Flying Dust


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Yu Jin yelled, “I curse you, the woman you like in this life will not like you!”

“He he,” Mo Feichen was a bit unsteady on his feet before he stood up leisurely.

“Shi Xiong, there are not only women in this world, there are also men!”

At that time, Mo Feichen did not expect that his joking words would really become true. In this lifetime, he has been “tossed around” by several men and it’s indeed unbearable*

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March 26, 2022
Status: c10
To whoever is reading the comment right now, I am heavily suggesting my fellow sect members to read this awesome and wholesome novel. I cannot truly describe this novel since I haven't finished this and my explanation sucks, but I assure you this is a beautiful gem. Not only are the wordings amazing, the vocabulary and references with lots of quotes are very good. Even someone like me, who is very picky truly likes this very much.

I have to tell you about the MC. He is such a lazy millenial... more>> troublemaker. Everyone living in this modern and mundane world can really relate to him. He calls his mother a yaksha because she turned all scary when she caught her son reading a novel before the exams. Lolol. And there are no modern necessities, technologies, internet and online games in an ancient wuxia world, he's bored to death. Making troubles among his Shi xiongs and Shi dis is his way of relieving boredom. He is very broad minded I tell you.

I hope you give time to read and support this novel. It is simply one of a kind. Among one in a hundred novelty. <<less
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HitchHiker rated it
April 2, 2022
Status: Completed
The best things I can say is that the translation is very well done. The story itself is lacking. The writing is actually much better quality than a lot of other LNs I have read. What lets it down is a lack of clarity in how the story develops. It feels choppy and haphazardly put together. It was probably written and published chapter by chapter without a clear outline of what the overall plot needs to be and that shows.

I finished the story through MTL. The problem I have with... more>> this story is that it feels kind of rudderless. The protagonist is characterized as someone who is indecisive primarily to justify sleeping with 3 suitors. Also, there is no real reason for him to have transmigrated except to let him hum modern day songs.

The loose and directionless way the plot develops is, in a way, similar to how things would actually progress in real life where encounters that could lead to more many times don't and who a person ends up with could be entirely determined by the circumstances or order of their meeting. However, that directionless path needs to seem intended in a story which it does not in this one. A lot of the plot defied logic and contradicted the previously stated logic of the world. <<less
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Rida rated it
June 27, 2022
Status: c15
I can't read any further; I'm so confused why this is not rated lower.

The plot is horrible and the protagonist gets a power up out of nowhere after being the laziest and weakest sect member since he was born. I also don't see why other characters start liking him. The author is trying to portray the MC as someone confident and careless but failing. It just seems like he doesn't have much of a personality and it comes across as very flat. The cringy moments also made me stop reading... more>> any further due to second-hand embarrassment.

Overall, this reads like the BL version of an early 2010s stallion novel; the MC has unbelievable luck, gets stronger at the most convenient of times, and characters fall in love with him in the blink of an eye. <<less
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azusa yuuya
azusa yuuya rated it
June 20, 2022
Status: ongoing
I read until the last uploaded translated chapter (not interesting enough for me to MTL myself) and here's my thoughts so far:

1. MC is a laid back, salted fish kind of character. He transmigrated but seems pretty chill and has a sense of humour. I don't particularly like or dislike him.

2. Okay im guessing that the Shifu (frozen in ice guy) is the ML but he doesn't rlly hv any chemistry with MC?? I'm q confused tbh but we'll see in the next few chapters since it's still ongoing.

3. Like... more>> another review said, this novel seems to be directionless and the plot is just meh.

All in all, this novel is just your usual wuxia BL so if you like that kind of themes, go ahead read this. But honestly it doesn't rlly stand out to me so I'm giving it 3 stars. <<less
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pluckaduck rated it
December 28, 2023
Status: Completed
the story was different from what I expected. I like it. Like one of the reviewers said, the storytelling is not very detailed sometimes; there's none of that flowery language or filler-y words which is nice but the tone feels sorta flat cuz of that. But the fight scenes are more detailed, and it goes in-depth about the concept of a martial artist's 'sword seed' and flesh out the different characters. Some of the side characters also have their own story, and relationships, and are given enough screen time to... more>> make them feel real, instead of just being 2D props (as much as possible within 95 chapters that is).

i especially like yujin's character. He's an important brother figure to MC, but he left their sect to enter jianghu. Even tho he's on the evil sect's side for personal reasons, he's still a caring shi ge to MC. I really like the love interests as well. It is a harem, in the sense that MC comes to like all 3 men and even has s*x with them (tho only one of them was), but he chooses one person in the end. The love interests are fairly fleshed out, and not just there to put MC on a pedestal (2 out of 3 were in love with other people before meeting mc; the other one is obsessive but has a reason for being the way he is).

it's a simple plot tbh, shorter than the average cultivation web novel, with fast pacing, and while the worldbuilding isn't vast, this jianghu world feels authentic. The overarching conflict is easy to follow, and not complicated. And the plot twists were pretty good. <<less
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SpicaGG rated it
October 26, 2022
Status: c62
ok so I've read til the latest translation and I think Im gonna drop it. Not bcos it's a bad novel but just bcos of personal preferences.I dont know why the rating was so low and many ppl dont like the MC.I think I envy the MC he has such an easy going personality. And it's not like he suddenly got a plug in like some reviews said. He got trained personally by one of the legends of the JiangHu. And I dont see anythg wrong wit wanting to be... more>> a salted fish. Like one of his quotes " people laugh at me and think I'm crazy but they dont understand etc etc" Once u've experienced the vicissitudes of life u will understand wat he means.

I'm dropping it cos although I know it's harem and tried reading it. Im just someone who believes in one love one relationship at a time so yeah. The story itself actually has a PLOTLINE. <<less
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