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Yan Yi Ming transmigrated into the hottest otome game at present. She became a female cannon fodder destined to be ruthlessly abandoned by the male protagonists; a stepping stone on the white moonlight female protagonist’s path to success.

The system informed her that only by replacing the female protagonist and becoming the white moonlight of the male protagonists then could she successfully escape and return to her world. After years of painstaking efforts, utilizing all kinds of strategies, and adopting various identities did she finally succeed in conquering the four male protagonists. She recovered her true body and eagerly awaited to go home but found that she was unable to go back.

A weak reminder from System:

Please read the user manual carefully: –

1. Become a white moonlight, and

2. To extricate oneself and make a successful retreat from the male protagonists.

Yan Yi Ming looked at the second condition and suddenly found herself in a pickle.

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Doomsday Mermaid
Doomsday Mermaid rated it
December 20, 2022
Status: c121
I don't know why the rating is so bad. It's a good read. I don't usually leave a review but I feel like I have to because I think the review left by the above reader is not accurate.

It's not a harem story and MC is not a s*upid person nor are the mls. She does not get tortured in any way by the ml's. There are four male protagonists in the story and she has to deal with each one of them so that the story she transmigrated into... more>> progresses.

I feel bad about the heartless way she leaves the ml's but I do understand that it's the only way she can return to her real world and also the original owner was treated the same way by them, decieved and abandoned. But I really like the ML she ended up with. He has a dark side and potential of becoming a yandere but he doesn't because he loved the MC too much so he let's her leave him. Both of them deserve to end up together.

This has two ending and I preferred the happy ending because ML didn't deserve being left behind.

This book is worth reading. <<less
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Pahpie rated it
May 1, 2023
Status: Completed
Let's start with, I hate the ending. It's an okay story- but no!

it's a happy ending, for those that want it to be happy.

in any case, I mtl'd this book. The translation is better.

... more>> i liked the first arc, it had everything. I was happy (I was a very happy child) then I read the second arc, and paused before the third. The fourth bored me a bit. But in general, the arcs were okay. If the author hadn't gone ahead to ruin the ending, I would have been fine.

so, centrally, I think what the character was trying to do in the first place was white wash the ugly game plot. Yes? But by the end of it, honestly, I forgot her point. Because at the end of it, she did the very thing the female lead did; had all the male leads drinking from her palm. It was just that she wore different faces.

it's just that the original FL had the mls happily in love with her while this demented girl had all their hearts shattered completely. Which is fine, because I hated them all- maybe Jiang Yi can survive the hate.

i don't know why the author was so obsessed with regrets and horribly depressing endings but even when we got to the finale of what should be a good story, their happiness was laced with a thick slab of sadness.

like why couldn't she just be happy, even if it wouldn't last forever. Just tell the truth. Discuss it with your partner and move on.
maybe it's just me that doesn't understand the thought process of the female lead.

in any case, let's discuss the three characters that caught my attention.


okay, so the story has 4 love interests and 1 real ml.

so of the 4, only Jiang Yi will not irritate you to the point of dislike. Nangong Xuan-no, the general will make you want the run him through mud but not out of complete hatred.

so from the very beginning, the FL tells us that she wants the general (forgot his name because of how boring his part was) but the romance between the two is really half arsed yeah! You don't even see the FL putting in real effort to hook this guy. You just know that he finds her pretty and woman like and dresses up like a man- well, 70%favorability. The general ignores the fact that hundreds of other men are also losing their lives for them and feels that her pursuit is the only meaningful one. Like all the other people just become numbers. Example 3000 of 7000 men died but killed 60, 000 of the 100, 000 strong Mongolian army.

this was just bogus. First of all the numbers- but I can ignore that- if her special charm was rescuing the general, then he should have had a 70% favorability for all the men that risked their lives just so he can write a report back to the palace and claim all the victory and be rewarded.

what kills me the most is the fact that she said she wanted him the most. I thought, for a second, she'd put in a bit more effort than the rest but, Grandma!

they saved the most boring for last


on to the actual ml


so the ML is Jiang Yi. Why she liked him was because her time with him was the most peaceful yeah! Also the longest of all the male leads. 4 years but she spent 3 with the general.

it's like a pick-him-up-when-he's-down thing. But again, the romance is really- bleh! You just know they are together, you don't really get to see their interactions or what they say to each other. You just know that the favorability increased because of the care or conversations. You don't really get to read them.

overall, I wasn't moved by the ML but followed the fl's choice yeah!

So when the final arc finally comes, you'd expect to see them getting comfy and fluff and what yeah!


the tragedy continued.

they were together in such a depressing way that I couldn't read her actual life. I just skimmed over it and found out that they finally met in the real world. But I couldn't even be happy.

there's this huge ???? How a video game character managed to cross over to the real world but op! You know what would make me not care about all the millions of plot holes? An actual good ending.

the worst part is that little apple (still love you) could have told her that there would be no time difference in her world if she stayed the gaming world for a second or 100 years more but declined to because of fl's mood. - I can't understand the s*upid here. So we had to go through pages of depression just because.

i honestly don't get it, yeah! I mean, she freely walked into the game, no one pulled her in to transmigrate, what exactly was her point of ensuring she must return? Yes I get she had her mother and all but she was acting like they threw her in there instead of herself.

she could have had a few loving months with Jiang Yi. Yeah! I wasn't asking for years, just promise each other time when you have it but Eh! Amen. They gave us depression.

it was at that point I felt sorry for Jiang Yi for his love. Anyway, love is a choice. For some people, it doesn't make sense to be happy.


to my heart throb


now here is a topic the author completely avoided. Nangong Ye. (Can I have a romance with him please?)

his only fault was that he looked exactly like Nangong Xuan.

i can see why the FL would not choose him. His love for her was love for the original character, so okay. In fact, the author put up a (half arsed) extra with him and the original Yan Yiming (who turned out to be utterly pathetic for the daughter of a Duke)

it's okay yeah!

but, maybe he was just my type, I don't know.

but I'm sure it was because I saw the interaction between the two characters. The talking, the hope, the everything. It was beautiful.

honestly, I had so many points to dislike this character. Normally I don't believe in falling in love with someone that is a brother or friend to your ex, because birds of a feather...

to make it worse, he is younger and his love was for the og FL and HE LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE HIS BROTHER AND HIS BROTHER IS NANGONG XUAN.

when I saw his attack route, I kept shaking my head no. But by the end. I liked it.

i think I read till the end because the author kept hinting on him. She'd bring him in one scene, then they'd have a chance meeting where he'd almost recognize her, then they'd arrange for him to see her but he'd be like she's not the princess.

his love hurt me the most. Sigh!

The author made sure to make them avoid each other at all costs. All the times Nangong Ye saw her was when her face was different. When her face was similar, he didn't even glance at her.

the worst part was that the extra was half arsed.

maybe he is just my heart throb, so I won't abuse the author.

i mean, there could be someone out there that fell in love with the general 🤣🤣 or that Jian something (🤣🤣🤣) worse Nangong Xuan.


the author never really talked about the og FL Jian Yu'er. She was like a passerby that just had to cry or feel hurt at the right moment. I really thought the last arc would be a face off between the two fls but opp!! The og FL didn't even have a halo compared to Yan Yiming

When you start reading, the criticisms you see Yan Yiming spilling, are the very ones you'll use on her. At least I did

her and og FL are two sides of the same coin. Og FL is just a dead fish, the original white lotus. The new FL is a depressed version of her.

you can read it. I wont recommend what I don't like but you can go ahead and read. It's okay. If it's your cup of tea you'll love it. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
December 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel absolutely not recommended to read.

Super Huge Short Spoiler:

... more>>

Novel ends with an idiotic bad ending (romance wise) but also story wise. After being tortured by the various scum ML’s and dying 4 times, female MC finally gets to go home. Her system is absolute tr*sh that forced her to suffer with no consequences toward the system.


Summary: Female MC is trapped in a game world and must capture the 4 male protagonists to get back to the real world. Novel is 5 arcs: one for each male protagonist and the final arc is a special secret shura field.

or spoiler:


Mc’s guilt trip gaslighting adventure with Jiang scum.



1) A lot of issues of incomplete storylines. Author should manage to wrap up stories for each arc but amazingly manages to bungle each one. For example, Arc 1 is ended by sudden assassination! Logic? Poof gone. And each time author hiked up the stakes with random system card draws done in the most boring way. Was there any point in card rarity? Nope none at all, just dragged out wordcount.
2) Flogging the Fodder - Author builds up a whole premise of Heroine Jiang Yu-er vs the MC, because MC is actually NTR-Ing (stealing basically) all of her reverse harem. And then author drops the whole premise and she doesn’t even appear in the final arc with a single line of dialogue. By the way the entire story initially set up was a bad ending haha - wait what author??? There’s too much random nonsense with the system set up and oh so much fodder turned to dust over the course of Mc’s actions.

3) Lacking Male Protagonist Leads - Maybe this novel could be renamed “All the male leads are useless scum”. Each one massively fails the MC except poor Nangong Ye who MC shattered his heart for funzies. Author also left out the plot line going back against their initial set up where MC told him she would return. Jiang guy was the one who appeared the most okay only to get thrown a whole storyline where he’s just a scumbag loser who acts pitiful and literally bites the MC like a dog. MC is the most obvious OOC lookalike person on earth and somehow none of the male leads can tell who she is. She even does weird modern stuff and they notice none of it.

Additionally, the plot falters and falls apart halfway through the novel as the author has no clue how to progress the changed plot. There was an attempt for an integrated story that failed heavily as well as sudden shifts in characters. MC never gets to really avenge herself on the scum male leads no do they get to complain to her. There’s a whole lackluster climax and completion with the equivalent of a wasted ending. Absolute garbage overall -700Quintillion/10. Really a waste of time to put any emotion or effort into the novel’s reading. <<less
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Neleothesze rated it
March 2, 2023
Status: Completed
It starts as your average transmigration story then adds quick transmigration and coming-of-age elements to show the emotional growth of the MC.

Unlike other readers, I didn't feel that the ending was 'tacked on'; the author sprinkled many hints throughout the novel that the MC had unfinished business in the real world that grew in importance the more she matured. We are shown how differently she handles the first, second, third, and fourth scenarios... and how her understanding of love and responsibility, of the world (and her place in it) develop.

I... more>> think both endings were appropriate.

The bittersweet one works if one focuses on the constraints imposed by outside factors, how those mold our own self-constraints, and tragedy of selfless love.

The honey-sweet one works if one focuses on the supernatural setting, hope, and the endurance of selfless love.

It's a 5/5 for me and bookmarked too, for a future re-read. <<less
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vengeance rated it
December 28, 2022
Status: Completed
With the two dramatically different reviews so far I tried to write one myself. This story has both good and bad points, but unfortunately those good points are somewhat overshadowed by a disappointing ending.

The problem starts from the set up itself. The FL end up transmigrating because she complains that the OG FL, who seems innocent but is flirting with all the MLs simultaneously, is secretly a green tea b*tch. However, her task is to make all the MLs fall for her instead, so she essentially cold-heartedly manipulates them all... more>> and romance-wise is no better than the OG FL.


I found the schemes and strategies pretty entertaining, but the main structure has some problems. Halfway through, her system's requirement for returning home changes for no good reason, and the OG FL, who seems to start blackening as she loses the affection of the MLs, goes back to normal and practically disappears from the plot. As the reader I'm left wondering what the point of any of this is. It's hard to care about the romances when the FL has such shallow feelings and the many of the MLs are scum. For the ones who aren't, I feel like they deserve better than the FL who is barely sincere to any of them.


Ending spoiler:


The real ending is bittersweet and ends with the only ML that discovers her true purpose letting her go home, and then there's a tacked on modern-day "HE" that is stuffed with exposition on the FL's past, which would of been more important to know back when she kept insisting she had to go home as soon as possible with no explanation as to why.


In conclusion, if you like quick transmigration stories with fun schemes and strategies, clever FLs, and making scum men suffer, then you will probably enjoy this. If you care more about a good romance then I would avoid. <<less
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September 20, 2023
Status: conpleted
Another type of quick transmigration. This story makes me want to read until the end because it makes me so curious about what final decision of FL
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Jhessky rated it
July 1, 2023
Status: Completed
What's up with the bad reviews, wtf?! This novel is GOLD! I can't believe such a great novel is a chinese novel (because c-novels are usually predictable and repetitive) Give this novel a chance! Ignore those bad reviews, if you like reverse-harem transmigration story, you'll really love this.

One thing I didn't like was that the compensation of the system wasn't enough because the MC went through all those years for nothing? Though she gained character development, it still not enough gain.

And you'll most probably cry to the heartwrenching parts, it's... more>> just 😭✨ Goshh, it was a roller coaster ride. MC is ruthless, and we can also say that the MLs are scum 😂

Really recommended 💯💯 <<less
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maiha-sama rated it
December 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This was pretty decent actually. The scum capture itself was interesting to read. I liked how she played them. Just, there are some inconsistencies in logic, writing and the author fails to introduce certain important themes on time to make enough of an impact. Also lots of things were made super easy because she put on an extremely beautiful face - so not much of a challenge in that sense.

... more>>

The modern day bit actually felt divorced from the rest of the book. It took some time for me to tie it in with the FL and how this affected her decisions. I wish the author spoke about this during the actual novel. It feels like an afterthought tbh.

I like Jiang Yi most of the MLs. He didn't harm the FL like the other leads did and was sincere to her throughout. His possessiveness was a bit uncomfortable at times but I really felt for him. Nanggong Ye too. The rest were just selfish pieces of -

As for Yu-er, she just weirdly went AWOL. As one of the other reviewers said, there was an excellent opportunity with her starting to blacken. Alas.


Post capture is where things start falling apart. There were so many things the FL could've handled better. Felt like the author just muddled their way through the rest. On the whole, I was okay with the ending. Pick it up if you have time for a slightly above average read. Just don't take it too seriously. 3.5/5 <<less
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