Ephemeral Light


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This is a story about a heartless and insane younger brother who takes the dominant role. And a self-deprecating and miserable older brother who takes the submissive role.

After ten years, Song Jin returns to the Song family main house, where Song Xinglan, his younger brother, mostly says to him: “Song Jin, you’re disgusting.”
Early Stage: Insane Beastly Dominant younger brother X Calmly Suffering Submissive older brother
Mid-term Stage: The Insane Dominant younger brother turns into a Foolish Crybaby Dominant and the Urban Setting Turns into Rural Setting
Later Stage: (Possibly) Wife Chasing Crematorium

Associated Names
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A House of Dark Lights
A Room with Dim Light
Yi Wu An Deng
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New FrostyDragon rated it
July 14, 2024
Status: Completed
Overall pretty good, although I felt the ML's psychology could have been explored better and his 'wife chasing in the crematorium' of the MC should have been longer and harder than it ended up being.

I thought the first part with the r*pe was the weakest part, but part two with the amnesia was touching and the final part was good too.

The ML's switch from cruel and sadistic rapist to

... more>>

cold-faced yet warm-hearted CEO in the third part was a little abrupt and not fully explained. I'm guessing he was always crazy attracted to the MC and couldn't handle it, but the transitions didn't feel fully realistic and some details should have been added, e.g. More insights into ML's character.


For that reason MC's forgiveness came a little too easy, but hey, even I as a reader got soft-hearted because of the MC's suffering and the cuteness that was the amnesiac ML and wanted them to be happy in the end. <<less
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New rimirinrin rated it
June 26, 2024
Status: Completed
Song Jin (ML) followed his mom after his parents' divorce due to his father's cheating. His mom left behind his younger brother with his dad.

Over the years, his mother hated his dad and he was also told many negative things by his mom. His younger brother, Song Xing Lan (ML) also lived with hatred for his mom who left him behind and his dad. After his mom passed away, Song Jin went back to live with his father. Song Xing Lan kept finding trouble with him, and after finding out... more>> that his brother is a gay, he kept using that as a handle against him, ultimately ruining his brother after raping him on multiple occasions.

Song Xing Lan then left and was brought to Song Jin's doorstep one day after having amnesia and becoming child-like after an accident. It was a tough journey of acceptance and recovery. The struggles and angst is good and so are the smut. I love McChicken and this novel very much. <<less
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