Ex Strongest Swordsman Longs For Magic In Different World


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Lived for the sword, died for the sword.

There’s no regret in in his lifetime一一 only one thing, but only admiration remained.

One day Souma recovers his memory from the previous life, but also on the same day he was brand as incompetent person.

Denied by what he long for …. However for Souma , it has nothing to do with him.

一一I want to use magic.

Ancient ruins, underground labyrinths, demon’s territory, forest of witch.

If you hear something about magic, you head there without hesitation, this is the story of such a boy.

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Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru
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New duderus
September 29, 2018
Status: c80
The translation is just a bit better than machine translations. I have in the past gone through hundreds if not thousands of chapters of machine translations before; however, the fan translation for this series can be very confusing and frustrating to read. I have gotten some major headaches trying to figure out what it was I was reading.

ANYWAYS. On to the review... the MC is rather plain, he is an OP character who already surpasses the normal limits of humanity. However he is trapped inside that weak, frail and... more>> young body as he was reincarnated as a newborn baby and he is currently developing his body. On a quest to learn magic after being reincarnated into another world by the dragon god he had slain in his previous world, he travels the world in search of a method to wield magic... but honestly, the side characters are more interesting than the MC most of the times. And the world building is slow but mildly interesting. I quite like the MC's nonchalant attitude.

I would give this series a good rating but when every other sentence has broken english or half finished sentences I quickly lose interest and get a little frustrated. Mental exhaustion from having to go over every sentence one to three times over with some real time editing in my mind. <<less
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KuroTian rated it
November 14, 2017
Status: --
A little frustrating.

Short chapters but story is 60% useless talking/info/explanation/narration/interna monologue that you just skim through (heck with those pointless pov from side characters that does have some with plot progession and repeating the same thing for 3-5times) 20% talking (that involves main cast) 10% info/explanation (that matters) 5% story progression 2% good stuffs 1.5% action 1%romance.5% charac dev
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Bakaleaf rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c11
It's annoying as hell reading this novel

It goes like this character A B and C in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 POV of B, Chapter 3 POV A and so on.

There is no sense on skill magic or whatever it's like I got this skill and I am amazing, kind of writing. The MC is annoying as you don't know if he is just being passive or seriously has no care. The surrounding characters are rather dull. I mean the MC mother took a whole chapter of POV and was left... more>> just like that. The relationship in this novel is rather miss up. Who in the right mind would isolate a child of 6 yrs old? And it was like I want you to be an amazing MC so let's make your life as tragic as possible kind of feeling.

And MC was like I am very OP and yet I want to lay low so people won't notice me cliche again. MC should be an expert but keeps on making childish and beginners mistakes so I was like what's the point of reincarnation again?To many repetitive thoughts the redundancy on each chapters are annoying.

Well it is a rather good novel if you can just stand the annoying random POV's and the popping of skills out of nowhere (The norm is you get skills from level up or learn it) this novel was like I got an amazing skill with out explanation.

I only give 1 star (.5 if it was possible) since like I said this novel annoy me like hell and that is just my own POV and has no intention to attack the translator and especially the author. I mean they are the most amazing people in this world lol <<less
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Centrophy rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: c29 part2
A very frustrating read. The author writes like he's trying to meet the minimum word count in a high school report. It's not the TL's fault. The author will repeat themselves constantly except while most authors do this for emphasis it seems like this author is just babbling. There was chapters where no plot progression is done and could have been replaced by two sentences. The protagonist is a boring god reincarnated into a different world and mostly seems detached from everything except his dream of learning magic. Filial ties,... more>> friendships, etc. Seem like burdens to him and since the protagonist doesn't care then I don't care. The supporting characters aren't any better.

I have a very simple mantra in my life, "don't waste my time." It seems like this novel is a huge waste of time. Read something else. <<less
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sgrey rated it
March 13, 2018
Status: c49
This is honestly one of the worst novels I have ever read. First of all, the title says "longs for magic" and this is exactly what is happening so far. He cannot use magic after reincarnation because he does not comprehend it. After 50 chapters he is still not even close to using magic.

Overall for the first 30 chapters, there is absolutely nothing that happens. The content of the 30 chapters can be moved in 3-4 chapters without any problems. There are two!! Full chapters that describe how MC has... more>> muscle soreness. WTF!? Less time is dedicated to his sister than to muscle soreness!

The dialog and inner thoughts are broken for everyone. There are almost no sentences in this novel that make sense. Almost everything is incoherent and is hard to read. They are just mumblings without completing the sentences and using abstract words in order to confuse the reader. Characters always say things like "do this", "go there", "I know what to do, I will do that". This kind of dialog is just plain stupid. A good example of how this novel is vague on purpose is the skill MC gets. It is so obscure that no one understands it, even MC himself! That skill causes MC to be disinherited in the most ridiculous way.

After 30 chapters there is finally an event that happens, but it is so boringly described and ends so abruptly, even though it lasts for several chapters, it is just dumb. The whole event that lasts about six chapters can fit in a sentence: MC found the fortress with bad guys, went in and killed them all. Really, almost nothing is described. How many people were there, what did he do overall. It is just classical damsel in distress rescue at the last second. There is not even a battle with the main baddy there that is worth mentioning.

MC in this novel gives me the impression of a lobotomized emotionless robot. He does not have likes or dislikes, he goes every day to work out for a while and then listens to the incoherent mumblings of his sensei. He mostly throws one-liners and doesn't really talk much. He doesn't care what happens to him at all. When anything happens, he just goes with it saying "oh well, what happens - happens, such is life". By this time, I actually want MC to be his little sister or the demon girl he meets. At least they have stuff going on and have emotions!

It is extremely poorly written novel! Bad translation doesn't help too. I give two stars because I like the premise, but reading this novel can give you a brain aneurysm, so be careful. <<less
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PersonaJXT rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: --
tl;dr Pretty nonsensical story made worse by a horrid translation. Not recommended at all.

The premise itself starts off fine, with an incredibly powerful swordsman reincarnating into another world because of his wish to learn magic. The first sign something is wrong with the writing is with the blatant idiot ball holding in the third chapter.

"Oh no, my beloved and very talented son has this Skill that literally has the word God in it that I don't know the meaning of. Because I don't know what the Skill means, I'm going... more>> to say it's meaningless and I'm going to tell him he has no Skills. And because I'm going to pretend he has no Skill for some silly reason, I'm going to have to disinherit him because even though he's been insanely talented up until this point and outperforms people with Skills, as a noble family we can't afford to have untalented heirs so I'm sadly going to have to make him leave and pretend he never existed!"

Because seriously, wtf. The logic jump there is just plain silly, and it's hard to take the story seriously after that.

To be fair, the story does get better afterwards. The author very clearly cared very little for the beginning aside from setting up the premise and was more interested in writing about how his character is OP despite being the underdog somehow. And in that regard, it's not any worse than your typical isekai ore TSUEE type story. The writing has a tendency to loop on itself, seemingly just to pad the chapters, and things are fairly stereotypical in terms of plot advancement, but I wouldn't call it bad. I just wouldn't call it good, either. Look elsewhere if you want something new and interesting. Heck, look elsewhere even if you're okay with stereotypical OP isekai MC's since this only decent at best and you can find many better stories very easily.

Why you really shouldn't read this though has to do with the translation quality. If you've read any of Bayabusco's other translations, then you can easily guess that the translation quality is really bad. Translation errors all over the place. Even if you can't read Japanese, you should easily be able to tell where a lot of the major translation errors are because all of the sudden the sentences go from crappy English to utterly nonsensical English. It's extremely clear that there's something very wrong in some sentences, and it's a testament to the quality of the translation that the translator just let it through without checking. I feel bad for the editors because they're putting in work to make things readable, but there's nothing they can do about plain incorrect translations. It's bad enough that I would say it would be easier to re-translate from scratch rather than try to fix all the mistakes. You'd be better off muddling your way through with a machine translation than trying to rely on this mess of a translation. <<less
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Kenpachi Zaraki
Kenpachi Zaraki rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c47
This story, in my opinion, has a good concept and is all together, something good to read... APART from the fact that the novel is filled with useless and unneeded sentences that are literally repeating what was just said.

Example. (Not from the novel)

I was looking at her as if I were looking at a suspicious person

... more>> "You are looking at me with eyes that are looking at a suspicious person"

"Because you are acting suspicious, I am going to look at you with eyes that are looking at a suspicious person"


You get the picture... Though it is not to this extent, you will eventually start creating sentences in your mind such as this because of how annoying the novel gets.

AND the only time you actually get somewhere is when the...


Author decides that after 30-something god damn chapters that our M.C wants to go on a journey... Then says "and like that one year passed"


And that's it... you finally made it from point A to point... A part 2.

Then when you think it's finally over, we are suddenly greeted with a story of someone else, foreshadowing future events... Of some person looking at another with murderous intent to threaten them.

But of course we get a repeat saying that the threat did not work BLAH BLAH of course the threat did not work BLAH BLAH

Now you are slightly prepared to read repeating sentences after reading my comment, GOOD LUCK! <<less
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thegu rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c10
It’s very tired to pass through each chapter. the story is good. plot has potential.

But each chapter have a lot of repeat sentences. It’s like in 1 chapter only 2-5% is about story progression then the rest is to repeat those 2-5% again and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian until it long enough to count as a chapter. Then follow by pov of people in those chapter with repeat meaning sentence agian... more>> and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian and agian until it look long enough then another pov... <<less
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NoirErimos rated it
February 3, 2018
Status: c39
Think about the worst xianxia you ever read, the ones that the author is only interessed in reaching the word count per chapter without any progression, this novel makes that shakespeare in comparison, QUALITY CONTROL IS NULL! It's because of authors like these that isekai is considered absolute cancer!!! This author babbles more than a mentally impaired person after a seizure and that's is saying something alright.

I think he wants to be artsy, but it seems he just read the definition on a dictionary and that's it, he never tried... more>> to actually make this art! And mark my words, I'm pretty sure that this will get an anime, because quality control in animes nowadays is zero, and if even isekai smartphone got one, I dread the day this gets one too.

I praise babayusco for actually having to torture himself by reading the original, then chopping off most of the author babbling like he says he does when he posts new chapters, because I can't even imagine the eldritch abomination that is the original """""""writting"""""" the only peek we have right now of the true horrors of this novel is the ridiculous naming sense of the "skills" that take one paragraph each sometimes when they're cast. <<less
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montblanc512 rated it
August 28, 2018
Status: c12
Slightly more interesting in plot than the average isekai, mainly due to the main character not being weak willed or easily led by others. He's optimistic and intelligent. Which somewhat makes up for the otherwise dull premise.

What is far less forgive-able though is the writing. I do think a small part of it is the translation, in that the translator is being too faithful to the source to the point of ignoring English sentence structure. For example, there are a disproportionate number of sentences that start with an excessive clause... more>> or extra words that aren't needed in context. Like:

"In the first place, what Soma was doing everyday was not training."


"Therefore, for Soma, it was a custom."

Which don't seem horrible, until you read it and it's the bulk of the writing. It's a combination of the writer writing like he's trying to hit a word minimum, and a translator being afraid of changing the authors work to the point of sacrificing readability.

Ultimately, it's just difficult to read/parse on a line by line level. What's interesting though is that none of it is technically wrong, making it something of a great study in the importance of rhythm in writing. <<less
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November 2, 2017
Status: c18
[email protected] 18: I guess the 1* ratings are focusing on the weird tangents the author goes on and the 5* ratings are focused on the story's potential. It's still in the "prologue" stage leading up to the (I assume) eventual adventures, but you can get a feel for the author's writing style up to chapter 18. I think it's definitely worthwhile to give this a chance if you have some free time because chapters go by fast and the translation is decent, but don't expect it to be amazing.

I'll still... more>> hold off on rating because I'm waiting to see how the story will progress once it starts moving. If it does.

(original [email protected] 10) I know there are people who wait for reviews before reading, so here goes.

The chapters are short. Skill names are weird. There's not much of interesting description but also not much filler. I can't really rate this because I feel like it's still introducing the world as of chapter 10, but I think it will be better for people who have really good imagination and can come up with mental images of what's going on from the bare description. I feel bad for the translator but I'd recommend waiting until a lot are translated because it doesn't feel like much happens each chapter.

So far it's not bad, not great, not really a time waster, but there's no reason not to read it if you like fantasy. That kind of feeling. <<less
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posinw rated it
February 9, 2018
Status: c8
This is hard to review.

I mean this story’s potential seems promising it’s character and their interaction is not bad. I just start reading but I kind of get a vibe like i’m reading Mushoku Tensei (just the feel of it not it’s greatness) which is masterpiece of isekai genre. (I really recommend that one)

however, it’s really hard to read. I don’t know if it’s the author’s strange writing or translater weird choice of wording (i guess it’s the former since his World Teacher look fine for me) There’s one... more>> chapter that I read and it just kind of go over my head. It’s really weird. It’s like when you want to form a sentence and you just pick some word like “I”, “go”, “school” then decide to put whatever you like between those words. Yes, you could read it and you know what they want to convey but it’s so annoying I want to cry. <<less
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kikikemi rated it
January 31, 2018
Status: c10
This is bad. The writing is such a mess that I don't understand whats going half the time. There's so many words but not enough of them make sense. Then we're jumping around in time without being told and getting confused. It almost reads like a badly translated novel, but the translator is actually pretty decent. I wanted to stick through a few more chapters but I'm literally falling asleep as I read because I'm just skimming through several sentences that say something that could've been told in one.
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ChocoG rated it
November 8, 2017
Status: --
Typical reincarnation of an OP being, but the MC is deemed as trash? The story is the basic isekai tensei genre which is hard to make "unique" but various little things being unique can pile up, which is what this novel does well, it is more "realistic" than other isekai tensei novels, the author portrays human emotions and mentality during the medieval era well, but what I find strange tho is that everyone Except the MC seems realistic, but that may just be because of who he was before reincarnating,... more>> his "reading" describes what I mean

Also another person has commented that the other characters are "dull", just because they don't have emphasized emotions making them do drastic things which are totally unrealistic doesn't mean they are "dull" <<less
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soulwarfare rated it
September 7, 2018
Status: c44
The Bad points
-My god the writing is terrible.
-You will barely understand what is going on.
-Also incredibly slow paced.
-The main character himself is boring as hell

The Good points
-The other characters do have some kind of interesting personality with them
-The world building is also kinda there and mildly interesting.
-It also does get better later on
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Natsuyuuki rated it
March 7, 2018
Status: --
I think this novel was good and have few good points and interesting in few ways. Like,

  • The MC even though didn't have a skill and talent. He only had his memories from his past life before reborn.
  • The MC's past life was strongest swordsman, but he was not act arrogant or tell his parents about his hidden power. Also he dislike bully weak people.
  • His parents (especially his mother) not pay attention since they were know about their son who not have any skill and talents. But actually the mother knows about his son who had no common sense.
  • Well, The MC have no common sense and so stubborn want to learn magic.
  • And last, he is strong, maybe the strongest swordsman even after his reincarnation. But the MC who didn't have common sense and stubborn in few ways, also observant and know more than his actually age. From outsider point view, he was not strong look like any child on the street, but for people who know him, he had power that out-of-common-sense.
Well, I dunno what happen later, but I think he would ending with harem. I hope not.
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February 2, 2018
Status: --
basically, another Tatsuya but with emotion. And another sis-con soon to be ? The story is a mess. Author wrote it with the assumption that the reader is saint, and able to understand everything. Thus he keep making the story go round with the assumption that the author will understand without making anything clear, causing it hard to follow. At some point you actually lost what is going on in the story.
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Sherrynity rated it
January 16, 2018
Status: c30
So slow-paced.....

No, don't be fooled by the long chapter. What those reviewers wrote were right; the author tends to repeat the same topic over and over and over again.....

(... but as a CN novel reader, I'm already accustomed to it so it doesn't bother me)

The novel itself is OK. If you've read The Lazy Swordmaster, you might found some similarities between both MC. The difference is, this MC here is too nonchalant about his situation yet he has a clear goal since the beginning; to learn... more>> magic (though he often spent more of his time to teach swordmanship to his genius little sister)

... it's hard to say whether you might like MC's personality or not. Personally, I like his attitude. I can see some foreshadowing about the political state of his household, the mankind situation, and his future choices, but I really can't conclude it clearly for sure... for now. <<less
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Trejon rated it
November 7, 2017
Status: c25
The novel seems to be promising, the MC starts with the memories of his past life and can properly display his old abilities as when he had the title of sword god but be injured due to having a body with no training in that matter.

The most important thing is that he didnt got any skill based on what its shown in his status plate but it seems to be the other way around and he can likely learn any skill with effort. So its likely his parents will be... more>> at the point of commit suicide of regret for putting aside MC since the moment they found out that his status is misleading into making them think that the MC dosnt have any skill they stopped caring about him and the doting parents turned into strangers in that very same day, even worse they try to make his younger sister hate him and use him as a bad example but this later on turns against them since the sister end up admiring her brother <<less
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penshit2000 rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c10
I must agree with fluff, however I must add an addendum, and it's that the writer seems to have tangent like moment, where he trails off and states the same thing like 5 times in 3 paragraphs, so it can be slightly irritating!

overall, the short chapters make this an easy read, and fairly easy to get into, the world building is slow as the protagonist is still learning where he is in the world, I give this a good review in high hopes for the future
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artha.pendora rated it
January 25, 2018
Status: c36
The story for me is interesting, but it is frustrating to read. There are so many confusing elements. E.g. The MC is considered as trash by his surroundings. The mother, I don't know if she loves the MC or abandoned him. Even though she felt guilty, she taught her daughter, the MC's imouto, that the MC does not exist, that she must not interact with the MC anymore. There is also the no explaination of the skills in that world. I'm confused which skill is better and also the long... more>> naming of the skills is really annoying for me. Still, the story, even if slow-paced, the story is interesting. <<less
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