Flowers Reflecting The Sky


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The Leader of Jiuhua Sect died mysteriously.

The murderer remained unknown.

The Leader position is empty.

Who will be able to last till the end, pushing aside the dark clouds to reveal the clear sky?*

* T/N: Finding the truth hidden behind conspiracy or solve a mysterious/complicated situation.

— Jianghu Frolic Series Part III

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January 23, 2018
Status: c6
I'm writing this review while reading chapter 6 at the moment, but I'll come back to edit with my final review after catching up to the current translations. The reason I wanted to write this first instead of waiting is for future readers who would like to know more details about the work before beginning (AKA the summary sucks).

All I knew about this work was that it was a murder-mystery based in a wuxia setting, and indeed that's essentially what this work is - there's no plot meandering here. It's more or less pretty straightforward. Fan JiJing is the particularly oblivious MC coming home to find out that his much-respected master has been killed. Due to the nature of the assassination, three of his sect-brothers are suspects (there's five disciples,... more>> FJJ is the third). Since he's not a suspect, one of the other sect leaders asks him to find the murderer within two weeks. Like all murder mysteries, FJJ (prodded by the ML) eventually starts finding out more details that add more suspects rather than eliminating them.

EDIT: Okaaaaaayyy! I'm very surprised by the twist in the plot, even though I kind of suspected it in the beginning. Too bad I can't give the ratings in stars now. Anyway, I'm gonna rate this about 3 stars. It's not bad, but it's not really great - 25 chapters can only cover so much, so the plot and character developments are somewhat lacking to the story's detriment. The murder confession is a bit abrupt, but it does make much more sense of the first chapter now. Nothing is quite what it seems on the surface.

If it matters to you, ML is MC's cousin (can't tell if blood-related or not), and the last third of the chapters is focused on their relationship.

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earlgreyt rated it
February 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Very engrossing and unique storyline compared to the many wuxia/martial arts sect stories out there. The character development and over mystery is top notch; all the characters are rather intelligent and multi-faceted. The story jumps straight into the action, and I found this a nice break from the overabundance of 'meandering'/'wordy' and extremely long novels out there.

There were a lot of characters introduced in the beginning (and I was worried about mixing names up), but I only had to reference once or twice before getting swept up with the pace... more>> of the story. The writing is from a truly talented author who has created complex relationships and backgrounds between the characters that gets revealed slowly. Despite the low amount of chapters (25+sequel), they're quite full of content, and I feel very satisfied after reading it as though a longer book (100+).

I highly recommend NOT reading some of the reviews or spoilers for the best experience! <<less
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namio rated it
October 15, 2018
Status: Completed
Overall, this was a really enjoyable story I want to reread again after just a day.

The characters are interesting and they all have motives and background, even if the length of the story doesn't let them fully show their individual personalities. This resulted in a pretty dynamic flow-- things get sloshed around basically every other chapter, keeping you on your toes. Also, the dialogue and interactions early on are darn hilarious. I really liked the MC and ML too-- their dynamics changed drastically thanks to plot but they retained that... more>> "friends since childhood" vibe despite everything, giving the pairing a fond tone to it. Despite its premise and it being a comedy, of all things, I think strikes a pretty... interesting...? balance? (Might be arguable for some people, but I like it a lot.) It does sober up a bit though-- like I said, it's very rollercoaster-y a story.

The main reason why I settled on 4 stars is the pacing of the first third of the story. There's hardly any time to really immerse yourself into the setting and the descriptions are function-oriented, with heavy focus on banter. Granted, a lot of the banter were pretty funny. Still, I do wish that it took a bit more time on establishing things and setting a slower pace, especially since they threw us like a dozen names on the get go. Contrasting to the second third onwards, it felt almost like someone pressed fast forward through the first 15 minutes of a 23 minutes episode. It's mostly a cohesion thing, though, and may not bother everyone. <<less
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mei2778 rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: Completed
The plot has a lot of twists for such a short novel, so it keeps you on your toes. ML is great, and the side characters have distinct personalities even though it's too short for them to really be fleshed out. The one criticism is that everything is resolved rather abruptly, so I'm giving it 4/5. Overall though, it's very enjoyable and refreshing!
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aiji rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
Short, but good. I'll give it a 5/5.


Since this is mystery one, I can't give away any more information about the plot so you just have to rely what's already written in the description. All I can say is this is a well-written short mystery novel. I don't know if it was because of the translator's way of translating, but I really think this is very well-written—pace-wise, character casting, and story execution, right from the start up to reaching its conclusion.

To be honest, reading a mystery-themed novel with a mere... more>> 27 chapters is like a gamble for me, since this could leave the reader feeling lost due to plot holes that might pop up here and there, and rushed and forced inserts just to say the mystery has been solved and the story has ended. Fotunately, it turned out to be a 'successful' read, and I felt very satisfied. No heavy drama, has hilarious scenes and characters, and with a little touch of romance, I think this is very light.


Oh, the characters... I got trolled.

Dang, I was fooled by the MC! I was literally cursing him for the first few chapters because he was acting not so MC-like at all! I mean, he's like a perfect example of a dumb MC I always hate in any entertainment media that I instantly drop with disgust. But lo! Surprise, surprise... He turned out to be a very likeable one. Very clever... and quirky. He's very unpredictable and ruthless as well, so I guess sometimes he really deserves a good kick from the ML (and from me).

And the ML... my congratulations. He's my favorite character here. So witty and adorable. So brave and aggressive... but surprisingly ended up at the bottom under the clouds and rains. That was really a surprise.

As for the side characters, I wasn't expecting that this novel has this many funny and interesting side 'couples'. Good thing this is not in a modern setting and they're all 'manly' so I didn't feel a slight cringe while reading.

What a really weird world. I'm worried about their future number of population.


For someone who just picked this out randomly to test and see what a Wuxia genre truly like, it turned out to be a very enjoyable read (yep, my original purpose was to confirm if the characters in a wuxia world are 'that' brutal since the first wuxia themed novel I read and currently put on-hold is too brutal, so I need to know if that is normal before continuing). I'm so glad I picked this one.

So if you want to read a short mystery and action-themed novel with a little touch of comedy under a not so complicated plot, I highly recommend this underrated piece of gem. You won't regret it. <<less
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quivo rated it
April 12, 2019
Status: c27
Short, satisfying and sweet. The beginning dragged a little for me, but was made up for by the really awesome, nicely foreshadowed twist that pops up in the middle. I loved how they author kept revealing layer after layer of depth, and I think they managed to tell a really interesting story in a short time. Note that the main mystery is like 80% of the story, with the romance being focused on in only the last 5-7 chapters, so if mysteries aren't your cup of tea, you'll be a... more>> bit bored. <<less
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hiohbye rated it
March 13, 2019
Status: Completed
I have to give kudos to the translators. Amazing translation, beautiful writing, what else can I ask for lol

The plot is very engrossing. Did not expect the plot twist. Main character turns lovable into even more lovable (´▽`)
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