Murong Sect overtly.... more>>

In the wuxia world, no one can boast that they saved Mo Jiao Cult’s leader’s life except Murong Yun Su. Chu Zhang Ca has never forgotten, she grudgingly saved his life without knowing each other’s identities. He secretly stole her handkerchief and spent three years searching for his savior.

Together, Murong Yan Su and Chu Zhang Ca become the most feared black belly couple in the Wuxia world. <<less
Releases: 44
Escaping the Apocalypse
CN Escaping the Apocalypse
Action Sci-fi Seinen Supernatural
A ruthless earthquake ended the lives of countless people; the people who died were reborn. Afterwards they were attacked by viruses. Whether it was a... more>> natural disaster or a man-made disaster,  everything was so incredible. One by one, conspiracies gradually came to the surface. <<less
Releases: 2
Eternal Reverence
CN Eternal Reverence
Action Adventure Harem Martial Arts Xianxia
It has been a year since Li Fuchen lost his “talent”. Now he lives the life of a wastrel, being bullied and beaten by those... more>> who were once inferior to him. However, he has still not lost everything as he is engaged to a strong and pretty girl of a powerful family... but that came to an end as the engagement was abruptly anulled. With shame brought to the family and his life engulfed by darkness, a ray of hope pierced through the sky. <<less
Releases: 158
Evil Child Black-Bellied Mother
CN Evil Child Black-Bellied Mother
Fantasy Josei Romance
On the surface, she was the widely despised man-chasing idiot, but was actually the owner of the world-famous and widely acclaimed chain store “Singing Lady.”... more>> On the surface, he was the bloodthirsty Ghost King that cursed all his wives to death. However, he was actually the head of an infamous assassins clan, and his power was heaven-defying; creating terror in the hearts of all who heard his name. With an imperial edict, she was bestowed to him in marriage. However, he kept on refusing to obey the edict and sent people to kill her. The day of the wedding, she packed up her things and ran away, and finally did he realize that his heart no longer belonged to him but to her… <<less
Releases: 7
Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei
CN Evil Wang Pampers His Ghost Doctor Fei
Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Historical Martial Arts Romance Xianxia
She is a two-faced and fierce hidden ghost doctor,... more>>

Before crossing, she was despised by everyone and is widely known as a “waste”.

The contract of the ancient spirit,

The cultivation speed that rivals the gods,

She will show everyone just how blind they are.

With poisonous powder in her hand, who dares to bully her people! they are looking for death!

What Ninth grade medicine pellet? Her adorable pet eats them like a jelly bean.

He’s so capricious! He who is always coquettish at her named as the “Night Prince”, everyone thought he was cold and indifferent, but why in her eyes he was so difficult, haunting.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I wonder when you will become my woman.”

A fine needle was pressed against his waist, she laughed

“Prince, you keep urging this devil, if this poison really goes in you, you can only be a eunuch in this life!” <<less
Releases: 64
Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight
CN Give Me Up, Hold Me Tight
Comedy Drama Romance
This is the novel that shares the same name as the annual fashion romance drama《Stay With Me》, starring Joe Chen, Wang Kai, and Qiao Renliang.... more>>

There are many different wedding dress designs. Princess-style, fishtail-style, strapless-style......

There are also many different kinds of love. Romantic, heart-pounding, sad......

On this Earth, the most beautiful wedding dress is the one when I marry you. That love that's the best on this Earth that you wear is that which I still tightly hold in my palm after I gave everything up.


Once she unexpectedly drowned, part of her brain lacked oxygen for a long time, making the famous clothing designer Li Weiwei lose parts of her memory. Thus, her memories stopped at when she was 23 years old. The boyfriend who she was mutually passionately in love with in her memories had unexpectedly become her rival, and a stranger even became her fiancé. Li Weiwei wasn't convinced that she would break up with her ex-boyfriend Chen Yidu, so she tried hard to to investigate previous events. In order to protect Weiwei and get his own fiancée back, her fiancé thwarted Weiwei's investigations by every possible means, keeping watch over her surroundings. Li Weiwei recalled the past and discovered that she and the person beside her had gradually forgotten their first dream while they were busying themselves. The reason that Weiwei and Chen Yidu broke up was also because as the two of them were in the middle of the process of chasing after their occupations, they neglected their love and their bond and walked even farther down the path of grudges and misunderstandings. Chen Yidu misunderstood the relationship between Weiwei and his parent and broke up with her in the end. The 30-year-old Li Weiwei decided to change her current situation, and step by step, she untangled past misunderstandings and forgot her previous differences with her rival, not only retrieving her romance, but also regaining her first heart and her dreams. <<less
Releases: 1
High rise
CN High rise
Fantasy Mystery Romance Sci-fi Supernatural
Liu Rongxuan's pen is good. After passing the student selection and transfer exam, he was selected by the Propaganda Department of the Wuxi County Party Committee and turned into a propaganda department box. ... more>>

However, he thought he had a bright pen and went to the propaganda department. After going to the propaganda department, his colleagues confused him and ruined his first task. So he just did some cleaning work in the next few months. However, he did not give up. He took the time to study and read the newspaper. Understand the policies, see the courses for leaders on leadership strategies, etc.

So he got an opportunity, Liu Rongxuan took advantage of this perfect performance, a jump in the Propaganda Department of the pen of the County Party committee, was appreciated by the leadership, little to become a rising star in the political arena. . <<less
Releases: 5
Martial God of Myriad Realms
CN Martial God of Myriad Realms
Adventure Martial Arts Xuanhuan
Cheng Feng, an ordinary young man. He isn’t genius, however, his elder sister has a unique body, Nine Linglong Body.... more>>

One day, his brother in law awakes an eight order martial spirit and become a peerless genius in Hidden Dragon Academy. In another side, he can reach that step because of receiving the help of Cheng Feng’s elder sister.

When Cheng Clan’s people think that their clan will rise and advance to a higher status, but this is the beginning calamity of Cheng Clan. Their talented son in law writes off the marriage,

Cheng Clan Patriarch dies…


His elder sister commits suicide…

After Cheng Feng sees the calamity of Cheng Clan, his heart is wrath, he only wants to revenge to the people who cause his clan fall to this step.

” I will take revenge to the people who make…”

But he doesn’t have the strength to do it until he hears a mysterious voice… <<less
Releases: 0
My Wife is an Aloof Beauty
CN My Wife is an Aloof Beauty
Josei Romance
Both of them were victims of their family interests. It seemed that this marriage had a price to pay. She had never contacted him and... more>> he had forgotten all about her existence. He had never thought that he would have a baby with his one-night-only wife. Would their son bind them together? See for yourself! <<less
Releases: 33
President Daddy Super Awesome
CN President Daddy Super Awesome
Adult Drama Josei Mature Romance Slice of Life
In order to take away her father’s shares, her husband colluded with her bestfriend to set her up. A divorce was thrown at her face and she was forced out of the house.... more>>

Four years later, she returned with an adorable treasure. With his hands wrapped around her waist, her baby son said, “Mommy, I heard that it’s the trend now to have a godfather. You wait, I’ll find one to support you!”

A few days later, her son brought back a super handsome guy who looked exactly like him.

“Mommy, don’t worry, I’ve checked. Dad ranks first on the world’s richest list and is able to deal with all kinds of disapproval!” Her son said confidently.

Cheng Liyue: “…”

Looking at the startled woman, Gong Yexiao coldly threw out a paternity test, “Woman, when did you steal my seed?”

Cheng Liyue was furious. Which bastard was it who slept with her four years ago but did not assume responsibility for it? <<less
Releases: 65
Return of the Soldier King
CN Return of the Soldier King
Action Adult Adventure Comedy Drama Harem Martial Arts Mystery Romance
After returning from a special mission abroad, he is forced to accept a job as a bodyguard. He is then tasked with the mission of... more>> protecting the powerful (and beautiful) CEO of a multinational company based in Shanghai. <<less
Releases: 230
Systematic Director’s Tender Love
CN Systematic Director’s Tender Love
Comedy Drama Mature Romance
As the president of a multinational group and a golden bachelor, someone often gives him a woman. Yet this bold daring little girl actually sent... more>> a man to his bed. Is it her way to show her doubts about his sexual orientation? He is so angry that he throws the man out and takes her in. He wants to prove to her whether he likes a man or a woman. <<less
Releases: 19
The Demon’s Unobtainable Kiss
CN The Demon’s Unobtainable Kiss
Fantasy Romance School Life
Under a demon's contract that lasted for 30 days, Liang Canlan officially began the painful life that was forced onto her. On the first day... more>> of school, she had been forcefully kissed by a member of a heavenly group. Soon after that, she was also suddenly signed on by a management company. Even still, she was arranged to live together with five idol celebrities! These are the hot-blooded youthful records of an unsophisticated girl's counterattack! Watch as she is about to somehow turn around Heaven and Earth, recapture men's hearts, and stand at the world's summit! <<less
Releases: 1
The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby
CN The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby
Action Adventure Harem Josei Mature Romance Supernatural
Shao Qing’s only regret in life is that she blindly fell in love with a worthless man. She gave up everything for him, but in... more>> exchange was run over by his conniving mistress when she was close to her delivery date. Fortunately, Heaven left her a way. Crimson rain fell from the sky, the end of the world arrived, she resurrected in the morgue and gave birth to a little monster. Turning into a half human, half zombie freak; her son neither human, nor monster; they have no other choice but to rely on zombies’ crystal nuclei to develop their special abilities and continue living. This debt, she’ll definitely repay that cheating couple! <<less
Releases: 69
The Late Night Train
CN The Late Night Train
Drama Horror Mystery Tragedy
This is a collection of suspense and horror stories, but there’s no time to explain, so quick, get on the train!
Releases: 2
The Untouchable President
CN The Untouchable President
Josei Mature Romance
After a vacation, when she returned to her country she caught her fiancé cheating. She angrily left and disappeared. ... more>>

Five years later she returned with her talented kid. Afterwards Xiao Bao participated in the piano competition. Unexpectedly her son actually came looking for his father.

“The camera on this side, take me to take a look! My name is Tang Bao, my mommy is called Tang Siyu and she’s very pretty! I’m four and a half years old this year. I’m looking for my father, you probably look like me, please be sure to contact me, oh!”

After that, he was gone from the front of the camera again and said, “Oh, I’ll wait for you!”

In the background, a woman became mad. A few days later, a mysterious man came to their doorstep and claimed to be Xiao Bao’s father.

Tang Siyu looked at this tall and handsome man, who her son was a carbon copy of, and then became angry.

Five years ago, the bastard who pinned her down was him? <<less
Releases: 32