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“I act as a little brother for my dad and become his lover behind everyone’s back.”

Unconventional father and son, May-December romance; not up to scratch entertainment circle story.

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7 Reviews

New Aria0107
Jul 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Read the Mtl when the first couple chapters were translated. I read this as a guilty pleasure sand sculpture novel and didn't expect the smut, but was very pleasantly surprised. One of the better smut I've read that I don't cringe at the terminology. I absolutely enjoyed the fluffy development of the relationship between the two, and that any angst was brief.

Though I am perplexed by the other reviewer as to why they gave a review when they didn't understand the mtl and didn't wait for the translation like they... more>> said to see if the story really got worse in their opinion. I mainly read mtl and most times, there's broken grammar (unless it's very simply written) and/or plenty of idioms/slang that may make it more difficult to read. The section they didn't understand

is when the MC is recuperating in the ML's home and they're getting acquainted to each other's way of living, like how ML brings MC swimming or MC brings ML gaming. There's various idioms/slang, as well as a little bit of gaming terms, but I'd say I overall understood the plot due to my history of reading mtl.

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Apr 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Sand sculpture novel with a lil drama. Actual rating 4.

The relationship between MC and ML started bcoz of a huge misunderstanding!!! The ML didn't know that MC was his son. He thought that the MC was flirting and suggesting him, but the MC acted only coquettish as a son. The love development was slowly built up. The MC unknowingly fell in love with his father and they crossed the line when MC was drunk (c40). Take note that it happened without the ML's knowledge about MC was his son.... more>>

but after the drama, they gave in and the papapa is non stop 😅

At first I was in awe with ML since he refused any unwritten rule. But lo! His bottom line got lower when he fell in love.

Probably, there should be a smut and comedy tag here since there r lots of driving scenes ch40 onwards and hilarious scenes in most of the ch (since this is sand sculpture novel). HE. <<less
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May 20, 2022
Status: Completed
A very sinful novel but compared to the others with the same content... This one is quite decent... There's no ntr and their attraction developed because they didn't grew up together as father and son, then just succumb to the taboo of incest.

It's just a guilty pleasure novel that you shouldn't take seriously but it has things that are quite realistic. There's a reviewer who already said that their case do really happen, and it really does. I already encountered a news about gay couple turning out to be long... more>> lost brothers and father-daughter who never knew each other married each other. I don't tolerate incest but I'm more lenient with same s*x cases because they won't produce defective offsprings due to genes and if it is consensual. The case where they grew apart and meet each other as strangers then developed into lovers is quite understandable but with how they'll continue it after learning the situation is up to them.

I also like the characters here like MC's mother. She's not the typical woman who got impregnated by a rich dude then ask him to marry her or give money like in most danmei I've seen. Even though she made a move to a minor (ML in the past), she acknowledged her mistake and take care of MC.

Anyway, I came here for smut and taboo theme because I'm bored, and I like it but ended up enjoying the simple plot of the story... <<less
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Apr 24, 2022
Status: c67
First of all read the tags, if any of it bothers you do not read. When it's in novel form, I find these kind of stories exciting from time to time. This is the kind of story you do not use your brain for... 😉but I enjoyed it for what it is. It's fluffy, funny, smutty and a quick read.

This excerpt from the last chapter, sums up the whole whole story.

... more>>

Daddy Gu:

"...I can hire my son to be my younger brother, and then make him a little lover; while planning to be his gold master, I want to live with him forever and spend the rest of my life together".


MC (Son) 21-22? Not quite sure, there is a part in the last half where he says he was 15-16 and that was 6 years ago so I'm assuming.

• He is an A list celebrity vase, a little bit of a salted fish, but his airheadness is cute.

ML (Father) 36-38? really don't know how old a sophomore in High School in China is, but that is when he became a dad

• Typical cold CEO to start, but I'm fine with that type of ML.


Let me tell you though, when Daddy accepts the taboo relationship he is no longer cold 🤣 and he loves being called Dad in bed.


The first half of the story until chapter 40-ish is the "courting" and MC's freaking out


The MC knows the ML is his dad but through some twists his dad discovers him (after never meeting for 22 years) and offers him 2 choices, either leave the country forever or pretend to be his dead twin brother to keep the ML's mom (MC's g-ma) company as she isn't right mentally and is convinced MC is the twin brother. So most of the first part, is the MC trying not to get too close to his dad so his dad doesn't find out they are related, but circumstances lead them to becoming close, despite the ML trying not to be close to MC


Chapter 40-44 Is the drama and turning point in the story.


Chapter 40 is when they finally play hide the pickle, MC is drunk and ML doesn't know he is MC's dad, then MC runs away abroad to join a film crew when he realizes what he did and that he is in love romantically with his dad.


After chapter 44 is all basically smut 😅


No seriously its like almost all smut. After MC is captured back by ML and ML tells him he doesn't care that they are blood related father/son, it's just a bunch of chapters of smut with some plot sprinkled in here and there


MTLing was very confusing in some parts and some of the MTL smut terminology made me laugh. If you can wait, I would wait for the translation. I will probably read this again when the translation is out, there are some chapters I really didn't understand and I feel like I missed a lot. <<less
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May 08, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a nice story.

To be honest, I've read a condition like this and this happens in real life too! It looks like a case of generic sexual attraction since Lin Lixi and Gu daddy didn't grow up together. They felt a connection but because they didn't grow up together (as father-son), it became sexual attraction.

It really happens a lot in real life.

5/5. I came for the smut and stayed for it. I feel like 67 wasn't the last chapter but I can only rely on MTL and it's a... more>> bit confusing in some aspect but still readable. <<less
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Apr 23, 2022
Status: --
It was done in a way where it didn't felt wrong because both of them are of legal age which none of the complication of incest comes from. Incest is frown upon mostly for authority abuse leading to sexual abuse, cheating, and child abnormality, none of that since ML didn't know that MC is his son and wasn't raise by him and again they are adults, also they're gay so no pregnancy. If incest still bothered some for reasons aside from what I stated above then don't rate it low... more>> or read it. Family relation in all honesty is insignificant when you're basically a stranger that just share some genes to each other, let's be honest that what makes a family is the bond created over time. Stop complicating life, there are a lot more issues to think of than which person loves another because in the end it is still love. <<less
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Jul 08, 2022
Status: Completed
Sorry if I rated this four stars. This is because the story started as good, but after I read the translated chapters and read using the raws, the story got worse. In chapters 33-36, I just don't get it.... more>>

It's like the author skipped the time in the story. So I didn't understand what really happened, and even with reading the raw, there are so many grammatical errors that make some sentences not make sense to me, even though I sometimes read using raw.


I will probably drop this and come back to read this again if the translation is finished. <<less
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