Villain, Please Go Easy on Me


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Life is always full of surprises. Su Bei has transmigrated, the thing is he has transmigrated into all kinds of worlds to captivate the male lead!

When he finds that the first target is a villain, Su Bei still tries to comfort himself in his heart that the one in the next world would be better.

But reality slaps him right in the face. So it turns out the next is always more villainous.

Su Bei has taken the captivating-the-villainous-male-lead way down and could never turn back.

But who could tell him why every villain he has to captivate is actually the damn same one???

When he is pinned down by the villain for the 108th time, Su Bei feels like weeping but has no tears, “Villain, please go easy on me!”

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35 Reviews

May 12, 2020
Status: c3
Me :

  1. look at the title "hmm, sounds good"
  2. look at the total chapters "Mammamiaaa! More than 2000!"
  3. Read 3 first chapters "Very well, I'm on this boat, bring it on!"
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May 11, 2020
Status: c4
Really good so far. It's quite amusing to see a person with no experience in dating or seducing ending up in the body of a playboy and having to try and seduce one of those typical cold and domineering ML CEOs.

The only part that has me confused is what does it mean 'pushed over by three African chiefs'? It's apparently the punishment if MC fails his mission, but I have no idea what that means.
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May 15, 2020
Status: c105
Usual world hopping trope. No brainer. The MC suddenly gets to bind to a BIG PIT system without a reason. Failure will result to being pushed over by 3 African chiefs (will probably get done by those 3). I think his world experiences are more cruel than being get done lolXD

MC is straightforward and silly but not marry sue type. I like how the MC treated other female chara with goodwill (not the FL green tea b*tch). A little annoyed because of the dog blood drama in every arc.... more>> It makes the story common, monotonous and uninteresting. The ML is your typical overbearing rapist guy (but the r*pe there is dubious consent). The thing I like is that the MC dies every arc ahaha. Serves you right ML ? I wish there's a variation in the story because up until c193, MC still dies.

2.3k and still ongoing.. ? <<less
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May 11, 2020
Status: c3
Not in far enough to review, but it’s still new and have no review yet.

The MC is a bit funny with his chasing-captivating the target. The villain? He’s just... pfft truly fit his name.

“Cut his hands” that seriously made my heart drop to the floor upon hearing ML said this lol and to MC at that.

Still, it’s a good read so far. And man, look at that ongoing chapters, 2000+ my goodness. I decided to read this because of 2000+ chapters haha.
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Pie Honey
Pie Honey
Feb 15, 2022
Status: c2560
It is a really lovely novel. Every type of world is available except (mpreg) . It is very long but stories are interesting.

Arcs are as follows

    • President (ml) x rich playboy (mc)
    • Regent (ml) x waste emperor
    • Psychologist x heroin younger brother
    • Underworld boss x swinger
    • Leader of demonic sect (ml) x adopted son of righteousness sect and heroin adopted bro (mc)
    • Split personality school grass x heroin gangster cousin
    • General with Amnesia x landlord son
    • Crossdressed president wife (ml) x president (mc)
    • Medicine man x master of medicine valley
    • Gangster boss x mysophobic doctor
    • Emperor and mysterious medicine doctor double role x facial blind brothel beauty
    • Male god of online games and x crossdressing swindler in online game
    • Express uncle king
      x governor of empire
    • ML of merry su story like one night stand and running with bun x little villain faceslaped by heroin
    • Rich musician in republic of china time x night dancer money making MC to feed orphans
    • Schizophrenia patient with imagined person ML x the imaginary person of ML fantasy (mc)
    • Emperor with soul switched in empress x king An Emperor younger brother
    • Demon cat In modern world x sick son of the great villain
    • Ghost ML with yinyang marriage with heroin x national teacher of the ancient empire
    • Experiment product ML with no emotions x experimental fail MC with broken physic
    • Cultivation sect cold hearted master without heart x fox demon protector from monster sect
    • Famous taoist elder master in modern world ML x life donor cannon fodder brother of heroin mc
    • Distant relative come to explore haunted house ML x sickly young master of haunted house mc
    • Prince disguised as ugly hunter in farming world x man disguised as woman got married to hunter mc
    • Hasband of ghost heroin with pure yang body x villain ghost
    • Disabled king which is actually dragon ML x spoiled and tsundere price mc
    • celestial master who specializes in catching zombies ML x cannon fodder zombie and heroin best friend mc
    • General disguised as poor man seeking promised marriage with heroin ML x brother of heroin
    • Domineering president in little mermaid story ML x the ferocious and even more domineering mermaid finance MC of little mermaid heroin
    • [collapse]
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Jun 02, 2020
Status: c846
Yes, I did reach that number of chapters. And yes, I'm giving it 2.5 stars. If not for the quarantine, I would probably not be able to read this far. LOL.

Anyways, the reason for this 2.5 stars were the OG FL in every arc and the MC himself. The OG FL were just all annoyingly s*upid. Almost all of them were obsessed with the ML in a way that's unscientific. Like if the ML was a possessive yandere towards the MC, then the OG FLs were possessive yanderes over the... more>> ML. It's kind of hinted at that there's a reason why the OG FLs were like that. I'll be fine with their craziness if only the MC fought back. Because, yes, he doesn't. In every world, no matter what the OG FL did to him, he never tried to fight back. He's so laid back it's annoying.

I dunno if it's part of the 'game' why he acted like that but it's still annoying af. I mean, come on.

The only one I remotely like was the ML. ? <<less
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Ouryuu Zeno
Ouryuu Zeno
May 27, 2020
Status: c79
MC himself is just a normal straight guy stumbling his way through his missions. He's not world class actor and is scared of the ml. But he's a normal otaku with same values as us so he's relatable. The first three arcs were great and you can see small changes in MC.

ML is true to whatever character setting he's in, except when MC comes around being... himself he ends up falling no matter. He's pretty possessive but sadly we don't see any changes in him until it's too late. But... more>> their relationship is pretty cute so far.


one thing I really liked is the MC has (d) a smoking habit, idk I'm tired of the ML always being the smoky guy.


Pretty promising story so far ! <<less
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Aug 22, 2020
Status: --
Translations aren't really up to my standards, so I couldn't read on. What I meant by this is how some of the sentences don't really make sense because of the almost randomly placed phrases. There are also better ways to translate the writing/wording so it's more understandable in English and easier to read (e.g. 'anti-science' should be replaced with 'unnatural' or something similar). The way it is now, the translations kind of feel like machine translate... I get translating is hard, but it would be great to have coherent sentences.

As... more>> for the actual novel plot line, it's it's similar to many other world-hopping stories - lazy/naive/plain s*upid lacking in common sense MC; overbearing, 'super scary', CEO-type villain ML and a convenient plot points the MC trips over. In short, boring with over-used tropes.

Don't hate me for saying what I believe is the truth, fellow readers! <<less
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Jun 24, 2020
Status: c427
all I can say its fu*king long and it still isn't completed I read it up to 427 then get bored and annoyed bc MC really didn't do anything about FL and FL is also weird she sometimes get obsessed about ML somtimes MC and probably her aim is to see MC die and ML is psycho every time setting is nearly the same every time so I went and read 2400+ read like 2 worlds or so there was other systems and transmigrators our MCs system weren't as powerful... more>> as others but it was connected to that main system thingy so it can obliterate oyher system or somthing like that and our MC doesn't die at the hands of our FL anymore (thanks god) he dies of normal causes but the body he get isn't that healthy so it doesn't change anything much just a lil' more time to be together and to the translator/s you have my condolences this novel needs patience and at the end of the road we don't even know if it will be gold or straight out s*it have a good read and if anyone is going to read (sacrifice time) like 2000 chapters he/she please do tell what happened - ̗̀ (๑ᵔ⌔ᵔ๑) <<less
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Jun 04, 2020
Status: c11
I usually base my reading experience on the first few chapters since I'm a lazy hack and I'd rather re-read stories I'm sure I'll like rather than continue a premise that I don't think will interest me.

The only lazier hack than me is probably the MC, and I'm basing this on the absolutely minuscule sample size I read. I think the overbearing president is overdone. It had some mafia-implied twists I suppose, but I am absolutely exasperated with how chill and effortless the MC is being while still getting progress... more>> for so much as a twitch of an eyelid. It doesn't feel earned, is what I'm saying.

The MC is not tactical, didn't develop a skill of his own—didn't even try, made a substitute, showed that he had higher order thinking skills. None, zilch, nada.


For the first arc, it just annoyed me so, so much that the green tea bit*h FL is putting more effort than the MC. I mean, if the girl is actually learning how to cook to serve her crush/target some good food then why the hell not? She's actually the one hustling here?

Also, aphrodisiacs aside and 'the MC /saves/ the ML because his intervention prevented the ML from eating the s*x drive inducing soup'—what pisses me off in this part is that the MC didn't know or even bothered to know about it. He just sorta stumbles on the fact after he has eaten all portions.

Imagine a guy tripping over every single love flag out of sheer clumsiness. Not even the cute kind of clumsiness; it's more like he's too lazy to move his limbs so he just lets himself get knotted in a huge Gordian knot of plot. It's what this story is so far, and I hate it.

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May 05, 2021
Status: Completed
God.. I never knew I would ever be able to read novels with over 300 chapters, recently the furthest I can read was chapter 25o-ish, so I've always search for novels with original chapters 300, at most. I kinda easy to get bored when the plot is already readable and kinda in repeat to me, so I would stop once I got bored at chapter 250 even if the total chapter was 280.

When I found this one, I read some good reviews, and seeing the total chapter, I was skeptical... more>> if I ever read past 200s, but look here, I dove and without realizing it, I already arrived at 500s, the story flow was smooth, the MC was kinda a white lotus at first, and the ML, as the previous reviewer has mentioned, the ending of each arc is kinda deserved for him


I honestly think, if the author ever dared to bring the note of this novel a step darker, I bet the ML would be the type that can even seriously cut off the MC's limbs, but then will still love the MC with all his heart without any deep guilt or remorse. I don't think the ML ever feel deep guilt over what he has ever done to MC when the captivating percentage was still low. But well there were some arcs where the ML is kinda sweet where he didn't actually deserve a tragic ending


And the ending.. Never thought it would be like that, lol. I think I'm gonna miss reading this novel <<less
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May 18, 2020
Status: v1
The MC is too scum and cruel to ML... I'll read it again later when my heart calm down.

The novel is interesting its just a bit fast (i think)
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Feb 14, 2021
Status: c477
I managed to read until chapter 477 and I'm stalling for a while because something just left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm going to summarize 477 chapters that I've read in one sentence.

MC's mission is to make ML says I LOVE YOU to him and reach 100% favorability value so he can traverse to another world and repeat and of course he succeeded everytime but there is this b*tchy female chara (I refuse to call her female lead) that intervenes in every world either because she likes ML... more>> too much to the point of annoying insanity or she just hates MC too much to the point of annoying insanity which lead to tragic ending in every world despite how MC succeeds the mission and you can guess how annoying it feels but actually I'm more upset at MC because he clearly can do something about it but he didn't because to him it's no big deal as long as he can clear the mission.

Actually, MC's don't care attitude is very apparent in the earlier worlds and he's what you would call an unsuspecting happy-go-lucky kind of boy but after the world where he got hypnotised and suffers from drug abuse because of that b*tchy female chara and he eventually died because of it, I bet he actually got sequeala from that world and he changed after that but it's very indistinct. I only noticed the difference because of the vibes he gave. He just doesn't feel as warm as before. But he still didn't do anything abt that annoying female chara.

About the ML, I can only say that 'YOU'RE SUCH AN M BUT I KNOW YOU DON'T MIND' and honestly the story is based on MC's pov so we don't know what happens to ML after MC died. Guess what MC always died after he got the confession and the way he died can go as absurd as getting struck by thunder if he didn't die by the female chara hands. He never died normally is what I want to say.

As far as I'm reading now, there's no clue to why the female chara is always like that and who ML is actually.

I'll change my rating (and add more words to this review) if there's some redeeming chapters in the future. <<less
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Feb 06, 2021
Status: Completed
So I don't know how to do reviews like some of you but I really wanted to do one for this.

So I love it how the MC doesn't love the ML until the 1000+ chapters I get it, he forgets you every time and you already spent 100+ years being forgotten.

... more>>

actually after reading it for the nth time I think he fell in love in the first world but denied it, and you can see he finds out they are all the same people after like the 3rd world but because of his suspicious nature he didn't really fall deep in his love for ML


Let me tell you, I hated him until one arc that I forgot and I'm pretty sure that was the arc the MC actually fell in love and went along with actually and fully loving him and showing he really loves ML

Anyways it is pretty sad when the MC gets emotional but it is only a few times which I didn't like very much.


i cried when 77 (QiQi but in the MTL it is mostly 77 so I kept it) died in that one world when one "ML" killed him and buried him sloppily, I wanted to strangle him like he did to 77, 77 is so innocent he didn't do anything wrong, my poor baby..



I like it when the host of 505 falls in love with Su Bei because its funny when he is helpless.


One thing I don't like is the ML gets jelly over the little things, even babies, I don't like it when ml's are like that.


i love how even if the ML forgets every single world, he remembers few things abt su bei, the fact he can't cook, etc... and their symbol of love: the peony


and like some other reviews are saying, Su Bei forgets some worlds because of so many, I feel like this book is very realistic.

if there was really a system in our world that took people out for missions in different worlds, it wouldn't be a measly 6 worlds like some world hopping books, it would be hundreds if not thousands (def could be more) and the MC would always remember their 23rd world or smthing like that, and Su Bei's character development was heartbreaking as he was literally traumatized in half of these worlds, he is just stubborn and keeps quiet and poor 88 (system) doesn't know how to help.


in one arc su bei was captured and he was like "it's been so long I don't know how to untie a rope anymore" I cried the second time I read


i don't know if you can tell I love this book so much I have read it so many times and there are so many things I see when I read again that I didn't read before....i wish this was a paper book, I would keep it with me and read it over and over...

to be honest I really like the bad reviews because like one said "its too comedic, too much for me" and others are like "its too unrealistic" it made me realise the first couple of worlds su bei didn't really get into it, probably didn't know he was going to be doing this for a long time, so when he first started it was like a game to him until the online game arc, where he gets more serious after

i might keep updating this comment whenever I get back to it

Overall it was great I give it 5 stars for making me read 2560 chapters. ╥﹏╥ <<less
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Nov 08, 2020
Status: c2560
There was so many arc that you cannot remember them, but it also make you sympathize with the MC coz he mentions in later arc he is slowly forget the numerous lives shared with the ML which is quite sad. A good transmigration novel, numerous arc with different plot.
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Maple Leaves
Maple Leaves
Jul 18, 2020
Status: c2420
This novel is amazing!!! I feel like it is being underrepresented so I made an account to write this review. There are some parts where the arcs feel a little dull, but I find the worlds the author created to be very enjoyable. Oh, Su Bei doesn't die all the time; there are many lives where he can live a normal lifespan. There are also new enemies and intrigues in the system world. Give this novel a shot if you think FOD ended too soon.
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Jun 14, 2020
Status: c847
It's a good read. The ML hates the MC and the MC hates the ML. They only get together because of the systems mission. It's very cute, I recommend it.
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Mar 01, 2022
Status: c16
so I meant to do a four star,

1. Because the ML is the only one who has actual feelings, which, fair. But still.

2. I didn’t finish reading it all, only up till Ch. 16

3. Why? Because apparently I have to get coins to unlock chapters or whatever.

To be frank, it’s not worth it to me. I’d rather read another novel with free translation.
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Dec 12, 2021
Status: c495
... The MC is like a brainless doormat with inspirational thoughts from time to time. The ML suffers because he truly feels for the MC every lifetime to the point of obsession only for it to be unrequired basically. The true hero of the story is probably the pet that follows them through out their lifetime

The foreshadowing of things sees to go on and on without anything concrete happening. Reserructing feelings, voices, dreamflashes... and another 100 chapters forward to the same thing... again.
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Jun 07, 2021
Status: Completed
writing this only to say I read this whole thing. Well I skipped like ten arcs cause I hate historical or demon ones (when I have to mtl them they get to hard read and I hate the molds they’re forced into in these) over all an okay read, a lot of arcs were wasted because they used a rlly cool world setting like interstellar and then only focused on some dumb part of it like the gaming but it’s mecha or something. I didn’t like how he started out... more>> being rlly forced into everything made me uncomfortable but he fell in love later on and like him I found myself forgetting how long I've been on this ride. <<less
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