Paper Plane


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On their first encounter, the 5-year-old Tang Junhe regarded the 6-year-old Yang Xuan as a hero and willingly followed his example.

Yang Xuan: “There are 12 ways to fold a paper airplane, don’t you know? I’ll teach you.”

Ten years later, the 17-year-old Tang Junhe is living in Yang Xuan’s home as his younger brother and the feud between the older generations has yet to subside, as the two teenagers engage in a skirmish.

“The one who falls first would always lose. I knew it but I was happy.”

After ten years, the 28-year-old Tang Junhe and 29-year-old Yang Xuan are unexpectedly reunited. Is it a matter of whether things are different or whether the circumstances stay the same? Two people in the same darkness, neither one can be the light of the other.

Then let’s go together and find light together.

“The prince rides a white horse
The moon is gone
And how silly cats were, always chasing after their tails
The childhood memories are priceless.”

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Máy bay giấy
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9 Reviews

jiang ying yue
jiang ying y
Feb 03, 2021
Status: Completed
A dog bloody and sometimes depressing read, nonetheless a good story. I immensely enjoy BL novels which have the psychological tag for some reason. They always stick with me for a few days, sometimes weeks before I slowly move on.

Paper plane is the story of two half-brothers, Tang Junhe and Yang Xuan. A story of two young boys as they grew up, from young kids, to teens, to adults. Please leave this story if you are uncomfortable with in*est as the two main characters are half related.

Revenge, lust, and a... more>> small spark of obsession mixed together created this story. Morally gray characters are what I truly enjoy, and the author checked the boxes. Although revenge is not a very prominent part of this story, it still played a key role in the story, it's what caused the conflict. What kind of broke the last straw in the fragile relationship that MC tried to save was ML's revenge towards his mother. Tang Xiaonian.


MC's mother was ML's father's mistress, but the relationship had started prior before Ml's father even married. ML had thought that MC's mother only started having an affair after his father got married. His mother committed su*cide after finding out the truth, and Yang Xuan not knowing wanted revenge. Truly the scum in this story is ML's father.


The relationship started rocky, and even though it wasn't as smooth sailing, it ended happily.

The author wrote each character wonderfully, though not perfect and still flawed. MC's character was complex, he had some mental disorder. A smart and cunning character that I enjoyed.


He planned to kill his pe*ophile elementary teacher that had been stalking him until high school. Alas though ML came to save him before he could kill the pe*ophile. He died by getting hit by a car though, lol. Another time was framing his classmate that tried to drug him.


I truly don't really know as my broken mandarin and mtl could not comprehend what mental illness the MC had since the author wrote about it quite vague, but he does have depression, anxiety and so on. He's obsessive and I felt that his passionate feelings towards Yang Xuan were unhealthy, and they truly needed the separation that they went through.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the story, and would be buying the paperback version soon. The story sometimes is intense, sometimes depressing. I would recommend this to you if you enjoy stories like this. It's a good story. <<less
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Apr 18, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5 stars, not perfect but quite good. Don't read if you can't stomach in*est with HE between two half-siblings.

This is an interesting story, very slow burn, but the MC is a morally grey character that's quite compelling.


The MC is the illegitimate child of a local politician and grew up without a father, but his one happy childhood memory is of the summer he spent at his father's house, briefly befriending his half-brother (the father's legitimate child with his first wife). While he's in high school, his mother decides to marry his now widowed father, much to the MC's unhappiness (his relationship with his brother ended badly because his father's wife found out about the cheating). Being brought back to live with his estranged father and brother, the MC has to deal with bullying at his new school, a father he despises, and a stalker from his past. There's also his cold older brother, whom he still associates with the only real happiness in his childhood.

The MC clearly has some issues stemming from an unhappy childhood, and over-controlling mother who micro-manages his life, as well as a pe*ophile stalker. It's safe to say that he gets obsessed with his older brother, the ML, at a time where he's also discovering his sexuality.

I interpret his mental problems as being caused by the unhappy factors of his childhood and teen years. Tang Junhe is somewhat mentally unstable, suffers from anxiety and early on distances himself from classmates. He's been ostracized as a child because of being illegitimate, but also because of his stalker


who was his teacher and lied about Tang Junhe stealing from him when Junhe defended himself against his pe*ophile advances. It's combination of being frozen out because people think he's a thief, and also trauma from being stalked for 6 years from childhood to his teens by his teacher.


On top of that, his mother basically smothers him because she wants to control every aspect of his life. His anxiety gets worse when


the ML abandons him after the death of their father.


On top of that he's cold and calculating, since he experienced as a child that no one will help him (or his mother) when they need it. He's persecuted by a stalker and picked on by one of the boys in his class who wants to assist Yang Xuan in getting revenge against the mother and half-brother who allegedly tore his family apart.

Despite all the trauma the MC has experienced, he's a resilient, smart, and kind of devious and manipulative person. He's drawn to Yang Xuan to and extent he himself doesn't quite understand, and starts falling for his half-brother.

The ML is cold and also calculating, but not as much as he believes himself to be. Yang Xuan turns his hatred for his father towards his new step-mother, pretty unfair since the dad is the actual villain here, but understandable since the ML is just a teenager who's lost his mother. His mom was mentally unstable, and his father's cheating seems to have either caused it or made it worse.

It's a shame we never learn why the mother didn't get divorced or find out how she died. It seems unlikely that with her rich background she couldn't get divorced, but maybe custody laws in China had something to do with it, or her mental illness.

Yang Xuan gradually starts feeling attracted to his younger brother, but doesn't let go of his wish for revenge.

I do have a problem with how Yang Xuan's character develops. It makes kind of sense under the circumstances that he falls for Tang Junhe, since this is described quite well. It's a combination of experiencing someone being completely devoted to him alone, along with Junhe being his only close family member who both loves him unconditionally and isn't insufferable (his father is a scumbag and his step-mom hates him).


And Junhe, who pretty much offers himself to YX, gives him a way to take revenge on the woman who apparently destroyed his parents' marriage. Then he falls for Junhe, but denies it and tells himself he's just having an affair with his brother because it will destroy Junhe's mom. Of course this is not the case, since he had many chances of letting Junhe be ruined (not saving him from his stalker, letting him get lost on the camping trip, letting him take aphrodisiac and get r*ped), but every time he instinctively saves his brother.

He also doesn't give up Junhe until his dad and step-mother both implore him to and asks him not to destroy his brother's future. Given that they're both teens (Junhe's even underage) with no real power over their own lives, and the dad's death is a wakeup call, this makes sense.


The problem is how Yang Xuan acts 10 years later when they reunite.


We do learn that he came back for Junhe because of what happened to his team mates, but he seems like a different person. He's basically too nice, but also doesn't confess to Junhe until very late, which considering how insecure Junhe is (although the ML didn't know how bad it was), but just kind of invades his life. He doesn't even apologize for using him for revenge and betraying him 10 years ago.

It seems that Yang Xuan sent the text message that revealed his relationship with Junhe to his father, thereby sabotaging it. So he is a fault, but just gets absolved because Junhe is so co-dependent that he never even gets angry with him. Which is pretty unsatisfying to witness.

It would have been nice to see him struggle and fight to get Junhe back - but Junhe acts like a doormat and just gives in. YX doesn't even explain at first why he wants to get back together, or express any kind of regret for how he behaved in the past.


This is also my main problem with the story. The writing is good, there's a lot of attention to details and the prose is quite smooth, but the last part of the story is just not as developed in terms of plot.


Considering how bad it gets towards the climax when the dad dies and Yang Xuan leaves, the second half of the story is kind of boring. It's just smooth sailing with the CP getting back together with no real obstacles, even though Junhe had every right to bear a grudge against the ML. It's just sweet scenes and lots of papapa that don't really feel earned, because the brothers don't have to fight for their relationship in any way, everything just falls into place. It weakens an otherwise good story.


For those who've had enough of suffering and angst, the later dogfood and smut may feel like a relief, but the story good have had a more interesting ending.

Speaking of smut, there's actually a lot and unlike what another reviewer claimed, it's pretty graphic. Still in*est, the CP are real half-brothers, so again, stay away if that bothers you.

One thing I liked about the story is the small details that explain the motivation of the characters. Not just the MC and ML, but also side characters. The MC's mom is quite insufferable and a terrible step-mother. She hates the ML and tries to prevent the MC from forming any sibling bond with his own brother, even though they're living in the same household and she knew this when she married her son's dad. And the way she overprotects her son may come from love, but is way over the top. It is however explained why she's like that, she's a pitiful character


who was ruined by her lover when she was young, chose to have her son even though she had to sacrifice a lot as a single mother, and later marries her old lover purely so she can provide her son with a better life. She hates Yang Xuan because to her, he had the nice life and the security that Junhe didn't have.


Feng Bo is another hateful character where we get a glimpse of why he's so awful to the MC:


It gets revealed that just like Yang Xuan, he has a half-brother because his dad had an affair. His mother didn't die, but instead left him. He hates Junhe both because he idolizes Yang Xuan, but also because Junhe reminds him of his own messed up family and hateful father and half-brother. Which makes it more understandable that he goes to extreme lengths to ruin Junhe - even if his methods are horrible and he deserves getting expelled.


The dad is maybe the worst person (besides the stalker), but we do eventually learn about his good sides. He's still horrible though - a lazy, lecherous person who cares mainly about his image and has little compassion for his wife and children. I fully support Junhe who refuses to acknowledge him as his father - he really is a scum.

Overall a good story, although not as intense as Flying Gulls Never Land or Can't Be Left Behind, both of which I found more satisfying overall because I preferred the way the plot was structured throughout the whole story, but it's well-written and the characters are engaging. It's worth a read.
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Jun 08, 2021
Status: c25 part2
Read the tags carefully before diving into the story.

There's only a few chapters translated as of now, but I think this is really promising. What started of as bright and cheerful turned out to actually be dark and twisted.

MC and ML are half brothers, from the same father. ML's mother is the legal wife who later on died, thus their father remarried with Tang Xiaonan (MC's mother). This prompt for ML and MC to live in the same household.

The sypnosis already laid out the general direction of the story. MC... more>> and ML first met when they were kids, middle school, they see each other again, but they weren't as close anymore. That's the point where the plot slowly uncovers as well, as things are not what they seems to be. The journey between MC and ML are bumpy, and there's many twist and turns.

The characters are dynamic.

MC - He started off as a crybaby, but years later he became cold and detached. It wasn't that he became stronger, but it's just the manifestation of his crumbling mentality in which the only way he sees to protect himself and others is by retreating to his own shell. MC is already emotionally weak but with all the things that happened to him

got stalked, sexually harassed and mol*sted for six years with no one to help him


It's no wonder he harbored darkness deep inside his heart. These incident is a large contributing factor for the MC to have twisted, s*xual desire that he subjected upon his brother.

I'd also like to point out how the author didn't explicitly expressed the mental condition of the MC but subtle details such as

methodically plotting out mu*der

small repetitive movements; scratching/rubbing) that implies anxiety and depression were present and from that, you can really tell, that the MC is NOT OKAY.

ML - The outgoing and popular, leader of the pack-type which MC views in rose-tinted glasses. ML used to be hero in MC's eyes when they were kids. But he changed due to circumstances.

Tbh, although he seems normal on the surface, I think he's not much different from MC too. He's like an empty shell fueled only by the desire of getting revenge in order to continue forward. He acts nonchalant, but there's this thing called 'smiling depression' y'know?


As for the other characters, they seem to have quite a backstories as well. Again, things might not actually be what it seems in the surface. In psychological stories, there's no definite black and white, as they tend to explore the goals and motivations of every characters in various angles. Since that's the case, it's bound to give you mixed emotions, you might feel nervous, frustrated and depressed on some chapters. But it's precisely because of those emotions that I find psychological stories enjoyable. If you also liked these kind of genres, then I think this one can live up to your expectations.

I'm still waiting patiently for the translation so I can't say any more. Let's see how it'll turn out in the ending. But I'd like to thank the translators for their wonderful job of sharing this story to us. <<less
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Jun 29, 2021
Status: Completed
it started off good but the middle part was a bit too whirlwind-y to me idk. Basically, the first part of the story was pure (?) madness, and they only started dating properly with everything out in the open

after tang junhe's mother died--their father died so much earlier

so if you are looking for mature relationship with no communication issue, this is not for you. This is more on the passionate-unforgettable-young love that eventually (fortunately!) ends well. Also, I beg. Read the tag.
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Apr 20, 2023
Status: Completed
I've only read the manhua until chapter 52 but I can't endure the s*xual tension between them, so I end up reading the novel starting from ch 52 and finished it in 3 days and fr --- so freaking worth it! I know it's in*est but the story is well written. The psychological tag is indeed there mostly because of Tang Junhe's schemes in his teenage years. Also, holy moly their s*x is so erotic! Yang Xuan always gives in to Tang Junhe's seduction, and he also teases him back... more>> seductively! Tang Junhe is a delicate but cunning boy in his teens who grows into an intelligent, beautiful, and seductive man! And I know this may sound immoral, but Yang Xuan is a good and protective brother/boyfriend. If they're not half-brothers, he's definitely a green flag. Idk but when I read the novel, it was not awkward eventhough I knew their half-brothers, probably because the author did a good job building their relationship from childhood to adulthood. It tackles not only the immorality of their actions but also the consequences. I'd love to have a physical copy of the novel if there is one because it was beautifully written despite the tags. <<less
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Nov 10, 2022
Status: Completed
I feel very heavy-hearted reading this whole novel. Angst is real. Do take note of the in*est tag!

Tang Jun He (MC) was raised by his single mom after his dad left them to marry another woman. He came back for them offering monetary support etc but was bluntly rejected by his mom. Jun He was a very quiet kid at school and didn’t have any friends. His mom thought that it would perhaps be good for his temperament if he had some father’s love. She then sent him to his... more>> father’s place every summer break where he met his elder brother from a different mother, Yang Xuan (ML).

ML’s mother passed away and his dad married MC’s mom. Because of the childhood memories MC and ML shared, MC was reliant towards ML. He was the little tail that chased after his big brother. ML seems cold on the surface but deep at heart was a warm, nice, big brother. Tbh, the dad is a scumbag for causing all these troubles. My heart kept hurting for the MC and ML.

Towards the end of the story, I somehow couldn’t hate his dad nor MC’s pressuring mom that hovers around her boy. They’re such grey characters but you can’t deny that they do love their children. I saw some people hating on MC but the things he went through growing up definitely made him a bit twisted. Some parts of the story may have loopholes (like laws etc.) but overall, it’s a touching 破镜重圆 (reunion) story.

Some of my heartfelt feelings which contains spoilers:

The 10 years of separation must have been so painful for MC whose only pillar of support left him. I feel so proud of Jun He who kept his promise to live well and even became the doctor that he wanted to be. It was definitely not easy for him as he went through serious PTSD from his brother's absence. Reading Yang Xuan's days in the special forces was painful too. The story of his comrades and his wills that he wrote everytime he went for mission. The part where Tang Xiao Nian passed away, I truly felt that she was at peace with Yang Xuan. Entrusting Jun He in his care was the best thing she could do for Jun He. It wasn't easy for her, with scum husband's death and finding out about her son's in*est so finally accepting Yang Xuan brought tears to my eyes. My heart broke when Yang Xuan's granny called Jun He a kid - ever since his mother left he is not a kid anymore. You can only be a kid in your parents/grandparents' eyes and Jun He upon hearing that thought of his mom.

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Oct 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished reading this story bout almost a year now and this one is still on my top list of 'hard to put down' danmei novel. I don't understand why the rate is below 4.5, it doesn't give justice to this beautiful story. Well you've read the tags, it's definetely in*est, it's clearly different from pseudo-in*est story, you've been warned already. So... for those who despise or hate any in*est related story; this isn't for you.

Story started with a 5yo MC and 6yo ML who know nothin bout the blood ties... more>> between them, not until 10 years later. Guilts, responsiblities, betrayal, love.. all wrapped in this short but satisfying story. It took about 20 years for the couple to be able to get 'openly' together, and yep it's a HE but not without any mishap, our cp had to face every ups and downs, dealing with insecurities, guilts and the so called 'blood ties' in those 20 long years.

Warning; this story contains NFSW, just not that intense and smutty but even without the vivid bed scene you'd love the story.

Uhh.. not gonna give any spoiler no more. If you can read 'brother', Taizi, Can't be left behind' and some other smutty in*est, I guess you'd be able to digest this story. It's less depressing and a good read 😊 <<less
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Mar 09, 2022
Status: Completed
This is in*est. Please read the tags carefully because they're literally half blood brothers

I like this so much!! The angst? Delicious. Usually I'm not a fan of time skip but this book is soo good. It reflects the change of characters and dynamics after they mature. One of the best in*est with good plot. This and Moumou and Cant Be Left Behind are top notch
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Mar 01, 2023
Status: c54
This is a good story, with a great plot, already turned in manhwa. I would like to read the completed novel. I hope there will be continued.
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