Eternal Reverence


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Pinnacle of martial, mountain shifting and sea filling, catching stars and seizing the moon, reverse the flow of time!

Extremity of the sword, one sword to form the dao, one sword to reach the immortals, one sword to break the laws!

The young Li Fuchen, chanced upon the Golden Talisman which allowed his spirit soul to constantly evolve. In this world where prodigies and experts were everywhere, he used the sword in his hand to ascend to the absolute pinnacle.

The world will decay one day, but my reverence shall be eternal.

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Yong Heng Zhi Zun
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alenotbeer rated it
October 30, 2018
Status: c600
This does have some similarities with BTTH, such as broken engagement and MC's focus on fire cultivation, but after the initial chapters, it becomes very clear that this is not BTTH at all. BTTH is a far superior piece of work than this one.

Spoilers abound. Most of the story is basically like this:

MC has terrible talents, at least on the surface, but gains a pretty powerful cheat. He joins a medium-level faction for cultivation resources, where he is initially ridiculed by his fellow peers cause he sucks or his body... more>> sucks. Everybody and their mother are so arrogant that it's almost pathetic to read. MC has to endure mockery and threats, but will eventually retaliates when someone inevitably attacks or challenge him. Of course, he always win these. After this, when our MC shows his value, he is finally appreciated and praised to heaven, until a bigger talent comes along and he is suddenly the scum of the Earth again who doesn't know his own place.

In every faction that he joins, they don't simply invest or teach you. Oh no, they're all run by capitalists, you see. If you want something from them, you have to do missions for them and earn these arbitrary points, which you can tend buy it from them. Skills, weapons, pills, utilities, etc. And forget collective knowledge, since only the things you mulled over and realize with your own power will be helpful to you so there's almost no actual teaching involved in these factions and they literally expect you to figure everything out. 90% of MC's techniques and skills are earned this way, while the remaining 10% are from adventures.

Once MC reached a certain level of power, then it's tournament time. First, there are tournaments in sects. Followed by tournaments for the main tournament. Then there is finally the main tournament, supplemented with a detailed dossier of each opponent that MC will face, which includes information of their sects, their power level, their skills, their specialty, their weapons, their rivals, their friends, their mother, their father, their dog, their shoe size, their last meal, and a five page essay about the day they took their first baby steps.

All that matters is that MC wins. And all these poor bastards cease to matter anymore.

And he is then declared the best all around. And... that's about it. Author finds a reason to switch maps, transports MC before he reach the level cap where his cultivation starts to slow down, to a new better area and the cycle repeats. Mm? Oh yeah, there'll a war and... a treasure hunt... and a chase... And okay, maybe he comes back for some payback... But all in all... Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Sounds familiar to anyone? Hm? Maybe it's because this is the same scenario as every single xianxia you've ever read in your life. Chances are, if you're reading this review, then you already know the xianxia mantra by heart.

I mean, This is a fine story to read if you just want to past the time, but don't expect anything more than a generic xianxia story. Except without romance. Yeah, that's right. This has a thousand chapters and there's no romance whatsoever. Maybe. I think this is the story's biggest failure. Some girls obviously like him. Some even throw themselves at him. But I'm at chapter 600ish and MC seems determined to star in the much anticipated sequel to the 40-Year-Old Virgin. I don't know where the author is going with this, but the joke here is that the author is married now and he's too scared of his wife to add romance into his story, let alone a harem.

Damn, the TMW curse strikes again! The MFer who put harem in the tags, you better be talking about the later chapters, because I'd sue your pants off for false advertisement otherwise!

Anyhow, let's talk power-levels, yum, my favorite. The power creep in this story is terrible. I've already read three map changes so far, and basically, the power levels are bullshit. Take the Yunhai level for an example. In MC's home, Yunhai level is so powerful and legendary that no one even knows about it. To even have a chance to cross the sea that separates each major continents/map, you have to be Yunhai or stronger. In the second map, Yunhai are the key powers of the sect that MC joins, just a level or two beneath the level cap. Third map. Yunhai is so bloody common that each one is basically the mayor of a city or some shit. And you don't even want to know how common MC becomes after each map changes, it's hilarious. I know, it's expected of xianxia, right. But it feels especially bad here because it's only been 600ish chapters and already the power hierarchy makes no sense. This is way too early, and I realize, this may be a sign that the author doesn't have a firm control of his story.

And another problem, let's talk about MC's cheats now. You know, the prizes that MC gains from adventure/killing/achievements. Except for a few key items (Golden Talisman, Star Sword), they're really pretty underwhelming. Most of them aren't all that flashy or impressive, and are basically just slightly better-than-normal weapons/techniques, which when collected together, makes MC a real powerhouse. But eventually, they become pretty worthless. Some of them will even beaten out by the stuff that MC buys from his sect once he reached high enough in the hierarchy. Basically, our MC is "normal overpowered", not "absurdly overpowered". There are geniuses around that have their own inheritance/cheats that are just as powerful as MC's. And the primary way MC eventually outgrow them is by gaining and quickly learning more powerful skills and techniques that will be completely common in the next map. So his cheats are now worth about nineteen dollars on amazon.

And, because of MC's main cheat, the Golden Talismen, his soul is incredible. This is his real cheat. While everybody else's soul is just default gray, his is purple (previously green and blue) and extraordinary powerful for his cultivation. This not only makes him learn quicker (10x, 100x, 1000x, etc), it makes him naturally inclined towards spirit and mental abilities. But, for most of the story, you'll see him choose to focus largely on his physical cultivation and won't touch any of the other stuff (illusions, spirit attacks) until much later. I honestly don't know how to feel about that.

But I really like MC's character. He kills, yes, but he's not ruthless or vicious. He's not the type to murder whole families and cities just to end a potential threat "at its roots". He actually have a conscience, he cares about people and actually try to protect the weak when possible. He loves his family and invest a lot to help his parents cultivate and live longer. He calls himself a loner, but he still make friends with people and even have a healthy bit of respect for his rivals. He's actually worked with weaker people before and pay them their slice of the pie, their just dues even when they've barely lift a finger to contribute to their success. He hold grudges, but at the same time, he won't take a rivalry too far and even forget past wrongs after a certain point. I see a lot of people calling MC arrogant, and yes, he is, but no more than anyone else in the story. It's pretty normal for him because he's a prodigy, a genius of his field. Aye, this MC is arrogant, but he also have class.

All in all, a very generic story with a decent MC that hits most of the typical tropes, but not quite as satisfying as some of the other stories that are already available. Seems like something the author wrote just to make a little extra money and haven't really put much thought on. Nonetheless, I will make an effort to read up to the most recent chapters and update this review later on if I can. I feel like I haven't actually encounter any major problems yet that would turn me off. The only major issue I have is the lack of romance. Otherwise, this would be a good xianxia to read in my spare time. The rest are minor problems that, you have to admit, pretty much comes with the genre.


If anyone thinks that this actually deserves to be compared to a classic like BTTH, meet me outside when we lunch, we'll brawl it out, kay? <<less
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Bakaleaf rated it
June 21, 2018
Status: c37
I rated it 2 because their is nothing unique so far although I read only very few chapters I can still tell after reading hundreds of similar novels like this how bland this novel is.


Similar novel like this

    • MC got weaken for what so ever reason got mock and ridicule with no end by his own clan.
    • MC fiancee broke their engagement and the fiancee clan also has a fall out with MC's Clan.
    • Out of nowhere Plot Armor activates and MC's OPness are unleash.
    • MC is fighting major clan becoming enemies for the slight idiotic reason.
    • Betrayal from some clan members who is jealous of MC's talent

When I said Unique part was missing is...

    • NO ROMANCE what so ever the MC's love life is as plain as a plank of wood.
    • NO guidance from any legendary granpa's or grandma's
    • NO moral support from supporting characters (yeah no side kick's)
    • NO epic background (No foreshadowing of epicness)
    • NO epic schemes or plot the enemies is like puppet being program to fight the MC

and so on.. (it's still to early to judge this novel but god forgive me it was a really boring reading.


No offense but this novel is not for me, just a bias review from me but please forgive me when I say that it was one very very very boring read... (I was reading this out of pure curiosity I love reading this kind of novel but that is if their is something unique or different from it which make it interesting)

I did my best forcing my self to read up to ch37 but I almost poke blood


I mean where the hell did sport man ship go it was discarded by the author MC's family was thrown away by their own ancestor (seriously the most epic plot except I read this like hundred time before) They are like fighting a f*cking tournament and yet by the end I was like what the hell is the purpose of that tournament? MC got 1st as expected but people who got trash by MC still manage to enter via backdoor (and again to hell with this cliche plot) so MC being number one doesn't make sense at all.

And what's worse about this novel is the f*cking rating of bones I was like can you stop mentioning about bone's! 2 star bone 3 star bone star what so ever It is really a waste of words! It's already annoying enough to read this about MC's enemies then even some random character A B C and their BONES is still f*Cking highlighted what the hell is this abnormal obsession of BONE rankings! And author was like insert some line that even normal bones can become amazing but for F*CK sake stop mentioning BONE BONE BONE! good this is the most hated word I have today Every chapter has like Bone star this and Bone star that!

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May 26, 2018
Status: --
Arrogance, arrogance, cliche, and arrogance!!

That's all I saw in this novel and the manhua. Just read the manhua, there is not a single chap without mc's smug face (NOT A SINGLE ONE). The relations are plain, the actual plotline is messy, and power is basically overrated. Any other geniuses are trash, and you will find greater genius, and a greater bone frame with every frikkin scene. After which, the plot armour of MC will turn him above all this geniuses, girls will scream but they exist as decorations. Simple 'dishonour'... more>> will lead to death- it makes you wonder who the villian is. Simple followers who were forced by their masters to block or hurt (not always kill) MC are also killed, or crippled.

My thoughts may be different from others due to different tastes in novels, so I wont rate it nor discourage others from reading it. <<less
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Ske1th rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: c102
I for one like the novel. I wanted to wait for a bit more chapters, but seeing people already bash it after reading 20-30 chapters, I have to write something.

You have a pretty standard start - small town, genius fallen from grace makes his return, clan fights. People call these things cliche, but they are more like the basic elements of almost every xianxia. You can't read xianxia and expect to not have these elements, you can only be surprised if they are not present (pleasantly or not depending on... more>> how its done), but you can't bash a xianxia for having them.

Useless chapter content is reduced to the minimum - the audience comments are usually 3-4 sentences at maximum, the annoying arrogant enemies are dealt with pretty fast.

Also to the person who want them to stop talking about bone frames - bone frames are used to determine the talent of an individual, so not talking about them... I mean you don't like the word "bone" so the novel is bad for using it often?

Translation quality and editing is pretty good, but slow. <<less
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Projektnaga rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c223
This is much better than than where the reviews stand. This one got the arrogant masters and every whichever cliches that can be found in a Chinese web novel but it is a fun read and the author never drags anything than necessary. Give it a try.
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Kaizen Subaru
Kaizen Subaru rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: --
I was reading the manhua and I think it is pretty good. Although manhua are pretty fast paced, so I don't know whether the novel would be much better or not. (Manhua is already at chapter 28)
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Mekronid rated it
March 8, 2019
Status: c12
LOL here's chapter 12 in a nutshell:

... more>>


MC: What? Why?

Baddy: I don't care about logic!

MC: Huh?

Baddy: [email protected]
Baddy: *miss*

Baddy: Okay, cheap shot~
Baddy: *miss*


Baddy: Noes!

Baddy2: *clap clap* Okay, apologize to baddy.

MC: Dafuq? No.


MC: 'Kay



Obviously, the above is paraphrased, but wow that is incredibly juvenile. The logic portion was baffling.

Just last chapter the author randomly invented a cultivation method. He claimed the new method was the "real reason" some important plot point happened. I've never seen such a blatant retcon after only 11 chapters. I imagine the thought process went something like this: "blah, this cultivation method is boring. Let's invent a new one and make it important to the plot!" He could've introduced it like any other skill or ability but he chose to change history.

I can't imagine this novel getting any better. This author clearly has some issues he needs to work out before he writes another novel. Assuming he doesn't sink his career with this one. For some reason people are still reading this trash after 1000 chapters but I truly can't understand why. <<less
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NotoriousBlacksheep rated it
June 10, 2019
Status: c875
The story is fast pace that most encounter is not well written just like everytime he saw some good herbs another enemy pops out like an insect and then chain reaction start after kill, fight, or disagreement another story to add (their whole clan or family). The reason why I still read it is because its not like the others xianxia LN where it has a turn off plot (stupid love story, anoying companion etc.) but of course it is another typical average xianxia LN (story, plot, setting etc.) 😔😔😔
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Zetyro rated it
August 20, 2019
Status: c20
One of those hist that you cant just take serious. Everyone is against him ALL the other clans and even his own 'family' is public talking bad him. You need to wonder how this type of family survived more than 1 generation.
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Ilisle rated it
May 12, 2018
Status: c20
The story has a cliche storyline.

Everyone is arrogant acting like they are kings. Additionally, they can only think of one possibility. The author has made 2 factions : MC faction and agaisn't MC faction.

By what I have read, this is a barely average novel.
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