Flee Into the Night


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When I was two, my parents divorced. I went with my psychotic mother and only found out that I actually had a living father when I was six. But when I found out, my dad already had a new family. A sane wife, and a son three years younger than me.

While I was surviving on scraps, my Didi was living a life of bliss and fortune.

It’s very easy for a person to learn how to hate. You just need to tell them that they could have avoided living a bitter life.

When I was brought into Yan Yang’s home at the age of thirteen, I made up my mind to use this Didi to get whatever I wanted.

I was a villain, through and through.

Gong is older. Gong first person POV.

Tags: Happy Ending, inc*st
Content warnings: Inc*st, underage s*x, references to child ab*se, reference to su*cide, immoral

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Ye Ben
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New Natural_Sapphire
April 6, 2024
Status: Completed
I'm thinking about mtl-ing this but I need to see the review from someone who completed the whole story, because it feels like there's a chance that I might not like the rest.

It's a relief to see I'm not the only one who don't like ML here. I think he's manipulative. And, yes the problem is ML only think about himself and it's hurt to read MC suffering and having suicidal thoughts.

Edit: so I mtl-ed the rest of the story and... well, I don't know what to say. I just... more>> want to take back what I said about ML before. <<less
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Charlimilo rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c50
This made me feel extremely sad that I can't even see it through to the happy ending. MCs contradictions and mental struggles are all woven together and expressed in his anger and hate, his self-defeating actions, his guilt and recognition of his own abnormalities yet inability to help himself. He was silently screaming for help. And genuinely suffering with his mental health. But what hurt the most was the realistic ignorance of the ML towards MCs suffering only cause MC wasn't mentally stable enough to ask for help on his... more>> own. Yet I still can't forgive ML for each time he turns MC away, ocf a normal person would at MCs actions, but I still hurt each time and think maybe MC would kill himself before someone would notice his pain. But he struggles alone with his thoughts and feelings until past the point I'm reading but it's been too many close calls of the MC almost falling off the deep end only to pull himself back or be stopped by someone else but it's never been the ml. <<less
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Lin.Yu rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: c22
Simply put this book is f*cked up in a quite complex way.

For starters, the gong and narrator, Yan Xuan makes for quite an interesting narrator. The complexity of his character and his constantly contradicting opinion on Yan Yang allows him to feel more like a realistic person. He's portrayed as someone who likes to create walls and heavy social boundaries between himself and others, being highly skeptical of any acts of kindness. What I liked about him however, is that he is shown to be very human through the way... more>> that his opinions waver. Likewise to many MCs in other novels, he experiences childhood trauma that results in strong hate and the desire to seek revenge. But what seperates him from what I've seen in a lot of other novels is that he isn't a genius or some perfect being. He doesn't have his entire life planned out at 13 years old, and he isn't an inherently cruel person. He has clear morals, and despite being heavily skeptical of people around him, he knows his boundaries, and is highly cautious towards those around him to create favour. Nevertheless, he definately struggles a lot with who he is as a person and leaving behind his past. He's an extremely resentful person yet often at times, he is seen protecting Yan Yang despite his only motive was to manipulate him. I think that he subconciously started developing an attachment towards Yan Yang under the guise of manipulation without realising it himself.

Honestly, I didn't particularly like Yan Yang. His personality genuinely felt a little bit fake and his sincerity was a bit annoying. But as the story goes on, you realise that Yan Yang himself probably isn't much more normal than Yan Xuan. He's definately f*cked up in an obsessive way. While Yan Xuan believes that he is in control, you realise that he's slowly succumbing to Yan Yang's obsession and softening. While this may seem like a good thing, I believe that Yan Yang's obsession with Yan Xuan is unhealthy and abnormal.


I believe that a possible cause for this obsession is because Yan Yang may have experienced a form of neglect from his parents. As seen in the part where Yan Yang communicates to Yan Xuan that he's always wanted a sibling because, "In the past, during the school holidays when Mum and Dad went to work, they would lock [him] up at home. It was seriously so boring, but after [Yan Xuan] came it wasn't anymore." Additionally, the way his parents always comply with what he wants might cause him to feel slightly detached, and his brother was a new introduction in his life that changed his perception of love.


Yan Xuan's character is just extremely well executed in my opinion. The slight inconsistancy in his personality is what creates the flaws in a real person, and it's what differentiates him from the cliche danmei MC. The way he isn't just smoothly going from absolutely dirt broke with nothing to rich millionare, but rather going through struggles

such as getting an unsatisfactory university entrance exam result

makes him seem more human and gives him more depth.

However, there were some parts of the novel which I did not particularly like. I kinda dislike Yan Yang's blind obsession with Yan Xuan. He's so sensitive it gets annoying. I swear he cries at every little thing that goes wrong, and Yan Xuan is prompted to feel guilty. I know in most of those situations Yan Xuan is probably in the wrong, but can Yan Yang just develop some of his own opinions instead of just self blaming? His inability to differentiate Yan Xuan's actions from right and wrong just pisses me off.

I am still yet to finish the book but if you enjoyed CBLB, I think that this book might be your cup of tea. Mind the tags however, because it is an in*est danmei where the ML is still a minor when they do it for the first time. <<less
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Arendsii rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c31
I love this one so far! The MC's bitter style of monologue is very evocative, the story has a dark and gritty feel to it, and both he and his future partner are very flawed and complex individuals. From the way the early chapters are written I wasn't expecting the relationship between the brothers to form the way that it does, but there's a little more love to it than appears at first flush, even with the MC's callus and often cruel nature. Definitely an interesting read, but not for... more>> the faint of heart. <<less
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Ppkk85 rated it
March 11, 2024
Status: Completed
Wow this novel is so good. Definitely on my top 10. I laughed, I cried, but it's because I can relate to MC. His inner thoughts and struggles, I'm sure everyone in their life at some point has experienced self criticism. It's what makes us human. Highly recommend this novel. Plus the some of the smut scenes are HOT!🥵
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